Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 25)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 25
The episode starts with Dhaani telling Viplav about doing something to get back to home. Viplav asks her not to worry as she is with her and he can face all the problems with her love. Dhaani looks at Viplav . Dheere dheere plays….and tears fall from her eyes. Viplav comes closer to her and kisses her so that her tears are wiped. Jo tu mera hamdard plays….. Dhaani hugs him. Viplav asks her not to cry as he has a plan.

Dulaari comes to Daadi and asks them to have food. Kanak comes there and says she will help them in the kitchen. Dulaari asks her not to say so as others are there to manage. Viplav comes along with Dhaani and says that today he will serve food to everyone. Dhaani looks at him. Viplav says but he needs help. RL asks Dhaani to help wakil baabu. Viplav looks at Dhaani and asks her to come. Dhaani says but Wakil Baabu said he will do everything. Viplav widens his eyes and Dhaani smiles seeing his expression. Dhaani smiles and everyone tease Viplav. Dhaani says everyone to sit as she will serve food. Viplav goes behind her.

Raj comes in the ashram and RL sees him. They smile seeing each other. Viplav talks to him and Raj says he has brought everything that he had asked. Viplav thanks him. Raj says Arrey Guru, Aapke liye toh jaan hajir hai…. [My friend I can die for you]… Viplav looks at RL and says you have one life and to whom will you give that life… RL looks at Raj and Viplav says just joking…. He asks Raj to sit and goes to call everyone. RL comes there and asks Raj why did he say about giving his life.. Raj smiles. RL asks him not to say so. Raj says OK madam… RL smiles.
Everyone sit to have food. Viplav tells everyone about his plan. DT asks him to be careful. Kanak blesses him and asks him to punish the evil. Dhaani asks everyone not to worry. RL says they are right and evil will be punished, then it will be fun….

Everyone is busy making beds for all of them. Viplav and Dhaani are arranging pillows. He comes closer and holds her hand. Dhaani looks at him. Ishq ishq plays…. Dhaani moves back saying she has much work and he should also sleep. Viplav leans towards her. RL comes there and sees them. She says sorry and asks Dhaani to come. Viplav says where?? RL says to sleep. Viplav says but?? RL says I know you both are husband and wife now…but ladies will sleep in one room and gents in another. Viplav asks why?? There are many rooms, then why this?? Dhaani looks on. Kanak comes there. Viplav asks Maa, if they will sleep in one room and gents in another. Kanak says yes and asks if there is any problem. Viplav says no he doesn’t have but it seems Dhaani is not okay. Kanak looks at Dhaani. Dhaani looks on. Kanak says she knows everything and pulls Viplav’s ear. He says sorry sorry Maa… Dhaani and RL giggle. Kanak asks them to go and sleep. Dhaani looks at Viplav. RL smiles and jokes seeing them.

Viplav wishes good night to Kanak. Kanak blesses Viplav to be successful in doing what he is thinking. Viplav hugs her and says her son will bring all the happiness back.Daadi also comes there. Viplav asks them to have faith in him. Daadi cries happily. Viplav hugs Kanak and Daadi and asks them not to be sad. They go. Viplav thinks he will succeed in failing Jaanki in her plan.
In Tripathi mansion, Jaanki is yelling at servants and enjoying her tea. She asks servant to call the driver as she needs to go out. Dhaani and Kanak are on the way. Jaanki sees this and gets out of the car. She says she feels pity for everyone. Dhaani comes forward and reminds her what she had said when Jaanki was about to sit in DT’s place in dinning hall. Jaanki says you will never get back to Tripathi Mansion. Kanak asks her to do whatever she can. She says her ruling in their home will end soon and she will end up rotten in jail. Jaanki rubbishes their warnings and asks if they need money. Kanak feels angry and is about to say something but Dhaani asks her not to as they know very well that when anyone throws stone in the mud, that mud splashes in the person’s face…and they go taunting Jaanki. She fumes in anger and goes back.

Kanak asks Dhaani why did she stop her. Dhaani says Maa I know you are angry…even I am angry ..but we have to show her that we are not affected by all these events. She wants to test us. Kanak says you are right. They open the door of the ashram. Viplav, in the getup of Sardar ji comes and holds Dhaani’s hand. Kanak asks him to stop. Dhaani scolds him and is about to beat him when Viplav shows his face. Dhaani and Kanak are perplexed. Viplav says you did not recognize me…that means others can easily get fooled. Dhaani says sorry.. Kanak asks what’s all this.. Viplav reminds how Raj brought all the costumes and wigs to help Viplav change his get up. Dhaani asks will he go like this?? Viplav says yes. Everyone comes and Viplav says he fooled Kanak and Dhaani. He jokes Dhaani was about to beat him. Dhaani looks on and smiles.

