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Summary of episode 1-5:
In these episodes, Viplav and Dhaani gets engaged and they spent some romantic moments. Tanya gets to know about Kanak’s plan and pretends to support her and later informs Shambhu who knew about it already. Viplav’s brother also comes to Benaras. After a few days, Dhaani and Viplav’s wedding ceremony starts and they are really happy but they are unaware of the fact that Kanak, DT, and Tripurari are hatching conspiracies against them and also each other. DT’s plan is still unknown. Somehow Kanak’s plan failed as Suwarna makes a sacrifice for Tripurari and faces the burnt by going to the jail, which turns Tripurari positive. Here in Viplav and Dhaani’s pre-wedding ceremonies they spend some moments hiding from everyone alone and there are symptoms which shows that their love and bond are very strong. Kanak secretly goes to meet Tripurari in pretext of killing him but ends up killing her husband Shambu, but while saving him someone else kills him, which is not revelead. Viplav and family are informed about it, they rush to the hospital, and Kanak and later Dhaani gets the blame due to the traditional bangle. Viplav is sure it’s not Dhaani and saves her from being arrested and has two suspects more, Tanya and Durga. Later, DT declares that the wedding will not happen.
This episode will show what happens after that.

Here Dashranth declares that the wedding will not happen. All are shocked.
Dashranth: As of now this wedding will not happen.
Kanak: (in her mind) At least the wedding will not happen.
Dashranth: For now, let this wedding be postponed, later I will see and will find other suitable dates.
Dashranth folds his hand.
Dulaari: No, no its okay, we understand the current situation.
Viplav goes away from there and Dhaani follows him.
Dhaani tries to touch Viplav and Viplav moves away angrily.
Dhaani: Don’t worry Wakil Babu, everything will be fine soon. God will do good to good people.
Viplav: Leave it, Dhaani! No use. God has snatched my father because I am a bad human, right Dhaani?
Dhaani: No, no it’s nothing like that Viplav.
Viplav: It’s like that Dhaani.
Dhaani: No. Why you don’t listen to me?
Viplav: I want my dad back.

Viplav cries and Dhaani consoles him. After a while, Viplav wipes his tears.
Viplav : Now Enough is Enough!
He stands up and comes closer to Dhaani.
Dhaani: Viplav?
Viplav: I won’t spare the person who tried to kill my dad. I don’t care who is it. I, Viplav Tripathi take a vow that make sure I get the main culprit of my dad’s criminal punished in the worst way. (Very angry tone)
Viplav hits the wall.
Dhaani: Viplav!
She is shocked to see blood in Viplav’s hand.
Dhaani: What have you done?
And she bandages his hand.
Viplav: Why? Why me, Dhaani? What have I done?
Viplav cries like a kid and Dhaani hugs and consoles him and also cries.

Here Shambu’s funeral is going on and all are crying and weeping. Everyone reminsices the moment spent with Shambu, and they all are weeping continuously. Dhaani and the ashram ladies are also there.
Kanak: What’s your problem, why don’t you go away from here? Because of you widows I have also become one as I lost my husband.

Kanak is about to throw Dhaani out.
Viplav: Mom, please. At least don’t do this for me.
Kanak does not reply.
All the funeral rituals start. Just then one of the ladies start talking.
Lady: Look at this widow, she dreamed of becoming a daughter-in-law in this house but eneded up making her mother-in-law a widow also.
Viplav is about to show is anger, Karan stops him.
Karan: No, Viplav, plase No!
Viplav backs out.
The last part of the funeral begins and all the men leaves.
Dhaani and the other ashram ladies go out of the house.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Because of me Wakil Babu is facing so many problems. Did I do roght by accepting his proposal? I hope I have not kept his life in danger.
The last rituals of Shambu’s funeral are conducted by Karan.

