Ishq Ka Rang Safed FF- The Color of Love is White (Episode 3)

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The episode begins with Viplav thinking about Dhaani’s kiss in his sleep and smiling. And then Shalu comes in the room.
Viplav: (in his sleep) Dhaani, you are so beautiful, I am always lost in you. You are very adorable and I am so addicted to you. Please marry me quickly, I want to keep you with me forever.
And he assumes Dhaani to be present
Shalu: Viplav Bhaia! Wake up I am Shalu!
Viplav wakes up.
Viplav: Shalu!
Shalu: How romantic! Talking about Bhabi in the morning!
Viplav: Let me sleep!

And he falls asleep.
Shalu: But how about tea?
Viplav: Never mind, I will have it later for now let me sleep.
Shalu: This Bhaia is impossible.
And then as she goes, Dhaani comes to Viplav’s house to give Viplav’s Dadi some flowers and lamps.
Shalu: Bhabi? You are here so early in the morning?
Dhaani: Yes, I have come here to deliver some flowers and lamps to Dadi ji.
Shalu: You are making an excuse to meet Bhaia right?
Dhaani shy

Dhaani: No.
Shalu: Okay, can you go and give the tea to Bhaia, he is not waking up and listening to me. Only you can do so. I have some work.
Shalu gives the tray to Dhaani and rushes.
Dhaani: But Shalu?
Dhaani: (in her mind) looks like I have to go to Viplav now.
Dhaani comes and sees Viplav sleeping.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Viplav looks so lovely and cute when he is sleeping. I don’t feel like disturbing him at all. But tea?
Dhaani comes near Viplav
Dhaani: Wakil Babu wake up.
Viplav opens his eyes.
Viplav: Dhaani!
As Dhaani is coming nearer to him
Viplav: No this can’t be Dhaani, it’s my imagination.
And he goes to sleep.
Dhaani: I am really Dhaani.

Viplav: Let me sleep, I know it’s my imagination.
Dhaani: How to explain to you? At least have tea.
As Viplav was about to move his hand, he accidentally puts his hand on the tea.
Viplav: OUCH!
Dhaani rushes to Viplav and checks his hand.
Dhaani: What are you doing? You are impossible.
Viplav: You are really my Dhaani?
Dhaani: No, I am not Dhaani.
Viplav smiles.
Dhaani: You are smiling?
Viplav: Yes, after all my shikayat ki buri is with me.
Dhaani: Look at your hand it has burned so badly.

She takes the ointment and applies it on his hand. Ishq Ishq plays.
And she blows his hand. Viplav is lost in Dhaani. Dhaani is having difficulty to see because of her hair and Viplav moves it. As Viplav was about to kiss Dhaani, Dhaani moves away, and he falls down
Dhaani forwards her hand and lifts Viplav up. Viplav hugs her.
Just then someone knocks the door. Viplav and Dhaani separates themselves. It’s Dadi.
Viplav: Princess!
Sushma: Wow! You have wake up early today. I think only Dhaani is the one who can make you quit all your bad habits.
Viplav smiles and Dhaani shy.
Sushma: Listen Viplav, we are sending some things to the ashram, so your duty is to drop Dhaani there and also the things.
Viplav smiles.

Viplav: Really?
Dhaani: Don’t be excited. I have a lot of works.
Viplav: Ok
Sushma: What happened to you hand Beta
Viplav: Nothing princess.
Dhaani: He burned his hand as he accidentally touched the hot tea.
Sushma: Viplav you are impossible.
Dhaani: Correct
Viplav: Princess, you also?
Sushma: Go for ashram right now.
Viplav: Ok, as your wish.
Viplav and Dhaani leaves.
Viplav: (in his mind) Princess, you are the best.

Here Kanak is discussing her plans with Tripurari.
Tripurari: When will you start executing your plans?
Kanak: I will play my game slow and steady.
Tripurari: What do you mean?
Kanak: Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding is after 15 days. Which means a lot of time?
Tripurari: What do you mean?
Kanak: I have started taking my first step already. Thanks to you.
Tripurari: Me?

Kanak: Yes, you. I have used your wife Suwarna for my first step.
Tripurari: Suwarna? How will she help you? She is Dhaani’s friend.
Kanak: I know that. But that you have to wait and watch.
Kanak leaves and Tripurari thinks.
Tripurari: I wonder what is she thinking? Suwarna? Who cares about her? But, what is malkin planning to do?

