Ishq ka rang safed (hatred to love) epi-6


The episode starts with viplav and his friend. Laughs and they both drink tea suddenly viplav gets a call and he tells I will come. He tells my client was admitted in hospital so that I need to go… He tells OK and they both comes to hospital and sees client and he talks to him and tells him I will win u r case… Viplav comes to house and sleeps and thinks about his fight.. Dhaani also thinks about it.. Both are sleepless Tum hi ho plays… Viplav comes near window and talks to moon and tells why I am thinking much about dhaani?? He stands there….

Dhaani speaks to moon and tells I love viplav and I need to live with him… She thinks I need to make a plan soon and I will make him as my love… Viplav gets a call and comes somewhere and sees his friend was about to suicide. Viplav stops him. He tells about her daughter marriage.. Viplav tells I will marry her.. U have done so much for me.. I can even die for u…. His friend hugs viplav…

Viplav comes to house and sleeps next day.. He comes dhaani house and sees her… He comes to her and was about to tell something.. She tells I saw u fully… He asks what? She tells I saw u r small age pic and show him standing without anything????

Viplav laughs and hides it and tells her not to laugh at him becoz I am small and u r big and u? He takes water and throws on her face and laughs… They both throw at each other. Finally dhaani take white flag and tells let us stop and they both smile at each other… Viplav tells her tmr is my marriage and tells situation and friend. Dhaani gets shocked.. He leaves.. Dhaani Cries and breaks the things Hamari aadhuri kahani plays…..

Precap:Viplav sits in mandap dhaani comes there wearing ghungat…. To marry viplav…??

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  1. wow story is moving fast.
    unexpected twist.

  2. Ranaji what a twist and precap is interesting and naughty. Dhaani is truly naughty

  3. twist wala love….. awesome Ranaji…go on…. growing interesting day by day

  4. Good twist ranaji ji keep writing

  5. sharanya rajkumar

    yes sujie its twist wala love good rana keep writing

  6. Ranaji,u made our innocent dhani a naughty naughty naughty dhani.let’s see what happends next.

  7. Lol…good…so naughty Dhani is not going to leave viplav so easily. It will b fun in the next episode. Waiting 4 it.

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