ISHQ KA RANG SAFED-the mini movie part 4 (finale)


Hi, I am fatarajo and this is the final part of the Ishq Ka Rang Safed mini movie. I have enjoyed writing the first part and this part. Hope you all love it. Enjoy. You can read the other parts here:

Scene 1: Near Ashram
Dulaari is returning from the temple and just then an old lady passes by who tells Dulaari something.
Old lady: Looks like you are very worried.
Dulaari: Yes, I am very worried for my daughter. She is lost.
Old lady: Dont worry your daughter is safe. The person nearest to her right now will never leave her hand through her entire life. But?
Dulaari: But what?
Old lady: Your daughter will go through a lot of obstacles in her life, but the person who is near to her loves her so much that his love will be enough for your daughter to face all the problems in her life.
Dulaari gets relieved and the old lady goes away.

Scene 2: Piya’s party venue
Dhaani and Yug are chatting with each other and Viplav is getting even more jealous. Meanwhile, Kunj and Twinkle fights.
Twinkle: You? How come you are here?
(in her mind) I thought I told him to come at Sophia’s house how does he know?
Kunj: Magic.
Twinkle: Dont lie.

Kunj: As if you are the only one who tells the truth in this world.
Twinkle: My wish, I wanna lie whenever I want, who are you to stop me?
Kunj: Siyaapa Queen, you thought you are smart. I am smarter. I called Sophia for the address, I couldn’t get her call, so I called Yug and he told me the address.
Twinkle gives a weird look.
Just then, Twinkle is about to slip and Kunj holds her. Saajna plays.
Sophia: How sweet.
Just then Viplav looks at them and smile.
Viplav: Hey can you tell your friend to do something?
Sophia: What?
Viplav: Stay away from Dhaani.
Sophia: Excuse me.
Viplav: I mean to tell him that I have called Dhaani.
Sophia: (in her mind), this Viplav is so weird , Piya is correct, people becomes weird in love. I wonder, if Yug is in love with someone as he is really weird nowadays.
Sophia: Dhaani, Viplav is calling you?
Dhaani: Tell him to come later.
Sophia: He looks angry, you should go to him.
Dhaani: Angry but why?
Sophia: I don’t know.
Dhaani goes to Viplav.
Dhaani: What happened, Wakil Babu why did you call me here? Viplav: Nothing.
Dhaani: Okay, I m going to talk with Yug
Viplav: Yug, yug , yug
Dhaani is surprised.
Viplav: You got your old friend so you forgot the new ones.

Dhaani: No, thats not the case.
Viplav: You know, its so weird here, I only know myself ,and you here well?
Dhaani: Okay, fast say whatever you want to.
Viplav: You are looking very beautiful today.
Dhaani smiles.
Dhaani: You just wanted to say that?
Viplav: Actually, I wanted to say that, I….. I love
Dhaani looks at Yug and Sophia and smiles.
Viplav: (in his mind), This Dhaani is again looking at Yug
Dhaani: Yug is so sweet.
Viplav: He is not sweet he is kabab ki haddi.
Dhaani: How dare you say like this to my friend? Viplav: Ya, you cant listen to a single word against him
Viplav acts as he doesn’t care
Dhaani: Look how much he loves Sophia
And when he hears Sophia
Viplav: Sophia?
Dhaani: Yes, Yug loves Sophia and who else? Sophia also likes him a lot.

Viplav breathes a sign of relief.
Viplav: Is it?
Dhaani: Yes.
Just then Piya’s grandma calls her and she goes to her.
Viplav: I thought this Yug is Kabab ki Haddi, but he himself is lost in love and that too with Sophia not my Dhaani. I thought so much bad about him, Viplav Babu you are really crazy in love.
As Viplav looks behind he sees Yug
Yug: I know, you don’t like me, sorry for talking with your wife a lot. She is my childhood friend whom I met after many years. I have treated Dhaani like my younger sister.
Viplav: Look Yug, I am sorry.
Yug: No, I don’t mind. Infact I am happy that my friend has got a doting husband like you.
Viplav hugs Yug.
Viplav: You love Sophia a lot right?
Yug shys.
Yug: A lot.
Viplav: Why don’t you just confess it to her?
Yug: I am very scared. Her status is so high in the society.
Viplav: In love, nothing is big or small. If your love is really true, I will assure that Sophia will also love you and you two will reunite.
Dhaani comes and smiles.
Yug: Okay, when we will go back to Bastora, I will confess my love for Sophia.
Viplav: Now you are correct all the best.

