Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 11)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 11

The episode starts with Dhaani working in the kitchen. She thinks to finish the work soon. Viplav sees her and thinks to help her. He goes and starts to mop the kitchen platform silently. Dhaani turns back and sees Viplav. She asks him to leave all this and says she does not want to make her Wakil Baabu work in the kitchen. Viplav asks really and tells her that he wants to help her. Dhaani asks him he had helped anyone before like this in the kitchen. He says no and tells Dhaani that he was in Delhi and could not get any chance. He whispers in her ears that now he wants many such chances to help his lovely wife. He tries to hug Dhaani from back. Dhaani scolds him smilingly and says anyone would see them. Dheere Dheere se plays…….

Viplav smiles and ask her to do her work and he will wait for her.Dhaani agrees.He looks at her lovingly while she is working.
Someone is shown taking out knife and the person has draped a shawl or something like a blanket so that face is not seen.Dhaani finishes her work and turns to go. She sees Viplav sleeping with much difficulty leaning on the wall. She goes and Viplav wakes up. She apologizes to him for making him wait for so long. Viplav smiles and says no problem as he can wait for her his whole life. Dhaani looks at him with love. They go to their room. Viplav locks the door and looks at Dhaani. She asks him to sleep. He comes closer to her. She leans on Viplav and tells him that she had not thought that her life would be beautiful again like this ever. Viplav caresses her face and asks Dhaani to forget all those things that she had to bear in the past as they only gave her pain and tears. He asks her to be with him always with a smile on her face because there is no place for pain in their life. Dhaani smiles. Ishq ishq plays… He hugs Dhaani and they sleep.

The person comes with a knife at night and approaches towards Viplav’s and Dhaani’s room. When Dhaani turns she sees someone with knife and screams. Viplav gets up and gives her water. He asks her not to panic and let him see if something is wrong. Dhaani stops him and asks him to be with her. Dhaani hugs Viplav and is very much scared. The person is none other than KT. She smirks thinking she should scare Dhaani like this always but fumes seeing Viplav’s love for Dhaani. She goes.

Its morning. Dhaani wakes up and is lost thinking about the incident. Viplav calls her but she doesn’t hear. Viplav goes to her and hugs her. He asks her not to panic and assures her that nothing wrong is gonna happen. Viplav tells Dhaani to smile as her Wakil Baabu is going to complete the pending work of his office. Dhaani asks him to have breakfast and then go and takes Viplav for aarti.

Everyone gather for aarti and Dhaani completes the aarti. She takes everyone’s blessings and gives them Prasad. Viplav tells everyone about his decision of resuming the work in his law firm. Shaalini wishes him all the best. All are happy.

Dhaani makes breakfast for everyone and serves them. DT tells Viplav and Dhaani about keeping puja the next day. They agree and DT asks Daadi and Dhaani to see the arrangements and taunts Kanak that she might not be able to help as she has other works like roaming here and there with heavy make up and jewelries to show off. Daadi asks Kanak to go and asks Dhaani about making Prasad. Dhaani agrees and Dadi takes her with her. Daadi assigns Dhaani some work and gets busy in other work. Viplav sees this and comes to Dhaani. Dhaani asks him to go and let her finish the work given by Daadi. Viplav holds her hand and pulls her closer. Ishq ishq plays.. Viplav asks her for a kiss that is pending since yesterday. She feels shy. She turns to him and scolds smilingly. Shaalini comes there and Viplav says Kabab mein moti haddi and jokes. Dhaani smiles and takes Shaalini from there. She turns to Viplav and look at each other. Ankhon mein teri plays…. Viplav goes out.

Dulaari calls Dhaani and they have a talk. Dhaani says that she is very happy. Dulaari blesses her. Badi Amma, RL also talk to Dhaani. DT sees Dhaani talking and comes to her. He asks Dhaani to tell the ladies of Ashram to come for puja. She agrees.

Its evening. Dhaani tells Daadi that she has done all the arrangements as per her instruction. Daadi smiles and blesses her. Viplav comes home and Dhaani brings water for hm. She asks about his work and he replies awesome. He says that he missed her a lot. Dhaani smiles and asks him to focus on work. He pulls her closer and she reminds him that they are in hall, so control. Viplav looks on smilingly and whispers in her ears if she wants to go to bedroom now. Mere ishq ka rang plays. Dhaani scolds him smilingly. Daadi and Shambhu come talking and they leave each other.
Daadi asks Viplav to work from home the next day as there is puja. Viplav smiles and says ok princess. Shaalini comes to Dhaani for some work and takes her. He sees her and winks. She smiles and goes.

PRECAP: DT asks Dhaani to bring the Prasad. Dhaani goes and gets shocked seeing something.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Sujie,this is an evergreen epi bcz i loved the way in which Dasharath scolded kanak.its so funny made my day.also cute and beautiful romantic scenes of vidhani.thanks for making our vidhani so close.

  2. Oh,finally our viplav remembered that he has a job.thanks sujie it was u made him a working man.

    1. Thank you Saranya..actually I did this as I did not wanted Viplav to be jobless..after all our hero Viplav is a lawyer yarr…… keep reading and supporting 🙂

  3. Wow I liked the Vidhaani back in normal life after wedding 😛

    1. Thanks Joyee…

  4. Well done sujie …..great job. Kanak always annoying and disgusting, in real IKRS and ur vidhaani love also.

    1. Thank you Kaviya

  5. Hahaha..viplav is really very naughty & romantic & yes we don’t want our hero to b jobless..well done sujie! Thanx 4 lovely vidhani scenes.

    1. Thank you Rajee…for good words

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