Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 17)

Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 17
The episode starts with Daadi calling Kanak so that they can go to temple together. Dhaani also comes and says that she wants to go to temple. Kanak asks her to be at home as she needs rest. Dhaani requests and Daadi says its okay. Viplav comes and asks if they are going anywhere. Daadi asks if he wants to go temple. Viplav looks at Dhaani. Ishq ishq plays. He says if you insists how can I refuse. Kanak says your Daadi is not insisting, if you don’t wanna go then we will leave,right Dhaani. Dhaani agrees. Viplav looks on. Ishq ishq plays….. Shaalini comes and says” Maa, Bhaai is going as he can’t live without Bhaabi, going to temple is just an excuse. Kanak looks at Viplav and asks if he needn’t go to office. Viplav says that he will go office directly from the temple and goes to get ready.

They come out. Viplav looks Dhaani lovingly and opens the door of the front seat beside his seat so as to make Dhaani sit in it. Kanak sees this and whispers to Daadi our Viplav has changed a lot… Daadi smiles. Dhaani goes to sit at the back. Kanak asks where are you coming.. Dhaani looks on. She asks her to go and sit beside Viplav. Dhaani asks what’s the need. Kanak says I am your Mother in law, I am not requesting but ordering. Dhaani complies and goes besides Viplav. He gets happy. Kanak and Daadi pray to keep Viplav and Dhaani always happy. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and smile. Dheere dheere plays….. Daadi asks Viplav to focus on driving now and smiles.
They reach temple. Viplav gets a call. He asks everyone to go as he has to go. Kanak asks him to atleast wait for them. Dhaani asks Kanak to let Viplav go as work is important. Kanak asks Viplav to go then . Daadi and Kanak proceed to buy something. Viplav asks Dhaani to go and thank god from his side as it has already sent Dhaani in his life and he does not need anything now. Mere ishq ka rang plays…..Dhaani smiles and says people should not just ask for something with god, god should also be thanked for what it has given us in life till now. She says she will thank god for bringing us together. Ishq ishq plays…. Dhaani asks him to go as he might be late. They smile and wave hands. Dhaani goes to Daadi and Kanak. They pray together.

One lady is seen proceeding. Daadi asks Dhaani and Kanak to go and give Prasad to the kids. Dhaani goes with Kanak. That lady comes and sees Daadi. She puts her hand on Daadi’s shoulder and calls Daadi by her name. Daadi turns back and gets amazed. The lady is DT’s sister in law.[THIS LADY IS A NEW CHARACTER ]. Daadi says Janki Jijji…[You can imagine Badi Rani Maa of ETRETR as Janki] They hug each other. Kanak and Dhaani come there. They see Janki. Daadi introduces Kanak . Janki looks at Dhaani and asks who is she? Daadi introduces Dhaani as Viplav’s wife. Dhaani greets Jaanki and she blesses her.. They go. DT gets shocked seeing Janki and says Janki Bhaabi… Janki sees DT and thinks this all would have been mine and my husband’s if DT was not there. She feigns her smile.Dhaani goes to kitchen.

DT welcomes her and after sometime excuses himself and thinks why is Janki bhaabi here after so many years. Janki sees him and asks if he is not happy with her arrival. Daadi and Kanak look on. DT denies and says he is very happy. Janki thinks soon your happiness will turn into sorrow as you snatched everything years ago and I am here to take what was mine. Dhaani comes and asks everyone to have food. They sit and Daadi asks Dhaani to help her in cleaning the guest room. Janki asks if you think I am a guest here. DT sends Dhaani and says its not like that Bhaabi.. Janki says I understand I am a widow and I have to live a secluded life, right ?? DT gets nervous. Daadi asks her not to think like that. Janki says its okay as she has habit. Daadi goes and Kanak asks if there is anything which she is hiding. Daadi looks on but denies. Kanak insists. Daadi tells years ago DTs brother died and DT’s parents asked her to get out of the house. DT was given responsibilities and it seemed as if Janki was hurt. She never complained and went without saying anything. Kanak feels bad and says maybe she was missing everyone so came . Daadi says hope what you are saying be true. Dhaani comes there and hears everything. She asks Daadi and Kanak not to take tension. Kanak and Dhaani go to the guest room. Daadi thinks something and gets tensed.
Viplav comes home. Dhaani asks him to freshen up and goes to get something for him. She gets busy in kitchen and he smiles seeing her. Ishq ishq plays….

