Ishq Ka Rang Safed FF- The Color of Love is White (Episode 1)


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The episode begins when Viplav and Dhaani spends some romantic moments after getting engaged. Viplav comes to Dhaani and then he holds her hand with tears on his eyes. No injuiry for Viplav here.
Dhaani: Why are you crying?
Viplav: You must be hurt.
Dhaani: Why?
Viplav: You wore the ring for me and I know that this ring is giving you a lot of pain.
Dhaani wipes the tears from his eyes.
Dhaani: No, you are wrong. This ring has given me happiness. When I wore this ring, it was like my dreams are coming true.
Ishq Ka Rang Safed female version plays. And they share an eyelock.
Viplav: Give me your hand.
Dhaani: Why?
Viplav: Just give me your hand.
Viplav rubs Dhaani’s finger with oil and Dhaani closes her eyes in pain.
Viplav: Here is the ring.
Dhaani: Why did you take it out? It’s our engagement ring!
Viplav: I can’t see you in pain. I am marrying you because I love you. I want to give you happiness not pain.
Dhaani: But the ring?

Viplav: Wait a minute.
He takes out the designed ring from his pocket and bend on his knees.
Viplav: Dhaani, I love you a lot. Will you marry me?
Dhaani smiles.
Viplav: I will give you all the happiness. Please agree Dhanni pleaseeee.
Dhaani forwards her hand and Viplav puts the ring on her finger.
Ishq Ishq male version plays. And Viplav and Dhaani hug, they continue to romance. Viplav blows bubbles to Dhaani (same thing was shown in the episode) and Dhaani enjoys it. Dhaani gets to flashback in the ashram where Viplav blows bubbles to her and she gets annoyed.
Viplav: (in his mind) Dhaani, I can do anything to bring a smile on your face and happiness in your life. I love you, Dhaani (in English)
Dhaani: (in her mind) To be honest ,Viplav I was very irritated when you blew bubbles to me at the ashram while I was washing clothes. But now it’s like so good. Thank you so much for teaching me to live my life again. I love you, Viplav. (in English)
And then Dhaani leans her head to Viplav’s shoulder and they both are lost in each other. Viplav comes closer to Dhaani and as he was going to kiss her,
Dulaari: Dhaani, where are you re?
Dhaani: Coming
And she shyingly runs away from there and Viplav smiles.

Dashranth is going out and talking to Kanak about Viplav and Dhaani.
Dashranth: The mistake you did today, make sure you do not repeat it again.
Kanak: Okay, bauji.
Dashranth: Okay? Yes, that’s the only thing you can say. The only thing you can do is to do heavy make-up and wear jewelleries and annoy me like JHIL JHIL. Even more than you, that widow is smarter than you. You are foolish.
Kanak bows her head.
Kanak: Forgive me, I won’t repeat it again.
Dashranth: Go from here, go.
As Kanak was about to go, Dashranth stops her.
Dashranth: Listen, I am going to police-station to meet Tripurari. If anyone asks you, just said I went to the temple to thanking the Lord for letting Viplav- Dhaani’s engagement happen without any problem. Did you understand?
Kanak: As your wish, Bau ji.
As Dashranth leaves with Kanak, Shambhu overhears them.
Shambhu: (in his mind) Why is Bauji going to the jail to meet Tripurari? Should I ask Kanak?
Kanak who is annoyed is walking from one end to another.
Shambhu: (in his mind) No.Looks like she is in a bad mood. Whenever, I want to talk to her she is always angry. If I ask her, she will give me a long list of lecture I will ask her later.
And he leaves from the room.
Kanak: (talking to herself) Bauji, you have done wrong by underestimating this Kanak Tripathi. And your bigger mistake, was to compare that widow with me? With me? With Kanak Tripathi? See, what I do. Now, I won’t take your help and will single-hand stop Viplav and that Dhaani’s wedding. Then, you will see what Kanak Tripathi is? Just wait and watch.

