ISHQ KA RANG SAFED-the mini movie part 2


Hi everyone. I am back with the part 2. Thanks for all your lovely and supportive comments in the first part. So, I have extended it to four parts. I hope I won’t disappoint you all at all this time , as I focused on other characters from other shows also as they will play a role in Viplav and Dhaani’s love story be on track. I will try to make you all satisfied. Have fun and enjoy.
If you haven’t read the first part, you can read it:

Scene 1: Piya’s residence
Piya: Today, there is party in my house and I want you to introduce my younger sister to my friends so you must look the best.
Dhaani smiles
Piya’s grandma: Yes, Piya is right you must look good
Dhaani: Okay
Piya: But Dhaani does not have any dress, never mind, you can wear one of my clothes
Dhaani: There is no need of all these. I can wear the dresses you gave me already.
Piya: But those are old clothes. I want you to wear new clothes.
Dhaani: No, I am okay with the clothes you gave me.
Viplav: Sometimes you talk wisely, Dhaani
Dhaani: You shut up, and Piya Didi I don’t need any clothes it’s okay.
Piya: You consider as my elder sister, right? So you must listen to me.
Dhaani: But
Piya: You are wearing my clothes and that is final.
Piya’s grandma: Okay, Dhaani has some clothes to wear but how about Viplav, we don’t have any men in our house thats why
Viplav: Never mind, Aunty I will manage
Piya’s grandma: How are we going to get clothes for Viplav at such a short span of time? The shops are closed today.
Suddenly, a man enters in the house and that is Rithik from Naagin
Rithik: No need, I am here already
Piya’s grandma: Rithik beta. You. How are you?
Rithik: I am fine granny and how are you Piya?
Piya: I don’t want to talk to you.
Rithik: Why?
Piya: You got married and didn’t even inform me?
Rithik shys
Piya’s grandma: Yes, I agree to Piya at this point.
Rithik: Granny, you are the one who always support me whenever I fight with Piya.
Piya: Because I am correct. And this time Granny is also correct, by supporting me.
Piya’s grandma: I am always correct, because you are naughty Piya, okay Rithik tell me why you didn’t tell us about your marriage.
Rithik: Everything happened so suddenly.
Piya: Okay, we will forgive you but where is your wife?
Rithik: Oh, Shivanya is at the temple, she will come later
Piya: So, the lucky girl’s name is Shivanya. Not bad.
Rithik smiles and then looking at Viplav and Dhaani
Rithik: By the way, who are they?
Piya introduces Viplav and Dhaani to Rithik.
Rithik: Dont worry, I have bring some suits with me as I came here for a trip, so you can use one Viplav.
Viplav and Dhaani : Thank you!(at the same time) ISHQ ISHQ plays.
Piya: Wow, so cute. Rithik, they are a perfect couple right?
Rithik: Absolutely, hey Viplav yaar can you give me some love tips for Shivanya, as I love her but I don’t know how to say it?
Viplav: Even I am having the same problem(softly)
Dhaani: Did you say anything?
Viplav: NO!
Rithik: Okay, Mr Romeo I brought some with me so you can check it out with me.
Viplav and Rithik goes to check suit for Viplav.

Scene 2: Road
As, Viplav and Rithik comes out of the house and goes out , Tripurari’s gang follows them and calls Tripurari
Tripurari’s gang member: Sir, I just spotted Viplav
Tripurari: Thank you for giving me the good news. Is Dhaani is there?
Gang member: No, she is not with him another guy is with me. We are following them.
Tripurari: Follow them and tell me where there are? If you do anything wrong this time, I will hit you so much you will forget your own name.
Gang member: Okay, sir

Scene 3: Piya’s house
One of Piya’s friend comes to her house with her another friend. She is Sophia from Zindagi Abhi Baki Hai Mera Ghost and Yug is her other friend.
Piya: Hey, Dhaani come
Dhaani: Yes, Piya Didi
Piya: This is my friend Sophia, and she has come to help us.
Sophia: Hi Dhaani, I am Sophia, nice to meet you
Dhaani: Hi Sophia
Just then Yug comes in the house and then
Dhaani: Yug? You?
Yug: Dhaani? You? How are you?
Dhaani: I am fine. How are you? Long time no see.
Sophia: You know Dhaani, Yug?
Yug: Yes, she is my childhood friend and I used to play with her when I was a kid until I went back to Bastora.
Piya: Wow, two long lost friends meet each other after a long time.
Yug: Yes, it feels so good.