Dulaari comes and asks Daadi and Kanak to feed curd to Viplav as he is going for a work and that work should get successful. 3 of them come to Viplav and make them have curd. Viplav thanks them. Dhaani comes and smiles seeing them. Raj comes there and asks Viplav not to get late now. Viplav goes and turns back to fly a kiss to Dhaani. Dhaani sees this and smiles. She wishes him all the best. Raj says Oho Guru , lets leave..Bhaabi is not going come soon and stay with her okay…. RL watches Raj from the doorstep. Raj sees this and smiles. Viplav sees this and says Waah did not let me stay with my wife and now you yourself stuck to watch RL. RL smiles and asks them to go. Raj feels shy. Viplav talks in Punjabi tone. He checks all the papers and places the documents in order.

They come in Tripathi Mansion. Raj wishes Viplav all the best and he goes. Viplav sees guards and thinks he had not dreamt of entering in his own house as an outsider…. and thinks Jaanki Devi, your time in Ayodhya Niwas is over now …… The guards stop him and questions him. Viplav says Jaanki Devi has called me. One guard says he will ask madam and call him. Viplav thinks if he goes to call, his plan will be failed. Viplav starts his dialogues in witty styles in Punjabi tone…and convinces the guard warning him indirectly that the guard’s job can be at stake if Viplav is not allowed inside. The guards allow him. Viplav thanks god.

He comes inside and asks one of the servants to call Jaanki Devi. Jaanki comes and asks about his whereabouts. Viplav introduces himself as Jaswinder Singh aka Jassi. Jaanki says what are you here for.He says our company is surveying on senior citizens of Banaras and their wealth. Jaanki asks so what?? Viplav says so there is one scheme which can help her to double her money and secure it too. Jaanki gets happy and thinks she cannot let this chance go as Dashrath Tripathi and his family is out now.

Jaanki says she is ready. Viplav thinks our home will be ours and you will land in jail. He smiles and gives her the papers. Jaanki takes the papers and takes pen to sign. She stops. Viplav gets tensed. Jaanki asks about the amount that she will get after doubling the sum. Viplav says sure and asks her to trust his company. Jaanki signs the papers and gets happy thinking she will be rich and her dream will be fulfilled. Viplav says now he will go and gives the card asking her to call in that number tomorrow. Viplav comes out and sees the signature. He messages Raj to come and goes.

Viplav says mission accomplished. Raj congratulates him. Viplav and Raj are on the way to ashram. Raj says he will bring sweets and goes. Viplav calls Dhaani and tells her everything. She puts the phone in speaker and everyone get happy hearing the news. Raj comes with sweets and they drive.

Dhaani opens the door and gets happy seeing Viplav. Everyone bless him. Viplav thanks Raj for his support and hugs him. They have a good time. Kanak says now it will be fun to see that Jaanki Devi’s face. Viplav jokes as Jassi and they laugh.

Viplav and Raj come to police station and asks to arrest Jaanki Devi. The police inspector apologizes for Jaanki Devi’s escape from the jail due to which he and Dhaani had to suffer. Viplav says that’s okay and asks him to be careful from next time. He asks Raj to get family outside the Ayodhya Niwas and he will come there with police. Raj goes.

In the ashram, Dhaani is feeling restless. Raj comes there and asks them to pack their bags as they are going their home. Everyone become happy. Dhaani asks about Viplav. Raj says he had sent him to bring all of them there so that they can see how Jaanki would be thrown out of that house. They get happy. Dhaani prays to god. Kanak hugs her . They greet the ladies of the ashram and they go. Raj asks the ladies not to worry as everything is fine now. Badi Amma blesses him. RL smiles seeing this and Raj goes winking at her. Badi Amma hugs RL.

Whole Tripathi family gathers outside their home. Viplav reaches there with police. Viplav asks the officer to go inside and arrest Jaanki. The police team goes in. Jaanki sees the officer with his team and asks if anything is wrong. The officer says you are under arrest. Jaanki looks on and says if they know whom are they talking about. The officer says you are no one for us but a criminaL who absconded from the jail. Jaanki laughs and asks what proof do you have?? Officer shows those papers and says they are of no use as you might not understand what is written in them.
The officer reads aloud that the document says I, Jaanki Devi, surrender myself to police and want the officers to punish me for the conspiracies against the Tripathi family and attempt to murder of Viplav Tripathi and Dhaani Viplav Tripathi. The officer says you have signed it and hence you are under arrest. Jaanki gets shocked. Lady constable grabs her and Jaanki shouts to leave her. Viplav comes and talks as Jassi. Jaanki says so it was you. Viplav says wish you a happy journey to jail Jaanki Devi…. Whole family comes there. Dhaani goes to Viplav and holds his hand. She looks at Jaanki and says she had told her evil cannot win in any way. Jaanki gets irked. Kanak asks police to take her and make sure she rots in jail. Jaanki fumes in anger. Viplav waves his hand and says BYE BADI DAADI JI…. Viplav hugs Daadi and Kanak and Dhaani smiles seeing them.

PRECAP: Dhaani is making garlands. Viplav comes there and smiles seeing Dhaani. He sits to help her and pricks his finger. Dhaani cares for him. Dheere dheere plays… Viplav looks at Dhaani lovingly.

Episode 15 consists of links upto 14th part…do read it ..

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