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Episode 4:
Here, Dhaani and the entire ashram members arrive at Viplav’s house for sangeet. All the ashram members are dressed up in light color dresses. Dhaani is wearing a blue lehenga for sangeet, Viplav looks at Dhaani and stares at her, ISHQ ISHQ plays.
Viplav: (in his mind) Dhaani is looking so beautiful; I can’t wait for the day we get married.
Viplav is dressed in orange sherwani.
Dhaani looks at Viplav and smiles.
Sushma: Dhaani, you are looking very beautiful today.
Dhaani takes all the elderly members of Viplav’s family and everyone blesses her. As Dhaani was about to take Kanak’s blessing.
Kanak: Okay, okay no need.
Dhaani gets a little sad.
Here, the sangeet programme starts, Karan and Tanya are the hosts of the sangeet. The dance performance starts with Rajlaxmi who dances on Dhol Baaje from Ramleela, followed by Raj who dances on Nagara from Jab We Met, and then Dada-Dadi who dances on Dil Toh Baacha Hain Ji, and then Rachna who dances on Bijli ki Rani, and then Kanak dances on Radha on the dance floor from student of the year.
Everyone enjoys.

Karan: Now, we have watched all the brilliant performances for tonight and now it’s time for the final blockbuster.
Tanya: So ladies and gentleman, welcome the evergreen Jodi- Viplav and Dhaani!
Everyone claps.
Viplav: Bhai? Tanya? Me?
Tanya: Yes, you must dance.
Viplav: But how?
Dhanani whispers.
Dhaani: You forced me to dance for 10 days, and now you can’t even dance today.
Dhaani hits Viplav with her arm.
Viplav: Everything is fine, but if you said it lovingly Benaras ki Dhaani I would have definitely danced with you.
Dhaani: No use.
Dhaani becomes sad. Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Okay, I will dance with you.
Karan: Wow, Dhaani I must admit only you could have made Viplav agree.
Dhaani feels shy.

Viplav and Dhaani comes. Viplav whispers to Dhaani
Viplav: I don’t know what to do.
Dhaani: That time, in the New Year ’s Day you danced a lot with me just use the same step.
Viplav hits Dhaani back.
Viplav: I should romance also in the same way?
Dhaani: You are always too much.
Viplav and Dhaani come on the dance floor and they dance on the song Gerua from Dilwale. They continue dancing and everyone is happy except for Kanak and Dashranth. They share an eyelock, afte that the music ends and everyone claps for them.
Here Dhaani is walking, and Viplav pulls her.
Viplav: Dhaani you are looking so beautiful today.
Dhaani: What are you doing? What if anyone sees us like that?
Viplav: That time you told me to dance and now? Now what happened?
Dhaani: Okay, I am sorry for asking you to dance, happy?
Viplav nods no.
Dhaani: Then what do you want?
Viplav shows him his cheek with his fingers.
Dhaani: Oh, so you want a slap?
Viplav: Thapad se dar nahi lagta, pyaar se lagta (I am scared of love not slap)
Dhaani: From when you became so flimy?

Viplav: So you also watch flim, naughty Dhaani.
Dhaani: I used to watch it before my first marriage.
Dhaani is about to cry.
Viplav: No tears, I hate tears, you will continue watching flims with me after our marriage.
Dhaani wipes her tears and smiles.
Viplav: Kiss me.
Dhaani: You started again.
Viplav: Please?
Dhaani: Okay, come nearer.
Viplav comes nearer and Dhaani steps on his foot.
Viplav: Ouch! Dhaani!
Dhaani runs away and smiles looking behind.

Here Tripurari and Suwarna are coming to the police place and suddenly police comes there.
Police: Tripurari, you are under arrest.
Tripurari: (in his mind) Malkin didn’t say anything like that, then why is the police here?
Police: You have killed an innocent man, so I would arrest you.
The police is about to drag Tripurari to the jail.

