Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 3)


The episode starts with Dadi coming in Viplav’s room in the morning. He is looking at Dhaani’s photo and smiling. Dadi asks Viplav if he talked to Dhaani. Viplav says yes and is happy. Dadi kisses on his forehead and says may your Jodi always remain the same and your love for each other grow each day. Viplav smiles, but reminisces Kanak planning against Dhaani and asks Dadi why did Maa do it? Dadi asks him not to think about that incident. Just be happy that you and Dhaani are together. I am with you…okay. Viplav nods. Dadi says your dadaji is asking for you. Go meet him. Viplav goes.

Scene shifts to Ashram. Dhaani is thinking about Viplav and how he was breaking down with tears in his eyes, how he hugged her and said sorry. Dhaani smiles and Dulaari sees her smiling. She prays to god saying keep her daughter always happy like this. She tells Badi Amma that Bachwaji has filled my Dhaani’s life with happiness. Badi Amma smiles and says that their Jodi is unbreakable and they are made for each other. They get busy in work.

Viplav comes to Dadaji and says I have something to tell you. Dadaji says go on. Viplav tells him that so many things happened in the past. I think you should talk to Dulaari about fixing marriage dates. Daadaji I don’t want to delay. Daadaji asks Viplav to come out along with him. He gathers all the family and tells that Viplav wants to marry soon . Viplav sees Kanak and turns his face away. Daada ji says that Daadi that all the arrangements should be done properly. I will talk to Pandit. Viplav says Wait Dadaji. I want to say something and announces that Kanak Tripathi will not take part in any of the ceremonies and that’s final. Everyone is shocked. Kanak tries to speak but Viplav shouts Enough…… you have already done so many things. Now no need to do anything.

Dadaji asks Viplav about reason for taking such decision and not asking him once. Viplav apologizes and tells everything to him. Dadaaji is perplexed.Daadaji asks Viplav to call Dulaari and ask her to come there the next day to talk about marriage dates. Everyone go to their room and Kanak says Baabuji… Daadaji shouts How could you?? Kanak tries to speak but Daadaji shouts do not show me your face from now on. Go from here. Kanak fumes and goes.
Viplav calls Dhaani. Dhaani picks up the call and Viplav says Hello Dhaani Viplav Tripathi…. Dhaani smiles and feels shy. I am coming to meet you. I have to talk about something very important. Dhaani says ok and cuts call. She hears someone knocking the door. She opens the door and see Viplav. Dhaani is amazed as he called just now to inform that he is coming and in less than a minute, he is at her door. Viplav says Surprise…. And gives her one rose. She asks for me??

Viplav jokes saying No it is for Kaaki. I thought I will give it to her and she would be happy. Just then Dulaari comes and Dhaani says Wakil Baabu has brought a rose for you. Dulaari looks on and says Bachwaj ji…. Badi Amma comes and takes Dulaari from there. Then Viplav asks Dhaani, why did she say that the rose was her Dulaari… Dhaani says you told that and now you are blaming me….. He takes another rose out and gives it to Dhaani.Dheere dheere plays……….. Dhaani asks if this is also for my mother??? Viplav says Badmash Shikaayati pudiya and runs after her….. They fall over each other …. Mere Ishq ka rang Safed plays…………

Viplav asks for a hug. Dhaani feels shy. RL comes there and sees them. They get up .She whistles and then says Sorry Sorry, I am going…… She pulls their leg and goes. They smile seeing each other and hug. Just then Dulaari comes and sees them hugging. Dhaani tries to free herself but Viplav jokingly pulls her . Then he says to Dulaari that her daughter is leaving him, what to do. Dulaari smiles and says always be happy like this. Keep smiling. Viplav then says that Dadaji has called you home for talking about fixing marriage date. You have to come. Badi Amma comes and says we will come, don’t worry. She asks him to have a seat and talk with Dhaani. She takes Dulaari with her and goes. They see each other and smile. Viplav says I feel I am the luckiest to have you in my life. God knows I will die if you are not with me.. Dhaani keeps her hand on his mouth to stop him saying….. Ishq ka rang plays….. Dhaani says don’t say this from now on. I am the lucky one Wakil Baabu……

Precap: Dhaani and Dulaari along with Badi Amma comes to Viplav’s home. Viplav is mesmerized seeing Dhaani in a beautiful red saari. Viplav signs Dhaani to say she is looking beautiful. They smile seeing each other. Kanak fumes in anger seeing Viplav and Dhaani looking at each other and speaks ill about Dhaani.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Wow so good, Vidhaani scenes r cute well done Sujie 🙂

  2. Suuuuuuuperb sujie.u have narrated in such a way that I felt as if it’s real.

  3. In everyone’s ff dhani looking beautiful in red saree.and i really wish to see her in that mesmerizing look soon.anyways vidhani scenes are very cute.waiting for next part yaar.

  4. Super sujie

    1. thank you kaviya

  5. Thank you Fatarajo,vini, saranya for good words…….actually i used red coloured saree because i personally want that moment to come in VIDHANI’s life…..

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