Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 18)

Ishqka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 18
The episode starts with Viplav looking at Dhaani lovingly. Mere ishq ka rang plays. Dhaani smiles. Viplav is about to kiss Dhaani but his phone rings. Dhaani asks him to pick it up. Badi Amma has called and Viplav picks up the call. She talks to them and asks if they were disturbed by her. Viplav jokes and tells her that a mother can never disturb her children. She blesses them. Viplav tells her that he and Dhaani will come to meet them soon.

Its morning, Daadi is talking to DT and Kanak. They see Viplav behind Dhaani and pull his leg. DT asks if he does not need to go to office. Viplav smiles and says he was about to go. Shaalini comes and teases him. Viplav calls her moti and they fight. Jaanki comes there and sees everyone having merry time. She thinks this happiness will not last longer as they have to pay for it. DT sees her and asks her to join. She feigns smile and go. Daadi and Kanak look at each other. Dhaani asks them to come and have food.

Jaanki goes to DT’s chair and is about to sit when Dhaani pulls another chair for her and asks her to sit. Jaanki smiles and thanks her. Dhaani says people should learn to know which things belong to whom as it matters a lot. Jaanki fumes but praises Dhaani for her thoughts. Dhaani looks at Kanak and Daadi. They sign each other and smile. Viplav asks them to have food. He asks DT about dropping Dhaani to ashram as everyone there wants to meet Dhaani and him. DT agrees.Jaanki hears this and thinks ashram?? Daadi looks on and thinks if Jaanki get to know about Dhaani’s past, she will harm her. Kanak understands and asks Viplav to go now.Dhaani also insists and they go before Jaanki could ask them anything.

Jaanki is coming to her room. She hears DT and Daadi talking about hiding Dhaani’s past as she can use it against them. Jaanki thinks so Dhaani was a widow. She reminisces how she was thrown out of the house after being a widow and fumes thinking when one widow is still thriving for her rights, the other widow cannot live peacefully. Dhaani has to suffer. She goes to her room angrily.
Viplav and Dhaani are on the way to ashram. He asks Dhaani to call him in the evening so that they can leave together. Dhaani asks him not to worry and says that she will go home by herself as she needs to help Daadi and Kanak. Viplav requests her as he wants to spend some time with Dhaani but she refuses. He stops the car and comes out. Dhaani also comes out and Viplav asks her to do whatever she wants and pretends to be angry. Dhaani sees this. Dhaani teases him and tries to make him smile. Viplav thinks I won’t smile easily Shikayati Pudiya and pretends to be angry. Dhaani thinks of something and smiles. Accha ji mein haari chalo maan jao na plays……. Viplav smiles at Dhaani and hugs her. Dhaani sees Viplav smiling and asks him to smile like that always as it suits him. Dheere dheere plays. They get inside the car and reach ashram. RL sees them and welcomes them. They greet everyone. Viplav gets a call and says he needs to go now and will meet them tonight. He smiles and says Bye to Dhaani. Dhaani and all the ladies are shown talking.

Dhaani gets a call from Kanak who asks her to come home. Dhaani agrees and tells Dulaari about it. She greets them. She calls Viplav to tell him not to come to ashram just for picking her up as she is going by herself, but Viplav is busy in work and does not see her call. RL asks her to go and says that she will call Viplav and convey her message. Dhaani hugs RL and goes back.
Dhaani comes back home and asks if everything is okay. Kanak and Daadi ask her not to worry. DT comes and asks Dhaani to make a cup of tea for him as there is magic in the cup of tea made by her. Dhaani smiles. Kanak says this was the reason we had to call you early. Dhaani asks them to have a seat and goes to prepare tea. She comes and gives tea to everyone. Daadi asks if she made tea for Jaanki also. Dhaani says yes. Kanak asks Dhaani to sit back and have tea. Daadi calls servant and asks to take tea for Jaanki. The servant goes to Jaanki’s room and she asks him to keep tea on the table. She throws the cup in anger once servant goes and thinks Dhaani will not be spared. She comes down angrily.