Suwarna: Wait.
The policemen are shocked.
Suwarna: I have killed that guy, so arrest me.
Tripurari is stunned.
Tripurari: Suwarna?
Police: Do you know what you are saying?
Suwarna: Yes
Police: But all the evidences are against him.
Suwarna: I have made Tripurari make all the evidence against him, so that if the body is found you will arrest Tripurari.
Police: But why did you say the truth then?
Suwarna: Because, anyways my plan would have been exposed.
Tripurari looks at Suwarna.
Police: Why did you kill him?
Suwarna: Because he was after me.
Police: This was the earring we found besides the body.
Suwarna checks and realizes she has only one earring.
Suwarna: Now you have seen the proof, right?
Police: Then we have to arrest you and your husband also, for helping you.
Suwarna: I have threatened Tripurari, that if he reveals anyone the truth I will kill his mom.
Police: Aren’t you feeling ashamed to say like that?
Police arrests Suwarna only and drags her to the police van.
Tripurari: She is lying; she is doing all these to save me.
Police goes.
Tripurari is surprised. Tripurari falls on the road, and starts crying.
Tripurari: (in his mind) what have I done? My wife took the entire blame on herself and she was
the same girl whom I tried to kill and hurt a lot. I will have to get Suwarna out of jail any cost.

Tripurari wipes his tears.
Tripurari: Only malkin can help me now.

Here Kanak smirks as her plan is successful.
Kanak: (in her mind) Tripurari what you have thought? I will save you? No way. Arresting you for a murder was a part of my plan. You were the only hurdle of my plan, so I decided to arrest him and get him out.
And she starts laughing. Suddenly the police calls.
Police: Mrs Kanak Tripathi, you were saying that Tripurari killed that man, but the murderer is Suwarna, and we got all the evidences against her.
Kanak is shocked.
Kanak: Suwarna?
Police: Yes, the actual murderer is Suwarna not Tripurari so we arrested here, thanks for your statement.
The police keep the phone.
Kanak: This Tripurari has again foiled my entire plans, now I have to do something.
Just then Tripurari calls Kanak,
Kanak: Hello?

Tripurari: Why did you arrest my wife Suwarna?
Kanak smirks.
Kanak: So finally you called.
Tripurari: You should have arrested me not Suwarna.
Kanak: Suddenly, you are having a lot of love for your wife.
Tripurari: Please release Suwarna.
Kanak: That’s not possible.
Tripurari: Please. I will do anything.
Kanak: Okay, come tomorrow I will try to do something.
Tripuari: Thank you so much Malkin, I will never forget your favours.
Kanak disconnects the call.
Tripurari: Something can happen now; I will confess my crimes to the police.
Kanak: Tripurari, you may have got saved from being arrested, but tomorrow is the last day of your life. Then, you will be out of this world forever.

Kanak smirks and Shambu overhears everything. He is shocked.
Shambhu: This Kanak has gone crazy, I must do something. Tomorrow is the perfect time; I must talk to Kanak tomorrow.

Here, it is morning and Dhaani is praying, and as the light of the diya is about to blow off Dhaani covers it.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I hope nothing wrong happens now?
As Dhaani is about to go, Viplav calls her.
Dhaani: Hello?
Viplav: Dhaani, what’s up?
Dhaani stays quiet.
Viplav: Anything is wrong?
Dhaani: I am very worried.
Viplav: Why? What’s wrong?
Dhaani: I feel that something very wrong is going to happen.
Viplav: Why?
Dhaani: As I was praying, suddenly the diya was going off.

Viplav: Dhaani, don’t worry if God wants he would never separate us.
Dhaani: I hope so.
Viplav: Listen, can say that to me?
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: I love you.
Dhaani feels shy.
Dhaani: No.
Viplav: I asked you how are you just now?
Dhaani: No you didn’t ask me that.
Viplav: I asked you how are you?
Dhaani: No you said I love you.
Viplav: This is what I wanted to hear from you.
Dhaani: So, you lied to me.
Viplav smiles.
Dhaani: I won’t talk to you, bye.
Dhaani is about to keep
Viplav: Baapre! Dhaani got angry in such a small matter. Now what will happen to me?
Dhaani laughs
Dhaani: Can I ever be angry with you?
Viplav: Dhaani?
Dhaani: I have to keep the phone now. Bye

Viplav: Hello, Dhaani?
Dhaani remembers all her romantic moments with Viplav, Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays, Dhaani feels shy

Here Dhaani’s mehendi ceremony is going on, and all the females of viplav’s family are there.
Rajlaxmi: This mehendi will look so good on you.
Dhaani smiles.
Rajlaxmi: May you always stay happy like that.
Kanak: (in her mind) now I will see how this wedding will happen.
Here, Sushma gives bangles to Dhaani.
Sushma: These are bangles given to the daughter-in-laws of the famlily.
And she makes Dhaani wear the bangles.
Kanak goes in a corner and talks in the phone.
Kanak: Make sure you do this job properly.
Kanak keeps the phone.

