Ishq Ka Rang Safed FF- The Color of Love is White (Episode 7)


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Here Dhaani is working in the kitchen, and Viplav and others are waiting for breakfast.
Viplav: Where is that girl?
Sushma: Which girl?
Viplav: The widow.
Sushma: She is your wife, beta.
Viplav: She is not my wife, dadi. Now I have to leave I have some work. So excuse me for that.
Dashranth: At least have breakfast and then go.
Viplav: No thank you.
Viplav leaves from his house angrily.
Kanak: Because of that widow, my son did not have breakfast today.
Kanak angrily goes to the kitchen where Dhaani is cooking.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I don’t know what is happening? Am I doing right by hiding the truth from everyone, especially Viplav?
Dhaani is cooking, just then Kanak comes.
Kanak: You shameless widow! You should be out of the house by now! Even my son saw your true colors! What do you think of yourself?
Dhaani ignores and continues cooking.
Kanak: Do you know for the first time my son left home with an empty stomach only because of you?
Dhaani looks at Kanak.
Kanak: Why are you looking at me like this? Looks like I must remind you of my status.
Kanak raises her hand and Dhaani stops her. Kanak is stunned.
Dhaani: I have seen your status very well. Don’t think that I have become weaker after this incident, infact it has made me stronger. Now excuse me I have to serve food to all.
Dhaani leaves.
Kanak: Is this Dhaani?

Here Viplav is dressed up as a lawyer,
Police: I am sorry Mr Viplav Tripathi we don’t have any other evidences besides those bangles.
Viplav: Please try to understand, I have to punish the culprit for my dad’s murderer.
Police: If we find any other evidences, we will definately call you. And we will track down the two names you gave us: Tanya and Durga.
Viplav: Okay, thank you.
Viplav is going back.
Viplav: (in his mind) God, I may not have believe in you previously, but Dhaani has immense faith in you. You know why I am doing this drama right? Only you can show me a way to find the culprit.
Viplav is leaving and just then he sees Suwarna.
Viplav: Suwarna? What is she doing in the lock up?
Viplav goes and asks the police.
Viplav: This girl?
Police: Her name is Suwarna. She is jailed for murdering an inncoent guy. And also tried to put the blame on her husband, Tripurari.
Viplav: What?
Viplav is stunned.
Viplav: May I meet Suwarna?
Police: Sure.
Police brings Viplav to meet Suwarna.
Viplav: Suwarna, if you want I can help you.
Suwarna: I don’t want anyone’s help.
Viplav: Suwarna?
Suwarna: I said leave from here, I don’t want to see anyone.
Police: I am sorry, I can’t help you in this matter.
Viplav goes out and gets thinking.
Viplav: Murder? Suwarna? I wonder where is this Tripurari?
Just then Viplav sees Tripurari
Viplav: Tripurari?
Viplav is stunned. Tripurari looks at Viplav and runs, Viplav also runs to chase him.
Viplav: Wait, Tripurari.
And he continues chasing him. But Tripurari manages to escape. Viplav gets angry.
Viplav: How can I not catch him?
He bangs his car angrily. Viplav leaves and Tripurari who is hiding behind a tree becomes relieved. Just then Tripurari looks behind and he is shocked to see Rajlaxmi.