Janki comes and sees Viplav. She goes to him and calls beta.. Viplav looks on. DT comes and says she is my sister in law..that means you have to call her badi daadi… Viplav greets her and says sorry I could not recognize you. Janki says its okay and hugs him. She smirks thinking so this is ‘GHAR KA CHIRAG’ .. soon this chirag will blow off . She feigns her smile. Dhaani brings food for Viplav and asks him to change and come fast. He goes. Janki comes to Dhaani and says Viplav is so lucky that you are in his life. Dhaani smiles. Daadi sees this and asks Dhaani to go to Viplav. Janki also goes to her room. Kanak sees Daadi tensed and asks her not to worry. Daadi takes her to kitchen and tells her that years ago DT and she herself heard Janki talking ill about family and returning back to fulfill her revenge. Kanak gets shocked. Daadi says she is tensed for Viplav and Dhaani. Kanak thinks they can tell this to Dhaani as she is sensible. Daadi says but Dhaani will worry. Kanak says that she trusts Dhaani and her love for Viplav will be their safeguard.
Dhaani comes toViplav. He is having food and asks Dhaani to sit beside him. Dhaani sits. Viplav jokingly pulls her nose and she scolds him smilingly. Ishq ishq plays…… Kanak calls Dhaani. Dhaani stands to go but Viplav holds her. Dhaani says she needs to go and proceeds. Viplav smiles and lets her go. But her pallu gets stuck in the edge of table and Dhaani thinks Viplav is pulling it. Dhaani scolds him. Viplav takes the pallu out and shows it to her. Dhaani gets nervous. Viplav whispers in her ears if she wants him to do so. Dhaani feels shy and goes. Viplav pats his head and smiles. He says I love you so much Dhaani.

Dhaani asks Kanak if she called her. Kanak tells her what Daadi told her and Dhaani gets shocked. Dhaani says that means she is here for revenge. Kanak asks her not to tell this to Viplav as he might take tension. Dhaani asks her not to worry as she will always remain with Viplav till her last breath.Kanak asks her not to think like that and hugs her saying your love for each other will solve all the problems. Dhaani goes.

Daadi comes to Janki and asks if she needs anything. Janki says everything… Daadi looks on and Janki says I mean everything is so nice here so there is nothing that I need. Daadi goes tensedly. Janki thinks I need everything that is mine and I will get it by any means.
Dhaani is thinking about Jaanki and says I have to save my family from Janki’s evil plan. I have to do something. Viplav comes and asks what are you talking about. Dhaani looks on and says I was thinking about you. Viplav smiles and asks really? He hugs her…. Dheere dheere plays…. Dhaani thinks when her wakil baabu is with her she can do anything.

Precap: Dhaani is talking to Daadi and Kanak. Janki comes and drags Dhaani . Everyone gets shocked. Viplav comes and holds Dhaani. He looks at Janki angrily.

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  1. Oh new villi (negative character) I wish she don’t apart vidhaani. Good going sujie? sujie I would not able to comment for some days I have some personal work to do. I hope u will do well….all the best my dear I will back soon….god bless you my dear.??

    1. thank you Kaviya…. will wait for you….

      1. Sure ma I will back soon.

  2. Oh thanks a lot Sujie for this positive kanak.really enjoying her character now.rocking epi.its really going like a real serial.enjoying each moment of vidhani.thanks for this brilliant epi.

  3. Waiting for the evolution of janaki character.let’s see how much villiany she has.i watch only IKRS so i imagined her as dadi of Suhani serial which i used to watch earlier.

  4. Saranya… thank you for your compliment… you need to read further episodes of my ff to know the developments so keep reading… Actually I also watch IKRS only… in the past I was amazed by yhm but now day by day its turning into a silly IKRS is the only one show i love now… that too because of Mishal and Eisha..but mainly Mishal….. I love IKRS so much
    Ya..that daadi of SSEL will also can imagine some evil cunning old woman.. …

  5. Wow Sujie interesting I liked it new character oh that Badi rani Maa love to hate her 😛 and I just hope to see more happy moments in Vidhaani’s life 🙂

    1. thank you joyee 🙂

  6. Grt sujie!!! +ve kanak is like a dream& thanx 4 making my dream come true. It really feels cool to have a +ve KT.. Btw ur ff is moving very nicely.keep it up.

    1. Thank you Rajee

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