Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 26)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 26
The episode starts with Dhaani working in the kitchen. Elders are talking about feeling good after returning back. Dhaani gets happy seeing them. Viplav comes there and smiles seeing Dhaani. Dhaani asks if he needs something. Viplav gets closer. Ishq ishq plays…. Dhaani asks him to leave her as she has many works to do. Viplav pretends to be angry. Dhaani sees this. She looks around and does not see anybody. She leans to Viplav and kisses him. Viplav looks on happily and is shocked too. Dhaani then goes from there with a smile. Viplav runs behind her but stops after hearing Daadi calling Dhaani.
Elders talk about doing some puja so that happiness that has arrived in their house does not go anywhere and Dhaani should see all the arrangements. Viplav comes and says again puja?? Kanak says yes and asks if he is not happy.. Viplav says no, he is happy. Shaalini comes there and says Maa, Bhaai is lying because if there is puja in house, Bhaabi will be busy and he won’t be able to talk to her. Dhaani looks on.Elders look at Viplav. Viplav says Motu…. and they have a cute fight. Everyone smile seeing them. Dhaani prays to keep her family happy like that forever.
Daadi and Dhaani are making garlands. DT calls Daadi and Dhaani asks Daadi to go as she will manage this. Dhaani is making garlands and Viplav is looking at her from the verandah. He comes there and sits besides Dhaani. Dhaani smiles looking at him. Mere ishq ka rang plays…….. She continues making garlands. Viplav is looking at Dhaani and takes needle and flower. He pricks his finger and shouts. Dhaani gets concerned. Viplav shows nothing happened to his finger and he was just acting. Dhaani scolds him and says Wakil Baabu!! Viplav looks at her lovingly. Kanak comes there and Viplav stands up. She smiles and asks if he does not have any work. Viplav says he was going but Dhaani stopped him and asked him to help him. Kanak says she knows everything and asks him to go. Viplav smiles looking at Dhaani. Kanak says Beta Samjhe ya Samjhaaoon…. Dhaani teases Viplav and he goes saying he will be back. Dhaani looks at Viplav and they smile looking at each other. Mere ishq ka rang plays……..

Viplav is in his room and is working. Dhaani comes and gives him tea. Viplav smiles and looks at Dhaani. Dhaani also smiles and turns to go. Viplav holds her hand and pulls her back. Dhaani says Wakil Baabu. They both share an eyelock. Dheere dheere se plays. Daadi calls Dhaani and she goes. Viplav says Daadi you have a great timing and gets back to work. He gets a call and someone asks him to come to Delhi for one case as its very important. Viplav goes to tell Dhaani. Dhaani is busy in work so Viplav thinks to talk about it later.
DT gets a call and gets happy. He calls Daadi and she asks what is the reason for his happiness. DT says one family is coming to see Shaalu, soon she will be married. Daadi gets happy. Kanak comes and Daadi tells her everything. Kanak also gets happy but reminisces how Shaalu’s relation broke with Ram. DT thinks how because of him the relation of Ram and Shaalu broke. He says nothing like that will happen bahu ji…. Kanak calls Viplav and Dhaani and asks them to prepare everything well. Viplav says about his work in Delhi. Dhaani looks on.DT says but its such a big day for your sister… Viplav says he knows but … Dhaani looks sad. Kanak sees this and says don’t know about Shaalu but Dhaani will be upset. Viplav looks at Dhaani and asks her to smile. Viplav says it’s a matter of few days . DT says fine…work is also important. Viplav goes to pack his clothes. Dhaani says to Kanak she will be back after helping Viplav. Daadi asks her to go. Daadi says to Kanak that Dhaani is upset as Viplav is leaving. Kanak says yes, this proves Dhaani loves Viplav so much. They talk about Dhaani Viplav and have fun.
Dhaani comes to Viplav and sees him packing. Dhaani offers help and Viplav jokes if she is happy to send him away. Dhaani looks at him and hugs him. Viplav holds her. He cups her face and asks her not to get upset. Dhaani hugs him and asks him to come soon finishing his work. Viplav says he was thinking to settle in Delhi. Dhaani beats him with cushion and Viplav hugs her.
Daadi comes to Shaalu and tells her about a guy’s family coming to see her. Shaalu says but Bhaai would not be there. Daadi says it’s a matter of few days as he will be back. Shaalu sits upset. Viplav comes saying my motu lost something. Shaalu asks what?? Viplav says I have got a gift for my motu.. Shaalu gets happy and Viplav says found it.. Shaalu looks on. Viplav says MOTU KI HASI MILGAYI…. I found motu’s smile.. Daadi hugs Viplav and Shaalu..and Shaalu asks Viplav to come soon. Viplav says yes madam and goes.

