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This may come as a shocker to most of you but this will be the last episode as I will have some internet issues from 20th to 30th March. So I thought that instead of making you all wait for the last episode for so many days why don’t I just end the ff in episode 14 itself? that’s why I made it longer,

The episode begins with Viplav being tied to the chair and being tortured.
Viplav: I will not spare you, just let me out once!
The guy that kidnapped Viplav is Raja. Raja walks around Viplav’s chair and laughs in an evil manner.
Raja: I am much smarter than you have thought.
Raja gets into flashback how Viplav have came to Raja to talk about Dhaani.

Viplav: Raja, I have got to know about everything, you were right.
Raja smirks.
Viplav: This is what you wanted to listen right?
Raja is shocked.
Viplav: I have seen innocence in my Dhaani’s face and I know very well that she is innocent and there must be a reason behind Raghu aka Munna’s murder.

Raja: Oh really?
Viplav: I know very well you have a huge role to play in Munna’s murder, after all I am lawyer.
Raja is stunned.
Viplav: I have spoke to your mom and besides Suman aka Dhaani you were present when Munna was killed and he was killed as he fall down from upstairs. And my sister Shalu told me that she saw you speaking to a picture, that Suman you will be punished for my mistake of killling my own brother with my own hand for denying me.
Viplav remembers how he went to Raja’s mom and asked forgiveness and told that he can help her, and how she never expected an innocent Suman to kill her son. And also how Shalini called Viplav and told him how she saw Raja talking with the family pic looking at Dhaani’s pic a few days ago the day before engagement.

Viplav: That time I understood that you were the one who killed Munna not Dhaani.
Raja: So finally you got to know the truth like a great lawyer.
Viplav: Now police will arrest you and my Dhaani will get rid of all the blame she got for your mistake, Mr. Raja Awashty.
Raja is shocked,
Viplav: I won’t spare you for harming and hurting my Dhaani, Mr. Raja Awasthy I will make sure you get punished.
Raja smirks and Viplav’s looks behind as a goon hits him on the head. Viplav falls unconscious.

Raja gets out of the flashback
Raja: Now your wife have 5 days, 5 days to find you and save you and she will be mine. Only mine.
Raja starts laughing and Viplav gives him a very angry look.

4 days have past since Viplav have been kidnapped. Dhaani have been trying her best along with Kanak, Dashranth, Tripurari and others to call Viplav’s friend and find out the matter. Dhaani have gone to other places but still doesn’t finds Viplav.

Dhaani serves a glass of water to Dashranth.
Dadaji: Its all because of me, I should have never done illegal stuffs, for this God have punished me first he took away my son and now my grandson is suffering, what did I do?
Kanak: Its not your fault Babuji, its my fault I have always misbehaved with others and taunted my daughter Dhaani and also killed my own husband that’s why God is punishing me like this.
Kanak starts crying.
Dhaani: I know very well God never do bad to good people, we are being tested and I will make sure this test gets passed.
Dhaani looks on,

Every night, Dhaani looks beside her on the bed where Viplav used to sleep and she cries looking at Viplav’s pic. Aankhon mein Neendein from We are a family plays. As Dhaani always sleeps while being teary eyed. Viplav on the other hand also thinks about Dhaani and cries.

Here Dhaani wakes up and finds Viplav besides her.
Viplav: Hi!
Dhaani: You!
Viplav: Why? Aren’t you happy to see me here?
Dhaani: What are you saying?
Viplav: Then come hug me my Shikayati pudia.
Viplav forwards his arms and Dhaani hugs Viplav. It turns out to be Dhaani’s imagination.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Please come back to me soon, Viplav.

Just then someone calls Dhaani, its Raja.
Dhaani: Who?

Raja: Its me, Suman.
Dhaani: Raja? Please tell me where is my Viplav?
Raja starts laughing, and makes Viplav speak to Dhaani.
Viplav says slowly.
Viplav: Dhaani?
Dhaani: Yes, its me
Viplav: Take care of yourself and I know you are innocent and I will expose this Raja I promise you,
Dhaani starts crying and Raja in anger snactches the phone,
Raja: This is enough for now!
Dhaani: Hello, Viplav Vip
Raja: Now you have 2 more hours to make your decision me or Viplav’s death?
Dhaani: No no please don’t kill him.
Raja: I will tell you where to meet after two hours.
Raja keeps the phone.
Dhaani: Hello?
Just then Kanak comes and Dhaani hugs her and cries.
Dhaani: That Raja will not spare Viplav.
Kanak: Now there is only one way.
Dhaani: What is that?
Kanak: Come with me.
Kanak holds Dhaani’s hand and takes her somewhere.

