Ishq Ka Rang Safed- The Color of Love is White Episode 12


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The episode begins with Raja’s family being shocked to see Shalini and Ram married.
The entire family is surprised as they do not know how to answer Raja’s family.
Raja’s mom: May I have an explanation of what is happening here?
Dashranth: Samban Ji, actually its my fault.
Just then Dhaani and Viplav comes to the temple also.

Raja’s mom: What do you mean?
Dashranth: I didn’t tell you but Shalini’s marriage was fixed with Ram and then I broke off this alliance as he came to know that I was a fraud. But my grand-daughter loves Ram so I can’t do anything as this is her decision.
Raja’s mom: So you would have told me before.
Dhaani: No, no its not as you thought.
Raja’s mom and Dhaani come face to face and they both are shocked.
Raja’s mom: Suman? You? Here?
Dhaani: Its not what do you think
Raja’s mom: So, you even came till here. You are the root of all the problems.
And as she raises her hand slap Dhaani. Viplav stops her,
Viplav: You have no right to raise hand on my wife.
Raja’s mom is shocked, and Raja is also shocked.
Raja: Viplav, do you even know what she did.
Viplav: Yes, Dhaani already told me everything.

Viplav gets into flashback how Dhaani told him the truth.
Dhaani: I have to tell you something,

Viplav: What is it?
Dhaani: I am Suman.
Viplav is surprised.
Viplav: Suman?
Dhaani: I know Raja and his family. His mom and my mom were best friends, but one day something very wrong happened. I was also responsible for it.
Viplav: What happened?
Dhaani: Raja’s mom did wrong by torturing my Mai, I was disappointed for which I scolded Raja and his mom. But I didn’t know they will punish me like this.
Viplav: I have understood.
Viplav takes Dhaani’s hand and go to the temple.
Dhaani: But Viplav?
Viplav gets out of the flashback.

Dhaani: (in her mind)I wish I could have told you the entire truth Viplav.
Dhaani looks at Viplav,
Raja’s mom: Oh really?

Viplav: Your real face is being exposed so just go from here.
Raja: Yes, I am leaving but I hope you won’t regret.
Raja takes his mom and leaves.
Raja: And Suman I will see how long you can hide the truth.
Raja’s mom: Once you all see this girl’s reality you all will realize.
Raja takes his mom and leaves from there. Dhaani starts crying. Viplav hugs Dhaani,
Viplav: Its okay Dhaani, but I am happy at least you told me the truth and didn’t break my trust.
Dhaani: (in her mind) I wish I would have got the chance to tell you the entire truth, Viplav.
Later after Shalini’s bidaai ceremony is done, the entire family leaves,

Its Night Time,
Viplav is looking at his family photo sadly and Dhaani comes and sits besides him.
Viplav: I didn’t know this will happen.
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: I will never forget the way my mom and grandfather deceived me.
Dhaani: They have done a mistake. Please forgive them, Viplav.
Viplav nods no.

Viplav: It will be very difficult for me to forgive them.
Dhaani: But they deserve a second chance.
Viplav: It will be quite difficult for me. I can’t trust them anymore.
Dhaani looks on.
Viplav: Now it will be difficult for me to trust anyone. The only person I can trust is you, Dhaani and no one else. Today when you told me about your trust I have even more trust on you,
Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand.
Viplav: And I know very well you will never break my trust.
As Viplav is about to go, Dhaani runs and hugs him. Viplav smiles and also hugs her back,
Viplav: I have made my Shikayati Pudia this much emotional.
Dhaani: No, this is for real.
Viplav: Okay okay fine.
Dhaani: Promise me one thing,
Viplav: Tell me anything, I would fulfill it for you.
Dhaani: Promise me that you will never ever go far far away from me,
Viplav: I promise, in my heart it will be only your place and no one else’s and you can never go far away from my heart.
Dhaani: Viplav, I have to tell you something.

Viplav: What is it? Oh please I hope its not about mom or grandfather?
Dhaani: But Viplav?
Viplav: I have to go to sleep now. I am really tired.
Viplav goes to sleep.
Dhaani: Even today I couldn’t tell him the entire truth.

It is morning, and Dhaani wakes up from her sleep and she looks at Viplav lovingingly and smiles. And then she gets into flashback how Viplav said that he trust her a lot, and will lose believe in trust. And then Dhaani becomes sad.
Dhaani: Why do you trust me so much? I may break it. But I really want to tell you the truth.
Dhaani looks on,
Dhaani: He looks so innocent when he sleep, I think I should tell him the truth once he wakes up.
As Dhaani was about to go, Viplav holds her hand. And Dhaani looks behind.
Viplav: Promise me that you will never leave me and go.
Dhaani: I promise.

