Ishq Ka Rang Safed FF- The Color of Love is White (Episode 2)

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Episode 1:

The episode begins with Tanya getting to know about Kanak’s truth.
Kanak: Tanya, you?
Tanya: I have listened to everything. Now I will tell Viplav the truth that you are planning to break his marriage with Dhaani.
Kanak gets angry.
Kanak: So, you are going to tell him the truth?
Tanya: Yes
As Kanak comes nearer, Tanya starts laughing.
Tanya: Thank you very much, Aunty.
Kanak gets surprised.
Kanak: Tanya?
Tanya: I really love Viplav a lot, and I cannot tolerate the fact that he is going to be married with Dhaani. I was not able to think what to do but you have helped me.
Kanak smiles.
Kanak: Oh, so that’s the thing
Tanya: Yes
And she hugs Kanak.
Kanak: I am happy that there will be someone who will help me in my plan. So, will you help me in my plan?

Tanya: Sure.
And they both smirk. Just then Dashranth calls Kanak
Dashranth: Bahu rani!
Kanak: I am coming Babuji
Kanak whispers to Tanya
Kanak: Don’t worry, we will work together and break Viplav- Dhaani’s wedding for the time now, good night.
Tanya: Good night
As Tanya goes to her room
Tanya: (in her mind) Oh, so the problems that are happening in Viplav- Dhaani’s wedding is because of none other than Kanak aunty.
She is trying to harm their relationship. Oh no, what will I do now?
(Here Tanya is a very good friend of Viplav so she knows how Viplav confessed his love to Dhaani and how they fell in problems)
She gets into flashback when she was going to tell everyone the truth how Kanak took the knife, and was hiding it to kill her, and Tanya sees that and does drama of being against Viplav-Dhaani marriage to save her own life.
Tanya: I wonder how long I can hide the fact that I am not against Viplav and Dhaani’s wedding from Kanak aunty there must be someone whom I should tell the truth? Who should I tell the truth? I wonder who is the another person who is helping Kanak aunty in her plan. I can’t let Viplav and Dhaani separate, they really love each other.
And she gets thinking.

Next morning,
It’s early morning in the ashram, and Dhaani has just come from a shower and finishes her prayer. Viplav comes to visit Dhaani, as Viplav was about to open the door, Dhaani also opens the door at the same time. As they open the door together, Viplav falls on Dhaani and Dheere Dheere music plays and they share an eyelock.
Dhaani: You!
Viplav: Yes, me.
Dhaani: Get up from me.
Viplav: What?
Dhaani: I said get up from me.
Viplav: I wish the moment could freeze and we could always be like this
Dhaani: Whatever, get up
Viplav doesn’t agree and Dhaani sprinkles water on his face from her wet hair
Viplav: Dhaani, what is this?
Dhaani: You were not getting up so I had to do this.
Viplav: But why sprinkle water on me?
Dhaani: You can do anything, that’s okay and I just sprinkle water using my hair, that’s not okay, this is not fair.

Dhaani gets angry and shows her face at the opposite direction.
Viplav holds Dhaani’s shoulder
Viplav: Areh, my shikayat ki puri got angry with me in this small matter.
Dhaani: Then, who told you to fall over me?
Viplav: Okay, sorry
Dhaani: When we will have kids, you will get annoyed over them like this?
Viplav: Kids?
Dhaani shys.
Viplav: You planned this much my Shikayat ki puri, our kids.
Dhaani: You na?
Viplav: If you want we can have kids very soon. We can start from now.
As he comes near Dhaani, Dhaani hits him.
Dhaani: You are too much.
Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Nobody is here now, it’s the perfect time.
Dhaani: You have gone crazy. Only you can think of these kind of stuffs.
And Dhaai shyingly goes from there. Viplav holds her hand. ISHQ ISHQ plays.
Viplav: I LOVE YOU
And they hug each other.
Viplav: You say that only I can do these kind of stuff, Dhaani, you also? What will Dulaari mai say?
Dhaani laughs.

