ISHQ KA RANG SAFED-the mini movie part 3

Hi. I am fatarajo. And this is part 3. I know that I have focused on other characters in part 2, as they will actually play a part in realising Viplav and Dhaani about love. But in this part, I will focus on Vidhaani more than others.
You can read the other two parts by:

Scene 1: Piya’s residence
Rithik: I have to go home now as I have guests in my house.
Piya: Yaar, why? First you didn’t invite me for your wedding and now you wont be at the party also?
Rithik: Sadly, dad has called me a while ago. So I have to go despite wanting to stay back for the party. Shivanya liked you and Dhaani a lot, she have very less friends.
Piya: How about Shivanya?
Rithik: I will pick up Shivanya from the market.
Sophia: Our Rithik cant live without Shivanya for a second.
Rithik shys and smiles.
Viplav is thinking about Dhaani and getting more jealous while remembering about the bond between Yug and Dhaani.
Viplav: (in his mind) That Yug is with my shikayat ki buri, and she has forgotten me what to do? Viplav babu, now you must do something, as the shikayat ki buri always talk about Yug
Bihaan: Piya yaar, I also have to go, so Rithik can you drop me on your way?
Rithik: Ok
Piya: Why? You also?
Bihaan: I am free today, but unfortunately Thapki has doctor’s appointment today, so I have to accompany her.

Thapki messages him : Never mind, Piya is your childhood friend you should be at the party. I will manage by myself.
Bihaan: No, Thapki, you should not go alone, I will bring you to the doctor.
Sophia: O ho, how romantic, you also cant even leave Thapki alone for a moment, how cute, just like Rithik cant leave Shivanya
Bihaan: R for Rithik, R for Romeo. Gajab.
Piya: I know right. But I wanted you two to meet Viplav and Dhaani and see their love.
Rithik: We have already seen that?
Viplav: What?
Bihaan:. When you were non-stop talking about Dhani that time I realised, V for Viplav V for very nice person.
Viplav: Thank you, but its nothing like that.
Viplav: Drop me also

Piya: Yes, I have forget that there is also another Romeo-Juliet couple, Viplav also cannot live without Dhaani.
Viplav, Rithik, Thapki and Bihaan leaves for the market.
Scene 2: Market
Here, Dhaani is shocked to see Shivanya in the naagin avatar and Shivanya goes and chase the gang member who is scared while seeing, Shivanya in naagin avatar. As the gang member runs, and Shivanya was going to bite him, he slips from a banana peel and Yug comes with his police friend to arrest him.
Yug: This is the guy.
Police: You are under arrest, you tried to tease and harm a girl.
Gang member in fear does not say anything and goes to the police car silently.
Shivanya is in her normal human avatar and besides Dhaani no one has seen her naagin avatar.
Dhaani is freezed and just then Viplav and others come and see the scene and gets relieved as the gang member gets arrested.
Viplav: What happened?
Dhaani does not answer, and Shivanya is scared as Dhaani may reveal out her truth.
As Dhaani tries to say something, she faints in shock and falls in Viplav’s arm.
Viplav: Dhaani……Dhaani wake up, please
Others are shocked.

Viplav is tears and he carries Dhaani in his arm to the car. Thapki sprinkles water on Dhaani’s face, and gives her some medicine and Dhaani regains consciousness.
Viplav: What happened to you?
Dhaani: That goon?……Shivanya didi?
Viplav: The goon is arrested.We no need to fear about him anymore.
Rithik: What about Shivanya?
Shivanya is scared that Dhaani will blurt out the truth.
Dhaani: Shivanya didi is she okay? She got hurt while saving me.
Shivanya breathes a sign of relief.
Viplav: She is fine.
Rithik: Hey,you have injuired your head?
Shivanya: No, I m fine
Rithik: No, you are not. You know, I got so worried while you were injuired? Have you ever thought what would have happened to me?

O re Piya plays. And they share an eyelock.
Thapki looks at them and smiles.
Bihaan:uhum uhum
Rithik and Shivanya gets shy.
Dhaani is still scared so, Viplav tries to fight with Dhaani to make her normal.
Viplav: Shikayat ki Buri, you were such a coward, I didn’t know that. You are not only complaining, but also get so scared so easily.
Dhaani: You know what happened here? If you were here, you would have been scared?
Viplav: No, I wont I would have fight with him.
Dhaani: Oh really, I see it was a snake, how would you fight with a snake?
Viplav: Snake?
Just then Dhaani remembers about Shivanya and changes the topic.
Dhaani: You are the snake.
Viplav: How dare you call me a snake?
Dhaani: Yes, you are the snake. You will fight with yourself?
Viplav: I can fight with anyone, even myself my love(in English), Viplav you are so lost in love
Dhaani: What?

