Ishq Ka Rang Safed FF- The Color of Love is White (Episode 4)


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The episode begins with Viplav and Dhaani returning home from Suwarna’s house where they share some conversation followed by some cute moments.
Dhaani: How can Suwarna do like this?
Viplav: I didn’t expect her to do something like that. I am sure something is wrong. How can she disappear with Tripurari so suddenly?
Dhaani: That is what I am also thinking. I just hope I get to meet her one day and clarify all my doubts.
Viplav: But who is the one who released Tripurari? I asked the police but he refused to reveal the name.
Just then an ice-cream man passes by and Dhaani looks at it. And Viplav goes.
Dhaani: Where are you going?
Viplav: Wait a minute.
Viplav goes.
Dhaani: I wonder where Wakil Babu have went?
Viplav brings ice-cream for Dhaani and himself.
Dhaani: What is this?
Viplav: Ice-cream and what else?
Dhaani: But now? At this time?
Viplav: Listen Shikayat ki Buri keep quiet and have this ice cream.
Dhaani haves the ice-cream silently.
Viplav: How is it?
Dhaani keeps quiet.
Viplav: Tell me.
Dhaani is still quiet and having ice cream.
Viplav: You loved the ice-cream so much, at least say something now?
Dhaani: What’s your problem? First you tell me to keep quiet and now you are saying why are you not speaking? You are making me so confused.
Viplav: Ohoho, just for a small matter? My Shikayat ki Buri got so angry with me.
Dhaani feels shy and they continue having ice-cream, and Viplav’s mouth is full of ice-cream and Dhaani laughs.
Dhaani: Hahahahahaha
Viplav: Why are you laughing?
Dhaani: No. No. Nothing
And she continues laughing.
Viplav: Something must have happened.
Dhaani: There is ice-cream on your face.
Viplav: What? Where?
And he sees his face in a mirror and his expression changes.
Viplav: My face?
Dhaani: You look so cute.
Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Okay, I can do anything for you. I don’t mind ice-cream being applied on my face.
Dhaani: You are impossible.
Dhaani wipes Viplav’s face using her pallu and Ishq Ishq plays.
Viplav: In that case, I don’t mind having ice-cream being applied on my face.
Dhaani: You have gone crazy.
Viplav: Yes, I have gone crazy in your love.
Dhaani goes and Viplav holds her hand and pulls closer to her.
Dhaani: What are you doing? What if someone sees us like this?
Viplav: Let them see.
And he goes closer to her.
Dhaani: Choti Malkin, you are here?
And Viplav seperates himself from Dhaani. Dhaani laughs.
Viplav: Dhaani?
And Dhaani runs and Viplav chases her. Just then as a car was about to hit Dhaani, Viplav saves her in nick of time, and they roll over each other and Dhaani is surprised to see Tripurari and Suwarna in the car.
Viplav: What if something would have happened to you?
And he hugs Dhaani. Dhaani is surprised on what she just saw.
Viplav: What happened?
Dhaani: I saw them.
Viplav: Who?
Dhaani: Suwarna and Tripurari.
Viplav: I think you are thinking about them a lot nowadays Dhaani.
Dhaani: You are right. It may be my imagination.
Viplav and Dhaani leaves.