DT sees her and asks if everything is okay. Jaanki does not answer. Everyone look on. She drags Dhaani and pushes her towards the door. Dhaani looks on. Daadi asks if she is in her senses. Jaanki asks everyone to shut up. She says till now she tolerated everything but not anymore. She tells them how she was thrown out for being a widow and today a widow was made daughter in law of a family. They get shocked and ask how did Jaanki know?? Jaanki fumes in anger and tells how all these years she waited for revenge. DT tells Jaanki about already knowing her arrival for revenge. He requests her not to do anything to his family. Jaanki asks him where was his voice years ago when his father kicked her out and gave him the keys of all the fortune. DT looks on. Kanak asks Jaanki to stop this drama and go away. She says she would have never brought her home if she had known her intentions. Jaanki laughs and says now no one can stop her .Dhaani says whatever your intentions are, god will punish you for your deeds. She says we are not afraid of you or your bad intentions. Jaanki comes to her and pulls her hair. Kanak and Daadi ask her to leave Dhaani. Jaanki pushes Dhaani . Viplav comes and holds Dhaani. He looks at Jaanki angrily.

He hugs Dhaani . She goes to Daadi and Kanak and hug them. Viplav asks what is happening. Jaanki says Wakil has come now. Viplav says Badi Daadi… Jaanki stops him and asks DT to tell the truth to your beloved grandson how this family had thrown her years back. DT looks on. Kanak comes and tells everything to Viplav. He looks on shocked. He goes to Jaanki’s room upstairs and takes out all her belongings. He packs it and brings it down. Everyone see this. Jaanki asks what is he doing? Viplav looks at her angrily and shouts how could she think of harming Dhaani. Jaanki says this widow ….. Viplav shouts enough and throws her suitcase out. He warns Jaanki to go before he loses his cool otherwise he will be forced to throw her out just as he had thrown the suitcase. Jaanki looks at him angrily and says you have to pay for this…. and goes saying she will be back for sure…. Viplav closes the door at her face and looks at Dhaani.

Daadi says Jaanki will not remain quiet and panics thinking she will create problems for sure. Viplav asks them not to worry. He asks them to go and sleep without any tension. He takes Dhaani and goes from there.

In the morning, Dhaani prays to keep her family happy. Daadi comes there and sees Dhaani. She blesses her.Viplav comes and asks them not to worry much and jokes saying they will get wrinkles. Dhaani looks at him and asks him to find solution of this problem. Viplav pulls Dhaani closer and says when Banaras ki Dhaani is with Viplav Tripathi, then why to fear.. Dhaani smiles. Ishq ishq plays. Kanak comes and Dhaani signs Viplav but he keeps holding her. Kanak smiles and Viplav turns. He says your bahu is not leaving me Maa… Kanak says she knows everything and goes. Dhaani scolds him smilingly. Mere ishq ka rang plays…..

Precap: Viplav is working in his office. He is called to handle a new case. Viplav looks at client’s details and gets shocked….

KEEP READING …..  Hope you will like it.. 

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  1. Hey Sujie nice yaar Vidhaani scenes very cute and can’t wait for the next episode

    1. Thank you Joyee 🙂

  2. good suspense……. keep wriing

    1. Keep reading… thanks for the compliment Divya

  3. This is becoming interesting day by day yaar.more suspenses and i can understand the real nature of janki.pls update tmrw also.

  4. While reading this i can imagine each and every scenes of it and i found kanak rocking in this new avatar.really loving her now.i can’t express my gratitude to u for making her a good soul.

    1. Thank you Saranya for really really good words…aapka bahot bahot Dhanyabaad… 🙂

  5. I enjoyed reading this so much,looking forwards to next epi.

    1. Thank you Anne… will post the next part soon….. 🙂

  6. Sujie dear it feels awesome to have the full tripathy family together. Viplav & dhani’s love is something to cherish 4.. dhani is emerging as d protector of her family…sujie u r doing a fab job with cute vidhani scenes & some twist in the story.

    1. Thank you so much Rajee for the compliment…… 🙂

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