Viplav and Dhaani reaches the ashram. Here all the ashram ladies start welcoming Viplav.
Dulaari: Bachuwaji? How are you?
Viplav: I am fine Sasu ma.
Dulaari and Dhaani is a little surprised.
Badi Amma: Viplav beta, come in.
Viplav is surprised to see food cooked for him.
Viplav: So many foods?
Rachna: We usually don’t cook food, but thanks to you we can at least get to enjoy this food today.
Badi Amma looks at her.
Rachna: I mean you are the damat here so we must treat you with some special food.
Viplav smiles.

After having food, someone comes. That is Jhumki (the cute little girl who was lost in the mela, and Dhaani saved her) with her mom.
Jhumki: Dhaani didi! Viplav bhaia!
And she hugs them.
Badi Amma: Jhumki beti, how are you?
Jhumki: I am fine.
Jhumki’s mom: Jhumki wanted to meet you all, that’s why we came here.
Dulaari: Consider this as your own house.
Jhumki’s mom comes to Viplav and Dhaani.
Jhumki’s mom: I heard that you are getting married. Congratulations. May god bless your Jodi.
Viplav and Dhaani looks at each other.
Jhumki’s mom: Actually, I have a request for all of you.
Badi Amma: Feel free to tell us.

Jhumki’s mom: Actually, Jhumki has a dance competition in her school after 10 days and she is participating in it.
Rajlaxmi: That’s a really good thing.
Jhumki’s mom: Actually, Jhumki was telling me that Dhaani is a very good dancer, and she even won the competition in the mela. So, me and Jhumki want Dhaani to teach Jhumki how to dance.
Dhaani: Me?
Jhumki’s mom: Dhaani beti, I know that you are getting married soon, but can you please kindly keep 10 days and teach my Jhumki dance? Only 10 days.
As Dhaani was about to say something, Viplav interferes.
Viplav: Sure.

Dhaani looks at Viplav surprised.
Viplav: Dhaani will definitely teach Jhumki to dance for 10 days, she is absolutely fine with it.
Jhumki: Yeah!
Dhaani whispers to Viplav
Dhaani: Wakil babu? Do you know what you are saying?
Viplav: Dhaani, we are getting married after 15 days, 10 days is not a big problem.
Dhaani: But me? Dance?

Viplav: So, its finalized Dhaani will teach Jhumki dance.
Jhumki’s mom: Okay, we will start the dance practice from tomorrow.
Jhumki and her mom leaves.
Dhaani: Wakil Babu, what did you just do? Why did you give them fake promises?
Viplav: Fake promises?
Dhaani: No, I can’t teach Jhumki dance.
Badi Amma: Wakil Babu is correct. Dhaani you will teach Jhumki dance and that is finalized.
Viplav smiles.

Dhaani: But there is so much work?
Rajlaxmi: Don’t worry we all are here.
Viplav leaves.

The next day starts, and Dhaani teaches Jhumki dance. In this entire scene, Tere Bin from the movie Wazir plays. Whenever Dhaani teaches Jhumki dance, Viplav always comes to encourage her, and Dhaani wears salwar suit whenever she teaches Jhumki dance. Viplav gifts her ghungroo and she wears it and teaches Jhumki dance. Here as Dhaani teaches Jhumki dance in different days and Viplav always come to support her. Whenever Dhaani dances with Jhumki, she looks at Viplav and smiles, Viplav is also lost in Dhaani and loves to see her dance. Viplav offers her tea and they drink tea together. The music stops a buchajata diya jalta diya. And one day while Dhaani was teaching Jhumki dance, one of the beads from Dhaani’s ghungroo falls, and Dhaani trips on it and Viplav holds her from falling down and they share an eyelock, ummm tere bina marna nehi jina nahi tere bin plays. As Viplav and Dhaani gets closer, Jhumki laughs and Dhaani continues teaching Jhumki. Viplav smiles. Dhaani dances and also smiles at Viplav. 10 days gets over.
10 days leap,

Here everyone in the ashram is busy with Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding preparations, as after 5 days is their wedding. Day after tomorrow is Viplav and Dhaani’s haldi, after that is Dhaani’s mehendi, the day following is Dhaani’s sangeet and then finally is d…day Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding.
Dulaari as usual is running after Rajlaxmi and Rachna to help in preparing for Dhaani’s wedding.
Dulaari: Baapre. There is so much work, how will we do it in 2 days as it’s going to be Dhaani’s haldi. Rajlaxmi please bring more flowers, and Rachna you see if anything is not available.
Rachna and Rajlaxmi gets to work.
Badi Amma: Why are you worrying so much? Everything will go fine.
Dulaari: So much work? How will we do it so fast?
Viplav: Don’t worry, your damat is here to help you.
Rajlaxmi: Here comes your lover, Dhaani.
Dhaani shys.

