Ishq ka Rang Safed; ViDhaani’s love (Ep 10)


Ishq ka Rang Safed Fan Fiction Episode 1o
The episode starts with Viplav telling Dhaani that he is very happy. Dhaani smiles and says she is also haapy. Viplav and Dhaani come by the side of the window and look at the sky. They see the full moon and smile reminiscing the same moment. Viplav looks at Dhaani and smiles. Chand Chupa baadal mein plays.. He pulls Dhaani closer. Dhaani feels shy. They spend romantic moments.
Its morning. Dhaani wakes up and sees Viplav beside her. She smiles sand gets up from bed. Viplav holds her hand and smiles he is in sleep. Dhaani feels shy and goes smiling.

In the ashram, everyone is missing Dhaani. Dulaari thinks to call Dhaani but Badi Amma stops her asking her to call her later in the day. Dhaani is getting ready.Viplav wakes up and looks at her smilingly. He comes and holds her from back. He pulls her closer. She smiles and asks him to leave her smilingly. Dheere dheere plays……. Dhaani tells Viplav to fill her hairline with vermillion. Viplav smiles and kisses her forehead. He caresses her face. He takes the vermillion and fills her hairline. Viplav asks about his gift. Dhaani looks on and asks which gift? Viplav gives a sweet smile and asks for a kiss. She feels shy and smiles.

Daadi knocks the door and Dhaani goes to open the door. She greets Daadi and Daadi blesses her. She tells Dhaani about making a sweet dish for the family. Dhaani replies she will make gulab jamun and kheer. Daadi goes. Dhaani is about to go but Viplav stops her and holds her hand. He comes closer and asks what about the kiss. Dhaani feels shy and asks him to let her go. He doesn’t . Dhaani tells that she will give his gift after he tastes the dishes made by her. He agrees smilingly and she goes.

Dhaani goes to DT and takes his blessings. Shambhu also comes and blesses her. Shaalini comes and asks Dhaani if she is making sweet dish. Dhaani says yes and Shaalini gets excited. Dhaani smiles. Kanak also comes there and blesses Dhaani unwillingly. Shaalini sees Viplav coming and asks him if he had good sleep yesterday night. Viplav and Dhaani smiles. Dhaani smiles and feels shy. She tells Daadi that she will go to kitchen and goes.

Viplav is looking at Dhaani.They are smiling at each other. Mere ishq ka rang Safed plays…. Daadi comes to Dhaani and sees everything is ready. She tells Dhaani to go to Ashram along with Viplav as she might be missing everyone. Dhaani agrees. They set up the table. Everyone tastes the food made by Dhaani and compliment her. Kanak feigns her smile at Dhaani. Viplav signs Dhaani that the dish is very tasty. He gives her a flying kiss and she feels shy. Shaalini sees this and coughs. DT gives Dhaani neg and blesses her. Daadi takes out a beautiful necklace and gives it to Dhaani. Kanak is angry seeing this. Dhaani refuses for such a big neg but Viplav asks her to keep it as a token of love from Daadi. Dhaani smiles and agrees. She looks at Viplav. Ishq ishq plays… He winks at Dhaani.

Daadi tells DT about letting Viplav and Dhaani go to ashram for sometime as Dhaani might be missing her mother and everyone in ashram. She adds that some rituals are also to be done. DT agrees and asks Viplav to take gifts for everyone in the Ashram.Kanak thinks to hurt Dhaani purposefully and makes her fall. Dhaani screams in pain. Viplav holds her and asks if she is fine. Dhaani says sorry, she has no idea how she stumbled. Viplav looks at Kanak angrily and is about to shout at Kanak. But Dhaani stops him and asks him to let it be. Viplav cares for Dhaani and treats her wound. DT gets angry on Kanak and asks her to apologize to Dhaani. Kanak refuses and goes angrily.Viplav is seeing all this and looks at Dhaani. Dhaani gestures him to calm down. He is angry but Dhaani ask him to leave all this and be with her always. Viplav smiles her and hugs her. Mere ishq ka rang plays……….

Dhaani is getting ready and is not able to tie the laces of her blouse.Viplav sees this and offers help. Dhaani thinks Viplav will get naughty with her and refuses smilingly. Viplav comes closer and ties the laces. He whispers in her ears that whole life is there to romance with her and both smile looking at each others eyes. Ishq ishq plays….. Viplav asks her to smile like this always as her smiles gives him the strength. Dhaani smiles and hugs him.

In the ashram, RL opens the door after hearing a knock and gets happy seeing Dhaani and Viplav. She hugs Dhaani and welcomes them. Everyone gets happy seeing them. They take elders’ blessings. Viplav gives the gifts sent by Daadi to everyone. RL and Suwarna take Dhaani aside and ask about her wedding night. Dhaani gets shy and runs. She collides with Viplav and they fall.Mere ishq ka rang plays…. RL jokes how many times they will fall. Viplav and Dhaani get up and he replies forever. Dhaani smiles looking at VIplav.

Kanak thinks about getting rid of Dhaani. Shambhu comes there and ask her to have some shame. He taunts her saying what kind of mother she is. Kanak gets irked but composes herself and asks him to let her repent for her mistakes. Shambhu gets doubtful but asks Kanak to behave well. He goes and she gets angry. She thinks of a plan and smirks. She thinks her bahu is so innocent that her own innocence will kill her and Viplav will be freed.

Viplav and Dhaani are ready to leave. Dulaari gets emotional and hugs Dhaani. Viplav asks her to stop crying and promises that he will keep Dhaani always happy.RL says no doubt. Everyone smile. Dhaani and Viplav proceed towards Tripathi mansion.

Precap: Dhaani and Viplav are sleeping. Someone approaches to their room with a knife. Dhaani turns and gets shocked seeing the figure. She screams and Viplav consoles her.

Credit to: Sujie

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  1. Wow so cute loved Vidhaani scenes in ur ff well done 🙂

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  5. Wow fully power packed performance.really loved vidhani romance.wish the same to happen in IKRS also.and that kanak she is a more expectations from her.full family drama.thanks yaar.

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  6. cute and very frantic story .. :). 🙂

    1. oh god ..this autocorrect …it is romantic not frantic 😛

    2. I understand AM ….. Thanks 🙂

  7. Very nice Sujie

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  8. Amazing writing!!!

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  9. U made me blush…very romantic & cute…thank u for a grt treat..

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