Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 28)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 28
The episode starts with Raja talking to his mother about Viplav telling about the ritual. Raja’s mum asks him to do what Viplav says. Raaja says why should I carry that fatty and continues talking ill about Shaalu. Just then Kanak comes there. Raaja sees her and pretends like he is praising Shaalu. Kanak smiles and blesses him. The mother son duo act innocent and Kanak goes after telling them to come . She goes.

Viplav is working in his room. Dhaani comes after shower. She sits infront of mirror. Viplav looks at her. Mere ishq ka rang plays…. Dhaani puts on bindi and smiles seeing Viplav. Viplav gets up from bed and comes to Dhaani. He makes Dhaani stand up and takes the vermillion. He fills Dhaani’s hairline. Yeh laal ishq plays….. Dhaani looks at Viplav lovingly. Viplav comes close to her and holds her hand. Dhaani feels shy and asks him to move back. Viplav refuses smilingly. Dhaani pushes him and Viplav pretends to fall. Dhaani gets shocked and rushes to help him. Viplav smiles and says now he will not leave her. Dhaani looks on. Viplav kisses Dhaani’s forehead. She smiles. Viplav hugs Dhaani. Dhaani feels relieved in Viplav’s arms.

Dhaani asks if he has thought something about how to save Shaalu from that family. Viplav asks her not to worry as he will manage everything. Dhaani says she trusts him and has full faith on him. Viplav thinks how to tell about all the thing that happened in Delhi. He thinks Dhaani trusts him so much and he is breaking her trust by not telling the truth. Dhaani asks him if she is okay. Viplav says he is okay. He tells about Raja being tensed when he asked Raaja to lift our Shaalu in his arms and go to temple to seek blessings. Dhaani and Viplav make fun of Raaja. Dhaani assures Viplav that someone who is truly made for Shaalu will surely come in her life and keep Shaalu happy. Viplav says so sweet of you. Dhaani says its your effect. Viplav smiles and Dhaani hugs him.Ishq ishq plays….Kanak calls Dhaani and she goes. Viplav thinks once everything gets sorted, he will tell Dhaani about her relation with Piya and clear all the misunderstandings.

Shaalu comes to Raaja’s room where he is thinking about marrying Shaalu just for the sake of property. Shaalu smiles looking at Raaja and tells him about shopping. Raaja gets irked and yells at her. Shaalu gets shocked. She cries. Raaja gets angry and shouts at Shaalu to stop crying. He raises his hand to slap Shaalu. Dhaani comes and holds his hand. She shoves away his hand and asks how dare he.Dhaani asks Shaalu to go to her Bhaai as he is outside. Shaalu runs outside and hugs Viplav. Viplav looks at Raaja angrily. Raaja is in shock. He tries to speak. Viplav points to stop. Dhaani tells him that she have told everything to Viplav . Raaja tries to clarify. Shaalu looks at Viplav and asks what is happening. Viplav tells her she will know everything soon and asks her to gather everyone in hall. Shaalu goes. Viplav comes to Raaja and grabs his collar. He says he won’t spare him now. He pulls Raaja and brings him down.

Daadi and Raaja’s mum also come back from temple. DT and others get shocked. DT asks if everything is okay. Raaja’s mum asks Viplav to leave Raaja. Viplav gets angry and asks her to shut up. He slaps Raaja. Dhaani asks him to stop fighting. Kanak asks what is happening. Viplav tells everyone what Dhaani told him. Everyone look on shocked. Raaja’s mum comes to Dhaani and talks ill about her. Viplav defends Dhaani and asks Raaja’s mum to mind her language as she is talking to his wife. Kanak goes to Raaja and slaps him. Shaalu cries. She comes to Raaja and asks him to go and take his mother along with him. Raaja looks at Dhaani angrily. Viplav asks him to lower his eyes. Kanak asks them to get out. Raaja’s mu says ill about Shaalu and curses her that she won’t get a good groom. Dhaani comes forward and says Shaalu will get the best groom and someone who is not like your son. Raaja’s mum goes with Raaja angrily. Kanak hugs Shaalu and asks her not to cry. Shaalu says first Ram deceived her and now this Raaja. Kanak and Daadi asks her not to say like that. Viplav goes to Shaalu and asks her to forget whatever happened. DT reminisces how Shaalu’s alliance with Ram was broken because of him. Viplav asks him if he is okay. DT says he is okay and asks Shaalu not to cry for that person. He goes saying he wants to spend some time alone. Daadi goes with him.

Kanak thanks Dhaani. Dhaani asks her not to say so. She says she(Kanak) has called her daughter and a daughter is never thanked but always blessed. Kanak hugs both Shaalu and Dhaani. Viplav smiles seeing them. He jokes beside Shaalini Tripathi and Dhaani Tripathi, there is someone called Viplav Tripathi but nobody has time for him. Kanak smiles and hugs him too.

Precap: Dhaani and Viplav have a romantic date……..DT faints while walking and someone helps him. He gets shocked seeing that person’s face.


Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Well done sujie great work keep it up.?
    ff precap were bold letters na you should bold it or telly update bold that. Why I am asking this if I am bold that they unbold it, if I not they leave just like that I don,t know what should I do so please tell what should we do?bold the precap or not?

  2. fantastic episode. its sooooooooo are a excellent writer.

    1. Thank you Midarshani 🙂

  3. Thank you Kaviya….
    You don’t need to bold the precap..telly updates will itself bold it…. you just post it as it is… tu will bold it …

    1. Oh thank you sujie?

  4. Sujie,great work’s episode gave me a feeling that i am watching real IKRS and i was smiling sincerely when viplav filled dhani’s what a scene was that.awesome and i am really loving this as whole tripathi family are good and positive now.update next part today itself yaar,plz.

    1. Thank you Saranya for good words… will upload the next part soon…

  5. Vidhaani scenes were so cute and romantic you are just awesome sujie

    1. Thank you Joyee 🙂

  6. Keep writing, keeping going. U’re too much, welldone

  7. you are welcome. Kaviya

  8. Sujie it’s very nice especially vidhaani scenes. Plz update the next part soon

    1. thank you louella

  9. nice ff sujie …I read first 5 parts …but after that I am unable to read but after that today I read all ff of your because I am free today ….good yaar …keep it up 🙂 🙂

    1. Thank you AM

  10. Arre…yahan bhi forehead pe??? Jokes apart… It gives a very good feel when Viplav supports dhani..thank u sujie for showing trust ,love & support in ur ff..nice one..?

    1. Rajee….. glad that you liked it…

  11. thanx sujie for your wonderful ff jab vidhani ko scene aauxa I’m feeling kuch kuch hota hai really lov it. 😛 😀

    1. malai ni testai feel huncha.. i mean i had never ben so interested in any daily soap before… ikrs gives a different feel hai…. 🙂

  12. oh really same pinch 😉 😛 😀

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