Scene 3: Piya’s room
Piya is talking to some mysterious person in the phone.
Piya: Dont worry. Everything will happen according to plan. Just do it as soon as possible. Nobody will know about my plan, especially Dhaani. Now, I have to keep the phone so that no one suspects us that I am a part of your plan.
As Piya keeps the phone, she looks behind and see its Dhaani.
Dhaani: Who was it? What plan?
Piya : Plan. I was telling my friend that my party is going according to plan.
Dhaani: But, I heard my name.
Piya: I was saying that you have helped me a lot to make this party a successful one.
Dhaani: No, it was my duty.
Piya’s grandma is calling Dhaani.
Piya: Granny is calling you. Go to her.
Dhaani: Okay.
Dhaani leaves.
Piya: That was close.

Scene 4: Piya’s party venue
Piya’s grandma introduces Karthik and Survi from Yeh Vaada Raha to Viplav and DhaaniPiya’s grandma: Viplav and Dhaani this is Karthik and Simmi
Karthik and Survi: Hi.
Piya’s grandma: A few days ago, Karthik and Survi were at the same situation as you two were, where a wife brings her injuired husband and prayed for his well-being. Same happened with Karthik and Simmi and they were at my friend’s house.
Viplav and Dhaani smiles remembering the moments when they came to the house.
Here Twinkle and Kunj looks at them and their nok-jhok starts.
Twinkle: Look at Karthik and Viplav. They even risked their life for Simmi and Dhaani. Learn something from them.
Kunj: i didn’t risk my life? I jumped into the pool to save you, I even hit Yuvi to save you.
Twinkle: Oh really, but you don’t?
Saajna plays.
Kunj: Dont? Dont what? Love. I am not mad that I will love you.
Twinkle: Listen Kunj. You just became hero by saving me and you thought I will love you, nonsense. I was trying to say you don’t respect me.
Kunj: Respect. (laughs) Seriously?
Twinkle: It is useless to talk to you.
Kunj: I also don’t want to talk to you.
And then they look at each other at opposite sides.
Just then Piya makes an announcement
Piya: I am Piya. As this party is for me, I would love to make an announcement. I want all the couples here to dance. If someone is single, they can find a partner for themselves.
Piya: Karthik and Simmi please dance.
Simmi/ Survi: No, I cant dance
Piya: Pleaseeeee dance, as its a request
Karthik: No, its ok
Piya: I know, you all may not want to dance, but I have to do this for my sister like Dhaani and her husband who is my friend Viplav. If you two and other couples can dance, they will also dance.
As Survi was trying to say something, Karthik interrupts
Karthik: Okay, we will dance
Survi is surprised and she looks at Karthik. Yeh Vaada Raha plays.
Piya: Dhaani and Viplav, can you tell Twinkle and Kunj to dance as they are very moody.

Dhaani: Ok
She goes to Twinkle
Dhaani: Twinkle didi, please dance?
Twinkle: Okay.
Kunj: You know what you are saying?
Twinkle: What?
Kunj: Dance. Did you even listen properly. Its for couples. So you have to dance with me?
Twinkle: There is no way I am…….
Twinkle looks at Piya and Viplav and requests her to dance so that Viplav and Dhaani can dance.
Kunj: No way what?
Twinkle: There is no way that I am going to stand here and watch people dance.
Kunj is shocked.
Twinkle: I will dance no matter what, you will have to dance with me
Kunj: Is your screw loose?
Twinkle: I don’t know, but if you don’t dance with me, I will complain to Babe about you.
Kunj: Ok, ok I am coming.
Viplav: Dhaani, this will be me and you and you will always complain to my princess (dadi) whenever we fight
Viplav smiles.
Dhaani: Did you say anything?
Viplav: No.
Just then, Piya comes to them
Piya: Now, both of you have to dance.
Viplav having mixed reaction.
Dhaani:But why?
Piya: Because all the couples must dance here, and they can’t leave Piya’s party without dancing.
Dhaani: But?
Piya leaves.

