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The episode begins with Dhaani thinking how to tell Viplav about her truth.
Dhaani: (in her mind) How do I tell Viplav the truth?
Just then Dhaani gets into a flashback where Viplav asks Dhaani what she will gift him for their anniversary.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Yes that’s good. That’s the only way I can tell Viplav the truth.
Dhaani makes an arrangement for hers and Viplav’s date. She decorates the room with candles and flowers. She also arranges the table and decorates it.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Now in pretext of this date I can tell Viplav the entire truth of my past. But where is he? should I call him?

Here Viplav comes to meet Raja. And Viplav and Raja come face to face.
Viplav: Say whatever you want to say.
Raja looks at Viplav and smirks.
Raja: Why are you in such a hurry?
Viplav: I have no time to listen to your nonsense.
Raja: Okay, okay but will you be able to digest the truth.
Viplav: I already know what the truth is.
Raja: Oh really? Whatever you know is the half-truth.
Viplav is surprised.
Raja: Okay, I will tell you the entire truth.
Raja: Suman is the one who killed my brother,
Viplav: What?
Raja: Oh sorry, I mean Dhaani. Dhaani right? She is the one who killed my brother.

Viplav holds Raja’s collar.
Viplav: Hey mind your tongue and think before you speak a word against my Dhaani as I won’t spare you.
Raja: When you will listen to truth what will you do?
Viplav: You,

Raja: I didn’t know this Suman was this much smart. She told you the truth in such a way that you just believed her. Believe me, Viplav she was the one who killed my brother who was her first husband,
Viplav: Now enough!
Viplav leaves.
Raja: I will see what you will do once you get to know the truth.
Raja smirks.
Just the Viplav gets a call.
Dhaani: When are you coming?
Viplav: I am coming quige soon.
Dhaani: Quickly come.
Dhaani keeps the phone.
Viplav: (in his mind) Why is this Dhaani asking me to come quickly? Anyways I must ask Dhaani about the matter.

Here Viplav comes in the room and he is surprised and stunned to see the arrangements for his and Dhaani’s date. Viplav smiles and forgets about the matter.
Viplav: Oh so my dear wife was calling me home for this? Its really nice. I wonder where is Dhaani? Dhaani!
Just then a girl in a beautiful Saree comes and its Dhaani. Viplav looks at Dhaani smiling and Ishq Ishq plays. Viplav stares at Dhaani.
Viplav: You are looking really beautiful.
Dhaani smiles and tries to tell him the truth.
Viplav: Nope you won’t say anything.
Viplav starts making Dhaani dance, and Dhaani couldn’t say anything seeing Viplav happy.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Viplav seems happy now, what should I do?
And later Viplav and Dhaani are sitting together and they have dinner together,

Viplav: Dhaani ask me whatever you want for our first wedding anniversary?
Dhaani: Will you give me that?
Viplav: Sure just say it once,
Dhaani: Actually I want
Viplav: Say what you want,
Dhaani: I want you to forgive Maa and Dadaji.
Dhaani closes her eyes. Viplav looks at her surprised and then tries to smile a little,
Viplav: Dhaani, I don’t mind forgiving them but I just need some time.
Dhaani: I understand, but forgive them fast only then the happiness of this family would be completed.
Viplav: You care so much for my family?
Dhaani looks on.
As Dhaani was about to go, Viplav holds her hand and they both come closer to each other, and share some romantic and cosy moments. And Viplav kisses Dhaani on her forehead and as they both were coming closer to each other, Dhaani closes her eyes and Viplav remembers what Raja has told him about Dhaani. And he gets away. Dhaani looks on.
Viplav: Dhaani, may I ask you a question?
Dhaani: Sure,
Viplav: Have you killed Raja’s brother Raghu(just assume Dhaanu’s husband name is Raghu)?
Dhaani is shocked.
Viplav: I am sorry why am I even asking this question I don’t even know what’s wrong with me? I think I have to do something about this Raja as I totally believe that you didn’t do anything,

