Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White Episode 9


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Here Viplav and Dhaani comes in the court for the case hearing,
Dhaani: Viplav I am quite worried. I hope anything doesn’t goes wrong.
Viplav: I promise I won’t let anything go wrong,
Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand. Viplav and Dhaani look at each other and Ishq Ishq plays.
They share an eyelock, Just then Kanak and the entire famiky comes and as she was about to see this, Viplav removes his hand,
Viplav: I think I should go in now and make sure this girl doesn’t do anything wrong.
Viplav leaves to fight for his case.
Kanak: Hey girl, who told you to come here it is our family matter. Who are you to interfere?
Dhaani: I am the daughter-in-law of this house. And I have rights to come here,
Dashranth: (in his mind) How come this Dhaani became so brave suddenly?

And later all come in the court, and the defending lawyer,
Lawyer: Your Honour, some days ago my opposition lawyer Viplav Tripathi’s father passed away due to an attack, and the attack is done by someone in the house of Viplav Tripathi. Two suspects are Karnak Tripathi and Dhaani Viplav Tripathi. And Mr viplav believes neither his wife nor his mom have killed his father, so basically no one from his family member have killed him and that is the fact,
Viplav: My honor, objection I have not said something like that but its true that someone else besides my family members currently may have killed my family and evidence is this bangle.
Viplav gives the bangle to the judge.
Lawyer: Mr Tripathi isn’t this bangle of part of your family member everyone have it your grandma, mother, wife, so who do you think this bangle belongs to?
Viplav: My honor this bangle doesn’t belongs to any of them that’s for sure.
Kanak: (in her mind) I thought that my son will put the blame on Dhaani. But why he isn’t doing so? Have the witch trapped my son again?
Viplav: So for that I would love to present my witness, that is someone else whom this bangle may belong to and that this none other than my elder brother Karan Tripathi’s ex-wife, Nandita Tripathi,
All of Viplav’s member are shocked,
Dashranth: Nandita Bahu, I have almost forgit about her.
Viplav: Nandita Tripathi is my brother’s ex wife he have married her and later they both got divorced as Nandita wasn’t happy with this alliance, so I would love to call her in the box.
Just then someone comes, and Viplav and Dhaani are shocked to see the person, it is none other than Piya.
Dhaani: Piya?
Viplav: Piya? What are you doing here? I have called Nandita Bhabi.
Piya: Yes Viplav I know you maybe quite surprised to see me but the fact is that I am Nandita’s best friend Piya and my friend haven’t kill anyone,
Viplav: What are you saying Piya?
Piya: The truth.
Viplav: What do you mean?
Piya: How would Nandita kill someone when she herself is dead?
Karan stands up in shock all are shocked,
Viplav: What?
Piya: Yes Nandita is dead and she died in an accident a year ago. And I told Karen I will inform Nandita but he had the right to know the truth that his wife died. I even have her death certificate.
Piya shows the judge the death certificate,
Piya: This clearly states that Nandita died in an car accident,
Karan starts crying
Viplav: If Nandita is dead than the bangle, whose is it?
Piya: Nandita’s bangle, but it was with me.
All are shocked.
Lawyer: So you are the one who have killed Shambu Tripathi is that what you are trying to say?
Piya gets into flashback, when she tried to save Shambhu after seeing him struggling and runs to call the ambulance and then when she comes back she sees him dead and she is shocked and as she was about to take her phone to call the police she sees his body disappeared.
Piya: I was so shocked to see him like that I wonder who killed him so mercilessly. And that’s the fact.
Everyone is shocked, Viplav is not understanding what to do.
Lawyer: So this proves that murderer is indeed a family member
Viplav: I don’t know whoever it is, but I want my dad to get justice, my honor but in that pretext someone innocent shouldn’t get punished.
Lawyer: For that I would call one suspect Dhaani Viplav Tripathi in the witness box.
Dhaani comes in the witness box,
Lawyer: Mrs Dhaani can you exactly tell me why you killed your father-in-law?
Dhaani: No, I have not killed him.