Here Tripurari and Suwarna are escaping and hiding somewhere and they hid the dead body somewhere. Suwarna is very scared.
Suwarna: We have managed to come here, but they may get to know very soon.
Tripurari: Don’t worry, we hid the dead body so no worries.
Suwarna: I feel so bad for Dhaani, I should have at least told her the truth maybe she would have helped us.
Tripurari: No use after all she’s going to become a bahu of that house.
Suwarna: When will we be out of here?
Tripurari: Very soon, we will leave the city within 2-3 days?
Suwarna: 2-3 days? Why?
Tripurari: If we go tonight, people will definitely doubt us. But if we go after a few days, then people can’t doubt us?
Suwarna: Why did you kill him?
Tripurari: I had no other option and I did this to save you.
Suwarna: You care so much for me.
Tripurari: Okay, now it’s very late go to sleep. You must have been very tired today.
And Suwarna goes to sleep and as Suwarna sleeps, Tripurari calls Kanak.
Tripurari: Malkin, I must admit you are a very smart player.
Kanak: That’s true.
Tripurari: But that man?
Kanak: I have already told him to leave this city forever.
Tripurari: So what’s next?
Kanak: Next? You have to wait for that. My plan parts 2- just wait and watch.
Tripurari: I will be waiting.
And he smirks and keeps the phone.
Tripurari remembers how Kanak told him that the gun is a fake one, and the man used red paint for blood stains and also when Suwarna was writing the letter, how the man opened his eyes, and Tripurari shows him a thumbs up and he pretends to be death. Tripurari also remembers how he purposely made Dhaani see him.
Tripurari: Now this marriage will definitely break.
And he plays with his moustache.

It is morning, and Dhaani’s turmeric ceremony begins. Dhaani wears a beautiful yellow salwar suit and Dulaari remembers the time when Dhaani wore the same kind and same colour salwar suit in her previous sangeet and she smiles.
Dulaari: (in her mind) Oh god, please don’t steal my buchiya’s happiness this time round.
Rajlaxmi: Dhaani, you are looking so lovely and beautiful today. May no one keep a bad eye on you.
And she applies a black spot on Dhaani’s neck. Dhaani smiles.
Here, Viplav’s entire family ladies comes to the ashram for the turmeric ceremony. Everyone is happy except for Kanak.
The haldi ceremony begins. Everyone applies haldi on Dhaani’s face. The haldi ceremony ends.
Tanya: Now you deserve a selfie for that.
And she takes a selfie with Dhaani.
Kanak: (in her mind) Sometimes I feel she is acting, luckily I never revealed my plans to her.
Rajlaxmi enjoys the selfie thing and joins Tanya. Tanya teaches her.
Rajlaxmi: Tanya ji, can show me the picture?
Tanya: Okay.
Rajlaxmi: Where’s my picture? It’s all Dhaani and your picture.
Tanya: Okay, I take picture of you, come.
And she takes selfie with Rajlaxmi.
Rajlaxmi: Oh I see.
Tanya: What?
Rajlaxmi: Your phone camera got some problem, that’s why you use the front side to take picture, because usually people use the back, but you used the front, so I thought you were taking my picture.
Tanya laughs.
Tanya: No, nowadays people take picture like that Rajlaxmi that’s called selfie.
Rajlaxmi: So that’s called selfie?
Dhaani: Why what did you thought?
Rajlaxmi: Remember the Salman Khan song Selfie le re re, I thought why Salman Khan is talking like that, I thought Salman Khan say Salman le re re as he got sore throat so he say Salman but it sounded like Selfie.
Dhaani hits her hand on her forehead, and Tanya laughs.
Rajlaxmi: Dhaani, that’s not funny. And how you know what selfie is? Couldn’t you tell me before? And yes, from when you get to know more about the world than me?
Dhaani: No, nothing like that. Actually one day Wakil Babu take picture with me, and then he told me its selfie.
Tanya: Oh Viplav told you not bad
Dhaani feels shy.
Rajlaxmi: Oh I see, our Dhaani is also becoming smart along with Wakil Babu’s company.
Dhaani feels more shy.
Shalu: So you took your first selfie with Bhaia?
Dhaani feels even more shy.
Rajlaxmi: Look today is turmeric, but this madam’s face is turning red instead of yellow due to so much shy.
Dhaani feels very shy and she runs upstairs.
Sushma: Looks like she felt very shy, such a sweet and innocent girl. I wanted a wife for my Viplav just like Dhaani.
Kanak: Yes, Dhaani is exactly the girl you wanted, you wanted my son to marry a widow right?
Tanya: Aunty, please don’t speak like that.
And Tanya whispers.
Tanya: If you continue like this, people will surely doubt on you, Aunty, then what will you do?
Kanak looks on.
Kanak: Actually, I was saying Dhaani is a good girl, a very good girl(angry tone), she is so good that being a widow doesn’t matter.
Dulaari and Badi Amma ignores her.

