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Ishq Ka Rang Safed FF- The Color of Love is White (Episode 8) VALENTINES’ SPECIAL

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Here the episode begins with Piya’s grandma being shocked.
Dhaani: This is my mai, and mai this is piya you know her and her grandma.
Dulaari is nervous and Piya’s grandma is quiet.
Piya: Hi nice to meet you. I am Piya
Dulaari is surprised and looks at Piya. Piya is surprised too as she looks her grandma is stunned.
Piya: Granny, why aren’t you saying anything?
Piya’s grandma is quiet.
Dulaari: Dhaani, I wanted to say that
Dhaani gestures her to say what she wants to say.
Piya: Granny?

Piya’s grandma: Piya get me out of here I don’t want to see this lady’s face.
Dhaani: I respect you, but this is not the way to talk to my mom.
Piya: Granny, what happened? Why are you behaving like this?
Piya’s grandma: When you will know what you will also behave like that.
Piya: But what’s the matter.
Piya’s grandma: She is none other than your step mom, Piya.
Piya is shocked.
Piya: What?
Piya’s grandma: Yes, she is the one.
Piya cries.

Piya: I think we should go from here now.
Piya leaves,
Dhaani: Piya madam listen.
Dhaani looks at her mom
Dhaani: What is she saying, mai I don’t understand anything.
Dulaari: Whatever she just said is truth.
Dulaari narrates the entire story to Dhaani and Viplav.
Dhaani: You should have told me the truth before.
Dhaani gets sad and leaves,
Dulaari: Dhaani, listen to me, Dhaani!
Dulaari gets sad.
Viplav: May I ask you something?

Dulaari: Okay sure you can.
Viplav: Why is Piya’s grandma so angry with you?
Dulaari narrates the entire story to Viplav, like how Dhaani’s dad married her and Piya was her stepdaughter. Piya’s grandma disliked her and when Dhaani’s dad died she threw Dhaani’s mom and dhaani out of the house,
Dulaari cries and Viplav consoles her,
Viplav: Now I know what to do

Here Viplav comes and sees Dhaani sad. Viplav smiles. Dhaani looks at Viplav,
Dhaani: I know what you want to talk to me about but I am not in mood now.
Viplav comes and sits besides Dhaani.
Viplav: My Shikayati pudia you don’t look cute at all when you are angry.
Dhaani: Say whatever you want I won’t listen to you.
Viplav: Okay fine, shikayati pudia.
Dhaani: Can you stop calling me that?

Viplav: You will have to listen to me now.
Dhaani throws the pillow at Viplav. Viplav also throws pillow at Dhaani and they do pillow fight and Ishq Ishq plays. Dhaani smiles.
Viplav: May I say something now, pleaseeee pleaseee,
Dhaani: Okay fine,
Viplav smiles.
Viplav: Do you love your mom?
Dhaani: I love her a lot is that even a question and I am angry because she could have shared it with me at least.

Viplav: Will you listen to me?
Dhaani looks at Viplav angrily, and Viplav tries to manage her,
Viplav: There must be a reason and I know why,
Viplav narrates Dhaani everything Dulaari told her.
Dhaani have tears on her eyes,
Viplav: You will be quite sad after knowing all these maybe that’s why sasu maa never told you the truth.
Dhaani: What should I do now?
Viplav: The only thing we can do is to talk with Piya.
Dhaani: Piya?
Viplav: Yes, that’s the only way
Dhaani thinks about her mom
Dhaani: Since you are insisting a lot, I think this the only way out.
Viplav and Dhaani leaves.

Here Piya opens the door and is surprised to see Viplav, Dhaani and Dulaari.
Piya: What are you all doing here?
Dhaani: I need to speak.
Piya: Oh please
Piya is about to close the door,
Viplav: Piya, please listen to us once at least for your dad.
Piya stops
Piya: Say whatever you all want, but quickly before Dadi comes
And she sees Dulaari coming
Piya: Why did you bring this woman here?
Dhaani: Please Piya I don’t like it whenever anyone speaks rudely to my mom.
Piya gets angry

Viplav: Piya, did sasu Maa ever hurt you?
Piya gets thinking, piya remembers how dulaari gave her and dhaani love,
Viplav: No, right? Have you ever tried to find out why your grandma threw your mother out?
Piya cries. And she hugs Dulaari and Dhaani.
And then Viplav narrates the entire story to Piya.
Piya: But why will granny do so?