Here Dhaani and some ashram ladies are returning to ashram, and then some gurus come. Viplav, Dashranth and Karan are also using the same way after completing the ceremony. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays.
The gurus come to Dhaani.
Guru: You are the to be wife of Viplav Tripathi, the grandson of Mahant Dashranth Tripathi right?
Dhaani: Yes, but?
Guru: I am the mahant guru, who reads the future of people and we can predict and give a picture what will happen in the future?
Dhaani: Oh I see.

Dulaari: Is there any problem, Mahant Guruji?
Guru: I was coming to the ashram to speak about it. The wedding was supposed to take place tonight, right?
Dulaari: Is there anything to worry about?
Guru: Actually if your daughter and Viplav Tripathi got married both would have faced a lot of problems in their life.
Viplav comes to the Guru.
Viplav: What are you saying?
Guru: This is the fact. Dhaani have widwa yug in her kundli, so your grandfather came to me and ask if there is any solution.
Viplav: Then?
Guru: If you two get married, a lot of problems will arise, and Dhaani’s widwa yug there is a possiblity it may vanish, but it may also stay there forver, which means your life maybe in danger and also one of your loved ones life. I have heard about your dad, so this maybe the reason why he died.
Both are shocked.
Viplav: What?
The ladies comes and taunt Dhaani.
Lady: See I told you, because of this widow, poor Shambu Tripathi had to breathe his last. She haven’t even come to the house and problems have already began.
Dhaani cries
Dulaari: Isn’t there any other solution?

Guru: If Dhaani got married maybe the widwa yug would have vanished but both will definately face problems that’s for sure. And this is possible today only.
Dulaari: Why?
Guru: Other dates are not possible as these dates are not a good day for your daughter. Today is special day. That’s why.
Dulaari also cries.
Rajlaxmi: Dulaari mai, if you break down then who will console Dhaani?
Lady: This widows are merely a big headache. Nothing can happen to them.
Rajlaxmi is about to hit them.
Dhaani: Rajlaxmi!
Rajlaxmi: If you become one, then you will understand the pain of becoming one. How can you all speak like this being a woman?
Lady: Okay, we will keep quiet. But how will you convince the society? Fact is fact nothing can happen. Widows are meant to be widows no one can remove this tag. And Dhaani, see what happened even before entering your in-laws you have started breaking the family. You are such a unlucky girl!
Viplav: Enough is Enough!
Viplav takes Dhaani’s hand.
Viplav: You all have problems with Dhaani as she is a widow right? I will prove to you that Dhaani is not unlucky and she and other widoes also deserve to live a life like all of you do.
Karan: Viplav, I hope you are not thinking to do something.
Viplav: No Bhaia, no one can stop me today. I have decided.
Dhaani: Viplav?
Viplav: I, Viplav Tripathi declare in front of everyone here that I will marry Dhaani today, right now here.
All are shocked. Dhaani is stunned and looks at Viplav.
Viplav takes Dhaani’s hand and takes her to the temple.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu?
Karan, Dashranth and all the other ashram ladies rushes behind them.
Dhaani: Do you know what you are doing?
Viplav: Dhaani, if we truely love each other we must do so. We must get married now. Please Dhaani. I swear.
Dhaani: But,Viplav?
Viplav: Please Dhaani.

Viplav and Dhaani sits in the mandap.
Viplav: Pandit ji, please start the rituals now.
The rituals start, and Viplav and Dhaani start taking rounds. Viplav and Dhaani make promises to each other from heart while taking rounds.
Priest: Now make the bride wear mangalsutra.
Viplav makes Dhaani wear the mangalsutra.
Priest: Now apply the sindoor.
Viplav applies sindoor to Dhaani.
Priest: Now, this marriage is completed. You both are husband and wife now.
Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays, Viplav and Dhaani look at each other.
Dulaari is having mixed reactions. Rajlaxmi smiles. Dashranth is tensed.
Dhaani is tensed and Viplav holds her hand.
Viplav asks blessings from elders and all bless him happiky except for Dashranth.
Viplav: Sasu maa, may I ask you something?
Dulaari: Sure, what do you want?
Viplav: Can I bring Dhaani with me home? The earlier everyone gets to know the truth the better it is.
Dulaari: Okay, now you are her husband so I must listen to you.
Viplav: No Dulaari mai, that’s not the reason. I will bring Dhaani with me only when I have your permission.
Dulaari: I give you permission, but please take care of my daughter. I know that you will keep her happy, but still you understand a mom’s heart, right?
Viplav: Yes, I understand.

