Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 21)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 21


The episode starts with Dhaani calling ashram. Dulaari picks up the phone and Dhaani asks her to give phone to RL. Dulaari asks if she will not talk to her mom. Dhaani says nothing like that. Dulaari calls RL. Dhaani asks RL to come to the park so that they can talk and have some fun. RL gets excited. RL thanks Dhaani and cuts the call saying she has so many preparations pending. Dhaani smiles and asks Viplav to call Raj. Viplav praises Dhaani saying Meri Shikayti Pudiya, you are the best…. Dhaani smiles. Viplav comes forward to kiss her but Dhaani stops and asks him to call Raj.

Viplav calls Raj and they make plans. Raj asks why park…let’s go to some club.. Viplav asks Raj to listen to him. Raj agrees.Viplav thinks work is done… He looks at Dhaani and she asks work done?? Viplav says yes … He goes to hug Dhaani but she asks what are you doing? Viplav says romancing with my wife.. Dhaani feels shy and asks him to leave her. Dheere dheere se plays. Viplav says you have romantic ideas for others but no time for your wakil baabu… and pretends to get angry. Dhaani looks on and goes to him. She says Wakil Baabu… Viplav does not see her and smiles thinking Shikayati Pudia…mana sakti ho toh manaalo….(if you can pacify me,then do it)… Dhaani knows Viplav is pretending. She goes near to him and says sorry… Viplav smiles .. Dhaani also smiles. Viplav looks at her and asks what?? Dhaani says I love you… Viplav looks on happily. Dhaani looks at him and feels shy. Mere ishq ka rang plays….. Viplav holds Dhaani’s in his arms and they get lost in each other’s eyes….. Dheere dheere se plays.

Its morning. Viplav comes down getting ready for his office. Dhaani is with Kanak. Viplav is looking for Dhaani. Kanak sees this and asks if he is searching for someone. Viplav says yes I was looking for you.. Kanak says Beta , I know everything and holds his ear lovingly. Viplav smiles and hugs Kanak. Dhaani comes and gives tiffin to Viplav. She asks him to finish all the food. Kanak looks at Dhaani and says she is proud of Dhaani as she came in her son’s life.. Dhaani smiles. Viplav is lost in thoughts. Kanak asks if he needn’t go to his office. Viplav smiles and says I am going Maa. Kanak goes smilingly saying beta you have changed a lot. Dhaani looks at Viplav and says you are always thinking of romance …now go. Viplav says okay shikayati pudia and reminds Dhaani of their plan to make Raj and RL meet. She says I know… and says she will be happy if they can bring happiness once again in RL’s life . Viplav smiles and goes.

RL is in ashram thinking about Raj. She thinks he is Wakil Baabu’s friend and he helped us just like that. He may not have any feelings for me because I am a widow. I should limit myself. He is a nice guy but without knowing what he thinks about me, how can I assume anything. Badi Amma sees RL and comes to her. She asks RL if there is anything wrong. RL tells her about how Raj took class of those goons and made them leave. Badi Amma says yes he is a very nice guy and Wakil Baabu’s good friend. RL tells Badi Amma that Dhaani have called her and tells about their plans. Badi Amma asks her to go and enjoy. RL hugs her. Badi Amma gets into thinking.

Viplav calls Raj and thanks him for saving Dhaani and RL from goons. Raj asks him not to do so and says it was his duty as Bhaabiji and Rajlakshmi were in trouble and how could he leave them. Viplav reminds Raj about his plan and Raj says he will come. He cuts the call and reminisces RL smiling at him while leaving. But thinks she will misunderstand him for sure. It would be better to know what is in her heart and then proceed. Otherwise she might feel bad.

Viplav calls Dhaani. Dhaani asks him if he does not have any work and smiles. Viplav says I don’t have time for romance and I am working. I called to inform you that Raj is coming. Dhaani says that’s great, RL is also coming. Dhaani says ok bye and smiles…. Ishq ishq plays….. Viplav says Badmash Shikayati Pudiya… He calls her again and asks why did she cut the call. Dhaani says my wish and I thought my husband is busy in work so why to disturb him. Viplav smiles and says Ohhh…… Dhaani smiles.. Viplav asks Dhaani to be ready as he is coming to pick her up. Dhaani says okay and cuts the call. She goes to take out a beautiful blue saree gifted by Viplav and thinks to tell Kanak about going out. Kanak asks her to go and have fun. Dhaani gets happy and goes to get ready. Viplav finishes his work and goes in his car.

Viplav comes home and sees Dhaani getting ready. He is mesmerized to see Dhaani and Dhaani sees Viplav behind her via the mirror. She smiles. Ishq ishq plays….. Viplav comes to her and puts his hand around her. He says she is looking beautiful and approaches to kiss her. Dhaani feels shy. Dhaani stops him and asks him to go and freshen up. He goes. Viplav gets ready and Dhaani says he is looking very handsome. Viplav smiles and says when Shikayati Pudiya can get ready for her Raakshas, then why can’t the Raakshas get ready for his Shikayati Pudiya. Dhaani looks at him lovingly and they reminisce how they used to get irked by each other. Ishq ishq plays…….They look at each other lovingly.

