ISHQ KA RANG SAFED-the mini move part 1


Hi everyone, I m fatarajo aka Joyee. I m writing a mini movie on Ishq Ka Rang Safed .This is a treat for Ishq Ka Rang Safed fans. There are three parts of this movie and this is the first part.
Part 1
Scene 1: Garden in Pia’s residence
The movie begins where Viplav falls in love with Dhaani and decides to propose her. After gaining a lot of courage, he finally goes to Dhaani to propose her. Ishq Ishq plays.
Viplav: Dhaani, I need to talk to you
Dhaani: Say whatever, you want quick I have to work
Viplav: Actually Dhaani, I…….I……..I
Dhaani: You again started aai(come) and aai
Viplav: You know how nervous am I?
Dhaani: I think something is wrong with you. Either you went crazy after the accident or you are again disturbing me.
Viplav: Listen, Dhaani (in an impatient tone)
Dhaani: I have no time for your nonsense. I am going.
Viplav: Dhaani, I love you.
Dhaani is shocked. She looks back at Viplav
Viplav: Yes, this is true. I love you. I have realised what love is after the incident. I was not serious about love. But you have opened my eyes.
Dhaani is silent. And not speaking a single word and is freezed like a statue.
Viplav: I really love you a lot. I know Sarla Kaki has assumed us as husband-wife. But I wanna make this fake relation a real. You know what I mean right?
Dhaani: You…..wanna marry…… (Tears in her eyes)
Viplav: Yes, Dhaani, I want to marry you.
He bends on his knees and propose her and say, Dhaani will you marry me?
Dhaani uses her hand and gives Viplav a tight slap. Viplav is shocked. And keeps his hand on his face. Dhaani is crying a lot
Dhaani: H ow dare you? Do you even know what are you saying?
Viplav: Whatever I just said is true. Can I know why you just slapped me?
Dhaani: You only deserve this. I thought you saved my life, helped me a lot as a friend. But you were thinking like this. I didn’t expect you to stoop this low. You did all this for your cheap intention.
Viplav: Look Dhaani, you are misunderstanding me. I really helped you as a friend. Only when I stayed here with you and saw your concern and innocence, I fall in love with you. I know that…..
Dhaani: Shut up! Don’t you dare! I thought you felt guilty for your mistakes and helped us a lot. I have seen you as my best friend. You have cheated me. I have not been so hurt when my marriage broke off. More than you that Tripurari is better. You are cheater. You were a rakshas (devil), you are a devil and you will forever be a devil. I hate you. I really hate you, devil. And she slaps him again.

And then Viplav comes back from his imagination. Yes, it was Viplav’s imagination, he was having his hand on his face, and then Dhaani looks at him surprised?
Dhaani: What happenend to you? Why are you having your hand on your face? Are you okay?
Viplav: No, I am not okay.
Dhaani: Are you having toothache?
Viplav: What?
Dhaani: Oh, so your ear is paining?
Viplav: No.Yes. Noooo.
Dhaani: You can listen properly, then what’s wrong, are you having pain?
Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Yes
Dhaani: Where?
Viplav: Heart.
Dhaani: Oh no, no wonder why you look so pale today? Why, you didn’t tell me earlier? I knew something was wrong with you. I told you to rest, but you won’t listen to me. You are so stubborn. Wait, you need a doctor.