Here Kanak comes and prays for Viplav along with Dhaani.
Kanak: This is the only way to get my son back.
Kanak and Dhaani prays,
Kanak: (in her mind) Its only because of my misdeeds my son is being punished miserably. Please give all punishments to me not my son, what have he done? Please protect my son.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I have faced a lot of problems in my life but you gave me the strength to face them, but I can’t bear the strength to lose my husband Viplav. Please protect him at any cost. I know you will definitely show some miracles,
Dhaani holds her mangalsutra.

Here Viplav is being tied and he finds a candle being lit, he tries to go near the candle with being tied to the chair and make sure the knot on the rope is burnt by the candlelight. And as Raja comes he just pretends as if nothing happened, Raja doesn’t realize it.

Dhaani and Kanak goes out of the temple and some ladies taunt Dhaani on the road.
Lady 1: Kanak Tripathi is back from the asylum, I pity for her,
Lady 2: Yes, this is what happens when you make a widow marry with your son.
Dhaani is sad and Kanak is angry,
Lady 1: I feel so bad, even before marrying her son this widow’s presence killed Kanak Tripathi’s husband also made her a widow.
Lady 2: All the problems in this family is only because of this wicked widow.
Lady 1: I hope Viplav also doesnt
Kanak couldn’t control her anger and goes to scold the ladies.
Kanak: How dare you speak like this about my daughter-in-law and son like this?
Lady 1: What wrong did I say? Maybe your son may, and

Kanak is about to hit the lady, Dhaani stops her and tries to calm her down.
Lady 2: People like you domy deserve to stay here,
Dhaani brings Kanak home and Kanak cries hugging Dhaani.
Kanak: Now only you can bring my son back to me.
Dhaani gets thinking.

Just then Raja calls Dhaani
Raja: Now 2 hours is gone, what is your decision?
Dhaani: I need more time.
Raja: Tell me quick if not
Dhaani: Don’t do anything to Viplav, I will do as you say.
Raja: Then you know where to come, remembers
Dhaani gets into flashback how she saw Raja making Munna more addicted to alcohol in the same godown and Raja sees Dhaani seeing everything, and Dhaani is shocked.
Dhaani get about of flashback.
Dhaani: I get it.
Raja smirks
Raja: So you still remember?
Dhaani: I will never forget that,
Raja keeps the phone,
Dhaani: (in her mind) I must save my Viplav at any cost,

Here Raja is at some place, and making his plans to take away Dhaani. Viplav manages to burn the knot of the rope and he goes away, slowly and he looks around. Dhaani reaches the place and goes up to search Viplav. Finally Dhaani and Viplav manage to see each other, and Dhaani runs to hug Viplav. Humdard from Ek Villain plays. They both share a hug,
Dhaani: Where did you go? I was so worried for you. Don’t you ever leave me.
Viplav: No one can seperate us Dhaani, I know very well that you didn’t kill that Munna.
Dhaani looks at Viplav.
Viplav: I know very well my Dhaani can never kill anyone, and I also know it was Raja who killed Munna not you.
Dhaani cries,
Dhaani: That means you trust me?

Viplav: Forever, I love you a lot
Dhaani: I love you too
Viplav: Nothing will go on now, happy marriage anniversary
Dhaani: Happy marriage anniversary
Viplav: I will always be there for you after all our love is as pure as white.

Just then Raja comes and claps. Dhaani is scared and Viplav makes Dhaani hide behind him.
Raja: Wow what a love story of Viplav and Dhaani, actually no
Viplav looks at Raja angrily
Raja: Dhaani aka Suman you will be only mine and no one else
Dhaani: I will see what can you do no one can separate me from Viplav.
Raja: This much love, then I think Viplav should also die this time
Dhaani: No!