Lawyer: The time in which Shambu Tripathi was killed that time you were missing from the ashram? Where did you went exactly?
Dhaani feels scared.
Lawyer: You do not have any answer right?
Dhaani is quiet.
Lawyer: Your silence says everything, so you are the one who killed Shambu Tripathi.
So, I think Dhaani deserves to be punished,
Viplav: Objection!
All are shocked to see Viplav being protective about Dhaani.
Viplav: That time Dhaani was with me.
All are quite surprised.
Viplav calls Tanya and Tripurari in. Kanak is shocked and becomes crazy,
Tripurari tells everyone what Kanak did and also Tanya says that how she witnessed everything,
Viplav: Tanya, did you see the murderer’s face?
Tanya: No, I didn’t
Tanya remembers how she saw Kanak stabbed Sham hu and then later she couldn’t see and sees Kanak standing near the cliff.
Tanya: As a lawyer, I should recommend you to send Kanak aunty in the witness box.
Viplav: You are right.
Kanak: How can you say like this Viplav? Why don’t you trust me?
Viplav: Mom, if you haven’t done anything wrong then what’s the problem. Come here,
Kanak: No!
Viplav: Judge, may I take permission to bring my mom here
Judge: Sure
Viplav brings his mom
Viplav: Let’s go mom.
Kanak: No, no it will be a problem
Viplav: There’s no problem in it, mom. Nothing will happen.
Kanak: No I will be punished,
Viplav: Why will you be punished.
Kanak frees herself.
Kanak: Because I was the one who killed my husband.
Everyone looks at Kanak shocked.
Kanak narrates how she stabbed him and as she was about to call she sees someone saving Shambu in that fear she decides to kill Shambu and is the one who stabbed him continuously and later seed Piya coming she hides and as Piya goes to take her phone she throws him from the cliff and gets an idea to make use of this and confuse everyone so that she won’t be punished.
Kanak: I can’t tolerate the fact that someone will snatch everything from me and also make me bad that’s why I killed him.
And Kanak becomes crazy.
Viplav: I did this to make you confess the truth mom.
Viplav tells everyone how he knew that his mom was the culprit.
Everyone is stunned and Viplav’s grandmother cries.
Kanak lookd at him and gives him a tight slap, Viplav is sad.
Judge: So the final verdict is Kanak Tripathi get punished for her deeds and will be jailed for murder.
Kanak is still not in her sense.
Karnak: Not possible. This is not possible.
And then she goes to Dashranth
Kanak: He is the main culprit he didn’t kill anyone but he is the reason. He have always insulted me and others and is a very bad human. He should be the one punished not me.
And Kanak starts strangling Dashranth.
Viplav leaves Kanak
Viplav: My honor, my mom is the culprit but she needs some treatment, I would request that before you arrest her can you please grant permission to make sure she gets proper treatmrnt and then she can get punished.
Judge: As Kanak Tripathi is mentally unstable, her punishment will be reduced as much as possible, and for now she will be given all the treatment needed. The case is closed.
Kanak is taken away to the asylum and all the family members accepts Viplav and Dhaani’s marriage. Dashranth is having mixed reactions.

Viplav is sitting on his bed and thinking. Dhaani sits besides him.
Dhaani: What’s the matter, Viplav?
Viplav: There is no problem, Dhaani.
Dhaani: You must be thinking about your mom, right?
Viplav: I know what mom have done was wrong, but she is my mom Dhaani.
Dhaani: I understand. But I know God will make everything fine and then the entire family will be a happy one.
Viplav: Even though you were treated badly, you still considered this as your own family. I am so lucky that I fell in love with you and also have you as my wife.
Dhaani is having tears on her eyes.
Viplav: Why are you crying, Dhaani? Did I say anything wrong?
Viplav is about to wipe Dhaani’s tears and Dhaani stops him,
Dhaani: Let them fall, these are tears of joy, I am really lucky to have a loving husband like you. I don’t want to lose you.
Dhaani hugs Viplav and cries. Viplav also hugs her. Ishq ka Rang Safed plays.
Viplav: Dhaani, I really love you a lot.
Dhaani: Viplav, I love you too.
And after that they seperate themselves and as Dhaani was about to go, Viplav holds her hand. Dhaani looks at Viplav and Dhaani and Viplav come closer to each other. Viplav switches off the lights. They bring their relationship to the next level.