Dhaani: Wakil Babu, we are not married.
Viplav:I know, but they assume us as married, so lets go and dance.
Survi listens to them and reminisces her moments with Karthik who were at similar circumstances once.
Piya comes.
Piya: Hey, come both of you
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, you know I don’t know how to dance.
Viplav: Dont lie. You know Piya, some days ago there was a dancing competition and she danced so well that she won that competition.
Piya: Oh really? Now, both of you have to dance. I don’t want to listen to anyone. I am leaving
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, why you told her the truth?
Viplav: I don’t want to lie. Sorry. Now let’s go and dance
Dhaani hesitates. Then she looks at Yug-Sophia
Sophia: Yug, I need a partner, please dance with me.
Yug: Me?
Sophia: Yes, lets go Yug.
Sophia takes Yug’s hand and they go together where Yug puts his hand on his head in a shy manner, and Viplav shows a thumbs up for him.
Dhaani: Oh, so you did this so that Yug and Sophia can be together, right?
Viplav does not reply.
Dhaani: Okay, I will dance with you.
Viplav: Really?
Dhaani: Yes

All the couples are dancing with each other, and being lost in one another, but there is one special couple who caught everyone’s eye- Viplav and Dhaani.
Viplav and Dhaani are dancing on Sapna Jahan. Viplav and Dhaani are dancing on each other’s arm. Just then the mysterious person calls Piya again.
Piya: Now, it’s the perfect time to execute our plan. Everybody is busy dancing, so no one will realize what will happen, and remember you have a very short time to do this job.
She keeps her phone and Piya’s grandma comes.
Piya’s grandma: Hey, Piya dance with someone.
Piya: No one special is here.
Piya’s grandma: Oho, Piya
On the other hand, Tripurari is looking at Viplav and Dhaani after he keeps his phone.
Tripuari: Now, wait and watch and see what happens, you cant even imagine.
Viplav and Dhaani are continuously dancing, and Viplav lifts Dhaani in the dance, and while he dances around her he whispers her something and she looks at him, while she was looking at him, she slips and he holds her close to her, and they continue dancing.
Viplav: (in his mind) my Dhaani, I cant imagine my life without you. You are my heartbeat, you are my humdard.

Dhaani: (in her mind) Oh no, what am I doing? What is happening to me? Why does my heartbeat goes fast whenever I come close to Wakil Babu, whats wrong with me?
As Dhaani is lost in thought, she slips and Viplav holds her using her arm, and they share an eyelock.
The music ends , and all the other couples, especially Twinkle-Kunj, Yug-Sophia and Survi-Karthik claps and smiles for them.
Twinkle: (in her mind) Sorry, Kunj I forced you to dance with me, but I did this only for Viplav- Dhaani
Kunj: (in his mind) Oh, so thats the reason why you wanted to dance with me, my Siyapaa Queen
Karthik: (in his mind), Dont think that as I danced with you I have forgiven you Survi, you have cheated me, I know that you are Survi not Simmi, and this is your another mistake. The only mistake I did was love. I will definitely make you speak the truth, Yeh Vaada Raha.
Survi: (in her mind), Karthik, I know you have danced with me for some other reason. But I love you a lot. And I know that you know that I am Survi but you are blind in believing the truth which is lie. Its my duty to show you the actual truth. I can sacrifice my life for you after what you did for me. Yeh Vaada Raha.
Yug: (in his mind) Thank you Viplav and Dhaani for giving me the courage to confess my love with Sophia.
Sophia: (in her mind), I didnt know what was love until I saw the love of Viplav and Dhaani, maybe my love is Yug? I don’t know.
After a while, Twinkle-Kunj, Yug-Sophia and Karthik-Survi leaves. And then Viplav is talking to Dhaani.
Viplav: Dhaani, I am going back to our room.
Dhaani: Okay, I will drop you to the room.
Viplav: No, its okay , you have a lot of work.
Dhaani: Okay, at least I can accompany you outside.
Viplav: Okay, that will do.

