Ishq ka rang safed……..My take and a missing point


Ishq ka rang safed

Guys here I just want to highlight few things missed in a recent episode.

Remember viplav gets hold of Vidha’s application form in party and heads to give it to child by himself?

well that form contained Dhaani’s photo on it in the left side when he went through it in party for first time.

Latter it got missed…………..understandable.

Moreover any form regarding any school contains the names of parents……….so that form seemingly filled up must contain his and dhaani’s name on it.

How come our top class lawyer missed it.

While I’m struggling to cope up the replacement of Eisha with Sanjeedha sheikh, Well I’m disappointed with the upcoming negative track once again involving all antagonists and miss Daksh as well as tripurari.

New replacements (Tripurari and Dhaani) are not very convincing for me.

I expected CV’s to play around the kid before involving negative leads for some peace of mind but they are hell bent on adding stupid twists and making negative leads powerful more than anything else.

Disappointed utterly………………What say guys?

Credit to: mona

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  1. Actually the photo kept in Vplvs perse, not in tat application which cntain Vidhas photo only..
    But name of both shud cntains in tat form, hw can a lawyer mised it? Its imp doubt.

  2. Nice point of views. But actually that photo of Dhaani was the one he was looking at it on his money purse. And even I checked her form and there was not her surname ? Only Vidha was written
    I also miss Eisha as Dhaani but well it’s may be because we hacent got any proper ViDha scenes till now. And I feel once we will get some, we will feel more comfy. But well, I am liking her work till now so… And as IKRS fans we will always support the show and the actors right?
    Sorry if I hurt you but just thought to share my views 🙂

  3. Hi,

    As far as I know viplav took dhani’s photo from his wallet while he is looking to the photo it slips and falls down from his hand then he bent to take dhanni’s photo and finds dhanni’s purse and he opens to see and sees the application.At that time dhanni’s photo is in his left hand which was taken from his wallet and there is no dhanni’s photo on the application.and I also think the application is not filled.

  4. Hi,

    As far as I remember viplav took dhani’s photo form his wallet.while he i looking to the the photo it slips from his hand and falls down.He bents to take dhani’s photo where he find a wallet he opens it and see to whom it belongs. and he finds a application and there is no dhani’s photo on the application it is the photo which viplav took from his wallet.

    and also i think the application not filled.

  5. Pls we want to see more of positive and not negative scene always. We missed Eisha she is a perfect match for viplav.

  6. You guys have a good observation. I saw the episode again and you guys were right. I missed the things. No hatred for new actors just missed the old ones. Sanjeeda looks a bit elder to mishal raheja compared to eisha. Well lets hope for the best from the IKRS team.

  7. Hi shruthy u r telling that support Ikrs being Ikrs fans. But what is going in the serial r u watching? In time line they have posted that viplav will meet dhani, viplav thinking that his former wife has moved on in her and started her life afresh. Without listening to dhani he leaves her again. After 5 yrs also he is not listening means how can you support. How many days can u watch that kaminis track and it is very disgusting also.

    1. Well sorry to disappoint you but I was talking about the actors actually. And well I prefer to believe what will happen in the episodes and not spoilers because they said the child will die and Dhaani will become a wedding planner, but none of both happened. And then, talking about Kamini, I am just enjoying the way Viplav keeps ignoring her and all. In fact I was scared about what will happen but at the end I find it quite exciting. But that’s my personal opinion that I am telling, nothing else. I am not criticising yours ?

  8. No worries shruthy we’ll enjoy the show till it has good plot cause we don’t have anything in our hands???????

  9. I thought the same actually..
    The form must contain dhani’s name on it atleast. But that wasnt shown
    Viplav lawyer brains usually dont work anymore..especially in his own cases

    To be very very true..i used to proudly say that i watch IKRS..I was a true fan..maybe still now…!!
    But sorry i dont support the story as it went few days didnt fascinate me
    After viplav’s slap to dhani..i was not actually a proud fan.. the credit goes to our cvs…lots and lots of negativity??

    I still watch the show…love to watch viplav and vidha scenes..They are so cute..? maybe the story gets better now but what was shown few days back was utterly wrong..?
    I remember how everyone used to say here we want husband like viplav?
    Who will like to have such a husband now..who fought with eveyone out to marry dhani.. who trusted her blidnly..who said dhani did not murder her former husband even when she accepted it. And suddenly he says our relation is ended without giving her a chance to speak
    Cvs ruined his character.. Disaapointed thereafter??

  10. Mona well analyzed….i am not watching these stupids anymore after the leap….but what to do love this show and moreover mishal and now cute vidha……but hate these writers and makers…whatever…they r making it very worst…

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