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Hi. This my ff on the show Ishq Ka Rang Safed and each episode of this ff will be published on every Tuesday and Sunday in January.

Show introduction:
Viplav(Mishal Raheja)the spoilt, carefree grandson of Mahant Dashranth Tripathi(Arun Bakshi) is supposed to go abroad to pursue his studies. But his life changes forever when he has a chance encounter with Dhaani(Eisha Singh), a widow

Currently, in this show it is being shown how Viplav and Dhaani fall in love and confesses it with each other, but Viplav’s mom Kanak and grandpa Dashranth Tripathi is against the wedding and doing everything to stop this marriage without showing their displeasure about the wedding to Viplav and Dhaani. Somehow, Viplav and Dhaani came through all obstacles and got engaged with each other. But they do not know that Kanak and Dashranth Tripathi is creating misunderstandings between them to stop the marriage. The current track
Is Viplav misunderstanding Dhaani .

In my ff, it will continue from when Viplav and Dhaani gets engaged.

Character Introduction
Dhaani (Eisha Singh) – Fiancé of Viplav but was a widow due to which she faced lots of problems. Good at heart, sweet, decent, innocent, brave

Viplav Tripathi (Mishal Raheja)-Fiancé of Dhaani loves her a lot like crazy. Good at heart, naughty, strong, carefree

Dashranth Tripathi (Arun Bakshi)- grandfather of Viplav loves his grandson a lot but follow custom blindly, selfish, corrupted , cunning

Kanak Tripathi (Kajal Nissad)-
Mother of Viplav possessive , funny , greedy, selfish

Tripurari (Daksh Ajit Singh)-
Step-uncle of Viplav, son of Dashranth Tripathi and Durga(DT’s 2nd wife) flirt, muscular, selfish, greedy, cunning

Supporting Characters
Dulaari (Garima Vikrant Singh)-
mother of Dhaani also a widow, worried about Dhaani, innocent, worried, scared of customs against widows, religious, strict

Badi Amma (Pratima Kazi)-
Owner of widow ashram , understanding, helpful, not so strict

Suwarna (Vandana Singh)-
Dhaani’s friend, Tripurari’s wife loves Tripuarari despite knowing he’s evil
Good at heart, innocent, influenced

Rajlaxmi(Vividha Kirti)-
Dhaani’s second friend, Funny, little greedy, understanding, good at heart

Sushma Tripathi (Vidya Sinha)-
Viplav’s grandmother, Dashranth Tripathi’s first wife, loves her grandchildren a lot good at heart, innocent , religious, understanding, helpful, quiet

Durga (Shubhangi Latkar)-
Dashranth Tripathi’s 2nd wife, Tripurari’s mom, totally different from her husband and son, good at heart, helpful, happy, understanding

Shalini Tripathi (Khusboo Thakar)-
Viplav’s younger sister, loves food a lot, but not that much loved by her mom and grandfather, but loved by her brother and grandmother funny, never keeps secrets, supporting , cute, naughty, foodie

Shambu Tripathi(Nishikant Dixit)-
Viplav’s father, paralyzed, good at heart, sweet, loves his family a lot, but gets taunted by his father and wife

Raj (Jaskaran Singh)-
Viplav’s best friend calls Viplav guru lovingly, good at heart, naughty, sidekick of Viplav and understanding

Rachana (Barsha Chatarjee)-
Rajlaxmi’s mom, funny

Characters to be continued (are discontinued or not shown anymore)

Tanya (Snehal Rai) (supporting)-
Viplav’s friend, knows that he loves Dhaani a lot, used to love Viplav but now like him as a friend

Dhaani’s stepsister , they don’t know that but, when Viplav was saved by Dhaani they stayed at Piya’s house, and then they became friends

Piya’s grandma(negative)
Dhaani’s grandma nobody knows it except for Dulaari, she will be positive initially, but will be grey-shaded. She hates Dulaari for some reasons.

Ram (Aakash Talwar) (supporting)
Fiancé of Shalini, loves Shalini, knows Dashranth’s truth will reveal it soon

New characters
Viplav’s elder brother – Karan
A doctor was talked in the show but never shown, so going to introduce this character will be a grey-shaded character but not negative
U can assume Karam Rajpal as Karan who is seen as the lead in Mere Ange Main on star plus

Dhaani’s first husband – Raghu
Assumed death, but not death an army officer actually will be a negative character will be shown after some episodes
U can assume Nandish Sandhu as Raghu who is last seen as Rehan in Beintehaa on colors

These are the characters for Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is white ff I have made some changes to the character and some of the characters will be shown after some episodes
And if needed more characters maybe introduced but. The minimum episode of this ff is 6 episodes. And the fate of this ff will depend on ur comments so comment as much as u can 🙂

This is the precap for episode 1:
Viplav and Dhaani spend some romantic moments after getting engaged. When Kanak speaks to Dashranth on the phone, after she keeps the phone she looks behind and is shocked.

Do check out the first episode of Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The color of love is white on this Tuesday, 12th January, night
By any chance, if this ff gets cancelled I will inform u beforehand on IKRS episode update or on this page.

And please feel free to express ur opinions 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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