As they were going out, Dhaani saw the small temple in the venue and she prays to god.
Dhaani: Wait a second.
Viplav: What?
Dhaani: Let me pray to God for a while
Viplav: Okay, I will come with you.
Dhaani and Viplav prays.
Dhaani: (in her mind) oh god I don’t know whats happening with me? I don’t know what it is called whatever I feel for Viplav. I just wanted to pray for his safety. Please keep him safe and healthy. And give him all the happiness and desires he wishes for.
Viplav: (in his mind) I truly love Dhaani a lot, give her whatever she is praying for. Keep her happy. She already has tolerated too many sorrows in her life. Give all her sadness to me, but don’t make her sad and hurt. And keeps her happy forever.
Viplav looks at Dhaani
Viplav: Tum Upar wala sain dua maan rahe ho, aur main tumhe……..
Dhaani: Lets go now
Viplav: Okay
Viplav goes out and Dhaani waits for him. She spots Survi crying
Dhaani: What happened? Where is Karthik?
Survi: Nothing. He went to take out the car.
Dhaani: Something has happened. Please tell me as a friend I promise I wont tell anyone.
Survi: I have seen you and Viplav together. You two look so good together. I know that you two are unmarried.
Dhaani is shocked.

Survi: I heard you and Viplav talking thats why, and flashback
Dhaani: Please don’t tell anyone. And she narrates the entire story.
Survi: The same thing happened with us.
She narrates the story.
Survi: This incident have changed our entire life and I think this is going to happen with you. I just want to say if someone, truly loves you, never reject him. He would also love you equally, if your love is true, but he wont show you. The person, you always think about , which causes your heartbeat to be fast is the one who you love. I promise I wont tell anyone about your truth. Yeh Vaada Raha. Promise me you wont tell anyone whatever I said about Karthik to anyone.
Dhaani: Yeh Vaada Raha
Karthik comes and takes Survived and they leave by car.

Suddenly, Piya comes to Dhaani
Piya: Dhaani, Viplav is looking for you since a long time. He cant find his things Can you help him? He is sitting at the back of the garden.
Dhaani: Okay.

Scene 5: Piya’s back of the garden
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, where are you?
Just then rose petals fall all over Dhaani, and she is enjoying it, Viplav comes and eyes her
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, I m enjoying a lot.
Later rose petals stops to fall. I wonder who did this?
Viplav: Come with me.
Dhaani: Where?
Viplav: Just see.
He brings her to the dining area.
Dhaani: What is this? Viplav: Dinner.
Dhaani: Dinner, in this manner? Viplav: Yes, as this is the only place where we can have dinner alone.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: I mean that I know that you don’t like Chinese food in the party,you didn’t eat anything, so I made arrangements of Indian food.
Dhaani: Thank you so much, you care so much about me.
Viplav: You have saved my life, so that’s all I can do for you.
Dhaani smiles. They eat together.
Dhaani: Now dinner is done. They must be waiting for us.
Viplav: Wait a second.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav bends on his knee.
Dhaani: What is this?
Viplav: So, I wanted to tell you this since a long time, but due to some reason I cant do so. Now, nobody will come in between us.
Dhaani: Say whatever you want to? But why in this manner as if you are apologizing to me.