Raj comes at the place whose address was given by Viplav and sees beautiful decorations there. He gets puzzled. Kanak sends Viplav and Dhaani and asks them to have fun. Viplav says bye Maa and goes. Dhaani sits in the car and Viplav says today its Valentine’s Day and Dhaani asks what is it… Viplav smiles and says it’s a day of lovers, who love each other a lot.Its the day for celebrating the joy of loving each other. Dhaani looks at Viplav and thanks him. Viplav says thank you to you too for coming in my life and hugs her. Mere ishq ka rang plays..Dhaani gets emotional. Viplav wipes her tears and whenever I want to surprise you with happiness these tears become villain.. Dhaani smiles and says I had never thought that my life will be filled with colors of your love. Viplav smiles and holds her hand.

RL also comes in the same place and gets puzzled seeing the decorations there. Viplav and Dhaani are on the way. RL says where is Dhaani. Raj is sitting on the bench and says where is Guru and what are these decorations. He thinks may be he did it for Bhaabi and goes to asks someone. The manager of the venue welcomes him. Raj says he did not do any booking . Viplav comes and says he did the booking. The manager goes. Raj says you did this for Bhaabi then why my name. Viplav says what do you think, I won’t know anything.. He says he came to know everything and is very upset with him as he did not share this. Raj says what did I do guru?? Viplav hugs him and says Pagle…you love someone right?? Raj gets surprised and thinks about RL…. He feels shy.. Viplav smiles and says I know who is she and takes RL’s name. Raj gets surprised and asks how did you know?? Dhaani comes to RL and apologizes for being late.RL says that’s okay and asks about the decorations. Dhaani says you will know in sometime. She takes RL with her. Viplav says Bacchhu, hamara name aise hi Viplav Tripathi nahin hai…. Raj smiles and asks if he knows who is the girl… Viplav says you love someone from my in-laws house…. and the name is ….. Raj closes his eyes and says Rajlakshmi… .RL hears everything as Dhaani took RL with her where Raj and Viplav were talking. Viplav and Dhaani smile.

He continues he did not know how he began to love RL, and says when Bhaabi’s mehendi ritual was there, then I realized I have started to love RL but could not tell her as I thought she might feel bad.RL smiles and says Raj ji…. Raj gets shocked.Viplav asks Raj to look back. Raj gets shocked seeing Rajlakshmi and looks at her with mixed emotions.

Viplav tells to Dhaani that their work is done and they should leave. RL looks at Dhaani and Viplav… She can’t believe what she just heard. Viplav and Dhaani go from there. RL looks at Raj and he asks her to come. RL runs to hug him. They smile at each other. RL asks him why did he not say it before. Raj says he thought she might get angry. They reminisce their first meeting (the meeting of Viplav and Dhaani where Viplav threw colors at Dhaani and Dhaani got angry). Raj tells how he began to love her but could not gather the courage to express it.Hum tumse naa kuch keh paaye plays… RL asks Raj to not leave him forever. Raj says he will never leave her alone….
Viplav and Dhaani are sitting on a bench. He says he is very happy for RL and Raj. Dhaani says me too… She rests her head on Viplav’s shoulder and says how lovely it feels to express your love for someone..Viplav says yes and they reminisce the moment where Dhaani confessed her love for Viplav…(she had said” Hum aaj keh dena chhahte hai sabse ki hum tumse pyaar karte hain”)..Viplav smiles Ishq ishq plays …… He says I love you so much Dhaani… Dhaani smiles and says I love you too Wakil Baabu… They hug each other….

It starts raining.( I KNOW IN THIS YEAR’S VALENTINE’S DAY, IT WAS NOT RAINING…BUT JUST A LITTLE CHANGE) Dhaani and Viplav get drenched in the rain. Raj and RL also come their running. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand. Raj holds RL’s hand… they go towards the shed area… Viplav and Raj tell them that they are going to get something for them to eat… RL thanks Dhaani. Dhaani asks her not to say so and they hug each other. Viplav comes from behind and blindfolds Dhaani… Raj comes from behind and blindfolds RL. They sit by the fireside. Viplav and Raj bring heart shaped balloons for Dhaani and RL respectively and asks them to take out the blindfold … They present the balloons to their Valentine and say I LOVE YOU… Dhaani and RL get happy . Dhaani looks at Viplav lovingly and RL looks at Raj lovingly…

PRECAP: Dhaani and Viplav are talking to each other and they hug each other. Someone points gun at them and shoots Viplav…. Dhaani gets shocked and shouts Wakil Baabu…

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