Everyone come to see Viplav off. Dhaani is upset. Viplav looks at her and says to everyone not to be upset and asks them to prepare well to welcome the boy’s family. Kanak hugs him and asks him to come soon. Viplav smiles and goes to sit in the car. He waves bye to everyone and they wave him back. Shaalu sees Dhaani sad and asks her to cheer up. Dhaani smiles.
Delhi is shown. Viplav goes to one office and the receptionist asks if he is Viplav Tripathi. Viplav says yes and receptionist says madam is waiting. He goes inside and the girl whose face is not shown asks him to sit down. Viplav says you did not give enough details about the case but as per my understanding you want the house on any other person’s name back. The girl turns out to be Piya.. Viplav says Piya ??? Piya says Viplav?? Piya says I did not know you are a lawyer. Viplav says I also had no idea that I would be fighting your case. Piya says thank god,its you… Viplav smiles . Piya asks about Dhaani. He says she is good. Viplav asks about Sarla Kaaki and granny. Piya says they are in Gazipur.. Piya says granny asked her to talk to a good lawyer and solve the case. Viplav asks its about the property issue right?? Piya says yes. Piya says the property is in some other person’s name. She says she will give him the details. Viplav says no problem he will wait.. Piya brings a file and gives to Viplav. She gets a call and goes asking Viplav to have a look at file. Viplav opens it and gets shocked seeing Dulaari’s name and photo. Piya comes and says the property is on her name and we want it in our name as we are living there since years and she is not available. Viplav is lost in thoughts. Piya asks him if he is okay. Viplav asks if he can talk to her granny once. Piya says sure and calls her granny.
In Tripathi mansion, everyone is busy in preparing for the family which is coming to see Shaalu. Dhaani is making Shaalu ready and she says she is looking pretty. Shaalu thanks her. Kanak comes and asks Dhaani to go and get ready as she is Shaalu’s bhaabi. Dhaani goes. DT comes along with Daadi and asks Kanak if they should invite Shaalu’s inlaws for puja. Kanak says that’s a good idea but Viplav is not here and Dhaani might feel bad. Dhaani comes just then and tells she has no problem as she will complete Viplav’s duty in his absence. They get happy.
In Delhi, Viplav talks to granny via Pia’s phone and talks about Dulaari. Viplav does not say anything about knowing her. Granny says this woman is Piya’s step mother, because of her, Piya’s dad died. Viplav gets shocked and asks does she know where is she now. Granny says she heard she is living somewhere in Banaras with her daughter. She adds she hates both of them. Viplav gets shocked. Granny asks if he will fight the case. Viplav thinks about Dhaani and Dulaari. Just then Pia comes inside. He says he will fight the case. Granny thanks him and cuts the call. Viplav tells Piya now he needs to go. Viplav goes and thinks to call Dhaani. But he thinks how to tell Dhaani. He says he needs to find some solution.
Just then Dhaani calls him. Viplav takes the call. Dhaani says she is missing him. Viplav says he is missing her as well. Dhaani smiles and tells him Shaalu’s would be in laws are coming. Viplav asks her to manage well. Dhaani senses something is wrong and asks him. Viplav says nothing like that. Dhaani asks him to tell him. Mere ishq ka rang plays…. Viplav thinks how to tell her. Then Viplav says nothing like that and cuts the calls saying he is busy. Dhaani thinks why it feels like Viplav is hiding something.

PRECAP: Everyone in the Tripathi family welcomes the family of would be inlaws of Shaalu.. Dhaani also comes there with Aarti plate…and gets shocked seeing Raja and his family.

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Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Pethu sri (kaviya)

    Hi sujie how are u? I think I missed to read few episodes of your ff. I will try to read previous episode Today episode was very nice. I think you cover up all characters it’s good. And your writing was simply suberb. I don’t think I am not addict to IKRS but I,m addict to all ikrs ff. its give lot of interest to me i really don’t know why, may be ff is new to me. I never seen or known before like this. Its all new to me tellyupdates, you guys its all new to me its give good feeling. I love it…?

    1. Hi Kaviya… I am good and what about you??
      i have posted the links and do read those episodes…. i am glad you liked ff…honestly speaking at first i was not that interested in ikrs but slowly and gradually I started adoring IKRS…. and this is my first ever ff.. although i had plans of finishing it in 10. 15 episodes…because of all of your love and inspirational compliments.i am here with the 26th part and more is on the way 🙂 🙂

      1. Pethu sri (kaviya)

        I am doing good sujie. And go on sujie….. we are all with u. So continue your good work…..god bless u my dear….

  2. Awesome sujie well done

    1. Thank you Joyee.. 🙂

  3. Sujie, today’s episode was very nice. Plz go on writing. Don’t stop. U r writing very nice and I like it very much

    1. Ok Louella princess… thank you so much for good words

  4. Thank you so much Kaviya….. (y) (y)

  5. Hey Sujie,today’s epi is full twist twist twist.i am really glad that atleast tripathi family became positive.i am loving that change and their harmony.and thanks a lot to include dheere dheere song,i just saw that part in my mind.u are really imaginative yaar.pls update daily yaar,atleast 7 days in a

    1. Saranya… thank you for good words…. 7 days a week…. if possible i will do that…..
      keep reading

  6. And sorry for the late reply yaar.i just saw ur updates.sorry.

    1. its completely okay dear…no need to say sorry

  7. Hmmm..sujie! Really interesting track. Finally Viplav in vakil babu role! Along with Viplav even I got shocked when Dhani kissed Viplav…eager to know how Viplav is going to handle this case & how Dhani will handle her past…

    1. yes Rajee… keep supporting

  8. we are die heart fans of IKRS . vidhanni’s epi is sooooooooo superbbbbbb.

  9. we are srilankan fans of IKRS.

    1. Midarshani ….keep reading…glad you liked it

  10. Weldone sujie, keep it up. Love ur ff

    1. thank you Aish

  11. Please continue you are writting.

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