Here Dhaani rushes to her room and she talks to Viplav seeing his picture.
Dhaani: Viplav, I can’t wait for the day we get married, still 4 days to go which seems like 4 years, I really love you a lot and I can’t think a moment with you. I wish you were with me right now.
And she kisses his photo.
Viplav: You called me and I am here.
Dhaani looks behind and gets surprised.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu? You?
Viplav: No, not wakil Babu
Dhaani: Then?
Viplav: Viplav, my name is Viplav Tripathi.
Dhaani: You are here? What if anyone comes? You know it’s not right for us to meet after haldi and before marriage.
Viplav: Please don’t give me heart-attack. I can’t even stay without you for an hour, be it 4 days.
And he comes nearer.
Viplav: You know how long is 4 days, 4 days is 96 hours ,which is almost 100 hours 100 hours!
Viplav shows all his 10 fingers.
Dhaani: That’s only 10 not 100.
Viplav: How can I have more hands? You use your brains.
And he strikes Dhaani’s head with his hand.
Dhaani: About hand, I don’t know, but about head I am sure.
Viplav: Heh?
Dhaani: You are a rakshas so you can have more heads, like ravan.
Viplav: Rakshas? Ravan? Hey Dhaani
And Dhaani and Viplav runs , as Viplav chases Dhaani
Viplav: You called me rakshas again?
Dhaani: I am correct. You are rakshas.
Dhaani laughs and as they run both of them gets trapped in a curtain. As they try to free themselves from the curtain, they look at each other and share an eyelock. Ishq Ishq plays.
Viplav and Dhaani shares some passionate moments.
Dhaani: Your turmeric ceremony will start now. You should go now.
Viplav: I can do turmeric ceremony here.
Dhaani: How? If anyone sees us like this, we will be in trouble you know?
Viplav keeps Dhaani quiet by putting his fingers on Dhaani’s lips.
Viplav: Just see.
He goes closer to Dhaani, and rolls his face over Dhaani’s and applies turmeric on his face by this.
Viplav: It is said that if bride and groom can apply the same turmeric then their bond and love will increase.
Dhaani: Our love is enough.
And she hugs Viplav. Just then Dhaani is surprised.
Dhaani: Mai is coming?
Viplav: Today I won’t listen to you, I always get tricked but not this time.
Dhaani: I am speaking the truth.
Dulaari: Dhaani!
And Viplav and Dhaani seperates themselves, and Viplav jumps down using Dhaani’s duppatta.
Dulaari: Bachuwa ji?
Dhaani: What?
Dulaari: I just saw Bachuwaji.
Dhaani: Mai, what are you saying? Why will he be here?
Dulaari: That’s also right. I thought I saw him. Maybe it’s my imagination.
Dulaari is about to go back, Dhaani signs a relief, Dulaari looks back.
Dulaari: Wait a minute. Where is your dupatta?
Dhaani: What?
Dulaari: Your dupatta.
Dhaani gets surprised.
Dhaani: It was here just now, where is it?
Dhaani tries to distract Dulaari by bringing her to the other side and then she looks at the window
Dulaari: I found your dupatta, it is here, where is your mind?
She pulls the dupatta.
Dhaani: Mai! No!
Dulaari takes it out and Viplav falls down. Viplav tries not to make noise.
Dulaari: What happened?
Dhaani: Nothing.
Dulaari: Dhaani?
Dhaani: Actually my dupatta got stuck that’s why I wanted you to pull it carefully so that it doesn’t tears.
Dulaari: Finally, you started using her mind. Quickly come downstairs everyone is waiting for you.
Dulaari leaves and Dhaani looks down from the window.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu are you okay?
Viplav: Benaras ki Dhaani, if a man falls down from a 2nd floor will he be ok?
Dhaani: You stop here I am coming down.
Viplav looks on and just then she sees Dadaji coming to the ashram.
Dhaani: M……Ma
Viplav: Where is Sasu Ma?
Dhaani: No, not ma.
Viplav: What happened? Say something.
Dhaani: Maha Pandit Ji
Viplav looks back and sees his Dadaji coming. Viplav runs to the other side and runs. Dadaji gets to see Viplav for a while.
Dadaji: That was Viplav, right?
Shambu: Viplav is here?
Karan knows that Viplav has come here to visit Dhaani so he tries to divert them.
Karan: Where dadaji? I can’t see Viplav. What will he do here? I spoke to him just now he’s at home.
Dadaj: Maybe it’s my imagination.
Here Dadaji and all the other men comes in the ashram to give Dhaani blessings. Dadaji blesses Dhaani, and Kanak looks at him angrily.
Dadaji: Now we all should leave. We must prepare for Viplav’s
Turmeric ceremony.
Sushma: Hope we get to see all of you soon.
They all leave.