Viplav: Nothing . In the morning, you were saying I got problems, in my ear, I think you are the one who got problems in your ear. Always clean your ear.
Dhaani: Listen.
As they fight, and while making gestures with her hand, Dhaani’s dupatta flies and it falls on both of them and Dheere Dheere plays
Dhaani: See, because of you, even this dupatta wants to be away from you? You are so weird.
Viplav: Dhaani.
Bihaan sees them and thinks to use the same tactics to get Thapki’s voice back
Bihaan: (in his mind) Gazab. Now I got an idea to get Chug Chug Gari’s voice back. V for Viplav, V for very smart
Bihaan: Chug Chug Gari. Look at these two girls how innocent they are. And you are the biggest headache.
Thapki tries to say something and as she messages him, he snatches the phone from her and say,
Bihaan: Garis do not need any phone.
Thapki tries to take phone
Bihaan: You accepted defeat so fast, say as much as you can I m so happy that you lost your voice
Thapki gets angry and Bihaan starts his complain.
Bihaan: It feels so good when Chug Chug Gari, don’t do any Chug Chug, Thapki is better by being Chup Chup. What a relied. C for Chug Chug Gari became C for Chup feeling so relieved.
Thapki tries to take the phone , but he puts it high
Bihaan: Try to take this phone. Oh ya I forget, Chug Chug Gari cannot do anything, only Chug Chug. Feeling so good.

Thapki and Bihaan fights
Bihaan: Take this phone, take take. Why, now you cant say anything right. Loser Loser. I am feeling so happy that Chug Chug Gari lost with me, I have just shut her mouth with my victory.
Thapki tries to speak but in vain.
Bihaan: East or west B for Bihaan Pandey is B for best. Take this phone, you cannot even speak,leave alone taking back the phone.
Thapki finally speaks
Thapki: Bihaan! Give me back my phone, and you are not a winner, if not…..I……..I…ggg got my vvvvvv voice back.
Bihaan: Yes! Thapki got her voice back. Thapki got her voice back.
Bihaan jumps in joy and goes and hug Viplav
Bihaan: Thank you Viplav, for giving me the idea of fight when you were fighting, and I got successful.
Viplav smiles and Dhaani looks on.
Dhaani: So, you did this to get me back to normal?
Viplav smiles and nod.
Thapki: Thank you, th th th thank you Bihaan
Bihaan: Finally, you got your voice back.
In excitement, Bihaan and Thapki hug each other and music plays.
Rithik: Uhum Uhum
Bihaan and Thapki seperates each other and gets shy.
Viplav sees them
Viplav: (in his mind) this is true love. I wish mine and Dhaani’s love is just as strong as Rithik-Shivanya and Bihaan-Thapki. I have to confess my love with Dhaani right now.
Rithik: We have to leave now, Viplav.
Bihaan: Yes, don’t worry, Yug must be on his way?
Viplav: (in his mind), Uff this Yug
Dhaani hugs Shivanya
Dhaani: Dont worry, I wont tell your truth to anyone. You have saved my life. Have a happy married life.
Shivanya: (in her mind), I wish I could do that but I need to seek revenge.
And then Dhaani hugs Thapki.

Thapki: Take care of yourself…..Dhaani
Dhaani: I m happy to meet a person like you, and you are very lucky to have a nice husband.
Thapki: (in her mind), I don’t know what is love, but I know that I m going to get separated from Bihaan after a few days. I am having mixed emotions.
And Viplav gives a hi-5 to Rithik and Bihaan.
Viplav: Bye both Romeos
Rithik: (in his mind), I love Shivanya a lot, just waiting for her reply
Bihaan: (in his mind), Thank you Viplav for helping Thapki, I cant see sadness in her face. I suffer whenever she cries. I m in love with her.
And they four leave.
Dhaani: Look at Rithik-Shivanya and Thapki-Bihaan. They are like made for each other.
Viplav: Just like us.
Dhaani: What??
Viplav: I mean I agree. I want to say something to you.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: I…….I……love
As he was going to say “you”, Yug comes in and says are you all okay?
Viplav: Yug?
Dhaani: So, you like Yug, I also like him, he is still the same and he has not changed at all.
Yug comes
Yug: Lets go

In the car, Yug and Dhaani sits in front and Viplav at the back burning in jealousy.
Yug and Dhaani talks about their childhood.
Viplav: (in his mind). This Yug is being a kabab ki haddi, first he stopped me from confessing love and now he is not even letting me spend time with my Dhaani. Idiot.