Viplav: Yes , I am apologizing to you. I am sorry for what I did like pouring alcohol in your kalash, and then pouring colors all over you and for whatever I did.
Dhaani cries.
Dhaani: But I have forgiven you, for all this before.
Viplav: I just want to say Dhaani. That whenever I see you, my heart beats. Whenever, I see you smile its like an occasion to me and whenever, I see you cry I feel like someone stabbed me.
Dhaani: I am scared , say what you want to say directly.
Viplav: All I want to say that Dhaani, I love you (In English)
Dhaani: What do you mean?
Viplav: Oh ya I forgot, Dhaani……..I………….you.
Dhaani is shocked and she goes back one step behind.
Viplav: I know that you may not accept it, and I respect your decision, but this is what I feel after I came here and not only now, I also used to feel for you before but I didn’t know its called love.
Dhaani: Do……you……know…….what you……..are saying?
Viplav: Yes, I know and whatever I said is true. Nobody can change it, not even you Dhaani.
Dhaani cries. Viplav shows her ring
Viplav: Dhaani, I know that you may not accept me right now, but you also love me, we will overcome all the obstacles in front of us and would never leave your hand. All I want to say will you marry me? I just I want to hear yes or no? Thats it.
Dhaani cries and runs on the road. It starts raining. Viplav cries. Jaaga suna suna lage plays
Piya: Oh no, our plan failed. I made this plan to reunite them, but the opposite is happening.
She reminisces how she got to know Viplav and Dhaani are unmarried, and she confronted Viplav.
Piya: Mr Tripathi, what is this? (showing the poster)
Viplav gets shocked.
Viplav : Piya listen to me.
Piya: All men are cheats. I am going to call the police.

Viplav: Okay, call the police. But mine and Dhaani’s lives will be in danger. I don’t care about myself but not Dhaani. You can tell the police about me please don’t tell anything about Dhaani. Please take care and hide her in my absence. Its just a request.
He folds his hand. Piya separates his hand.
Piya: Okay, tell me your story.
Viplav tells his entire story about him and Dhaani, starting from where they met in the temple till Tripurari’s goon attacking him.
Piya: I have only one question, do you love Dhaani?
Viplav is shocked.
Piya: Answer me.
Viplav: Yes.
Piya: Okay, I will reunite you and Dhaani.
Viplav: Thank you, Piya what you did is what our loved ones also don’t do. Thank you so much.
She remembers how Viplav called her about the plan, about the surprise for Dhaani and she called the decorators while Viplav-Dhaani were dancing to decorate the place.
Piya: All the plan has gone kaput.

Scene 6: At the road
Dhaani is crying on the road and running and then a man gets hold of her. Its Tripurari as a black masked man.
Dhaani: Leave me, who are you?
Tripurari removes his mask.
Dhaani: Tripurari!!!
Tripurari: Yes, you are correct, I am Tripurari. You are looking beautiful today. I wished I married you, instead of Suwarna
Dhaani gives him a tight slap.
Dhaani: How dare you talk like this? Suwarna is my best friend, but she got a beast like you. I will pray to god that you will not get peace in your life until you realize your mistakes.
Tripurari twists Dhaani’s hand.
Tripurari: Oh really?
Dhaani with very much difficulty leaves his hand and run. Tripurari chases her. Just then, Viplav is walking in the rain in opposite directions sadly remembering how Dhaani went away, and then his hand strikes with Dhaani.
Viplav: Dhaani?
Viplav looks back and sees nothing.
Tripurari brings Dhaani at the back of a tree and tries to molest her.
Dhaani: Someone help me. Please help.
As Tripurari was getting closer to Dhaani
Someone touches Tripurari’s shoulder and it is none other than Viplav
Tripurari: Wakil Babu, you?
Viplav opens the suit and keeps it away
Dhaani cries and looks at Viplav
Tripurari: You have got to spend time with Dhaani, so it’s my turn