Dhaani: You always find opportunities to tease me.
And Viplav chases Dhaani , and he pins her to the wall, and as he is going to kiss her.
Dhaani closes his mouth with her hand. And Viplav kisses her on the forehead.
Dhaani shys.
Viplav: I want something.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: You can’t do it.
Dhaani: I can do anything.
Viplav: Really?
Dhaani: Yes
Viplav: Okay, then Kiss.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: Yes, kiss
Dhaani: Kiss? Whose what? (kis ka kya)
Viplav hits his head.
Viplav: My head.
Dhaani: Yes, you are correct, I should hit your head.
Viplav: Oh god, can someone please explain something to this Shikayat ki puri.
Dhaani: Who will explain me?
Viplav: Dhaani, kiss means pappi.
And Dhaani in shock puts her hand on her mouth
Dhaani: Pappi, oh my god.

Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Yes, I want you to kiss me
Dhaani: No, I can’t do this , oh my god
Viplav: You say that you can do anything, but you can’t kiss me. I knew it. You can’t do anything.
Dhaani: I can.
Viplav: Okay, then kiss me now.
Dhaani gets scared.
Viplav: I will make it easier for you. Today, there will be party at my house.
Dhaani: Party?
Viplav: Yes, party.
Dhaani: So.
Viplav: Today I will challenge you that you should kiss me by tonight, and if you don’t do so, you can’t do anything.
Dhaani: I can.

Viplav: Challenege?
Dhaani: Okay, challenge.
Viplav: So challenge is you must kiss me tonight.
Dhaani: But?
And then someone calls Viplav on the phone.
Viplav: Okay, I am coming now.
Viplav: I have to go now. No ifs, no buts. See you at the party, remember challenge, kiss?
Dhaani: But wakil babu?
Viplav: I have to go now.
And then Viplav goes.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Sometimes Dhaani, you talk before you think now think how will you kiss wakil babu in the part, sometimes you are so foolish.
Dhaani hits her own head.
Dhaani: Buddhu Dhaani.

Tanya thinks whom to tell about Kanak’s reality and just then Viplav’s Daadi comes to her.
Tanya: (in her mind) Who should I tell about Kanak aunty’s reality? If I tell Viplav I wonder how will he react? Who should I tell?
Sushma: Tanya beta, you came yesterday sorry we couldn’t pay attention to you, as I was very busy in engagement’s preparation.
Tanya: No problem, Daadi.
Tanya: (in her mind), should I tell Daadi? I think that will be better.
Tanya: Daadi, I need to tell you something.
Sushma: Tell me, Tanya beti
Tanya: Actually, Ka
And then someone knocks on the door.
Sushma: Looks like Viplav has come. Let me open the door.
Tanya: It’s okay, I will open the door.
As Tanya opens the door, a black masked guy holds a gun on her forehead. Tanya is shocked.
Tanya: Who……are……….you?

Goon: Where is Sushma?
Tanya is scared.
Sushma: Who is it Tanya beti?
Sushma is shocked.
Goon goes to Sushma and takes her away.
Tanya: Dadi ji!!!
Kanak: What happened why are you screaming like that?
Tanya: Someone abducted Dadi ji.
Everyone is shocked and they all go out.
On the other hand, while the goon takes away Sushma
Sushma: Please don’t kidnap me. Please
Goon: No, I won’t listen to you.
Sushma: You sound quite familiar. Who are you?
Goon doesn’t say anything, as the goon was taking Dadiji away everyone runs to stop the goon, just then Viplav comes.
Dashranth: Viplav, good you came look this goon is taking away your Dadi.
Viplav goes to goon and stops him.
Viplav: Who are you?