Dhaani is wandering around and then suddenly Viplav scares her with his mask.
Viplav: Boo!
Dhaani: Ahhhh!
Dhaani screams and she slips and Viplav holds her, Ishq Ishq music plays Dhaani’s eyes are closed and as she slowly opens it Viplav remove his mask and smiles.
Dhaani: You!
And she gets away from his arm.
Viplav put his arm around her neck,
And then ashram ladies were going out, and Rajlaxmi realizes that Viplav and Dhaani are romancing.
Rajlaxmi: Lets go back.
Dulaari: Why?
Rajlaxmi: No, actually Viplav’s friend Raj said that Viplav’s Dadi is calling all of you.
Raj listens and says,
Raj: No, I didn’t say so.
Dulaari and all the other ladies looks at Rajlaxmi and just then Badi Amma sees Viplav and Dhaani together.
Badi Amma: Yes, Raj beta you told us that. I think you forgot?
Raj: Really? But how come I don’t remember I always eat peanuts.
Rajlaxmi looks at Raj angrily.
Badi Amma: Okay, lets go Sushma ji must be waiting for us. And Rajlaxmi you help Raj in the work, okay?
And as they leave, Raj says to Rajlaxmi

Raj: Did I really said that to you?
And he itches his head and looks at Viplav- Dhaani and realizes.
Rajlaxmi: Good to know, you like to have peanuts. I don’t know about peanuts, but you will definitely get something else as a treat from me.
Raj: Really? What?
Rajlaxmi opens her sandal and is about to hit him with the sandal .
Raj: What are you doing?
Rajlaxmi: Your treat.
Raj runs away and Rajlaxmi chases him.
Viplav and Dhaani romance continues.
Viplav: My darling (darling in English)
Dhaani hits him and says
Dhaani: You have gone crazy. How dare you scare me? And I think you also forgot my name.
Viplav: Heh?
Dhaani: My name is Dhaani not Darling, understand?
Viplav smiles and
Viplav: Okay, my darling.
Dhaani: Again you started darling darling.
And she goes near his ear and says loudly
Dhaani: My name is Dhaani not Darling
Viplav gets stunned

Viplav: Ah! Oh my god, you are so loud.
Dhaani: What darling darling?
Viplav: Okay, jaan
Dhaani: Jaan?
Viplav: First you don’t want me to call darling, and now you don’t want me to call you jaan.
Dhaani: What does darling mean?
Viplav: Jaan
Dhaani shys.
Viplav and Dhaani leans to each other’s face and nose, just then Raj and Rajlaxmi,
Raj: Bhabiji, please save me.
Dhaani: What happened?
Rajlaxmi: You deserve it.
Dhaani stops Rajlaxmi and cools her down.
Viplav: Raj, Rajlaxmi what happened?
Rajlaxmi: Wakil babu, if you listen to this, even you will hit him.
Dhaani: Say it.
Rajlaxmi: Dhaani, you and Wakil Babu were spending some time, and all the other ashram ladies were coming so I made excuse that Raj said that Sushma ji called all of them, but this oversmart Raj (hitting his head) said that he didn’t call them.
Dhaani looks at Rajlaxmi and gestures her
Dhaani: (whispering to Rajlaxmi) Why are you saying like this? He is Wakil Babu’s friend.
Rajlaxmi: So what if he’s wakil babu’s friend he did wrong?
Viplav: I agree to Rajlaxmi, Raj did wrong I will take his class.
Raj: Forgive me, Guru ji

Dhaani: No need to forgive, I m with you Raj Bhaia.
Viplav: But Rajlaxmi, don’t worry Rajlaxmi your Viplav bhaia is with you.
And then Viplav-Rajlaxmi and Dhani-Raj starts fighting and just then Badi Amma and Sushma comes.
Badi Amma: What happened? Why are you all fighting?
Badi Amma stops them. Raj and Rajlaxmi looks at each other angrily and Viplav and Dhaani looks at each other shyingly.
Sushma holds Viplav’s ear
Sushma: You dared to disturb Dhaani beti?
Viplav: Princess, why are you supporting Dhaani?
Sushma: Because Dhaani is correct.
Dhaani smiles.
Sushma: Beti, feel free to complain to me if Viplav disturbs yu?
Dhaani: Ok
Viplav: Not fair.
Dhaani makes faces at Viplav and Viplav makes faces at Dhaani too.
Badi Amma: Dont worry, I am with you Viplav beta.
Just then all the ashram ladies comes.
Badi Amma: It’s time for us to leave. We also have to make preparations for the wedding.
Sushma: Please do feel free to ask us if you need any help.
And then Dhaani and all the ashram ladies leaves. Dhaani looks at Viplav and Viplav looks at Dhaani. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays.