Scene 3: Near Piya’s house
Rithik and Viplav are returning back, just then they realise one guy (Tripurari’s gang member) following them. Viplav recognises him as Tripurari’s gang member.
Rithik: Driver, stop the car
Viplav: No no need to stop the car.
Rithik: This guy have been behind us for a long time. Something is wrong.
Viplav: But?
Rithik comes out of the car, to confront the gang member.
Just then, Shivanya calls Rithik on his phone. The gang member gets hold of Viplav and confronts him.
Gang member: So, you are here, Viplav Babu
Viplav is shocked.
Gang member: Where is the girl who was with you?
Viplav: Girl? Which girl?
Gang member: Don’t act fool and tell us where is the characterless widow?
Viplav gets angry and holds his collar.
Viplav: How dare you call Dhaani like this? I won’t spare you.
Just then Rithik keeps the phone and is shocked to see Viplav like that.
Rithik: Viplav, spare him
Viplav: No, he said nonsense about Dhaani. Today, I will kill him.
Rithik: Leave him.
Viplav leaves the gang member’s collar and as Rithik was speaking to Viplav, the gang member takes a knife at Rithik’s neck and threatens Viplav.
Viplav: Leave him.
Gang member: First tell me where is Dhaani?
Viplav: I wont say. Leave him.
Gang member: Okay, I will kill him.
As the gang member was going to harm Rithik, one guy holds his hand, its Bihaan from Thapki Pyaar Ki.
Rithik: Bihaan.
Viplav: You know him?
Rithik: Yes, me , Piya and Bihaan are very good friends.
Gang member: Leave me if not?
Bihaan: If not, if not what, you will kill me. I am B for Bihaan , and I am B for best in taking class of guys like you.
Gang member: Oh I see,
As, they were going to harm Bihaan, Viplav stops him and Viplav, Bihaan and Rithik all three fight and beat the goon non-stop , and the goon gets a blackened eye, and just then Thapki and Shivanya comes.
Shivanya: Rithik Ji.
Rithik: Shivanya?
The goon gets scared and runs away from them. Rithik gets lost in looking at Shivanya, and Bihaan and Thapki nok-jhok starts.
Shivanya: Oh no Rithik Ji, your hands are injuired.
Rithik: No, Shivanya its okay
Shivanya tears a part from her pallu and ties Rithik’s hand
Ore Piya plays and they share an eyelock.
Bihaan: Train, what a timing you have? If you have not come, we would have caught the goon. You always mess up everything.
Thapki tries to say something but she cant say anything, she make gestures
Bihaan: For the first time, you are correct, I should have hit him more.
Thapki nods no and makes gestures again
Bihaan: I should have bring him to police, yes you are correct. Your voice may be gone but your brain is back.
Thapki gets angry and messages him.
Bihaan reads the message: You were going to kill innocent guy. Wait and watch what I m gonna do when my voice is back. Mr Bihaan Pandey you are in trouble, (with angry symbol)
Bihaan: Oh innocent guy, I forget you are mahaan aatma(great soul) but, you are like a headache to me,train
Rithik and Shivanya still lost in each other.
Viplav: One couple is lost in love and one couple is fighting in love. I hope, I and Dhaani become a sweet couple like them and get lost or/and weird in love. My Dhaani, I m missing you a lot.
He reminisces his romantic moments with Dhaani looking at Rithik-Shivanya and their nok-jhok moments with Dhaani looking at Bihaan-Thapki. ISHQ ISHQ plays and he smiles. And keeps on saying Dhaani
Viplav: Dhaani…..Dhaani…….Dhaani
Just then, Rithik, Shivanya, Thapki and Bihaan looks at Viplav. Surprised.
Viplav: What happened?
Rithik: You are missing Dhaani so much
Viplav: No, nothing like that.
Looking at Shivanya,
Viplav: So, she is your lucky girl
Rithik shys
Viplav: I know her. She is a snake.
Shivanya gets shocked and thinks how does he know that?
Rithik: What?
Viplav: She is snake who bite you and spreaded the poison named love.
Rithik laughs and Shivanya gets relieved.
Bihaan: I know about Rithik, but who are you? And who is this Dhaani?
Viplav: I m Viplav Tripathi and Dhaani is…….
Rithik: Dhaani is his wife.
Bihaan: Oh, so you are also strangled to death due to marriage. I know how it feels.
Thapki looks at Bihaan angrily in a funny manner.
Rithik: Liar, you are so romantic, I heard that couples which fight the most, loves each other more, especially you Bihaan.
Thapki and Bihaan both gets surprised.
Bihaan: You have gone crazy in love, Rithik
Rithik and Shivanya feel shy.
Rithik changes the topic.
Rithik: By the way, Viplav why did the guy wanted to attack you.
Viplav narrates the entire story, how they got kidnapped, and then how he reached there. But he didn’t tell that he and Dhaani both are unmarried.
Bihaan: This is true love.(In his mind) is this what I feel for Thapki
Thapki looks at Bihaan and they share an eyelock. Music plays.
Shivanya: Rithik Ji, I told you to listen to me, but you never take care of yourself
Rithik: But Shivanya?
Shivanya: I don’t wanna listen to you
Rithik-Shivanya nok-jhok starts
Viplav: How come all of you swap your roles suddenly?
(in his mind) so this is what happens in love? Oh my Dhaani.
All four gets shy.
Rithik: Lets go to Piya’s house, Bihaan, Thapki you two also come.
Bihaan: That Piya will kill me.
Rithik: Why? Oh ya, she was also angry with me yaar.
Thapki messages him : You should go to your friend and make her happy. (with smiley symbol)
Bihaan smiles
Bihaan: Ok
Rithik sees the message
Rithik: You always listen to your wife. How sweet
They all go to Piya’s house together, and Viplav imagines him and Dhaani sharing romantic moments.