Dashranth: We are also ready to take the new daughter-in-law to our house.
Dhaani hugs all the ashram ladies and her mom and they all cry.
Rajlaxmi: Take care of yourseld, and don’t forget us. I will send all your items later.
Dhaani: Rajlaxmi, now I hand you all the responsibilities of the ashram please take care of everyone.
Dhaani, Viplav, Dashranth and Karan leaves.

Here they all return and Viplav’s family is stunned to find out that Viplav and Dhaani have already married each other.
Shalini: We all were so happy, the atmosphere of the house was so good after all there was suppose to be a wedding, but now the atmsophere of the house has entirely changed.
Then they hear a knock on the door.
Sushma: Shalini, open the door.
Shalini opens the door and is stunned.
Sushma: Who is it?
Sushma also come and is stunned. Later, Kanak also come downstairs and is super shocked.
Kanak: You?
Viplav: I have already married Dhaani.
Kanak: Are you in your senses?
Viplav: Yes, I am completely in my sense, and I have no regrets.
Sushma: Okay, I understand you love Dhaani a lot, but why today?
Viplav: I am not in mood to marry the day my father died. But circumstances forced me!
Sushma: What do you mean?

Viplav describes how the gurus come and tell Dhaani about what will happen if they marry and then the ladies taunting Dhaani, and then how he declared that he will marry Dhaani.
Kanak: (in her mind) This was the thing I was fearing the most.
Kanak: But I won’t let this widow enter my house.
Viplav: She is not a widow, Ma she is my wife now.
Kanak: Okay, do whatever you want to do.
Kanak runs upstairs angrily.
Sushma: Dhaani beti, don’t worry, you know how your mother-in-law is. And then Shambu’s death. I hope you understand.
Dhaani: No, I understand, I know how it feels when you lose your husband.
Viplav and Dhaani look at each other.
Sushma: Wait a minute.
Sushma goes
Viplav: Dadi?
Sushma returns with the ingrediants for the grah pravesh.
Sushma: I wanted everything in my Viplav’s marriage to be of high affair, but look at the situation. But at least I can welcome you home.
Sushma does grah pravesh of Viplav and Dhaani and they enter the house.
The ritual is completed.
Sushma: Shalini, take Dhaani to Viplav’s room.

Shalini takes Dhaani to the room.
Viplav: Dadaji, I hope you are not angry with me.
Dashranth: No, no I am not angry with you. But why today? You should have waited for some more days. I would have make sure you and Dhaani get married.
Viplav: You know what the guru was saying right?
Dashranth: I understand, but now that you have married Dhaani, I have nothing to say, just that I can accept Dhaani as the younger daughter-in-law of this house.
And he blesses Dhaani.
Dashranth leaves.
Viplav goes to Karan.
Viplav: Bhai, you can understand why I did so, right?
Karan: Yes, I can understand.
And he hugs Viplav.
Viplav: Thank you so much for understanding me.
Viplav looks on.

Here dashranth tripathi is in deep thinking while sitting on the rocking chair.
He gets into flashback, he remembers how he called the guru.
Dashranth: I am Mahant Dashranth Tripathi, and in two days time it’s my younger grandson, Viplav Tripathi’s wedding.
Guru: Oh that’s a great thing.