Here everyone is applying Viplav turmeric and everyone is happy except for Kanak as usual. The turmeric ceremony ends. Viplav goes upstairs. Kanak goes to Dadaji.
Kanak: I wonder what is in your mind Babuji? Why aren’t you doing anything to stop this marriage?
Dashranth: Bahu rani, you still haven’t see my game, 4 days to go
And he shows her 4 fingers.
Kanak: What do you mean?
Dashranth: Whatever will happen, will not happen now, it will happen on the wedding day itself. Just wait and watch. You can go .
Kanak leaves.
Kanak: (in her mind) I wonder what is going on that Buddhe’s mind, I hope he is not changing his mind to be in favour of this wedding. Whatever it is, this marriage will definitely break, I don’t care if Babuji likes it or not.
Kanak smirks.
As Viplav goes upstairs he is surprised to see Dhaani.
Viplav: Dhaani? You?
DhaanI: Yes. Me.
Viplav: Viplav, you must be dreaming again.
Dhaani comes near to Viplav and holds his ear.
Viplav: So, you are really Dhaani?
Dhaani: No, you are dreaming.
Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Wow, my Shikayat ki Buri you are so brave. You made an effort to meet me and also hide
Dhaani: Don’t be too happy. You got hurt that’s why I came here to check on you.
Viplav smiles.
Viplav: My lovely Benaras Ki Dhaani loves me so much that nothing can happen to me.
Dhaani: Did you get injuired? Where?
Viplav holds his heart.
Dhaani: Crazy boy.
Viplav: My lovely cute Dhaani, I am crazy in your love.
Dhaani: I have to go now. Bye.
Viplav again holds Dhaani and pulls closer to her, and this time the turmeric on Viplav’s face gets applied on Dhaani’s
Dhaani: Why are you smiling?
Viplav shows her the mirror. Dhaani smiles.
Viplav: This is a clear indication that our love is very strong and it can overcome all the hurdles.
Dhaani cries. Viplav wipes her tears.
Dhaani: Everything is happening so suddenly, I hope nothing bad will happen. I am so scared.
Viplav: As long as I am with you, nothing will happen. After all Ishq Ka Rang Safed.
Viplav and Dhaani hugs. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays.
The episode ends.

Precap: Sangeet is going on. Viplav and Dhaani are dancing on Gerua from Dilwale. On the other hand, during mehendi ceremony Viplav gets a phone call and he is shocked. At the same time, Dhaani also gets a phone call and she is also shocked.

What may have happened which shocked both Viplav and Dhaani? Will they able to get married?

The next episode Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White will be published by this Thursday, 28 Jan Night, so please stay tuned.
And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

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