Viplav pulls Dhaani closer to him.
Viplav: Good morning, beautiful
Dhaani smiles.
Dhaani: Viplav?
As Viplav and Dhaani were getting closer, they hear someone knocking the door. Its Viplav’s grandmother,
Sushma: Viplav and dhaani someone came,
Dhaani goes and Viplav also follows her.

Viplav and Dhaani comes downstairs. And they see Kanak back from the mental asylum, Dhaani smiles but Viplav is not happy. Kanak goes to hug Viplav, but Viplav goes away. Kanak is sad,
Kanak: Its my fault I deserved it.

Kanak goes to Tripurari and his family and folds her hand.
Kanak: I am sorry for treating all of you badly.
Durga: No need to ask for forgiveness, better late than never at least you understood.
Kanak sees Dhaani and comes to her and fold hands.
Kanak: I am so sorry for whatever I did for you,
Dhaani sepeartes them.
Dhaani: Whatever you did was as a mother, but your way of doing was wrong.
Kanak: I have always misbehaved with you. Can I call you Dhaani beti?
Dhaani and Kanak hugs and have tears on their eyes.
Dashranth and Sushma smiles. Durga, Tripurari and Suwarna also smiles.

Its evening time and all the family members are chit-chatting with each other and are smiling. Tripurari wants to talk to Suwarna but she is not looking at him. Dhaani persuades Suwarna. Tripurari omes downstairs and everyone tries to laugh as Tripurari gets clean shave and has no moustache,
Suwarna: Why is everyone laughing? Is anything wrong?

Dhaani: Just look behind,
Suwarna looks at Tripurari and starts laughing.
Tripurari: Others are laughing I can understand, and I got clean shave for you and you are laughing,
Suwarna: Actually you look very good in this look.
Tripurari smiles,
Suwarna: But I havent forgiven you.
Tripurari: Please Suwarna I am so sorry.
Tripurari holds his ears,
Dhaani: Now forgive him.
Suwarna: Okay fine I forgive you.but
Tripurari: But what?
Suwarna: You look very funny and strange in this look.
Suwarna and all the family members starts laughing. Tripurari also starts laughing later.

Viplav comes downstairs and sees this. He is happy for his family but he is still angry with what he did. Dhaani comes to him.

Dhaani: Look at everyone they all are quite happy
Viplav: I am happy to see my family like this but
Dhaani: If you forgive mom and grandfather this family will be complete and I just want this and nothing else.
Viplav: I just need time, Dhaani.
Dhaani: What if I did like this?
Viplav: Oh cmon Dhaani you will never do these sort of things.
Dhaani: But what if I did.
Viplav: I don’t know what you are saying, but there is no use. I will still not forgive them so easily.
Dhaani: Viplav, I have to tell you something.
As Dhaani was about to tell Viplav the truth, someone calls Viplav. Its Raja.
Raja: Hello Viplav, I am Raja
Viplav: Why did you call here?
Raja: I just want to tell you the entire truth about your wife’s past.
Viplav: You will say and I will agree?

Raja: If you really trust your wife then come to my house,
Viplav: Okay fine, I am coming just to prove you wrong,
Raja keeps the phone.
Dhaani: Who was i?
Viplav: It was regarding work and I have to go now.
Viplav leaves.
Dhaani: Listen, Viplav!
The episode ends.

Precap: Raja tells Viplav that Suman aka Dhaani killed his brother, Viplav is shocked. Later, Dhaani gets a call and she gets shocked and drops the phone.

The next episode will be published from Monday, 14th March to Thursday, 17th March any one day between these days.
3 more episodes to go. Please comment 🙂

Credit to: RANDOMFAN

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  2. Very good ans neat work joyee. Keep going…..all the best.

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  4. Fatarajo it was so nice. Ur writing skills r awesome. When I was reading I was imagining all this. And that tripurari without moustache scene was very funny. Our suspense writer has come with new suspenses. Plz update it as fast as u can. Just waiting for the next part

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    1. Ranaji(die hard fan of ishveer)

      Me too yaar she is the best writer she writes good than me

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      Fatarajo is made from the first two letters of each name in my full name like Jo from Joyee
      And Joyee is my nickname
      And randomfan is just because I m a randomfan 😛

  10. Hey all I know you are disappointed with my ff ending soon I will try to come back with a new ff once my holiday will begin and my IKRS ff got average response till episode 9 but after episode 9 it got good response

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