Viplav’s expression changes
Viplav: But Dhaani…..
Dhaani interrupts and continues to speak
Dhaani: Keep Quiet! I knew that you have not recovered entirely. Wait, I call Sarla Kaki. Sarla Kaki! Sarla Kaki! Sarla….
Viplav quickly shuts her mouth with his hand and ISHQ ISHQ plays. And they share an eyelock.
Piya and Sarla Kaki runs out.
Piya is calling them but they are lost in the eyelock. Piya comes to Viplav and shouts at his ear,
Piya: What happened???????
Viplav removes his hand from Dhaani ‘s ear and gets stunned by Piya’s shout.
Dhaani: Why did you shout? You know Viplav is having heartache?
Piya: Ya, I can see that.
Dhaani: Then, why did you do so?
Piya: Sorry, for disturbing you lovebirds.
Dhaani realises what Piya means.
Dhaani: No, he is unwell. His heart is really paining.
Sarla Kaki: Oh no, I will call the doctor.
Piya: I don’t think so. You two are so weird. You two are romancing and giving excuse of being sick.
Dhaani: No, it’s not like that.
Piya: Dont lie.
Dhaani: Its true.
Piya: Lie
Dhaani: Truth
Piya and Dhaani starts their argue of lie- truth. Viplav tries to stop them.
Viplav: Dhaani? Piya? Sarla Kaki?
Sarla Kaki: What are you two doing? Viplav is unwell and you all are fighting. I m calling the doctor. Viplav hits his hand on his forehead.
Dhaani: Yes
Piya: No

Again they start their yes-no fight
Viplav: Stop it! I do not need any doctor. I m fine. I m not having any heart pain. I m totally fine.
Dhaani, Piya and Sarla Kaki looks at him surprised.
Viplav: If you all don’t believe me, I m exercising.
Viplav starts moving his hand and exercise in a funny manner.
Piya burst out laughing. Sarla Kaki is laughing too. Dhaani is looking at Viplav surprisingly. Viplav holds his ear and smiles.
Piya: You two are so romantic. So cute! I used to think these are flimy, but you two have proved it wrong. How cute! I m gonna call my friends in tonight’s party and introduce the couple of the year to them.

Viplav and Dhaani expression changes.
Viplav and Dhaani together: Party?
Piya: Wow, what compatibility you two have how sweet. You all have same thing to say and same timing. Wow!
Viplav: So there is going to be a party tonight
Piya’s grandma comes to them.
Piya’s grandma: Yes. Piya has come back home so I m going to throw a party tonight. So, both of you must be a part of it.
Dhaani: It’s good that there is party but what will we do there? Nobody knows us here.
Piya starts to pull Dhaani’s leg
Piya: Oh ho Dhaani don’t make excuses, I know that you and Viplav wanna spend some romantic moments
Viplav smiles.
Piya’s grandma gestures Piya to stop making Dhaani feel shy.
Piya’s grandma: I don’t want to listen anything. You and Viplav must be at the party, no matter what.
Dhaani: Okay, we will be at the party
Viplav looks at Dhaani surprisingly
Dhaani: You must give me the opportunity to help you and Sarla Kaki in making the arrangements for the party. You all have helped us a lot. You can at least give me this opportunity?
Piya’s grandma: Okay since you are insisting a lot, you will help me in making arrangements for the party.
Piya and Piya’s grandma is going from there, and also Viplav and Dhaani, just then Dhaani slips and Viplav holds her and they again share an eyelock. ISHQ ISHQ plays.
Piya: This lovebirds are totally lost in love. I think we should leave them alone.
Viplav and Dhaani seperates themselves in a shy manner.

Scene 2: Viplav’s residence
Here, Dashranth is talking to Tripurari on his phone and scolding him as usual. On the phone
Dashranth: Tripurari did you find out anything about my grandson and that widow Dhaani
Tripurari: No, Gurudev I have tried and I even told my gang that……
Dashranth: Yes, the same old story, I don’t wanna listen to you unless to give me good news of my grandson being found and Dhaani’s death.
Tripurari: Believe in me gurudev I will give you the good news
Dashranth: Yes, I will believe in elephant and will get my grandson back. Keep the phone right now you elephant only know how to talk but no action. More than you, a mouse is better.
He keeps the phone
Tripurari in his mind.
TripurarI: You have done wrong with me Gurudev by calling me elephant, now you see what I do? I will kill that widow and the blame will fall on your grandson, he will be hanged to death and then I will see what you can do?

