Ishq ka rang safed (hatred to love) epi-7


The episode starts with Dhaani cries and breaks all things Hamari aadhuri kahani plays……….Viplav comes to house and remebers about dhaani and gets ready in mrng to go to mandap…..Dhaani also comes there and comes to girl room and locks the door…She asks who r u??Dhaani tells her love towards viplav and begs her to give viplav to her and cries….She tells sure but how will u marry him?Dhaani smiles seeing ghungat and wears wedding dress….Viplav comes there and sits in mandap and signs his friend…His daughter calls her lover.He comes there and thnx dhaani and they both come to temple and gets married………Dhaani comes there and sits near viplav and they both takes rounds…….He make her wear sindoor and mangalsutra…..He opens her ghungat and everybody gets shocked……Viplav smiles seeing dhaani….He asks how?U came here?He hugs her and tells I LOVE U dhaani…I missed u and my mind goes where ever u goes…….Dhaani also hugs him back and tells him i love u………….

viplav friends takes dhaani from there and signs goons and makes dhaani stand aside…He tells i give u 24hrs time bring my daughter here and take dhaani with u or i will kill her…Dhaani tells they both got married and going to chennai now…everyone gets shocked…he asks what? Viplav tells i will bring her and take dhaani with me!! He comes near her and kisses on her forehead and tells her to careful and leaves from there and comes to bus stand, and all places and cannot see her.

Dhaani asks his friend to give water to her…He gives her and asks how do u know they got married??Dhaani tells i only got them married…He shouts and calls lady goons and tells them to beat dhaani and she should cry and i should hear the sound ok??

They agrees and beats dhaani and dhaani cries and tells them to leave her…..She shouts viplav and viplav sees her daughter and comes to her and tells the situation and tells pls come there i can take dhaani with me,…She tells i won’t come becoz then he will kill my husband..Viplav pleads her but she leaves from there in bus…….Viplav sits down and cries remembering his fight with dhaani……..Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…………He takes next bus and follows them and comes to next bus stand and sees them having tea and comes there and pleads them…They both tells viplav to leave from here…Bus takes they all go inside…Viplav follows and comes to next busstand and sees them standing for bus and falls on their leg!!!!!!He cries and pleads them to save her wife….

They leaves from there viplav comes to them and tells u are doing over now today i won’t leave u and beats them and tells them to come with him or i will kill u both and beats them both……They tells we will come and they both comes with him in car………..

PRECAP: Goons tries to beat dhaani with stick but he holds it by hand

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  1. sorry it is viplav in precap sorry for not mentioning guys

  2. Ranaji it’s too good. Keep it up

    1. thnc louella for the comment

  3. Ranaji….. good going yaarr….. waiting for the next part

  4. sharanya rajkumar

    nice epi action precap keep it up

  5. Good that Vidhani married but ha ha sounds funny when viplav beat those couple. OK let’s c how viplav is going to save his wife dhani.

  6. Naren,so i agreed,u are not’s epi was really serious.but i was laughing when viplav beated both of them bcz our real viplav is not like that,he respects woman.And our dhani,what happened to her boldness.tell her to beat them back and show her woman power.all the best naren.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Not yaar viplav needs his love SL only he beated them but before that he begged them but they did not understand it Na??

  7. very nice

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