Here Dhaani comes and visit the ashram, everyone welcomes her.
Dulaari: How are you my buchiya?
Dhaani: I am fine.
Dulaari understands that Dhaani is not okay.
Dulaari: Is everything okay?
Dhaani: Yes. Ma I want to meet Rajlaxmi.
Dulaari: She is upstairs.
Dhaani goes upstairs to meet Rajlaxmi.
Here Rajlaxmi is talking to Tripurari in the store room.
Tripurari: Thank god wakil Babu didnt get hold of me.
Rajlaxmi: What were you doing there?
Just then Dhaani comes and is shocked to see Rajlaxmi and Tripurari talking together.
Dhaani closes the door.
Dhaani: What were you doing? The door was opened. Anyone would have come in.
Rajlaxmi: He was told not to go out but he still did so.
Tripurari: I wanted to meet my wife.
Dhaani: I understand but your life is in danger.
Just then Tanya and Durga comes,
Tanya: Dhaani is right, Tripurari
They all get into flashback.
Here, Tripurari is going to meet Kanak and Tanya calls him, and makes him hide behind the tree.
Tanya: You can’t go.
Tripurari: How can I not go?
Tanya: Your life is in danger.
Tripurari is shocked.
Tanya: Kanak aunty have called you as she wants to kill you.
And then they hear Shambu’s scream
Tanya and Tripurari rushes, and sees Kanak with knife in her hand and being shocked. They both are stunned. And then they see Kanak rushing for help and they also see another lady(the face unveiled), Tanya tries to stop the lady but before she could see her face the lady manages to escape after harming Shambu brutually and is shocked to see Shambhu being thrown into the cliff.(Shambu’s body was reclaimed after being thrown from the cliff when Kanak called the police). Tanya sees Kanak coming back and she escapes.
Tanya: I will do something.
Tripurari: But what?
Tanya gets thinking. Tanya and Tripurari goes to the hospital and is stunned to see Shambu declared dead and they both are sad, and as they both were going out Dhaani sees them after consoling Viplav and when Viplav went away.
Dhaani: What are you both doing here?
They don’t reply.
Dhaani: Do you both have a part to play in this murder?
They both are stunned.
Dhaani: I must tell Wakil Babu about both of you.
Dhaani is about to leave.
Tanya: Dhaani please listen to us.
Tanya narrates her about how Kanak was behind breaking her relation with Viplav,and how she comspired to kill Tripurari and how Shambu got attacked.
Dhaani: I can’t believe Choti Malkin was the one. I didn’t know she will stoop this low to break this marriage.
Tanya: Yes, the murderer is not Kanak Aunty, but someone else?
Dhaani: What do you mean?
And she narrates her the entire story of how another lady came and kill her.
Dhaani is shocked.
Dhaani: Who could do so then?
Tanya: Even we have no idea, who could it be?
Tripurari: But one thing is sure, it’s a lady.
Tanya: Yes.
Dhaani gets thinking.
Dhaani: Besides me and Choti Malkin, Tanya madam and Durga ji are also suspects.
Tanya: But why?
Dhaani: Because of the gold bangle which is Viplav’s famiy tradition.
Tanya: I can’t even go Delhi now, I don’t know where to stay. There is no other place I know besides Viplav’s house here.
Dhaani: There is one place.
Tanya: Where?
Dhaani: Come with me.
Dhaani comes to the ashram and tells Rajlaxmi about it. Tripurari brings Durga along.Durga: What’s the matter?
Rajlaxmi: Okay, by then they can stay here, in the storeroom.
Durga: What if they come to know?
Dhaani: We can’t take any risk, as the suspect is now on you and Tanya madam so both of you can stay here. This is the safest place for you both.
They get out of the flashback.
Dhaani: I don’t know for how many days I can continue this drama. I can’t hide it from Wakil Babu anymore.
Tripurari: Please don’t say like this. This is the only way to make Suwarna release from jail. I have realizes my mistakes and only if Choti Malkin confesses her truth, we can get her out.
Dhaani: Suwarna is also my friend.
Tanya: We have to make Kanak Aunty reveal the truth to make things easier and also find the actual culprit please don’t give up.
Dhaani: I can do anything for Viplav, but one thing I don’t understand? Whose bangle is it?
Dhaani gets thinking.
The episode ends.

Valentines’ day special precap: Here Viplav and Dhaani come front to front of each other. It is raining and both are drenched. Here Dhaani walks back and Viplav holds her hand and says I know everything. Dhaani is stunned Viplav continues by saying That was a drama. And I love you a lot. Dhaani cries and they both hug each other, and share some cosy moments.

Sorry all, you all may be thinking its too short, but I am kind of not getting time to update my fan-ficfion and I also work on 4 more fan-fictions thats why.
The next episode of Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White will be published on next Sunday, 14th February, so please stay tuned. It will be a Valentines’ special.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can 🙂

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