Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 14)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 14
The episode starts with Viplav looking at Kanak angrily. Kanak tries to defend herself and he asks her not to utter a word. Dhaani looks at Viplav and asks him to leave all these things. Viplav asks her how can she still be good to the person who does not even want to see her face. Dhaani requests him to stop but Viplav is adamant.

DT goes to Viplav and asks him the reason for rudeness. Viplav tells everyone how he saw Kanak telling Phoolchand about getting Dhaani killed anyhow. Everyone get shocked. Kanak stays mum. Shambhu comes and asks her how could she be so cruel to snatch her son’s happiness . He asks her if she does not know how much Viplav loves Dhaani. His happiness lies with Dhaani. Kanak stays mum. Dhaani requests everyone to end this. She goes to Kanak but she moves back.Kanak asks Dhaani if she is happy making everyone against her. She accuses Dhaani of separating a son from his mother. Dhaani looks on. Daadi pulls Kanak and gives her a tight slap. Kanak and everyone get shocked. Daadi says till now she tolerated everything but not from now. She asks how could she think of harming Dhaani and adds that Dhaani is Viplav’s life and warns her to stay away. DT adds how much poison does she have in her heart. He asks Kanak to get away from the sight. Kanak feels humiliated.

She thinks to go out so as to emotionally blackmail them. Dhaani asks her to stop. Kanak looks at her angrily and proceeds thinking someone will stop her. She steps out but nobody looks at her. Dhaani requests everyone to stop Kanak. Dhaani herself goes to stop Kanak. Viplav looks on. From the opposite side one car is coming and Dhaani asks her to stop. Kanak does not see the car and is walking. Dhaani comes forward and pushes Kanak to save her. Viplav and others are coming . Dhaani gets hit by the car.

Everyone get shocked. Kanak gets shocked as well. Viplav shouts Dhaani and runs. He takes Dhaani in his arms. DT calls ambulance and Dhaani is taken to hospital. Viplav is crying. He sees Dhaani from outside. Kanak comes and tries to speak. Viplav asks not to waste her crocodile tears. She must be happy now. He reminds her all the things she did to harm Dhaani and requests her to be happy. DT and everyone come there. Daadi consoles him and DT asks Kanak to stay away.
In the ashram, RL thinks to call Dhaani to know about Viplav and Dhaani’s dinner date. Shaalini picks up the call and tells everything.RL is shocked. She goes to Badi Amma and tells everything. They get shocked seeing Dulaari listening to them. They rush to hospital.
Dulaari gets angry on Kanak. She confront Viplav and asks him how could he leave Dhaani alone. She says that he promised to keep Dhaani happy and asks what happened to his promise. Badi Amma asks Dulaari to control her anger. Doctor comes to Viplav and tells that much blood is lost and Dhaani is still unconscious. The doctor tells that anything can happen in 24 hours. They get shocked. Viplav breaks down. Shaalini and Daadi console him. He apologizes to Dulaari and cries vigorously. Dulaari sees him and asks him not to cry. RL tells nothing can happen to Dhaani as your love is strong.They pray to god.

Viplav reminisces Dhaani and him praying in the temple. Dhaani and Viplav pray for each other’s happiness. Janam Janam plays… Viplav comes to Dhaani and holds her hand with tears in his eyes. Dhaani’s hand moves. He gets happy and call doctor. The doctor tells that its miracle and asks Viplav to be with Dhaani as she is willing to live and he should keep that will alive.But still they need some time. Kanak is sitting alone. She is in shock . She thinks she wanted Dhaani to die and today that is happening but her son is not happy. She cannot see her son crying. She wipes her tears and says Dhaani should wake up for Viplav. (SEEMS LIKE SHE HAS TURNED POSITIVE). She reminisces how she treated Dhaani till now and how Dhaani met with accident in an attempt to save her. She goes to see Dhaani. Viplav sees and asks her to go. She apologizes to him and cries. She falls on his feet. Viplav asks her to stop. He tries to go. Kanak thinks about her deeds and apologizes. Viplav turns and cries. Kanak hugs him and tells everything will be okay. Dhaani will be fine. Everyone see them.

Precap: Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and brings her. They are about to step in but Kanak shouts to stop.

The fate of this fan fiction is connected with your interest in reading this and commenting. So,Keep reading to know if Kanak really changed or she is just faking her concern. Keep commenting.
Thank you.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Oh Sujie your ff was also quite emotional , I hope that Kanak is not acting here and is really positive and please do continue 🙂

    1. Thank you Joyee…

  2. Nice…… kanak may have turned positive….. 50% doubt on her………

  3. Kanak never changed she is like that its her style.? but dhaani is lovely? today episode very shot…but good one?

    1. Thank you

  4. Did Viplav regain his memory? And how is help helping Dhani after he gets memory lost? Are they married? Is the mother at the ashram with the other widows?

    1. That is another fan fiction Amisha…. written by our dear Kaviya

  5. Hai Sujie,why today very short epi?but it was emotional.u are doing a fantastic job yaar.pls don’t wrap up soon.we need this.

  6. i think kanak is on a positive track and if it is like that it will be more interesting.there is no rule that villian shouldn’t be changed positively.and Sujie what about introducing other villians.poor kanak,give her a chance yaar.

    1. Thank you for good words Saranya…… I thought to change kanak’s attitude towards Dhaani so that it will be a change for all the readers….
      you will get to know if there are any villains now or not…for this keep reading and commenting

  7. How long one can get angry on dhani.kanak ko toh change hona hi tha. At last she has a change of heart…thank u sujie!

    1. Thank you Rajee.. 🙂

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