Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 24)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 24
The episode starts with DT talking to doctor. The doctor says that now Viplav and Dhaani can go home. DT thanks him and signs some papers completing the formalities. The ward boy is seeing all this and calls Jaanki.

Viplav and Dhaani are talking. Dhaani says she is feeling happy because they will reach their home in some time. Viplav says me too.. Dhaani looks at him and smiles. Ishq ishq plays…. Raj comes with RL and sees them. They cough. RL smiles and goes to Dhaani. She hugs her. Raj says to Viplav that he is very happy as he is coming back. Viplav hugs him and thanks him. Raj asks Viplav not to embarrass me saying that. DT comes and asks Viplav and Dhaani to get ready as they are leaving now. Kanak also comes there and says Maaji is in temple as she said she will bring Prasad for all of them. She hugs Dhaani. Viplav sees this and says Maa, I guess you have forgotten that you have a son as well who married this bahu whom you are pampering a lot. Dhaani looks on lovingly. Kanak caresses Viplav’s head and thanks god. They smile.

RL says she will go to ashram and Raj comes to drop her. RL refuses and asks him to be with Wakil Baabu. Viplav asks RL to let Raj drop her. RL says fine and goes greeting everyone.
In Tripathi mansion, the servants are working. Jaanki comes there and yells at them. One of the servant asks her to go. Jaanki gets angry and warns him not to utter a word. She smirks thinking now it will be fun.

Everyone is coming back from hospital. Viplav and Dhaani are looking at each other. Shaalini sees this and signs Kanak. Kanak gets happy seeing them and asks Shaalini not to disturb them.They reach home. Viplav happily says now he will rest in his room as he was bored in that hospital. Daadi says okay okay and goes. Viplav asks one of the servant to bring juice for him as he was missing the juice. The servant complies and is nervous. Jaanki comes there and asks to stop.They get shocked. Viplav asks how dare she?? Jaanki smirks and says beta this question should be asked by me to all of you as this is my house!! Kanak asks if she is in her senses. Jaanki yells at them and says police could not find me and see I succeeded in my plan which was to ruin you all. Viplav gets angry. Jaanki sees this and says she would not get afraid of him. She adds he would have died along with his wife and misbehaves with Dhaani. Viplav asks her to stop her nonsense and defends Dhaani.

Jaanki asks them to get out. Kanak asks who are you to order us?? Jaanki proudly says owner of the house. Jaanki taunts Viplav and shows property papers to him which has DT’s signatures in it. Jaanki asks Viplav to show his Lawyergiri now. Viplav gets shocked. DT is shocked too as he has not signed such . documents. DT says I had only signed discharge papers to complete the formalities. Jaanki says Devarji you should have read it carefully or checked it to see if there were other papers below the carbon. Viplav and others get shocked. Jaanki asks them to pack their bag and get out. Dhaani and others look on. Jaanki smirks and says 5 more minutes and you should be out of the premises. Viplav is angry. Dhaani asks him not to lose hope. Dhaani says to everyone that she knows it is very tough time but it will pass soon and they will get back to their home and evil shall be defeated. Daadi says Dhaani is right. DT asks where can they go now?? Dhaani says there is one place they all can go. She says Ashram. DT asks what will they think? Dhaani says we are family and there is no shame in living with a family. Viplav agrees and asks everyone to face this problem with a smile on their faces. They come in the hall and pray in front of lord’s idol to give them strength. Jaanki comes there. Dhaani asks god to give her strength to end the evil and looks at Jaanki. Jaanki asks her to end the drama and goes back. Dhaani looks back and reminisces here grah pravesh. Everyone reminisce their happy times. Daadi cries and Kanak consoles her saying we will get back what was ours.
Dhaani knocks the door of the ashram and Dulaari gets happy seeing her. She sees whole family and asks them to come. RL sees the suit cases and asks if anything is wrong. Viplav jokes if they can’t come to stay in the ashram. RL says she is happy to see them all but is everything okay. Dhaani tells everything and Badi Amma says how can someone stoop so low. Dhaani asks them not to worry as she and Wakil Baabu will make everything fine. She asks them to give blessings and support them. Viplav smiles.

Ashram ladies restlessly walk here and there thinking whole family of mahapandit ji is there and no mistakes should be made. Daadi and DT sees this. Kanak comes there and asks if they are okay with us living here. Ladies say there is no problem and we are thinking how to give you all the comforts in this aashram. DT asks ladies not to say that and says they are happy to be with their family. Viplav comes and jokes. They smile. Dhaani is working. Viplav goes to her and says she does not have any time for her husband. Dhaani looks at him lovingly. Ishq ishq plays…. Dhaani is upset as they had to leave home. Viplav says to Dhaani that she was the one who gave him strength and now she herself is falling weak. Dhaani looks at him. Viplav holds her hand and asks her not to worry as he will make everything fine. He hugs her.

PRECAP: Viplav goes to Tripathi Mansion in the disguise of Sardarji and calls out the owner of the house. Jaanki comes there and looks at him. He talks about scheme of insurance and doubling the money. Jaanki gets happy and Viplav thinks now you will directly to jail and we will get our home back. Jaanki takes pen to sign papers but stops. Viplav gets tensed.

Sorry guys…today’s episode is little short….will post another part soon….

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