Kanak: (in her mind) Tripurari now your death is certain.
Shalini: I heard that if the deepness of the colour indicates how much your spouse loves you.
Sushma: Shalu, that’s true. For that, Dhaani must keep the mehendi for a long time.
Kanak: It’s time for us to leave.
Sushma: Yes, we have a lot of work. We came here to deliver the mehendi.
And all the members of Viplav’s family leave.
Dhaani applies mehendi.
After a while Shalini calls Dhaani. Rajlaxmi holds the phone for Dhaani.
Shalini: Bhabi, I have some work can you come at the market near Ashram please? I am waiting.
Dhaani: You can come here.
Shalini: I got a lot of shopping, its better if you come here.
Dhaani: Okay, I am coming.
Dhaani keeps the phone.
Dulaari: Who was it?
Dhaani: Shalini didi, she said she wanted to tell me something so she is calling me.
Dulaari: She can come here also.
Dhaani: I don’t know why, she says she also have to do some shopping that’s why?
Rajlaxmi: Are you meeting, Wakil Babu?
Dhaani: You keep quiet!
Dulaari: Be careful of the mehendi.
Dhaani leaves. Dhaani comes to the market near Ashram.
Dhaani: Shalini Didi?

Viplav: Hi!
Dhaani: You? Where is Shalini Didi?
Viplav: That was an excuse.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: I told Shalini that I will gift her chocolates if she help me.
Dhaani: You are impossible.
Viplav tries to get romantic.
Dhaani: What are you doing? You were about to spoil my mehendi right now?
Viplav: Sorry.
Dhaani: Okay, leave.
Viplav: Not so fast.
Viplav holds Dhaani,
Dhaani: My mehendi?
Viplav gets surprised.
Dhaani laughs.
Viplav: Dhaani?

Dhaani: Luckily, it got on the side, and your hand.
Viplav looks at his hand.
Dhaani: See I told you not to do like this, now your hand also got mehendi. Take my veil and remove it.
Viplav takes Dhaani’s veil and takes it away.
Dhaani: What are you doing?
Viplav: I have something for you.
Viplav uses one of his hand and puts a new veil on Dhaani’s head. Ishq Ishq plays.
Viplav: You are looking very beautiful as usual.
Dhaani smiles.
Dhaani: But the mehendi?
Viplav: At least I can see how much you love me, if girls can do it why not boys.
Dhaani smiles. As Dulaari opens the door.
Viplav: I have to leave now, bye.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu?
Viplav leaves and Dulaari comes to Dhaani.
Dulaari: Dhaani?
Dhaani: Ma?
Dulaari: Where is Shalini? This veil?
Dhaani: She gifted me this veil and she rushed for her shopping.
Dulaari: Okay, you come and happy to see your mehendi is okay.
Dhaani looks at Viplav who is hiding.
Dulaari: I thought you will spoil it by now
And she strikes Dhaani’s head.
Viplav laughs quietly. Dhaani and Dulaari leaves and Dhaani gives her annoyed look to Viplav. Viplav smiles.

Viplav: (in his mind) Come home as soon as possible, I can’t wait anymore my shikayat ki puri.
Dhaani: (in her mind) My cute and lovely rakshas.
Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays.

Here Kanak is waiting for Tripurari at the dark just to kill him. Here Tripurari approaches in the dark.
Kanak: So finally, you have come.
Kanak looks and stabs him. She is shocked. It turns out to be Shambu.
Kanak: Shambu!
Shambu struggles and falls down.
Kanak: How did you come here?
Shambu: I got to know about your reality, you were the one who tried to separate Viplav and Dhaani, right?
Kanak is stunned.
Shambu: I got to know about it and I overheard everything, you tried to plan it along with
Shambu starts getting breathless.
Kanak: I should bring you to the hospital now. I am so sorry.
Kanak: Someone call the ambulance.
Kanak runs to the phone booth and calls ambulance.
Just then, a veiled mysterious lady approaches and she stabs Shambu continuously, Shambu holds her hand and in that pretext she leaves a bangle, and she throws him out of the cliff.
Kanak comes and is shocked.
Kanak: Shambu ji!