Scence 3: Tripurari’s house
Gang member 2: Saab, the person whom you have assigned the task is arrested.
Tripurari: What?
Gang member 2: Yes,he is arrested.
Tripurari: (laughs), he was so scared of getting beaten, and now he himself is getting beaten, by the police.
Gang member 2: Do you need any help?
Tripurari: If you want to get beaten , you can help me
Gang member: no no no sir
Tripurari: Keep the phone, do one thing message me where you saw Viplav Babu and Dhaani?
Tripurar: (in his mind) Now, whatever it is, I will do, and teach Gurudev, Viplav and that widow a lesson of lifetime.

Scene 3: Piya’s residence
Viplav: (in his mind), I m so scared, how am I gonna confess my love with Dhaani. What if she slaps and rejects me, or what if that Kabab ki haddi Yug, interferes again
Dhaani and Yug are still talking with each other.
Piya’s grandma who was watching Ek Tha Raja Ek Thi Rani on Tv
Piya’s grandma: I have heard what have happened are you all okay?
Viplav: Yes, we are fine, but Dhaani is not?
Dhaani: I m fine.
Viplav: You fainted and you say you are fine?
Dhaani: I fainted for a while , I didn’t die.
Viplav puts finger on Dhaani on her lips and main rahoon ya na rahoon, plays
Piya: So cute
Sophia: Both of you, should rest here for a while
Piya: Sophia is right.

As they both sat , and Raja Rani is been shown on Tv.
Gayathri: No matter, whatever it is , if you truly love someone and you are made for him, God himself , will reunite you with your lover no matter whatever obstacles takes place. If you smile, remembering someone you truly love that person.
Dhaani gets in flashback with all her moments with Viplav and smiles.
Dhaani: (in her mind), I smile whenever I remember Wakil Babu, so is he the one?
She looks at Viplav and Kabira plays.
Dhaani: (in her mind), what did i just thought, I m a widow, how can I think like this?
Ranaji: Those who love each other never fears. They do not care about obstacles, and they just love each other, no matter what the result is? I love you Rani Gayathri.
Gayathri: I love you too, Ranaji.
Sawaaiya plays.
And they hug, Viplav imagines as him as Ranaji and Dhaani as Gayathri hugging each other.
Viplav: (in his mind), I m crazy in love, thank you Ranaji. Now, I determined no obstacles will come in between us, by tonight I m going to propose Dhaani no matter what happens. Tum hi ho plays

Scene 4: Piya’s room
Piya: Dhaani, you must look the best and best today, after all you are like my sister
Dhaani nods.
One more friend of Piya comes and she is Twinkle from Tashan-e-Ishq.
Twinkle: Hi everyone.

Piya and Sophia: Hi !
Piya: This is Twinkle, Dhaani and this is Dhaani, Twinkle
Twinkle: Hi, I am Twinkle Taneja I mean Twinkle Kunj Sarna
Piya: And she is Dhaani, Dhaani Viplav Tripathi
Dhaani is having mixed emotions when Piya called her Dhaani Viplav Tripathi
Twinkle: Nice to meet you
Sophia: I am here for showing you dresses and Twinkle is here for giving you makeover.
Dhaani: Makeover? What is that?
Twinkle: A different look from what you look like usually.
Dhaani: Never mind, I am okay with this look
Sophia: You are always okay with everything, this wont do if not Piya will kill us
Dhaani: Why will Piya Didi kill you?
Piya: Yes, Dhaani I will kill them, and will be angry with you
Sophia: Please Dhaani
Twinkle: Pleaseeeee
Dhaani: Okay, if you all are insisting a lot, I will do it.
Piya:Well done guys
Sophia shows Dhaani short dresses.
Dhaani: I already had bath today, I no need any towel.
Sophia: This is not towel, its dress
Dhaani: Such a short dress, I thought it was towel.
Twinkle: Okay, then try long dresses