Just then Jhumki comes, in a red lehenga for her dance competition with her mom.
Jhumki: How am I looking?
Dhaani: You are looking very good.
Jhumki’s mom: We have come here to take all of you to see Jhumki dance.
Dulaari: But there is so much work here?
Badi Amma: We all would have loved to come, but there is so much work due to the wedding.
Jhumki: So no one will come?
Jhumki becomes sad.
Badi Amma: But one thing can be done. We can send Viplav and Dhaani.
Viplav and Dhaani gets surprised but both are happy from inside.
Dulaari: That will be the best.
Dhaani: But?
Dulaari: You are going and that is fnailzied
Viplav, Dhaani, Jhumki and her mom leaves.

Here Tanya is discussing with a mysterious person who is sitting on a rocking chair, and knows about Kanak’s plan.
Tanya: There is 5 days to go for the wedding, and Kanak aunty has still done nothing of that sort. I think she has realized that Viplav will be happy with Dhaani, so maybe she changed her mind?
Mysterious person: I know Kanak very well, she will never change, this must be a part of her plan.
Tanya: But how do you know that Kanak is planning a conspiracy? You were the one who told me first. I was not able to believe it.
And the mysterious person looks at Tanya and it’s none other than Shambu.
Tanya: Shambu uncle, how did you know about Kanak aunty’s plan.
Shambu and Tanya gets into flashback,

Shambu was about to go away and then,
Shambu: (in his mind) I think I should ask Kanak as soon as possible. That’s better.
Kanak : (talking to herself about her displeasure and conspiracy against Viplav-Dhaani’s wedding)
Shambu is shocked. And as Kanak was about to look behind, Shambu hides away from Kanak.
Shambu: I did not expect Kanak to stoop this low. I have overlooked her behaviour and tactics. Now enough is enough. I will not let Kanak break Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding. But who will help me?
And just then Tanya comes
Shambu: Tanya beti, yes she will be correct.
Tanya: Uncle, how are you?

Shambu: Tanya beti I need your help.
Tanya: Sure, uncle.
Shambu: Tanya beti, actually my wife Kanak is doing all she can to break Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding. Now only you can help me.
Tanya: What do you mean Uncle? Are you okay? Why would a mother ruin her own son’s life?
Shambu: I know you won’t believe me, but this is true.
Tanya: Are you sure?
Shambu: Yes.
When Tanya overhears Kanak she goes to Shambu
Tanya: You were right Uncle, Kanak aunty is really conspiring against this wedding, how can a mother do this to her son?
Shambu: I knew it. I also couldn’t believe that Kanak will stoop this low just to break this wedding.
Tanya: What will we do now?

Shambu: Do as I say.
Tanya: Ok
And they get out of flashback
Tanya: I feel that there is someone else who should know about this truth.
Shambu: You are not wrong, Tanya, but right now we shouldn’t do so, we can’t trust anyone. If Viplav gets to know about it, he will do anything without thinking and if I tell Dhaani she is very innocent, and she herself may back out from the wedding.
Tanya: That’s right.
And they get thinking.
Here Tripurari gets thinking about Kanak’s plan
He gets into flashback where Kanak comes to meet him at the jail.
Tripurari: There is 5 days to go, neither you nor gurudev is doing anything to stop Viplav-Dhaani’s wedding.

Kanak: I don’t know about Babuji, but my plan will start today.
Tripurari: What do you mean?
Kanak: I have gotten you released from the jail.
Tripurari smirks.
Kanak: Make full use of the opportunity.
Tripurari: What do you mean?
Kanak: Suwarna!
Tripurari: Suwarna?
Kanak: Don’t go to your house now, go there when I will give you a call.
Tripurari: That’s ok Malkin, but why?
Kanak: That you will get to know once you go to your house.
Tripurari: My mom?
Kanak: Nothing will happen to your mom as I sent her to pilgrimage.
Tripurari signs a relief.
And he gets back from flashback,

Tripurari: I wonder what is malkin’s plan?
Here Suwarna is doing work and someone holds her.
Suwarna: Who are you?
Man: That you no need to know.
Suwarna: What are you doing here? I have realized for the past few days you have been chasing behind me.
Man: Nothing. I have come to meet you. You are so beautiful.
Suwarna: Keep quiet, get out of my house, if not
Man: if not? If not what?
He shows her gun and Suwarna gets shocked.