Viplav punches him. And they get into a fight.
Viplav beats Tripurari non-stop
Viplav: How dare you try to touch my Dhaani?
He beats Tripurari more. Tripurari shouts and starts beating Viplav
Dhaani: Wakil Babu!!!!!!!!
Viplav finally overpowers and they hit each other. Finally, Viplav defeats Tripurari and he falls into the ground
Viplav : Are you okay, Dhaani?
Dhaani nods, and sees Tripurari struggling and tries to hit Viplav on the head with a rod
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, look behind!!!!!
And then, he touches the rod and Viplav and Tripurari’s fight gets more intense, while they fight Dhaani remembers her moments with Viplav with tears on her eyes.
Dhaani holds Tripurari to leave Viplav
Dhaani: Leave Wakil babu
Tripurari pushes Dhaani aside and she gets hurt on the forehead by a rock
Viplav: Dhaanniiiiiii!!!!
Viplav gets furious and he hits Tripurari even more
Viplav: How dare you hurt my Dhaani ? I have spared you many times but I won’t spare you this time at all.
Dhaani remembers whatever she heard from Shivanya to Survived about love and realizes how much Viplav loves her and cries.
Later a police car passes by
Police: Tripurari you are under arrest.
Tripurari is injuired badly and he silently goes to with the police.
Tripurari: (in his mind),I won’t leave you and your lover Babu

As the police are gone, it is still raining and only Viplav and Dhaani are on the road all alone.
Dhaani hugs Viplav and cries. Humdard music plays.
Just then Dhaani realizes that Viplav is injuired and she frees her from him.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, you are injuired
Oh no.
She sees his hand is injuired and tears a part from her saree and bandages it. Viplav looks at Dhaani lovingly, and remembers how she just went away when he proposed her then in anger leaves his hands. Dhaani again takes his hand.
And Viplav leaves it and gets angry.
Viplav: What do you think of yourself?
Dhaani: You are injuired.
Viplav: How does it matter to you when I get injuired?
Dhaani: It does matter . I am your friend.
Viplav: What friend? A friend does not worry so much.
He holds Dhaani’s shoulder and shakes her
Viplav: Why did you save me that time?
Dhaani: If not you would have lost your life
Viplav: How would it matter if I died
She frees her self.
Dhaani: Shut up!!!! You know what would have happened. Before you, I will die.
Viplav: No, you wont die. I wont let you die. First tell me Why? why do you have tears in your eyes?

Dhaani: You saved me from drowning took stand for me when everyone was against me
Viplav: No. That’s not the only reason
He raises his voice and shakes her more
Viplav: I want to get all the answers right now, why didn’t you tell anyone we are unmarried, why did you saved me, why did u risk me. Why Dhaani? Why? Why?
Dhaani gets angry and frees herself again.
Dhaani: Because I love you.
Dhaani realizes what she just said.
Viplav softens.
Viplav: what did you just say?
Dhaani remembers all the person starting from Shivanya to Survi how they faced problems
Dhaani: Yes, I love you too. I have realized that today. I never let my heart agree that I love you before, but I have seen many people who are brave enough to overpower the obstacles today, and they all have taught me that there bound to be obstacles when there is Love if not there is no use. If our love is very strong we can overcome all the obstacles in our life. I love you
Viplav cries and smile. He forwards his hand for hug. Dhaani runs towards him and they hug each other and their tears can’t be seen in the rain and they are smiling.
Viplav: Dhaani, I love you
Dhaani: I love you too, Viplav
He smiles

The screen freezes with Vidhaani hugging each other in the rain

This is the end of IKRS- mini movie. I hope you all loved it. Please comment as much as you can. And yes don’t forget me. If you all really liked this movie, I will come back with another. If you don’t like the movie, please forgive me and don’t throw eggs and tomatoes at me . Please. And thank you for all the support by my dear friends who have encouraged me to write this movie 🙂

Credit to: FATARAJO

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      If I write a ff I will continue it from what happens in the end of the movie as the start and it will be a finite ff of 10-15 episodes. But no guarantee as there is 50:50 chance and I need enough comments to continue as ff and I can write it only after the end of 1st week of Jan

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  20. Wow!!! This confession scene is very romantic & exciting.. Just one word-
    ‘ Jhakas’

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