Dashranth: But Guruji, I am quite concerned about one thing.
Guru: What is that?
Dashranth: I am quite worried about my grandson’s future as the girl he is getting married to has a widwa yug in her kundli.
Guru: That means the girl who Viplav is marrying is a widow?
Dashranth: Yes.
Guru: As the girl have widwa yug in her kundli, it is clear that your granson’s life will
in danger after marrying him, and it’s also not good for the girl. I would recommend not to go ahead with the marriage, but if you want, you can send me the kundli of Viplav and that girl, maybe I may find a solution, but I can’t gurantee you. It is impossible to find a solution in that case, but I will try my best to find one. But please don’t keep any false hopes. I hope you understand.
Dashranth: Thank you so much. Okay, I will send someone to send the kundlis to you, hopefully you will get it by tonight.

Dashranth keeps the phone.
Dashranth: (in his mind) This is what I wanted to hear. That there is no solution for getting rid of Dhaani’s widwa yug. Then Guruji will come on the wedding day and then tell Viplav and Dhaani the truth. After that, not only Dhaani but Viplav will also back up from the marriage. Now I will see how the wedding will happen?
Dashranth smirks.
And he gets out of the flashback.
Dashranth: (in his mind) I don’t know what crime I have done for which I am getting punished severly. First, I lost my son and now Viplav and Dhaani got married. I thought tthis plan will seperate them, but it totally backfired. I should have called Guruji and deny him, but my one mistake led to Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. But who is the one who killed Shambu? I must find out about it as soon as possible.

Here Kanak is super angry with the fact that Viplav and Dhaani got married.
Kanak: Everything is ruined now. Whatever I have thought, just the opposite happened.
Kanak is unaware that someone is overhearing her. Even the person is not revealed yet.
Kanak: I wanted Babuji to die, that didnt happen. I wanted Tripurari to go to jail, but his wife went to the jail instead, I wanted Tripurari to die but my own husband died instead. And the major root of all these problems are Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding, but that also happened. My entire plan has become flop.

As Kanak looks behind, she looks on. The one who overheard her conversation hides.
Kanak: Sometimes I should control my anger, luckily no one overheard my conversation but what do I do about this Dhaani? She made her own life colourful, and transferred the white color to me.
Kanak is angry.

Here Dhaani is worried and concerned, after a while Viplav comes in the room.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I have always thought that I will marry Viplav and then we will stay happily ever after, but have I done right by listening to him? Did I indirectly put his life in danger?
Just then Viplav comes and Dhaani looks at Viplav, Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays.
Dhaani: Viplav, I want to ask you something.
Viplav sits besides Dhaani.
Viplav: Ask me whatever you want to ask me.
Dhaani: Don’t you think we did this marriage in hurry? We should have done so after a few days.
Viplav: Here I am worried about my dad, and you are thinking about all these.
Dhaani is stunned to see the sudden change in behaviour of Viplav.
Dhaani: You are getting me wrong, I said so as I m also sad for your dad’s demise that’s why I say like this.
Viplav: I know very well what you want. Don’t you find peace now, as finally you married me.
Dhaani: What is wrong with you?
Viplav: Something was wrong with me in all these days but now I am fine.
Dhaani is stunned.
Viplav: Finally, you married me and now your life will be colorful, right?
Dhaani: Why are you speaking like that?
Viplav: I was a fool to fall in love with you.
Dhaani starts crying.
Viplav: Stop shedding crocodile tears.

