Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 2)

The episode starts with Dhaani coming her home. She enters inside the Ashram and Dulaari asks how was the meeting with Bachwaji, Dhaani reminisces Viplav asking her why did she break her promise and free Tripurari from the jail. Dhaani composes herself and replies, it was nice. I am very happy. Dulaari gets happy and gets busy in other work. Badi amma is seeing all this and takes Dhaani to another room to ask her if everything is okay. Dhaani cries and tells everything that Viplav is not listening to her and is angry with her because he thinks she freed Tripurari from jail. Badi Amma asks her not to cry. Dhaani continues saying I did not break any promise. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to wipe her tears. She says there is something wrong Dhaani, someone is trying to break your relation. Dhaani is shocked and starts sobbing. Badi Amma continues saying Wakil baabu reacted in that way because Tripurari had done much wrong with you and Viplav wants him to be punished for his deeds. He loves you and don’t worry, everything will be fine.

Rajlakshmi is listening to all this and thinks I can’t let this misunderstanding remain between Wakil baabu and Dhaani. I will go and talk to him. Rajlakshmi goes to Viplav’s home and sees Kanak there. She remembers how Kanak had beaten her with slippers. She stops and turns to go and sees Viplav’s Daadi. She thinks to tell all the things to her. Rajlakshmi greets Viplav’s Daadi and tells everything. Daadi says I have one plan and tells something in RL’s ear, RL agrees and happily goes. Daadi thinks I will not let any misunderstanding separate my grandson’s love.
Its night. Badi Amma asks Dhaani to come and have some food. Dhaani says I don’t feel like eating anything. Then Badi Amma says stop thinking so much, nothing will happen. Trust your love. Viplav is thinking about Dhaani and the conversation they had at the temple. He reminisces Dhaani’s tears and thinks Dhaani never lies but what was that which I saw, everyone said that Dhaani freed Tripurari and Dhaani herself is unaware about this. There is something that is hidden. If there is something that I don’t know, then I must investigate about it.

Viplav thinks to sleep but is lost in Dhaani’s thought. He gazes at the sky and Dhaani is also doing the same. Ishq Ishq plays…….
Its morning, Kanak is in a very jolly mood thinking that she broke Dhaani’s and Viplav’s relation and sits applying nail paint. Daadi finds Viplav in the room and asks him what happened. Viplav tells her everything and Daadi says Leave Dhaani, break your relation with her. Viplav gets shocked and asks what are you saying Daadi. Daadi replies trust is everything Viplav and if there is no trust, relationship cannot exist. Viplav reminisces Dhaani asking him to trust her and says Daadi, I did a mistake. I should have listened to Dhaani . I should have listened to her once and tears starts rolling down his cheeks. Daadi is happy knowing that now the misunderstanding between them will get cleared and caresses Viplav’s head asking him not to be a cry baby.

In the ashram, Raj lakshmi sits to talk with Dhaani and says I know everything. I listened to your talk with Badi Amma last night. RL then asks Dhaani to break this relation and forget him. The one who cannot listen to you will not support you, so move on. Dhaani is shocked and says to RL that I cannot sit like this. I should convince Wakil baabu to listen to me…Will he listen to me?? RL says you can try …now cheer up…… Dhaani wipes her tears and goes. RL prays to god to make the relationship of Dhaani and Viplav more stronger and never let anyone break their relation. Punish them who tries to break their relation.

Viplav is in his room and thinking about Dhaani. Dhaani call him and he picks her call. She says I want to meet you in the same place we met yesterday.Hope you will come. Viplav is about to say something but Dhaani cuts the call and she cries saying Trust me Wakil Baabu…… Viplav feels like Dhaani is saying something…… Dheere dheere plays………….. Viplav comes out of his room and sees Kanak telling someone on phone that everything is happening according to their plan and Viplav, Dhaani’s relation will break….. Viplav is shell shocked to hear that and reminisces how he accused Dhaani for freeing Tripurari and her tears. Viplav is sorry and rushes to meet Dhaani. Kanak is busy on phone with Tripurari. Suwarna hears Tripurari saying Kanak that her plan is very good. Now what is her next move for separating the love birds….Viplav and Dhaani… Suwarna is shocked and quietly sneaks out from her home to go to Ashram. She reaches Ashram and tells RL that Tripurari is talking to someone and saying something like separating Wakil baabu and Dhaani. RL is shocked. She tells Suwarna to go to her home, else Tripurari will make an issue. Suwarna goes and RL thinks who is trying to separate Wakil Baabu and Dhaani.

Viplav and Dhaani meet at the same place. Before Viplav says something, Dhaani tells him that I don’t know how to convince you that I did not free Tripurari from jail. I went to police station just to seek help from police to rescue Suwarna as people would have killed her in anger. Tripurari was asking for forgiveness when he was in the lockup. Then I told him that I am not here to talk about that. I have to go to rescue Suwarna. One officer came there and asked me to give fingerprints so that they can lodge a complaint against that group of people who were there outside Suwarna’s house. I hurriedly gave the fingerprints and went to Suwarna’s home. Police came after that and those people dispersed. I don’t know anything else. Then Viplav says, that means all this was done by Maa….. Dhaani says Chhoti Maalkin….. Dhaani and Viplav exchange shocked looks. Viplav cups Dhaani’s face and says I am sorry Dhaani. I have hurt you a lot.. Please forgive me. Dhaani cries and holds Viplav’s hand and says Sorry, I behaved badly with you. They hug each other…. ISHQ ISHQ plays. Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and says now it is time to seek answer. Dhaani asks are you sure ?? She is your mother. Viplav says I know but she doesn’t have any right to do so. Viplav takes Dhaani to his home and shouts Maa…. Kanak comes and sees Viplav and Dhaani holding each others hand.

Viplav asks shocked?? You planned really well. But your intention was not right. So you could not succeed. Kanak is shocked and tries to hold Viplav’s hand by moving Dhaani’s hand but Viplav stops her. Daadi and Shambhu also come there. Daadi says I knew you both are made for each other. No one can separate you. She blesses them and asks Viplav to drop Dhaani to her home. Viplav agrees and goes. Dadi taunt Kanak and goes. Kanak is still shocked thinking she has failed.
Viplav and Dhaani are on the way. Dhaani says to Viplav that you should not have talked like that. Viplav asks her why are you so good Dhaani. Dhaani replies because you are with me. Mere Ishq ka rang plays. Viplav drops her to ashram and Dhaani asks him to go. Viplav smiles and says Ok … would be Dhaani Viplav Tripathi. We will meet tomorrow. Dhaani feels shy and says okay. Viplav turns and smiles seeing Dhaani.

Precap: Viplav tells to Dadaji that he wants this marriage to happen soon. He announces that Kanak Tripathi will not be a part of ceremony. Everyone is shocked. Kanak tries to talk to him but he shouts and says Enough…… Viplav and Dhaani spend some romantic moments.

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  3. awesome sujie … 🙂 …nice ff

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