Dhaani tries them and feels uncomfortable.
Piya: I think Dhaani is getting uncomfortable with these dresses, I think we should show her something traditional.
Dhaani: That would be better.
Dhaani looks at all the saree, where one white gorgeous saree got in her eyes, and she loved it
Dhaani: Is it okay, if I wear this saree?
Piya: Yes, wear whatever you want.
Twinkle: Saree is chosen now I have to give you a nice makeover.
Dhaani: I am okay with saree. I don’t need any makeover
Twinkle: No, Dhaani you must need makeover
Dhaani: But…..
Just then, Kunj calls Twinkle on the phone
Kunj: Hello Siyappa Queen where are you?
Twinkle: Hey, you stop calling me that
Kunj: Whatever, Siyappa Queen
Twinkle: If you call me that again, I m going to keep the phone
Kunj: Listen Twinkle, first tell me where are you?
Twinkle: How does it matter to you?
Kunj: It does not matter. Leela mom was asking me to be with you.
Twinkle: Mom said so?
Kunj: Yes, now tell me where are you?
Twinkle: I am at Sophia’s house.
Sophia and Piya laughs silently and Dhaani looks at Twinkle.
Kunj: Okay, I will go there.
And she keeps the phone.
Dhaani: Why did you lie to your husband?
Twinkle: If not he will come here, I wont be able to spend time with my friends and follow me like a Joru Ka Ghulam

Sophia: Awww, so sweet
Piya: Dont act Sophia. Even you have a Joru ka Ghulam.
Sophia: Who?
Twinkle: Yug and who else?
Sophia shys
Sophia: Twinkle you are too much
Twinkle: Okay, I m going to bring some drinks for us by then Sophia you keep an eye on Dhaani.
Twinkle and Piya leaves.
Sophia: Just don’t listen to them
Dhaani: Do you love Yug?
Sophia: They are just pulling my legs. You also?
Dhaani: Yug is my very good friend thats why I am asking.
Sophia: To be honest I like him, but I don’t know if I love him.I am so confused.
Yug comes and smiles, Saahiba music plays
Dhaani: He is a very nice person, any girl will be lucky , whoever he loves
Viplav comes and listen and gets even more jealous of Yug.
Yug: I love you a lot S……
Viplav: Okay, okay lets go now.
Twinkle comes and gives makeover to Dhaani.
Viplav gets ready and wears the suit which he chose with Rithik.
Viplav: (in his mind) Dhaani, I really love you a lot.

Scene 5: Pia’s residence where all the guest are coming
Tripurari: So, this is the place where Viplav Babu and Dhaani are staying. I m very close to my mission.

A waiter is going into the room but Tripurari drugs him and dresses up like a waiter to kidnap Dhaani.
He goes into the house, and then he bumps into Kunj and goes away. Yug is roaming around
Kunj: This guy is so strange.
Yug: Even I feel so. Must see what is wrong anyways,lets go to the party.

Scene 6: Piya’s party venue
All are having fun, Viplav is anxiously waiting for Dhaani and then finally Dhaani comes in a white gorgeous saree, and with a glam makeover.
Viplav: Is this Dhaani?
Piya: Yes, how is she looking?
Viplav: Cute. Beautiful. Innocenty. Sweet
He goes on.
Piya: Okay stop
Viplav: I don’t think this is my Dhaani
Piya: Yes, she is your Dhaani
Viplav’s mind is blown and his mouth is open and lost in Dhaani
Dhaani comes to him and surprised
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, Wakil Babu
Dhaani: Close your mouth, if not mosquito will go in
Viplav closes his mouth.
Viplav: You are Dhaani?
Dhaani: Yes, I am.
ISHQ ISHQ plays and he smiles.
At the same time, Tripurari looks at Viplav and Dhaani smiling and laughing together, and looks surprised at Dhaani’s new avatar.

Tripurari: Laugh. Laugh as much as you want to Viplav Babu and Dhaani, I still remember the way you insult me, and see what I do to you and Viplav Babu. You two wont be worth to show your faces to the society.
Tripurari smirks and the screen freezes.

Precap: Viplav and Dhaani are dancing together. After a while on the road, Viplav finally confesses his love and Dhaani is surprised looking at Viplav not knowing what to do.

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