Dhaani: Viplav?
Viplav: Listen carefully Dhaani, I used to love you but now I don’t love you anymore.
Dhaani: Have you gone crazy? Why are you playing with my feelings? What are you trying to do?
Viplav: And what you did? You tried to kill my father.
Dhaani: No, wakil babu, I didn’t kill him what are you saying?
Viplav: The truth.
As Dhaani was about to speak, Viplav stops her.
Viplav: Now you will listen to me and I will speak.
Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand.
Viplav: You must be happy that your life will be normal, right? No, no way. Despite being a married woman, you will leave your life like a widow.You will still wear white clothes and live your life like a widow.
Dhaani: I did this because I love you not for all these.
Viplav: Oh please stop all these emotional talks. What we used to say Ishq Ka Rang Safed right?
Dhaani is not able to believe the rude and arrogant and ill-mannered avatar of Viplav.
Viplav: Yes, our colour of love is indeed white.(Hamara ishq ka rang safed hi hain)
Dhaani: Viplav?
Viplav: Love can never exist between us, so the color of love is white.
Dhaani: Looks like you are unwell, Viplav you need some rest.
Viplav: Oh please
Dhaani cups Viplav’s face.

Dhaani: What’s wrong with you? You are not the Viplav I knew. Where is my Viplav?
Viplav: Your Viplav is dead.
Dhaani closes Viplav’s mouth.Viplav moves her hand in anger.
Viplav: This is the new Viplav, understand Dhaani, now I won’t fall in your words.
Dhaani: Why are you not understanding?
And she continues crying even more.
Viplav: Listen, I have married you to make your life hell. You will understand the consequences of deceiving Viplav Tripathi.
And he starts laughing. Dhaani is stunned.
Viplav: I have marrried you, but I don’t believe in this marriage. It was just a way, I can teach you a lesson.
Dhaani comes to Viplav and slaps him.
Dhaani: Guys like you should be punished for playing with others feelings. Don’t you have any shame? At least fear God.
Viplav: Whatever, but you will get a reply for this slap.
Viplav takes Dhaani’s hand and throws her out of the room.
Viplav: Now you stay here.

Just then the family comes and are stunned to see Viplav’s behaviour towards Dhaani and have seen everything. Kanak is happy. Dashranth is having mixed reactions.
Sushma: Viplav, you know what are you doing? What is Dhaani’s fault in this?
Viplav: Punishing this widow. She have done too much. Now I can’t tolerate more. And whatever you listened to is true.
Sushma comes and slap Viplav.
Sushma: Don’t you feel ashamed, she is your wife?
Viplav: She isn’t my wife, she is a widow, I married her just for revenge.
Sushma was about to go to Dhaani.
Viplav: No one will come near to her, she will stay here and that’s her punishment. If anyone helps her, I can do anything. Anything!
Viplav closes the door loudly.
Dhaani: Wakil babu! Viplav! You can’t do like this!
Karan: Viplav, what’s wrong with you?
Kanak: (in her mind) Today Viplav proved that he is indeed my son.
All leave. Dhaani remembers all the romantic moments with Viplav and cries.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I still can’t believe you can do such things, Viplav
Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays and Dhaani cries and falls asleep.

Just then the door opens, Viplav wraps blanket around Dhaani and goes to sleep.
Viplav: (in his mind) I am sorry Dhaani I did not want to hurt you. I love you a lot. I am doing this so that no one can come in between us and your life won’t be in danger. I have to continue this drama for a few days, just to find out who killed my dad. Right now everyone is my suspect and then once I get the criminal punished I will confess the truth to you and we will start our lives afresh.
Viplav have tears on his eyes. Mere Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays and he also falls sleep.
The episode ends.

Precap: Viplav is in his lawyer avatar and he is determind to find who killed his father. Just then he sees Tripurari and chases him. On the other hand, Dhaani says I can’t continue this drama for long. The person whom she is talking to us not revealed yet.

Will Viplav get hold of Tripurari? Will he get to know the truth? What drama is Dhaani talking about? Who is that person?

The next episode of Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White, will be published on next Thursday 12th February, so please stay tuned. From this episode onwards my ff episodes will be slightly shorter than the initial ones.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions as the fate of this ff and no. of episodes will depend on the no. of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as you can πŸ™‚

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  8. Hey all sorry for the inconvenience I know I was suppose to publish episode 7 today but du to my hectic schedule I will try to post it by Saturday

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