Goon: How does it matters to you?
As goon was about to put Dadi in the jeep, the goon starts laughing.
Dadi and all are surprised. Later, Viplav also starts laughing. Everyone is surprised.
Tanya: Why are you laughing like this, Viplav what’s wrong with you?
Viplav: Open your mask now.
The goon opens his mask, and everyone is stunned.
Dashranth: Karan beta! You!
(Karan is the elder brother of Viplav who stays overseas and is a doctor, if you didn’t read the introduction episode you can assume Karam Rajpal seen as Shivam in Mere Angne Main on star plus as Karan)
Karan: Yes, me.
Dadi starts pulling his ear.
Sushma: Oh, so this was your deed. You have become more mischievous.
Karan: C’mon Dadi, I came so far just to get love not to get scolded
Kanak: No one will scold my son, you have lost so much weight.
Karan: And you have gained so much weight.
Kanak gives an angry weird look and everyone starts laughing.
Karan: I am joking mom. Where is motu? (He calls Shalini motu)
Shalini: I am here, Karan bhaia.
Karan: Motu, how are you?
Shalini: Why do you still call me Motu?
Karan: Sorry, Motu
Shalini: Look Dadi, Karan bhaia is bullying me.
Sushma: Karan!
Karan smiles and looks at Tanya.
Karan: By the way who is this girl?
Tanya: I am Tanya. Viplav’s very good friend.
Karan: Hi Tanya.
Tanya ignores him.
Karan: Sorry for using the gun that time, its actually a toy gun
Tanya: Ok
Dashranth: Oh, Viplav so you knew that Karan is coming today?
Viplav: Yes, I knew that Karan bhaia is coming today.
Karan: I came here for your wedding Viplav, where is your Mrs? What’s her name, oh ya Dhaani.
Kanak: (in her mind) now this Karan has also started taking Dhaani’s name even before Dhaani enters this house. Oh god!
Karan: Where is dad?

Shambu: I am here, beta.
Karan: Dad!
And he hugs Shambu
Shambu: How are you beta?
Karan: I am fine
Kanak: Okay, now introduction is done, now Karan beta you should have food now.
Karan: Food! I miss Indian food a lot!
Kanak: I know that, beta
Sushma: You should have tell us, we would have cooked your favourite dishes.
Karan: Oh my dadi, how would I have surprised you all then?
Kanak: Okay, there is a lot of dishes being cooked anyways, so you fresh up and have some food.
Karan: As your wish
As everyone leaves
Tanya: (in her mind), everyone is busy with this Karan now, what will I do now, I think it’s not the right time to tell anyone the truth, but I should tell it as soon as possible before Kanak aunty tries to hurt Viplav- Dhaani’s relation. What do I do?
Viplav: Tanya!
Tanya: Yes, Viplav?
Viplav: Why are you standing here? Let’s go and eat
Tanya: Viplav I need to tell you something.
Viplav: Tell me.

Tanya: Actually
Viplav’s phone rings,
Viplav: Tanya, I have to hold this phone call, its very important, if you need to tell me something, tell me later, I have a phone call to attend. See you later.
Tanya: But?
And he goes off. Tanya feels bad for not able to tell him the truth.

At night,
Everyone comes in the party and Dhaani and the ashram ladies come. Dhaani surprises Viplav by wearing a red anarkali.
Viplav looks at Dhaani and is lost. ISHQ ISHQ plays.
Karan: Viplav! Viplav!
Viplav: Yes
Karan: You didn’t introduce Dhaani to me.
Viplav: Sure
Viplav introduces Dhaani and the ashram ladies to Karan.
Karan: Hi. I am Karan. Viplav’s elder brother.
Karan forwards his hand to Dhaani.
Dhaani folds hand.
Dhaani: Naamaste.
Karan also folds his hand.
Karan: Okay, naamaste.
Rajlaxmi: (in her mind) Are this is Wakil Babu’s elder brother Doctor Babu, he is so handsome just like Salman Khan, Rajlaxmi maybe your fortunes are changing
And Rajlaxmi who is also dressed in white anarkali with braids.
Karan: Hey, I like your hairstyle.