Here, Dashranth and Tripurari are talking to each other.
Dashranth: Don’t worry, Tripurari I will release you from the jail very soon.
Tripurari: I don’t care about that Gurudev, but you must have some reason why you are doing that?
Dashranth: Yes, you are right. Looks like your brain is working after staying in jail.
Tripurari smiles.
Dashranth: Why are you smiling?
Tripurari: I am quite impressed with you Gurudev, I must admit that you are very smart.
Dashranth: This is just the starting Tripurari just wait and watch.
As Dashranth goes out of the police station, Tripurari gets into flashback when Kanak goes to the jail to meet Tripurari.
Kanak: Tripurari, I want that widow to be out of my son’s life. Get her out as soon as possible.
Tripurari: But I am in the jail.
Kanak: I will release you.
Tripurari: Does Gurudev knows that?
Kanak: Listen, the man who you are calling Gurudev, is the one who is your enemy. I saw everything in the hospital.
Tripurari is shocked. Kanak gets into flashback how she saw Tripurari trying to kill Dashranth when he was in the hospital and Kanak saw him doing that and also knew that Dashranth faked his heart attack.

Tripurari: But I was just trying to adjust his pillow.
Kanak: Did I say you tried to kill him? I just said that I saw everything in the hospital.
Tripurari: I must admit that you are very smart, malkin.
Kanak: If I could, I would have revealed the truth but I didn’t which is proving helpful for me today.
Tripurari: But why you didn’t take any action when I tried to kill Gurudev?
Kanak: Because I want that old man dead.
Tripurari is shocked.
Kanak: He tried to kill me with poison just because of my one mistake, and called me foolish now I will kill him and usurp all his properties and then I will become the actual malkin. Dashranth Tripathi , your death is fixed.
Tripurari and Kanak smirks.
Tripurari gets back from flashback.
Tripurari: (in his mind) Choti malkin, you did a very big mistake. You should not have told me the truth. Gurudev is right, you are indeed foolish. You have insulted my mom and my wife. Now my mission is to not kill Gurudev, its to kill you and then usurp the properties from Gurudev. Tripurari you are great.
And he laughs.
Police: Have you gone mad?
Tripurari: I don’t know about me, but someone else will definitely turn mad.

Kanak: (in her mind), I wonder where is that old man? I hope that elephant Tripurari didn’t tell him anything.
Just then Kanak rings and the name appears as Buddhe Dashranth in her phone.
Kanak: Yes, bauji
Dashranth: Have you told anyone about me going to meet Tripurari?
Kanak: No.
Dashranth: Very good. Bahu rani just wait for my next plan see how I plot it.
Kanak: (in her mind), I don’t know what your plan is but my plan will prove the end for you Buddhe Dashranth.
Kanak: Do whatever you want, but make sure that Viplav and Dhaani’s engagement breaks and this wedding never happens.
As she keeps the phone, she is shocked to see. And it is none other than Viplav’s’ friend Tanya.
Kanak: Tanya!
The episode ends.

Precap: Viplav challenges Dhaani to kiss him by tonight. Dhaani is surprised and gets thinking. On the other hand, Tanya says to Sushma I want to tell you something. Sushma tells her to say what she want. As Tanya is about to tell her the truth, Some goon with mask points gun at Tanya and takes away Sushma. Sushma looks at the goon surprised.
Will Dhaani be able to accomplish viplav’s challenge? Will she kiss him? And who is the one who is trying to get Sushma kidnapped?
Will Tanya be able to reveal the truth?

The next episode of Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White will be published by this Saturday, 16 Jan Night. Stay tuned. Initially, this ff was supposed to be published on Tuesdays and Sundays but now I have changed it to every Thursday and Saturday from next week onwards.

And yes do feel free to express ur opinions, as the fate of this ff and no.of episodes will depend on the no. Of comments so comment if possible and comment as much as u can 

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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