As Viplav was about to go
Dhaani: What if the answer breaks your heart?
Viplav looks at Dhaani. Viplav comes near to Dhaani.
Viplav: What do you mean?
Dhaani: I mean that
Viplav: Look Dhaani I just have one question have you killed Raghu? Yes or No?
Dhaani: Viplav actually thing is
Viplav: Yes or No?
Dhaani have tears on her eyes, Viplav makes her swear
Viplav: Now swear on me and say the truth either yes or no
Dhaani: Yes!
Viplav is shocked and shattered.
Dhaani: Yes, I have killed him. But this is
Viplav looks at Dhaani and cups her face.
Viplav: Why didn’t you tell me before?
Dhaani: I have tried to tell you the truth several times but
Viplav: But? But what?
Dhaani is crying,
Dhaani: Viplav, please listen
Viplav: There is nothing to listen to now, you were the one who told me that the most important thing in a marriage is trust, and now you yourself break the trust.
Dhaani nods no. Viplav holds Dhaani tightly,
Viplav: I thought you will not break my trust like Dadaji and mom, but you did. Now I can’t trust you at all.
Viplav in anger destroys all the decorations and stuffs. Dhaani tries to stop him but he doesn’t listens at all.

Viplav: Dhaani, I will not forgive you for breaking my trust,
Viplav leaves from there and Dhaani falls on the floor and starts crying.
Viplav walks on the road shattered and thinking about his marriage and romantic moments with Dhaani. They both cry. Yaara Re from Roy plays. Later Dhaani falls asleep.

Dhaani walks up.
Dhaani: (In her mind) I know Viplav will never forgive me but where is he?
Dhaani starts searching for Viplav and just then Kanak comes to her,
Kanak: What happened beta?
Dhaani: Where is Viplav?
Sushma: Isn’t he still sleeping in the room?
Dhaani: No, he is not even in the room.
Dashranth: Dhaani bahu don’t worry, he may have go to the court
Tripurari: But the court is closed due to public holidays,
Sushma: Where can he go?
Dhaani starts crying.
Kanak: What happened beta, why are you crying?
Dhaani: Its all because of me,
Kanak: What do you mean I don’t understand?

Dhaani: Yesterday me and Viplav had a fight.
Sushma: Listen beti, fights are quite common between married couples and also Viplav will come back soon.
Dhaanu: The matter itself is serious,
Sushma: What happened feel free to tell us.
Dhaani narrates how she told Viplav she was the one who killed Raghu
Dashranth: So you were the one who killed Raja’s brother who is your first husband?
Dhaani nods yes, and starts crying vigorously.
Kanak: I am sure there must be some other and valid reason why you did so right beti?
Dhaani nods yes and she narrates the entire truth and the actual thing.
And she hugs Kanak crying.
Dhaani: I didn’t know things will go this far.
Kanak:It was just an accident, and I know Viplav he loves you a lot he will definately come.

Just then the phone rings, Suwarna gives the phone to Dhaani.
Suwarna: The phone call is for you.
Dhaani takes it and hears someone laughing. Dhaani is shocked.
Dhaani: Who are you?
Anonymous: It’s me Dhaani, oops I mean Suman
Dhaani is stunned,
Dhaani: Raja!
Raja smirks.
Raja: Now Viplav knows the entire truth and you must be wondering where is he?
Dhaani: Where is he?
Raja: He is under my captive.
Dhaani: Don’t harm him. What do you want?
Raja: I want you!
Dhaani is shocked.
Raja: You have five days to decide and after that either you come to me or no more Viplav Iin your life.
Dhaani: Please dont do anything. Hello? Hello?
Raja cancels the call, and Dhaani drops the phone
Kanak: What happened Dhaani?
Dashranth: Yes, what happened?
Dhaani: Vip Viplav
Sushma: Viplav what?
Dhaani starts crying.
Dhaani: Viplav is kidnapped by Raja,
All are shocked.

Dhaani thinks about the five day thing and remember that after 5 days is their anniversary too.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I will save you Viplav.
the episode ends.

Precap: Dhaani and Viplav meet each other. And just then Raja comes and smriks looking at them. Raja says now I won’t spare you. Raja points the gun at Viplav and shoots. Dhaani shouts Viplav.

Next episode will be published by this Friday, 18 March.
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Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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