Raja: So instead of becoming a widow for a second time, its better if you come to me and everything will be alright, everyone will be happy,
Dhaani: I never expected you will again stoop this low
Raja: Dont talk too much if not like my brother Munna I can kill your husba

Just then Viplav’s entire family and Raja’s mom comes.
Raja’s mom comes and slaps Raja.
Raja’s mom: I cursed poor Dhaani(Suman is also Dhaani’s name, Dhaani is nickname and Suman is formal name) because of you Raja and you killed your brother,
Raja: Good I kill him because I loved Suman, Munna never loved her.
Raja’s mom: How dare you speak like this?
Raja pushes his mom and Dhaani holds her,
Dhaani goes and slap Raja,

Dhaani: People like you should not be called a human,
Dashranth: I have called the police now nothing can happen,
Raja is shocked.
Dhaani: Now I will see what will happen, after all you deserved to be punished for what you did,
Raja pulls Dhaani’s hair
Raja: Don’t do like this to me my Sum an
Dhaani: I am not your Sum an
Viplav isn’t able to control his anger,and he starts hitting Raja.
Raja is getting hit by Viplav continuously
Viplav: You dare to harm my Dhaani.
And he goes on hitting. Raja finally falls down the ground,

Viplav goes to his family and hugs all of them.
Viplav: I have forgiven you Dadaji and mom.
Dashranth and Kanak are happy. Everyone is happy,
Raja’s mom: Dhaani I am sorry for misbehaving with you, I did so much bad,
Dhaani: It was not your fault at all.

Raja’s mom: You are very lucky to have a husband like Viplav. You deserved it,
Dhaani looks at Viplav and Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays,
Raja’s mom leave and as she look at Raja
Raja’s mom: Now only the police can punish for what you did. You are not my son anymore, I had only one son Munna and you even killed him, you are merely a murderer,
And she goes away.
Tripurari: The police are herel
Viplav: Now everything will be fine.
Viplav goes to Dhaani,
Viplav: Now there won’t be problem in our ishq ka rang safed

Viplav and the family are about to go
Raja pats Viplav and Viplav looks at Raja shocked.
Raja: Not so easily I will let this love story have an happy ending,
Raja takes out a gun. All are shocked especially Dhaani.
Raja: Now all its over for you, Mr.Viplav Tripathi.
Raja shoots Viplav.
Dhaani: Viplav!
Viplav closes his eyes and sees nothing happened to him. Dhaani comes in front of Viplav and gets shoton her shoulder. All are shocked and stunned,
Viplav: Dhaani!
Dhaani falls at Viplav’s arm and Viplav’s hand is full of blood. Viplav is shocked
Raja is shocked and disappointed too.
Raja: Suman? I didn’t mean to harm you.
The police comes and arrests Raja.
Police: Mr, Raja Awasthy you are under arrest for murdering your brother and also shooting Dhaani Tripathi.

The police takes Raja away and Raja is teary eyed looking at Dhaani.
Viplav is looking at Dhaani in his arm
Viplav: Nothing will happen to you, everything will be alright
Dhaani: Viplav?
Viplav: We will go to the hospital everything will be fine.
Dhaani: Always remember our Ishq Ka Rang Safed,
Dhaani closes her eyes and dies.
Viplav: Dhaani!

It have been 8 years later since that incident and a guy is narrating this entire story to two kids- a 7 yrs old boy and a 5 yrs old girl on his lap. You can assume the boy as Eklavya who was last seen as Molu on Saathiya on star plus and you can assume the girl as Sangram who was last seen as Kaali on Kaala Teeka on zee TV. The guy who is narrating the entire story is none other than Viplav who is still the same but is in formals and wearing a spectacle.
Girl: What happened after that? Did the princess really die?
Boy: No Vinita(girls name). I am sure the guy must have saved her like a superhero?
Vinita: Yes, you are right Ved(boys name) Bhaia this cannot happen, I am sure the superhero will save his princess,
Ved: Please tell me what happened after that?
Viplav opens his glasses, and a lady comes and says

Lady: You are right, the superhero won’t let his princess die so easily,
The lady is wearing a yellow saree and it turns out to be Dhaani who is more modern now.
Vinita: Ma can you say what happened next?
Ved: Papa is not telling us.
Viplav smiles,
Viplav: Beta, you are right the princess was saved.
Dhaani: By his superhero,
Vinita and Ved gets happy and claps. And Viplav and Dhaani look at each other.
They get into a flashback,

Here Viplav is crying with Dhaani unconscious on his lap, and Viplav feels Dhaani’s heartbeat.
Viplav: Dhaani! Dhaani is still alive. I knew she won’t leave me so easily,
Kanak: Quickly take her to the hospital.

Dhaani is taken to the hospital and Viplav and others rushes her to the hospital.
Dhaani is taken in the operation theater, Viplav is looking with teary eyed,
Just then Dulaari comes
Dulaari: What happened to my buchiya?