Scene 4: Piya’s residence
Piya and Sophia discusses about Viplav and Dhaani and Yug discusses about their life.
Yug: I really love Sophia, a lot I don’t know how should I confess love to her
Dhaani: If you really love Sophia a lot why don’t you tell her about your love?
Yug: I did, even Palekar family helped me a lot
Dhaani: Who is Palekar family?
Yug remembers about them being ghost and
Yug: Not Palekar family, Palekar house, where somehow I and Sophia always come close to each other.
Dhaani: Okay
Yug: Hey, why don’t you visit me one day?
Dhaani: No, I don’t want to visit that Bhoot Bangla. What if a Bhoot comes and attacks me? No no I cant take such a big risk.
Yug: Your wish
Dhaani: Yug listen to me, I think if you truly love someone you should confess it to her as soon as possible, before its too late so that you don’t regret in your entire life.
Viplav comes and listen to them
Viplav: (in his mind), I love you Dhaani but how do I confess that, its easy to say but hard to do
Piya: You all have finally come, so late, so this is Shivanya you are so beautiful
Shivanya: Hi Piya, nice to meet you and Rithik has told me a lot of stories about you.
Piya: Oh really, I thought Rithik has forgot about me like some person?
And then Bihaan- Thapki comes
Bihaan: And the some person is me, right?
Piya: Bihaan you? I wont talk to you, yaar, this Rithik is like that but I didn’t expect it from you, Bihaan?
Bihaan: But……
Piya’s grandma: Oho, why are you scolding Bihaan. I saw him in the news, and they show how they love each other and married each other.
Thapki gets sad.
Piya: So, you are Bihaan’s wife right? Whats your name?
Bihaan replies so that Thapki doesn’t feel bad that she lost her voice
Bihaan: T for Thapki, T for train
Thapki steps on his foot and he shouts
Piya: Thapki I liked you. Only you can teach this Bihaan a lesson.
Thapki smiles
Sophia: Everyone seems to forget about me
Bihaan: How can we forget you?
Rithik: Yes
Sophia: Yug!
Rithik: Who is Yug? Your boyfriend?
Sophia smiles and beats him. Yug hears and think does that mean Sophia likes me? Saahiba music plays
Just then Piya’s grandma comes and tells Dhaani
Sarla Kaki: Dhaani can you go to market and buy some stuff with me?
Dhaani: Its ok, you no need to go, you have got a lot of work, I can manage.
Yug: No need for Dhaani, I will go and bring
Dhaani: No Yug, its okay
Viplav: You know him?
Dhaani: Yes, he is my childhood friend
Viplav: Childhood friend?
Yug: Yes
Piya’s grandma: As Viplav is injuired, Yug and Dhaani will go to the market.
Viplav gets jealous and Shivanya realizes it.
Shivanya: I have some work, I need to go to the market too, so can I accompany you two
Rithik holds Shivanya’s hand and Ore Piya plays
Rithik: (whispers) what work?
Shivanya: Some work
Piya’s grandma: Okay, you all can go but come back fast.

Scene 5: Market
Dhaani, Shivanya and Yug are at the market and they start talking
Dhaani: Viplav Baba is such a sweet person. He helped me a lot in my difficult times.
Shivanya: I can say that he is a very caring person.
Yug: I am happy for you Dhaani, you got such a caring husband.
Yug’s friend calls
Yug: I have some work here, you two go there I will join later
Dhaani: Ok
Dhaani and Shivanya goes to the other place.
At the same place, the gang member is talking to Tripurari on phone.
Gang member: Sir, I found Viplav baba, i could have kidnapped him but two more guys were there
Tripurari: Looks like you are in mood, to get beaten today
Gang member: I have already got beaten a lot , not anymore
Tripurari: I don’t care. Find that Viplav and Dhaani. If not I will kill you and then rest you know.
He keeps the phone in anger.
Tripurari: How long will you escape from me Viplav Baba and Dhaani, I must teach you a lesson.
Just then the gang member, finds Dhaani and tries to kidnap here
Dhaani: Leave me alone, why are you behind me? Please spare me
Gang member: I got so beaten up because of you and you think that I will spare you.
Dhaani: Please spare me. Wakil Babu. Shivanya ji please help me
Shivanya: Leave her .
Shivanya tries to separate gang member from Dhaani, but gang member pushes her and brings away Dhaani. Shivanya has no other option but to turn into a Naagin to save Dhaani.
Naagin music plays. Dhaani is shocked to see Shivanya like this.

Precap: (same as the one in part 1)

Credit to: FATARAJO

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