Ishq ka rang safed (hatred to love) epi-5


The episode starts with viplav and dhaani fights with powder,pillow,speakers,,,,etc……….Prema records it and tells this will be surprise to dhaani…..Viplav tells her let us stop it and they both see each other and laughs…………. Viplav gets a call and he gets shocked….He comes there and sees his things are out and shouts at owner he slowly takes all the things and packs in one bag and calls his friend and tells it and his friend tells him to take one office and gives address…….Viplav comes there and sees dhaani and asks u?

Dhaani tells u?Dhaani calls owner he tells her to adjust for 2days.Dhaani tells ok and sees viplav and shows him the room and tells him to stay away from her…She comes to room and jumps in joy and calls prema and tells it and she tells i am soo happy and tells prema to come here tmr……Prema tells ok ok

Dhaani gets ready tip top and comes out and sees him drinking tea and gets shocked…She shouts at him and tells it is my tea…He tells i ordered tea..They both fight..Viplav tells i don’t want it and throws tea on her face..dhaani gets shocked…She gets angry and brings hot water and throws on his face he also shouts……..They both fight with each other…Tea shop owner comes there and asks for money .. Dhaani tells he broke it..Viplav tells she only broke it and they continue the fight,…He gets confused and comes out and takes slippers and beats himself with it……..

Dhaani pinches him…he shouts and tells u are shouting for pinching.!!!!!!!..He tells then u and pinches her she shouts and beats him…..They both fell on each other…..Sanam re plays…….Viplav removes dhaani hand from her face and sees her for a while and gets up and dhaani leaves from there scolding him………Viplav sees her and laughs about their fight and laughs…………Dhaani sees him and laughs Unnal than meimarandu plays……….Dhaani comes to washroom and washes her face and laughs and jumps in joy..She throws soap box down but she dances…..Viplav comes to room and thinks about dhaani and laughs at once and starts his work and sees time and leaves from there…Prema calls dhaani and asks about the day??Dhaani tells her everything and they both laugh…!!!!!!!

Viplav comes to house and sees tea and thinks about fight and laughs.Viplav friend comes there and asks he is fine?? Viplav tells yes…He tells him that dhaani will not leave anyone to stay in that house then how she left u??He tells she pulled me out when i went there 1hrs…U are lucky.Viplav asks so u sent me deliberately……..

Precap: Dhaani tells viplav that i saw u…………He tells what??????Viplav tells her to tell fully

Sorry for short update guys

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  1. Hisham Sharif

    Good ViDhanii scenes

  2. Good going yaar keep writing.

  3. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Thnx guys for the comment

  4. Romantic and naughty fights of vidhani.really enjoyed it.all the best naren.

  5. sharanya rajkumar

    nice bro keep writing

  6. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

    Day by day comments are less???????????

  7. Achha!!! Viplav & Dhani under the same roof.Good…interesting haan..episode was good.

  8. Ranaji it’s too goodplz don’t get sad. And sorry for the late reply. I read ur ff just now

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