While everyone is busy, Viplav is smiling thinking about Dhaani, he looks at his hand the place where the mehendi got on his hand and the colour is deep he smiles and looks at Dhaani’s picture. Just then, Karan comes to him.
Karan: Already missing your love?
Viplav: No, it’s nothing like that.
Karan takes Dhaani’s picture from Viplav’s hand,
Viplav: What are you doing?
Karan: You don’t miss her right, so no use.
Viplav takes it from his hand.
Karan: Okay, baba I won’t take it. You keep it.
Just then someone calls Viplav. Viplav is shocked and he drops the phone.
Karan: Viplav, what happened?
Viplav: Baba?
Karan: What happened to Baba?
Karan takes the phone and is shocked. Everyone looks at Karan.
Dashranth: What happened Karan beta?
Karan cries.
Sushma: Can someone tell me anything?
Karan: Baba’s body is found. It is said that someone pushed him from the cliff.
Everyone is shocked.
Dashranth: Tell me clearly
Karan: Baba is no more!
Everyone is shocked.
Karan: They are telling us to go to the morgue.
Everyone cries.

Here everyone is happy and just then they get the call.
Badi Amma: Dhaani beti, your hand is looking very good.
Dhaani smiles.
Rajlaxmi: Let me see.
Rajlaxmi sees and smiles.
Rajlaxmi: It’s very dark.
Badi Amma: It is said that if the colour of the henna is dark this means her husband loves her a lot.
Rajlaxmi: That’s true; we all know how much Wakil Babu loves Dhaani.
Dhaani feels very shy. Dulaari is crying.
Dhaani: Mai?
Dulaari: I wonder what will happen after you leave tomorrow, I will miss you, who will take care of me?
Rajlaxmi: I am here.
Dulaari hugs Dhaani and Rajlaxmi.
Just then Viplav calls Dhaani.
Rajlaxmi: Looks like its wakil babu, we should leave them alone.
Dhaani: It’s nothing like that.
Everyone is about to leave.
Dhaani: Hello?
Viplav is crying.
Dhaani: What happen Wakil Babu? Is everything alright?
Viplav: Everything is over.
Dhaani: Tell me quickly, I am very scared.
Everyone is surprised and they come down near to Dhaani.
Viplav: Actually, Dhaani my Baba is no more.
Dhaani is shocked. Dhaani has tears on her eyes.
Dulaari: What happened Dhaani?
Dhaani: Sasur ji?
Badi Amma: What happened to Shambu ji?
Dhaani: Sasur ji is no more.
Everyone is shocked and they also go to the hospital.

Here, Dhaani and all reach hospital and everyone is very sad. Dhaani tries to console Viplav, and Kanak is crying a lot. Police is also there.
Kanak: I was there but I couldn’t do anything.
Sushma and Shalini consoles her.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu , stay strong you must do this for your family.
Viplav hugs Dhaani and cries.
Doctor: The face of the body is very difficult to identify, but you all can see it.
Viplav: But mom, how do you know its baba’s body?
Kanak: I am his wife how can I not identify my husband?
And she starts crying.
Kanak: That person threw my husband out of the cliff.
Here all comes in the morgue, and Karan sees the watch he gifted his father.
Karan: This was the watch I gifted dad. Mom is right.
Everyone cries.
Just then the police come.
Police: Mr. Viplav Tripathi we are trying to find evidences against the murderer.
Viplav: I won’t spare the person who tried to kill my Baba.
Police: We found a bangle.
Kanak is shocked and she realises one of her bangle is missing, she hides her hand.
Police: I am sure the murderer is a female.
Sushma: This, bangle?
Karan: What happen Dadi ma? Do you know this bangle?
Sushma: Yes, this bangle is gifted to all daughter-in-laws of our family. It’s our tradition.
Everyone is shocked.
Viplav: Are you sure, Dadi?
Sushma: Yes.
Police: That means the murderer is the daughter-in-law of the family.
The police looks at Kanak, and also Kanak hiding her hand.

