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The episode begins with Dhaani walking on the road, and thinking about the conversation. It is raining and Dhaani gets drenched.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Am I doing it right by hiding this truth from Viplav?
Dhaani walks and as she was about to trip, Viplav holds her. They both share an eye lock and Ishq Ishq plays.
Viplav: Are you okay?
Dhaani: No need to ask.
As Dhaani is about to leave,
Viplav: I have got to know everything, the entire truth.
Dhaani looks behind and is shocked.
Viplav: I am sorry but I can’t hide this truth from you anymore. I can’t deceive you like this as trust is the most important factor of marriage. I have got to know that Maa is behind all this and have done so to make sure both of us get seperated, which is why I had to do this drama.
Dhaani is stunned, Viplav gets into flashback and it was none other than him who got to know about the entire truth of Karnak when she was badmouthing Dhaani.
Viplav: I couldn’t believe that my own mom could do this sort of things with me and cheat me.
And he comes near Dhaani,
Viplav: I am really sorry for treating you very badly, I did this so that Ma gets convinced that I am against you and she won’t taunt or disturb you.
Dhaani has tears on her eyes.
Viplav: I didn’t know so much will happen in one day. I didn’t know that my best moment of my life and my worst moment of my life would be at the same day. I don’t understand how to react at this sudden change of events.
Dhaani looks on. Viplav bends down on his knees.

Viplav: I am really sorry, Dhaani. I had to give you a lot of pain. I wanted to give you happiness but I gave you pain after we got married.But this was not from my heart at all. I did not expect my mom to do this at all. It was better for me to die.
Dhaani closes his mouth.
Dhaani: Now you stop talking and listen to me.
Dhaani: Never ever do this to me again, do you know how much worried I was?
And she starts hitting Viplav,
Dhaani: I know that my Viplav can never do this sort, and I got a doubt when you said humara ishq ka rang safed hain. Yes, you are right our color of love is white. What do you say yes our love story is as pure as white.
Viplav looks on and smiles.
Dhaani: We have gone through all the hurdles in our love and just like all the colors as vibrant on white color.
Viplav: that’s why our love story is unique just like white color.
Dhaani smiles and hugs Viplav. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays. And they share some cosy moments.

It is Morning time and Viplav and Dhaani are found sleeping in each other’s arm in a hut. They both wake up and as Viplav was about to come closer to Dhaani, just then Viplav’s phone rings.
Viplav: Hello?
Kanak: Viplav beta, where are you? You have not come home last night, is everything alright?

Viplav: Yes, Ma everything is fine. I will talk to you once I come home.
Kanak keeps the phone.
Viplav: I have never expected you will do this sort of things, Ma.
Dhaani holds Viplav’s shoulder,
Viplav: I am fine now Dhaani.
Dhaani: Everything will be fine very soon, God will make everything fine.
Viplav: I have never expected that Ma will kill someone.
Dhaani: But one thing I don’t understand.
Viplav: What?
Dhaani: Who could kill Sasur Ji?
Viplav: Who else would it be either Tanya or Durga Ji?
Dhaani: No, its not any of them.
Viplav is shocked.
Dhaani: Because when Sasur Ji was attacked Tanya madam was with Tripurari and Durga Ji she was with Suwarna as she went to the jail to meet her.
Viplav: What?
Dhaani discloses the entire plan she made with her gang to expose Kanak.
Dhaani: Yesterday, you said that trust is the most important factor of marriage. I couldn’t break your trust that’s why I had to tell you the truth.
Viplav: Then where did the gold bangle came from?
Dhaani: Even I have no idea,

Viplav: I know. Only one person can reply to all our questions.
Dhaani: Who?
Viplav: Karan Bhai.
Dhaani: What?

Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand and comes to Karan’s room.
Karan: Viplav and Dhaani? You and here?
Karan looks at Viplav and Dhaani holding hands.
Karan: I am really happy to know that everything is fine between both of you now.
Viplav: That I don’t know, but first tell me where is she?
Karan: Who?
Viplav: Don’t act as if you don’t know. You know very well who I am talking about.
Karan looks at the opposite side.
Karan: How did this topic suddenly arise?
Viplav: Please tell me about her at least for our dad,
Karan: What do you mean?
Viplav: I got to know that bangle is neither of Tanya nor of Durga ji. And definitely its not
Dhaani’s or maps. And you know very well about the fifth person right?

Dhaani: Fifth person?
Karan: Fifth person is none other than my wife,
Dhaani is shocked,
Viplav: Yes, Bhaia is married
Dhaani: But why you didn’t tell me the truth?
Karan: It’s a long story.
Viplav: Bhabi deceived Bhai and our entire family. and I know very well Bhai still loves her a lot.
Karan: I will never forget what she has done with us.
Viplav: I know you will feel bad when you hear about her, but for our dad please give me her number?
Karan: But Viplav?
Viplav: Please.

Karan: I don’t have her number but I have her friend’s number,
Karan gives him the number.
Viplav and Dhaani go out. Viplav looks at the number, Dhaani looks at him
Viplav: Now only this number can help us,
The episode ends,

Precap: Viplav presents his witness at the court mentioning that she is Karan’s wife, as the girl comes in Viplav and Dhaani are shocked to see the girl. Later, Kanak confesses that she was the one who wanted to kill Tripurari and is about to reveal Dashranth’s reality.

Hey all I m really busy and I m okay with the response of this fan-fiction. I was suppose to make it 10 episodes but now I have decided to extend it to 13 episodes. And I will try to publish the next episode by the end of this week. I have decided on request of readers to publish this ff in the weekends.
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