Rajlaxmi smiles.
Rajlaxmi: Thank you. (in her mind)are waah doctor babu likes my hairstyle
Raj comes and looks at Rajlaxmi talking with Karan.
Raj: (in his mind) This Bhabiji’s friend is so rude to me but talked so nicely and sweetly to Guruji’s brother. Weird girl.
Just then Dulaari asks Karan a question
Dulaari: Karan beta, you are elder than Viplav right?
Karan: Yes, why?
Dulaari: Viplav is getting married, you didn’t get married yet?
Karan gets shocked, and Viplav gets a little worried.
Karan: I am sorry, I am not interested in marriage so I won’t reply this question. I am really sorry, forgive me if I hurt you.
Karan leaves from there.
Dulaari: Bachuwaji, I didn’t mean to hurt your brother. I am really sorry.
Viplav: Its okay, Dulaari mai.
Just then Kanak comes,
Kanak: Now, you have offended my son, happy?
Viplav: Mom, why do you always speak like this, she didn’t speak like this intentionally?
Kanak: There is no point of talking to you.
And she leaves from there angrily.
Just then Tanya comes there
Tanya: Hi everyone, I think you all have forgotten me.
Rajlaxmi: No, I didn’t.
Dhaani: All of us remember you, and the favour you have done.
Tanya: That was my duty. By the way, Dhaani you are looking really good in this red anarkali.
Dhaani smiles.

Dhaani: Thank you.
Just then, Karan makes an announcement
Karan: Ladies and gentleman, as you all know that my younger brother has organised this party specially for me, I have decided that he will give me whatever I want.
Viplav: What do you want?
Karan: In this beautiful evening, my younger brother Viplav will dance with his love of life, Dhaani.
Everyone claps and Dhaani and Viplav looks surprised.
Viplav: But Karan bhaia?
Karan: No ifs, no buts.
As Viplav goes to Dhaani to take her hand, Viplav whispers her something
Viplav: Remember the challenge, where you have to kiss me?
Dhaani looks at him and Viplav approaches his hand for Dhaani to dance, Dhaani looks at Badi Amma, and Badi Amma persuades and gestures her to go.
Viplav and Dhaani dance on the song Ke Main Hu Hi Hun Tera from the movie Hero(2015).
They both start dancing, and they are lost in each other’s eyelock, Viplav turns Dhaani’s hand while dancing with her, and lifts her, and then continue their romantic dance. As Viplav and Dhaani comes closer, and very close suddenly the music ends and everyone starts to clap for them. Everyone is happy except for Kanak and Dashranth.

Tanya is happy but as she smiles she sees Kanak and acts to be angry.
Kanak: (in her mind) looks like this Tanya is too much in acting, she should have been an actress instead of a lawyer.
After a while, everyone is busy in the party, and Dhaani is walking just then someone closes her mouth and pulls her hand to the room. And its none other than Viplav.
Dhaani: What are you doing? What if anyone sees us?
Viplav locks the door.
Viplav: Dhaani you have lost the challenge?
Dhaani doesn’t react
Viplav: I knew you cannot do this at all, you cant do anything.
You can’t even kiss me. When we were dancing it was such a good opportunity.
Dhaani: Are you crazy?
Viplav: You say you accept the challenge but you are scolding me. I did so much for you. Don’t I deserve a kiss?
Dhaani hits her forehead with her hand.
Dhaani: Oh my god, sometimes you are so stubborn.
Viplav: I won’t talk to you.
Dhaani: But?
Viplav opens the lock
Viplav: Go now

Dhaani is about to go, but as she saw Viplav’s cute angry face she couldn’t resist herself she runs to him and kisses on the cheek and runs away shyigly. Viplav is surprised and lost, and falls down on the bed due to the kiss. ISHQ ISHQ plays. The episode ends.

Precap: Tanya telling someone you were right that Kanak aunty is planning something really big against Viplav and Dhaani, how did you know about it? She says, we have to help them by revealing the truth. On the other hand, Tripurari in anger shoots a guy. Suwarna sees this and is shocked. Later, Viplav and Dhaani opens the door in Tripurari’s house and both are shocked.
Who is the one who knows Kanak’s reality besides Tanya? How did he/she got to know about it? Who did Tripuari killed? What did Viplav- Dhaani see in Tripurari’s house which shocked them?

The next episode Ishq Ka Rang Safed – The Color of Love is White will be published by this Thursday, 21 Jan Night, so please stay tuned.

And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

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