Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 19)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 19
The episode starts with Dhaani chopping vegetables. She is thinking about Jaanki and her warnings. She cuts her finger and blood oozes out. Viplav comes there to take water and Dhaani hides her cut. Viplav senses something wrong and goes to Dhaani. He sees blood stains and asks Dhaani why did not she call him for aid. Dhaani says its minor cut. Viplav asks her to keep quiet and let him apply ointment. Dhaani looks at Viplav lovingly while he is applying the ointment.Ishq ka rang safed plays…… He looks at Dhaani and asks if she is okay. She nods saying yes.. Tears roll down her cheeks and Viplav shows it to her. He asks if she stays fine being a crybaby … Ishq ishq continues to play….. He wipes his tears and asks her to smile.

Dhaani asks if he needs something. Viplav says yes I need one smile, one hug and one kiss from my Shikayati Pudia… Dhaani smiles. Viplav pulls her closer. Dhaani asks him to leave as she needs to cook. Viplav is still holding her. Kanak comes there with Shaalini and sees them. She asks Viplav if today also her daughter in law is not letting him go. Viplav and Dhaani leave each other. Dhaani turns and begins to work. Viplav also turns and some utensils fall. Shaalini giggles. Dhaani and Viplav both bend to pick those things and bang their head. Dhaani stares at Viplav and he asks if she is okay. He holds her hand. Ishq ishq plays…. Dhaani smiles and stands up. Kanak smiles. She asks Viplav if he can spend rest of the day in his office without Dhaani. Viplav is looking at Dhaani and says No, I can’t spend even a minute without her. Dhaani looks on and feels shy. Shaalini pats her forehead and says Hey Bhagwan… and asks Viplav about how he became so romantic. Viplav pats her lovingly and call her moti. Kanak asks him to get ready for office and asks if she should send Dhaani upstairs. Viplav happily agrees.Dhaani looks on and says I have work in the kitchen. He winks at Dhaani and goes.

Shaalini teases Dhaani saying her brother loves her Bhaabi so much and wish them all the happiness. Kanak also does the same and hugs Dhaani. Dhaani tells her about her fear and Kanak asks her to forget about it as it was one awful moment and passed soon. She adds Viplav knows everything now and he will handle it. She asks Dhaani to be with Viplav and support him always. They have a talk.

Viplav’s office is shown. Someone comes there and shows the file to one of the employee. That employee says so you want to meet Viplav Sir … the person nods yes.. The employee asks him to wait. Viplav is getting ready. Dhaani comes and gives his wallet. Viplav thanks her. Dhaani asks him about his watch. Viplav says I don’t know, please you find it and give it to me… Dhaani says Wakil Baabu, you don’t know where things are. Viplav smiles and turns to Dhaani. Dhaani is looking for Viplav’s watch. He holds Dhaani from back . Dheere dheere plays…….. He says he feels happy when his Banaras ki Dhaani searches for his wallet, watch,etc.. and I have got habituated. Dhaani smiles and asks him if he is not getting late. Viplav says my wife is always ready to send me office. Dhaani says yes…. and pushes him lovingly. Viplav gives her a flying kiss and Dhaani smiles. He goes.

Viplav reaches office and his employee tells him someone has come to meet him. He asks for the details and the man goes after giving the file. Viplav is looking at the file. The employee comes and asks if he can send the client in. Viplav keeps the file and asks him to send the client. He gets Dhaani’s call and smiles. He picks the call and asks if his Shikayati Pudiya is missing him. Its actually Kanak. She smiles and says Beta… Viplav asks what is this joke and smiles. Kanak asks if he forgot his mother’s voice listening to Dhaani’s voice daily. Viplav gets fooled and takes his tongue out. Viplav says sorry Maa and asks what is she doing with Dhaani’s phone. Kanak says Dhaani had sent food for him and asks him to eat it. Viplav asks really?? Kanak says yes. He smiles and thanks her. She asks him to thank Dhaani after coming home. He says okay .

. His employee comes with some lady and says Sir, here is the client. Viplav asks him to go. He is talking to Kanak and haven’t seen his client. He asks that lady to have a seat while talking to Kanak.Viplav turns and gets shocked seeing Jaanki….. He shouts how dare you?? Kanak hears him and asks if everything is okay? Viplav cuts the call saying he will tell her later.
Jaanki tells Viplav that he should have talked to his mother as he might not get this chance after sometime. Viplav looks on and asks what does she mean. Kanak, on the other hand is panicking . Dhaani comes to her and asks if she talked to Viplav. Kanak says yes. Dhaani notices Kanak is in tension and asks Maa if everything is okay. Kanak assures her everything is okay? Dhaani insists. Kanak tells her that Viplav shouted on someone and told that he will call later. Dhaani asks her not to worry and says she will go to Viplav’s office. Kanak asks her to take care and call her after reaching there. Dhaani goes.