Police: Kanak Tripathi, are you the murderer?
Viplav: Do you know what you are saying?
Police: This evidence is against Mrs Kanak Tripathi so we have to arrest her.
The police is about to take Kanak.
Viplav: Ma?
Kanak: Please, Viplav, Karan, Dhanni bahu do something.
The police stops.
Police: Dhaani bahu?
Kanak: Yes Dhaani is the to-be daughter in-law of this family.
Police: Dhaani ji, please show us your hand.
The police forces Dhaani.
Viplav: Don’t you dare touch or harm my to-be wife.
Dhaani looks at Viplav.
Police: Dhaani ji, where is the bangle?
Dhaani and all are shocked.
Police: Where is it?
Kanak: (in her mind) My husband has died but I forgot the two benefits I got, one my truth will never be out and two Dhaani is out.
Kanak becomes happy.
Shalini: But Bhabi still haven’t become the bahu of the family, so how she will have bangle?
Kanak: (in her mind) This fat girl always talk at the wrong time.
Police: I am sorry for suspecting you.
Dadi is surprised.
Dhaani: I got the bangle which Dadi gave me today.
Police: Where is it?
Dhaani: Actually, it was my henna ceremony so I removed it so that the henna doesn’t gets on the bangle.
Police: What an excuse, I must admit it. The only two suspects are Kanak ji and you, Dhaani ji.
Viplav: What nonsense is this? Neither Dhaani nor ma killed baba.
Police: Mr Viplav I understand, but this bangle, it belongs to one of the daughter-in-laws right?
Viplav: I just don’t understand why you all are only suspecting my mom and to be wife?
Police: Kanak ji has called us and brought Shambu ji in the hospital itself, so it’s certain she is innocent, so we have to arrest Dhaani ji.
The police show handcuffs.
Police: Dhaani ji, you are under arrest.
All are shocked. Kanak smirks.
Dashranth: (in his mind) Something is really wrong.
As police is about to arrest Dhaani, Viplav stops the police.
Viplav: Before you arrest Dhaani, I need to speak to you for a while.
Police: Okay.
Everyone is tensed. After a while, the police come back.
Police: We will leave you Dhaani ji, but make sure you don’t leave this city before the murderer is revealed, if not we will definitely arrest you.
The police leave.
Sushma: Viplav beta?
Viplav: Actually I spoke to the police and we found two more suspects for this case.
Everyone is shocked.
Sushma: Two more?
Viplav: They are Tanya and Durga ji.
Everyone is shocked.
Dhaani: How is it possible? Tanya and Durga ji both are good humans.
Viplav: I know, but besides you and ma, Tanya and Durga ji has the bangles.
Karan: What do you mean?
Viplav: We all know that Durga ji got the bangle, and she is away for pilgrimage, even both Tripurari and Suwarna are missing, and Tanya she is not seen since morning, and when I and Tanya were supposed to get engaged, Dadi gifted it to Tanya also.
Dashranth: I don’t know this, but for now this marriage cant happen.
Everyone is shocked.
The episode ends.

Please take note the next episode will be published on 6 Feb, maha episode

Precap: Viplav tells Dhaani angrily that he will find out and punish the murderer at any cost. Dhaani is shocked to see his anger. At the road, Dhaani and others wearing white saree, some gurus come and say if you got married you and the person you married will face a lot of problems. Some ladies taunt Dhaani and say bad things about her Viplav pass by and see this and gets angry. Viplav declares: I will marry Dhaani and takes the round and applies sindoor to Dhaani. Viplav and Dhaani gets married. All is shocked, especially Dashranth.

What new twist will this wedding bring in Viplav and Dhaani’s life? What will Kanak and Dashranth do now? Who killed Shambhu?

The next episode Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White will be published by next Saturday, 6 Feb Night, so please stay tuned. Sorry readers, I know it’s quite a long time, but I would be busy in these days. So, Episode 6 of Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White would be a maha episode, longer than the usual episodes.
For that do watch out for the maha episode.

And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 
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And yes do remember to check out the maha episode of Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White on next Saturday, 6th Feb. Thank you 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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