Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 27)


Ishqka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 27

The episode starts with Dhaani thinking if Viplav is in some trouble. Kanak comes to Dhaani and asks if she is ready. Dhaani is lost in thoughts. Kanak asks if she is okay. Dhaani assures she is okay and missing Viplav. Kanak says she knows and asks if she talked to Viplav. Dhaani says she had already called him and he asked her to manage everything well. Daadi calls Kanak and Kanak goes asking Dhaani to come soon. Dhaani looks at Viplav’s photo and goes saying she is missing him a lot. Ishq ishq plays…..

Viplav is also missing Dhaani. He reminisces about Dhaani and Dulaari’s connection with Piya and granny and thinks how to tell this to everyone. He gets a call from DT. He picks the call and greets DT. DT asks him about his work. Viplav says its going fine and he will be back tomorrow. DT gives phone to Shaalini and they have a talk. Shaalini reminisces how her relation broke with Ram. Viplav asks her to be positive and not to think about Ram. Shaalini asks if he is missing Bhaabi. Viplav smiles and says yes. Shaalini says she cannot receive his call as she is busy in work other wise she could have helped him in talking with Dhaani. Viplav smiles and asks her to be happy.He cuts the call. He says how to break this news to Dhaani and worries about the reaction.
Shaalini’s would be husband’s family comes there and DT, Daadi welcome them. The would be groom’s mother says that Raja would be coming and boasts about their standards. Daadi and Kanak look on. Raja also reaches there and Daadi sends the servant to call Dhaani to bring aarti plate. Dhaani comes there and gets shocked seeing Raaja and his family. Raaja also gets shocked. She drops the aarti plate and gets scared. Kanak asks if she is okay. Dhaani apologizes and thinks this is the family. She looks at Shaalini who is happily looking at Raaja from balcony and thinks Shaalini is so happy but she would have to suffer if she gets married in this family. Dhaani says she can’t let this happen. Everyone get shocked. Kanak asks if she is in her senses. Raaja and his family get nervous and thinks to stop Dhaani from telling about them anyhow. Raaja’s mum acts like fainting and everyone get concerned for her. Dhaani thinks she cannot see Shaalini’s future being ruined because of her past.

Raaja’s mum is in room and talks to Raaja about Dhaani. She speaks ill about Dhaani. She tells him that girl, Dhaani, is enjoying here in this lavish home. They talk about being penniless and how wedding with Shaalu can help them. Raaja tells once we gather some money, we will leave from Banaras. They make fun of Shaalu and laugh. Dhaani is shocked to hear them and thinks they can never change. She thinks she cannot let these greedy people ruin Shaalu’s future. She wipes her tears and goes to Kanak. Kanak finds Dhaani worried and asks about the reason. Dhaani is about to say but Shaalu calls her , Kanak goes and Dhaani thinks no interruption should prevent them to reach the truth and prays to god to make everything fine.

Viplav is packing his bags. Piya calls him and thanks him for taking up the case. Viplav asks Piya to talk to granny and come to Banaras some day, till then he will do something. Piya agrees and wishes him safe journey. Viplav thanks her and cuts the call. He worries about everyone’s reaction upon the revelation. Dhaani is working in the kitchen. Raja’s mum comes to her and acts sweet to her. Dhaani looks at her and asks her to stay away from her as she knows her reality. Raja’s mum gets shocked and then pities on Dhaani’s helplessnesss. Dhaani gets angry and is about to shout at her. Raaja comes there and asks her to lower her voice. Kanak also comes and Raja’s mum acts sweet to her. They go. Kanak asks Dhaani if something is troubling her. Dhaani says yes. Kanak says you might be missing Viplav and goes somewhere before Dhaani could say anything. Dhaani thinks why this is happening with her and says now this problem can only be solved after Viplav’s arrival.
Viplav comes home and everyone get happy. He hugs DT, Daadi. Kanak and Shambhu also come there. Shaalu brings Dhaani along with her and Viplav Dhaani smile seeing each other. Both of them think HOW TO TELL THIS TO YOU?? Kanak introduces Raaja and his family to Viplav. Viplav greets him and his mum. Viplav says to everyone that he is tired and wants to rest for some time. Dhaani goes to kitchen and takes juice for Viplav.

Dhaani comes to the room and sees Viplav sleeping. She sits beside him and tells him she is in dilemma. Viplav is also thinking he had to pretend like sleeping because he knows Dhaani can worry seeing him in tension. Viplav thinks Dhaani said she is in dilemma…… should I get up and ask. Viplav gets up and smiles seeing Dhaani. Dhaani gives him juice. Mere ishq ka rang plays…… She says you were not sleeping… Viplav asks how did she know?? Dhaani says she knows everything and asks Viplav to listen what she is saying first. Viplav cups Dhaani’s face and asks her to share her problem. Dhaani begins to tell about her past. Viplav asks Dhaani to forget about her past. Dhaani says she already did it after she got his love …but this past tortured her one more time as it has come as Shaalu’s present. Viplav gets shocked and asks her what does she mean?? Dhaani tells her everything about Raaja and his family. Dhaani asks Viplav to trust her. Viplav says he has full faith in her. Mere ishq ka rang plays…. Dhaani hugs Viplav and cries. Viplav asks her not to cry as he is back. Dhaani thanks him. Viplav thinks once this problem ends he will talk to Dhaani about Piya. Dhaani asks him if everything is okay. Viplav says yes and thinks sorry Dhaani…few more days and I will talk about Piya and your relation with her….

Its morning, Viplav and Dhaani come down from their room. Viplav sees Raja and thinks about Dhaani’s words. Raaja thinks about his mom saying Viplav has all the wealth in his name. He comes to Viplav and acts sweet with him. Dhaani looks at Viplav. Raaja thinks this dumbo girl could not tell anything to Viplav. Viplav smiles and talks to Raaja. Dhaani goes from there. Viplav thinks Raaja, ab tera bajega band baaja…. He tells Raaja about some ritual of groom carrying the would be bride and taking her to temple to get blessings from Lord. Raaja coughs and Viplav asks if he is okay. Viplav thinks you were going to deceive my sister…. now wait and watch. He goes from there. Raja gets tensed.

PRECAP: Shaalu comes to Raja and talks about going for shopping. Raaja gets irked and yells at Shaalu. He raises his hand to slap Shaalu. She gets scared. Dhaani comes and holds his hand.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Hello sujie, well done great job buh pls y punish me. I kept thinking and waiting for ur ff. Pls update the next episode. Thanks dear

    1. thank you for good words Aish..will post next part soon…

  2. Suberb sujie. Very interesting and waiting for upcoming episode.

    1. Thank you Pethu sri aka Kaviya …..

  3. Very nice sujie. When viplav told the dialogue, ” Raaja ab bajega tera band baaja” was very nice. It’s very nice. Just waiting for the next part

    1. Thank you Louella 🙂

  4. wow! sujie, suberb! waiting for the next episode

    1. thank you nima…..

  5. Nice….loved it…..plz post the next one soon, can’t wait yaar…….plz,plz,plz,plz,plz

    1. thank you yarr

  6. Aare waah Sujie aapki dhimag tho hamari writer ji se syaada thes chai rahi hai.itni saari chees ek hi episode mein,maza aayi yaar.vidhani ke pyaar aur understanding dekh kar mujhe jalan ho rahi hai.amazing epi,loved it.and don’t forget about our 7 day agreement,ok?

    1. Thank you Saranya…glad that you liked it.. OK I’ll try to PoST daily….. 🙂

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