Viplav and Dhaani are walking back to ashram, and Viplav is laughing.
Dhaani: Why are you laughing? It was not at all funny.
Viplav continues laughing. And they get into flashback,
When the judges declare Jhumki as winner, Dhaani gets up.
Dhaani: Yeah!
And Dhaani also starts dancing. Viplav looks at Dhaani surprised. Dhaani realizes what she just did, she sits down again and she feels very shy. Viplav is trying to control his laughter by smiling.
And they get back
Viplav: You looked so cute when you celebrated.
And he pulls Dhaani’s cheek
Dhaani: Why are you pulling my cheek.
Viplav: Because you are very cute which means
Dhaani: I know, that means I am chubby
Viplav smiles and Dhaani pulls his ear tightly.
Viplav: What are you doing Dhaani?

Dhaani: How dare you tease me?
Viplav: What?
Dhaani: You called me moti
Viplav: Chubby doesn’t mean moti, which means very cute.
And he again pulls Dhaani’s cheek.
Dhaani: Stop pulling my cheek and now let’s go.
As Dhaani and Viplav were going, suddenly Dhaani gets a call
Suwarna: Dhaani, please help me
Dhaani: Suwarna what happened?
Suwarna: Dhaani please save me.
And the phone cuts
Dhaani: Suwarna? Suwarna? Hello?
Viplav: What happened?
Dhaani: It seems that Suwarna is in trouble.
Viplav: I think we should go there and check.
Dhaani: Yes, lets go
And then Viplav gets a call
Viplav: Hello? What?
And he keeps the phone.

Dhaani: What happened?
Viplav: Tripurari is released from the jail.
Dhaani: What? Is he?
And she runs, Viplav also runs after her. And then Dhaani stops.
Viplav: What happened?
Dhaani: I just saw Tripurari.
Viplav: Tripurari?
And Tripurari gets disappeared with his car.
Viplav: No, I can’t see him.
Dhaani: He was here.
Viplav: Are you sure Tripurari was here?
Dhaani: Yes.
Viplav: Something is really wrong, we must go to jail and find out but before that we must go and save Suwarna.
Dhaani: You are right.
And they leave for Suwarna’s house by walk.

As the guy was about to get near Suwarna ,
Suwarna: NO!
Man: You are so beautiful. And he gets closer to her.
Tripurari reaches there, and he gestures Suwarna to keep quiet, and as he was about to pick up the gun, Suwarna nods no, the man understands, and as he looks, Tripurari shoots him. Suwarna is shocked. The man dies.
Suwarna: Tripurari? What did you just do? You have killed him.
Tripurari gets very scared.
Tripurari: What else I would have done?
Suwarna: But what do we do now?
Suwarna and Tripurari gets thinking. And they look at the body.

Viplav and Dhaani reaches there, and as they open the door. They are shocked to find nothing. No Suwarna, no Tripurari, no dead body, no blood stains.
Dhaani: No one is here!

Viplav: How can it be?
Dhaani: But Suwarna?
Just then Suwarna calls Dhaani.
Dhaani: Suwarna are you okay? Where are you?
Suwarna: Dhaani, sorry I have lied to you. I am absolutely fine. I called you purposely, and look at the letter I kept for you, read it. And don’t keep any contact with me.
And she keeps the phone.
Dhaani: Hello? Suwarna?

Viplav: What happened?
Dhaani runs to the table and gets a letter.
Viplav reads the letter.

Letter: Dhaani, I am writing this letter to inform you that me and Tripurari are leaving this city forever to start our lives afresh. I wanted to tell you but everything happened so suddenly. I know that if you got to know that Tripurari is released from the jail, you would keep him at the jail back, so I pretended to be in trouble so that you can come here and find this letter. And yes about Durga mai, if she comes give her this letter. She will understand. And yes I ask for forgiveness from you and Wakil Babu. If possible please forgive me and give my greetings to others. From your guilty friend Suwarna.
Viplav: Suwarna has again done a mistake by trusting Tripurari.
Dhaani: I have a gut feeling that something else has happened.
Viplav: Now, we can’t do anything here.

Viplav and Dhaani leaves.
The episode ends.

Precap: Here Viplav and Dhaani’s haldi ceremony is going on, while Dhaani’s haldi is going on, Viplav secretly meets Dhaani and spends some moments, while they look behind they are shocked? On the other hand, Kanak says my plan part 2 has started, and Dashranth thinking, just 4 days to go and he smirks.

Who was the one who has caught Viplav and Dhaani’s secret meeting? And will Viplav and Dhaani be able to get married by foiling Kanak and Dashranth’s plan?

The next episode Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White will be published by this Saturday, 23 Jan Night, so please stay tuned.
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