After a few months,
A lot happens, Suwarna is released from the jail, and is staying at Viplav’s house along with Durga and Tripurari. Tripurari has become positive and is trying to win Suwarna’s heart. And Suwarna is not willing to forgive him. None knows about Dashranth and Tripurari’s relation yet. And Karan goes back to USA. Tanya grows back to her house. So, now in Viplav’s residence, Viplav, Dhaani, Viplav’s grandparents, Viplav’s sister and Tripurari’s family resides.
Dhaani is praying,
Dhaani: Thank you for solving things. It seems that everything is getting better now. But still not yet complete. Please cure Sasu Maa and then everyone will be a happy family once Sasu Maa comes back and also try to finish all the anger and hatred Viplav have for his mom. I have seen innocence in Sasu Maya’s eyes nowadays. And my heart says that she will change for sure. And please protect us from all evil eyes and give us happiness,
Dhaani finishes praying and Viplav scares her,
Dhaani: You just scared me.
Viplav smiles.
Dhaani: Now stop smiling and take the offerings,
Viplav happily takes it and eats it.
Dhaani is about to go, Viplav puts his arm around Dhaani’s neck
Dhaani: What are you doing? What if anyone sees us like this?
Viplav: Let them see. It doesn’t matter at all to me.
Dhaani: But it does matter to me.
Dhaani is about to go, Viplav pulls her close and Ishq Ishq plays, and as they were going closer someone knocks on the door, Dhaani goes to open the door
Dhaani: Mom is coming look like she is here already.
Dhaani goes. Dhaani opens the door and smiles,
Dhaani: Piya!
Piya: Hi Dhaani.
Dhaani: You have came her after many days, I am so happy that you came and that too with your grandma.
Piya’s grandma also comes and smiles. Dhaani takes her blessings,
Piya’s grandma: Stay happy.
Just then Viplav and other family members come,
Viplav: Hi Piya! Hi mam!
Piya: Hi Viplav!
Viplav introduces Piya and her grandma to his family. Everyone smiles, just then Dhaani’s mom also comes,
Dulaari: I am already late. I am going to my Buchiya’s in-laws. What will her in-laws say? Sometimes I do a lot of foolish stuffs.
Just then Dulaari sees Piya and her grandma standing from the back
Dulaari: I wonder who are these guests?
As Dulaari walks near and she gets to see Piya’s grandma’s face and is shocked,
Dulaari: Maa Ji?
Dulaari gets into flashback and Piya’s grandma is her mother-in-law and Piya is her step daughter and how she got married to her husband who has a daughter but his first wife is dead, and Dulaari gets rejected by her mom-in-law but due to her husband Dulaari comes . And when Dulaari’s husband died she was thrown out of the house along with baby Dhaani.
Dulaari cries and as she was about to leave, Dhaani sees her,
Dhaani: Mai! You are here?
Dhaani goes to bring her mom, Piya and her grandma looks behind, Piya smiles and her grandma is shocked.
The episode ends.

Precap: Piya’s grandma taunts Dulaari a lot, Piya tries to console her grandma and Dhaani tells her to stop it and why she is doing this. Dulaari says its her grandma, dhaani, viplav and others are shocked. And later, Viplav and Dhaani hold hands and they smilebat each other and while they were about to go out, they open the door and Viplav smiles and Dhaani is shocked.

The next episode will be posted by Sunday 6 March latest.
4 more episodes to go. Please do feel free express your opinions.

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