Scene 3: Piya’s residence
Piya is watching Bigg Boss on Tv and then Viplav Dhaani nok-jhok starts.
Piya: Viplav do you watch Bigg Boss?
Viplav: Yes I do watch Bigg Boss, can I watch with you?
Piya: Sure.
They start watching Bigg Boss and then Dhaani is helping Sarla Kaki with work, and then she sees Viplav and Piya watching tv.
Piya: Hey do you watch Bigg Boss?
Dhaani: What is that?
Piya: Never mind
And then Dhaani looks at the TV and sees the eye
Dhaani: This is the eye show.
Piya and Viplav: Eye show?
Dhaani: Yes, eye show. Rajlaxmi loves to watch it as Salman Khan is in the show. I feel bad for the people in the show,
Viplav: Why?
Dhaani: They fight for no reason. I think someone has got an bad eye on them thats why they always show eye in the show.
Piya and Viplav look at Dhaani surprised for a moment and then both burst out laughing
Piya:eye show, hahahaha
Dhaani is confused as she is not understanding why they are laughing?
Dhaani: What is so funny in that?
Viplav: Nothing is funny (and he laughs even more)
Piya: You no need to worry as there is no bad eye in the show
Viplav: its just because of task they fight
Dhaani: Then how do they fight?
Viplav smiles and says
Viplav: Just like we do.
Dhaani smiles
Piya : uhmuhm
Dhaani back to her normal mood
Dhaani: Eat lunch after the eye show ends you must get ready for the party Piya madam.
Viplav: Hey, its called Bigg Boss not eye show.
Dhaani: Whatever it is, I must go and help Kaki now.
Viplav smiles and thinks this is one of the things I like about you my shikayat ki buri. How do I confess my love? I m so scared.

Scene 4: Ashram
Dulaari is praying to God
Dulaari: How unlucky I am? Despite having two daughters, I don’t have any of them with me right now. One daughter, is lost and another daughter I cant even see even if I want to.
Sita Mayi holds Dulaari’s shoulder
Sita Mayi: Nothing will happen to Dhaani. Don’t worry.
Dulaari: My buchiya, is not with me how can I not worry?
Sita Mayi: God is always with you. Your both daughters are fine.
Dulaari: You are the only one who knows this truth. Please don’t tell anyone .
Sita Mayi: I won’t
Dulaari: Look at my bad fate. I always wanted my both daughters to love each other , lead a colourful life, and be happy, and do things like talking, eating together, but destiny has separated both my daughters from me.
Dulaari cries and Sita Mayi consoles her
Scene 5: Piya’s residence
On the other hand, Dhaani and Piya are having lunch together, both are smiling together, and they are talking about their friends,
Dhaani: So, is there anyone special who is coming, in the party to you?
Piya: Yes
Viplav: Who?
Piya: They are my special friends, all are girls and two are boys.
Viplav: I thought you said you hate boys
Piya: Yes, I did said I hate boys, its true but these two are my special friends. I have four more friends who are also girls but these two are more special
Viplav: No wonder why you are so tomboyish
Piya: I still hate boys but these two are like my brothers just like I consider Dhaani as my sister?
Dhaani gets emotional and smiles.
Dhaani: Piya mam?
Piya: Dont call me Piya, call me Piya Didi
Dhaani: Piya Didi
Piya: Dont get emotional. Wait let me feed you after all I m your Didi
Piya and Dhaani feeds each other , Viplav and Piya’s grandma smiles, The screen freezes on Dulaari’s sad face and Piya and Dhaani feeding one another.

Precap: Viplav is dressed up in a black suit with white t-shirts with his bandage removed and saying where is this Dhaani? Piya says there is Dhaani. Dhaani is dressed up in a white glam saree (not for the widows the gorgeous ones), with a new hairstyle. Viplav gets mesmerized seeing her Ishq Ishq plays.

Credit to: FATARAJO

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