Jaanki tells Viplav about her past. Viplav says he understood that what happened with her was injustice but why is she hell bent to harm them now? Janaki says good question. She says she cannot see happiness around her when she is burning in agony. She tells him she wants Dhaani out of the house just like her when she lost her husband.Viplav gets angry and warns her not to utter a word against his wife. Dhaani reaches there .Viplav asks Dhaani why did she come. Dhaani asks if he is okay. She gets shocked seeing Jaanki there. Jaanki says oho you have really long life. Viplav asks Jaanki to get lost. Jaanki says no way. Viplav warns her again. Jaanki gets angry and takes out knife. She keeps it on Dhaani’s neck and threatens Viplav. Viplav and Dhaani gets shocked. Viplav warns Jaanki not to do anything. Jaanki laughs like mad and says Wakil Baabu…. and mimics Dhaani. Viplav asks her to leave Dhaani. Jaanki points knife at him and Dhaani gets shocked. Viplav tries to snatch the knife and gets hurt. Dhaani worries. Jaanki says Tota Maaina love each other so much.

Kanak calls Dhaani. But neither Dhaani nor Viplav are able to pick phone. Viplav calls security guard. Janki laughs and says security guard has gone for honeymoon and says even if its pious city like Banaras, there are still some people who sell their loyalty in 5 seconds. She shows them the bundle of money and says Viplav beta, you won’t be able to go out till I don’t get what I want. Dhaani asks her what does she want now? Jaanki reminisces DT talking about some plots of land in Viplav’s name and asks for those plots. Dhaani says you are disgusting. Jaanki hurts her. Viplav says No, I am ready to give you those lands, please don’t do anything to Dhaani. Jaanki gives him pen and paper.

Viplav pretends like signing. Dhaani asks him not to do so. Jaanki asks Dhaani to shut up. Viplav goes to Jaanki and pretends like giving the papers. She leaves Dhaani so that she could get those papers. Dhaani sees that there is no sign and looks at Viplav. He pulls knife from Jaanki’s hand and pushes her. He calls Kanak and tells her everything.Kanak and everyone get shocked. DT calls police and they proceed.

Jaanki says you cheat… Viplav asks this is not cheating BADI DAADI …. Viplav and Dhaani hug each other. Jaanki picks a vase to hit Viplav when DT comes there with police and takes hold of Jaanki. Kanak hugs Dhaani and DT hugs Viplav. Kanak asks the inspector to arrest Jaanki… Jaanki fumes and is arrested by the police. Jaanki stumbles and falls in the mud. Kanak says BHURI NAJAR WAALE TERA MUH KAALA and taunts Jaanki.. She fumes in anger and looks at them angrily . Police asks her to lower her eyes. She is taken in the police jeep. Viplav looks at Dhaani and caresses her face. Dhaani tears her saree pallu and covers the wound in Viplav’s palm. Tum ho pass mere plays…. Viplav looks at Dhaani lovingly.

Precap: Rajlakshmi and Dhaani are shopping. Some men misbehave with RL. One of them goes to touch RL. A man comes and holds his neck…….


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  1. You write really well……….. just loved today’s epi………good job… 🙂

    1. Thank you Ahana 🙂

  2. Sujie,one of the best episodes of your fan fiction.really enjoyed it.u are becoming creative day by day.thanks for this treat.

    1. Thank you so much Saranya….really happy for your compliment 🙂

  3. Viplav is too naughty in all fan fictions like real IKRS.prentending to sign those papers was really a brilliant idea of Viplav.naughty and cutee Viplav.And what about precap!today both u and real IKRS gave blockbuster precaps.waiting 4 tmrw epi.All the very best yaar.

    1. me too waiting for today’s episode of IKRS bcoz of precap….haeee what a lovely precap 🙂

  4. Hey Sujie i have a suggestion,pls post link of your fan fictions in our updates that everyone can easily read your epi and leave a comment.i think many people don’t know about your fan fiction. if u provide the link they can directly access it.pls try will work.

    1. Thanks a lot for your suggestion Saranya dear :)… i will try for sure

  5. Hey Sujie I just got to read ur ff I loved today’s episode, u just reminded me of something janki the monkey 😛 (I read this in an update of show, I found it quite funny for some reason :P) but Vidhanni scenes always first class n superb

    1. Thank you Joyee….

  6. Awesome suji with awesome Vidhani scenes… & precap! Who is that person? RL ka hero? Looking forward for some more interesting scenes… Thank u!

    1. Thank you Rajee…. You will get to know in the upcoming update about RLs hero….

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