Ishq ka rang safed (hatred to love) epi-4

The episode starts with Viplav pays money he sees the video dhaani crying for coffee and laughs…..He tells shall i record it and viplav records it and gives money to manager..Viplav comes out and sees dhaani and laughs at her leaves from there…Dhaani hifi prema and tells he laughed at me now i am happy……Dhaani comes to house and dances with all people and laughs……..Prema and she dances suddenly someone comes there,.Dhaani tells yes sir..He tells her to go to some place to write report.Dhaani gets ready and comes there and sees Viplav standing there and smiles…She asks u here?? He laughs remembering about cry of dhaani…..She sees him smiling and leaves from there..He wonders what she thought?? He leaves from there and comes to place…He tells his client i will take care……

Dhaani completes her report and tells his manager that i need leave for 2days and she leaves from there and comes to prema house and sees her sleeping and tells her today i am soo happy now. Prema asks why? Dhaani tells he smiled at me so let us go to party…Prema tells really but u should sponsor…Dhaani tells ok and they both reach pub and they dance……

Some boys flirt with dhaani…But dhaani flirts with them overly and they runs from there…Prema and dhaani laughs and dance..One young boy comes there and asks dhaani hand for dance..They both dances intimate..Dhaani falls down prema tries to take her.. But boy tells i will take her and tells her to go to u r home..Prema in unconscious state tells ok and she leaves from there..

Boy calls his friends and tells here one girl has come here we can enjoy today and she takes her in car.. Viplav wonders where he is taking her? Viplav follows him and comes to farm house and he hides himself…Boy removes her dupatta he was about to remove……….Viplav comes there and beats him and they all runs…Viplav sees her and scolds her badly and brings her to his house and makes her sleep on bed and he sleeps down..Sanam re plays………..He thinks i hate her but why i care for her?

Viplav gets up in mrng and sees dhaani shouting and keeps his hand on her mouth and tells her to stop it…Dhaani tells u kidnapped me…Viplav tells about last night…She thnx him for saving here and hugs him tightly Ishq ka rang safed plays……….

Dhaani thnx him and breaks the hug and gets ready…Viplav comes there and tells i also needs to get ready…She throws powder on his face and laughs…….He also throws it.Dhaani takes pillow and they both fight..Prema takes video of it and laughs fighting

Precap: Viplav laughs at her face….Dhaani also laughs at him………….

Sorry fro short update becoz i am in big trouble today inbetween i have found time to update all my ff once again sorry

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  1. Awesome ranaji
    I read almost the complete ff with a big smile on my face?
    Its very nice

  2. Louella(Rajkumari)

    Ranaji it was too good. But I have one question, how did prema came between dhaani and viplav when viplav saved dhaani and brought her in his house. Bcoz u had mentioned that prema had gone to her house then how she could take the video of vidhaani fight and she doesn’t knows viplav’s house address also. Plz reply to me as I m confused

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      It is taken mrng sorry if I not mentioned it☺☺☺☺☺☺☺prema has taken video in mrng

      1. Louella(Rajkumari)

        Oh ok now I understood. Thank u for replying

  3. Nice epi yaar Narendran,but how did Prema knew that dhani is with u played with first with dhani’s video then with their fighting video.keep it up yaar.

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Nooo prema sees dhaani through her window while getting up in mrng so only she has taken video sorry I have forgot to mention it becoz I am a big tube light now. Days

      1. Ohh,okk naren,naanum tubelight aayitenn nenkiren.i didn’t knew that their houses are at opposite side.parava illai next time,i will be more vigilant,ok va?

  4. Good going

    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Thnx Maria pls answer my question in ikrs page

  5. Good episode

  6. Good but I felt thoda jaldi ho gaya. Don’t mind but I felt so. It was so fatafat. May b u r over burdened with multi ff @ a time.So sometimes u r skipping some scenes. Hence relax & do it slowly. Again don’t mind as I am little straight forward. story is good but it requires little more explanation as I already told in ur prev ff.
    All the best.

    1. sure yaar but after epi-5 becoz i have sent it already

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