Suwarna narrates the entire Raja thing to Dulaari and Dulaari is shocked and falls on the ground.
Just then the doctor comes
Doctor: Right now we can’t say anything, she have been shot on the shoudler and good she is brought on hospital on time. Give us some more time.
Viplav: Doctor, please save my Dhaani.
Doctor: We will try but we can’t give false hope.
The doctor goes in and Viplav is crying.
Viplav: Why me? Why?

Kanak is praying teary eyed
Kanak: Please protect my daughter-in-law. I know she is a fighter,
After a long time, the doctor comes out
Doctor: Dhaani is absolutely fine now. We have removed the bullet from here shoulder successfully.
Viplav and others take a sigh of relief.
Doctor: But she must be given extra care now and especially in this condition.
Viplav: Doctor, is everything okay?
Doctor: Mr Viplav I said this because your wife is pregnant. Congratulations.
Viplav looks at the doctor and he is having mixed reaction. Everyone is super happy. And everyone congratulates Viplav by hugging him.

Sushma: I didn’t know when my grandson grew up so soon and now he is going to be a father soon
Viplav: Doctor, may I meet Dhaani?
Doctor: Only one person can go in at a time.
Kanak: Why are you just looking at our face just go in.
Viplav rushes in to meet Dhaani.

Here Dhaani is taking rest, and Viplav helps her.
Dhaani: I didn’t know all this will happen so soon.
Viplav comes and sits besides Dhaani.
Dhaani: I thought I would have died today.
Viplav closes her mouth.
Viplav: Never speak about death infront of me from today onwards.
Viplav and Dhaani look at each other. And Ishq Ishq plays.
Viplav: Our love is very strong Dhaani. Our love have purity and innocence which implies white, After all the color of love is white.

Dhaani hugs Viplav and cries.
Viplav: Stop crying, be strong what will our baby say that mom is a cry baby?
Dhaani: Stop cracking jokes let them fall it is my tears of joy, I have never imagined this will be the happiest moment of my life.
Viplav: Thank you for the best anniversary gift ever, Dhaani.
They both hug each other.

Viplav and dhaani gets out of the flashback. They smile looking at each other.
Its holi day and Viplav, Dhaani, Ved and Vinita are all dressed in white and all is playing holi. While they look smiling.
Vinita: Dad, why do everyone wear white in holy?
Ved: Yes. White is so plain and holi all the colors are thrown
Viplav: White is above all colors,
Dhaani is looking at Viplav

Viplav: White accept all colors beta, unlike other colors
Vinita: Oho I have never thought of that, white is my favorite color
Ved: Mine too white is also my favorite color,
As they four were about to go in,
Viplav looks at Dhaani and as the kids run, Viplav whispers to Dhaani.
Viplav: The color of our love is white.
Dhaani and Viplav share an eyelock, ishq ka rang safed plays.
This fan fiction ends here.

Conclusion: Usualyg we hear phrases like roses are red, love means red. White was underrated to be signified as one of the color of love. But Viplav and Dhaani’s love story signified that the color of love can also be white. When they both meet each other for the first time, white did play its part at that time itself. Dhaani was a widow and white became a part of her life permananetly but this burden also turned out to be a blessing as Viplav falls for her innocence. And their white color love helped them face all challenges and pass all the test!. Viplav’s and Dhaani’s love story didn’t only male white considered as a color of love but have some people love white color too and never considered it as a sad or unlucky color, some may still not accept white but they do know that white can make someone’s love very strong too.

I am happy that in my fan fiction love is white there have been 28 different people commenting overall at least once and there have been an average of 7 comments in each episodes of my love is white fan fiction. The least no. of comments I received was Episode No. 7 (3 comments) and the most no. of comments I received was Episode No. 10 and 11 (12 comments)
The average no. Of comments in my fan fiction from episode 1-5 was 7 comments which decreased to 6 comments from episode 6-10 which made me sad but again increase to 11 comments from episode 11-13 which made me happy.

Honestly speaking I have never thought that my fan fiction love is white will go on till episode 14 the highest I thought was 8 episodes. I wanted to ended this fan fiction within 10 episodes but I extended it for all of you.

Thanks for commenting in all of my episodes Sujie. Thank you for commenting in most of my episodes Ahana, Saranya, Pethu Sri followed by Rajee and AM. And also thank you Ranaji, Anisha, Kavitha, Aish, Louella, Varsha, Prachi and Swara. And also thank you the 14 other people who commented in my ff once. And thank you silent readers.

And of I have not meet up to your expectations I am really sorry, I just gave my best.

And please do give me a feedback on my fan fiction so that if I come back with a new one on IKRS I can make it much better.

And yes do watch IKRS on colors at 6.30pm(India time).

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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