Piya’s grandma: Piya! Why are talking to these people?
Piya: First you answer why did you throw ma out of the house?
Piya’s grandma: So these people have finally managed to poison your mind against me?
Piya: You are getting me wrong, what made you believe this? You got evidence.
Piya’s grandma stays mum.
Piya: Answer me.
Viplav: Yes, answer her, why would you as your aim was to kick sasu ma out right?
Dulaari: Bachuwa Ji what are you saying?
Dhaani: Yes let him speak today, I am with Viplav this time.

Piya’s grandma: Yes, its true happy. I know my son died due to accident and I put the blame on dulaari as I didnt like her.
All are shocked.
Piya: I am ashamed to be your grand-daughter.
Dhaani: I have thought you as a great person, I have never imagined you doing like this, how can you do this to my mom. Really you don’t deserve any respect,
Dulaari slaps Dhaani
Dulaari: Speak to your granny with respect, she is your grandma.
Viplav: See, sasu maa even slapped dhaani despite you doing so much bad against her and what did you do?
Piya’s grandma gets thinking.

Dulaari: I think we should leave.
While they are leaving,
Piya: Please don’t go.
Piya’s grandma: Stop!
Dulaari stops
Piya’s grandma: Please forgive me for whatever I have done I wonder what happened to me and after many days I got a chance to apologize , please.
Piya’s grandma folds her hands, Dulaari seperates them.
Dulaari: What you are doing? you are elder,
Dulaari, Piya’s grandma, Piya and Dhaani share a hug, Viplav smiles and takes a picture of them.

Here Viplav is sitting on the bed and Dhaani comes and gives him love by putting her arms around his neck.
Dhaani: Thank you so much for helping me.

Viplav smiles.
Viplav: What is the need to thank me?
Dhaani: Today because of your efforts Mai is very happy and I also got united with my granny and sister.
Viplav: For you and your family I can do anything.
Viplav and Dhaani smiles looking at each other, Ishq Ishq plays.
Dhaani: Since the day you came to my life, everything have become so good.
Viplav: I would never forget the day we got married, and you are a very good human just as pure as Ganges river.
Dhaani have tears on her eyes.

Viplav: Why are you crying?
Dhaani: Buddhu, this is my tears of joy not sorrow let them fall.
Dhaani and Viplav hugs each other.
Viplav: Oh I forgot!
Dhaani: What?
Viplav: After a few days, is our first marriage anniversary.
Dhaani smiles and feels shy.
Dhaani: Yes, I remember
Viplav: But the day before is my father’s death anniversary.
Viplav gets scared, Dhaani tries to cheer him up.
Dhaani: By the way, what are you going to gift me for anniversary?
Viplav: My Shikayati pudia, you will complain whenever I gift you anything.
Dhaani: Okay fine, I would even ask anything from you.
Dhaani gets angry.

Viplav: Okay fine, what do you want?
Dhaani: What else do I want? I already have the most precious thing with me.
Viplav: And that is
Dhaani: You
Viplav and Dhaani smiles and share an eye lock, Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays.
Viplav: What do you want to gift me in our anniversary?
Dhaani: Me?
Viplav: Yes, you.
Dhaani gets thinking,
Viplav: So what will you gift me?
Dhaani: Oh, I have to think about that.
Viplav: Oh really?
Dhaani: That you will find out the day of our anniversary.
Viplav: What is that?
Dhaani: Even I don’t know, you have to wait till anniversary.
Viplav: No, I want to know right now.
Dhaani: Why are you so stubborn? I wont say
Viplav: Say right now, if not

Dhaani: If not what?
Viplav: If not
Viplav comes closer to Dhaani, and as they were about to kiss each other, just then someone knocks on the door
Sushma: Viplav! Dhaani! Come downstairs!
Viplav: Wow just look at the timing of princess, so perfect
Dhaani laughs silently, Viplav make faces at her
Viplav: Not funny, now why are you looking at my face, let’s go downstairs together.

Viplav and Dhaani comes downstairs, Dashranth is waiting for them,
Dashranth: Its good both of you have come, I need to discuss some things to both of you and everyone.
Viplav: Yes, say it dadaji.
Dashranth: Actually I have planned something
Viplav: What is that?

Dashranth and Sushma smiles looking at each other,
Dashranth: Shalini’s wedding.
Everyone is happy, Shalini doesn’t looks happy.
Viplav: That’s a great news
Dashranth: Viplav remember I told you that I visited Raja’s house, there they accepted Shalini and Raja’s alliance, so tomorrow there will be engagement.
Viplav: But Dadaji everything is happening so soon, I mean like how will we do arrangements in such a short span of time?
Dhaani: You don’t worry about that, everything will be done at time
Viplav: But I don’t want anything to be missing in my younger sister’s engagement
Dhaani: You believe me right?

Viplav: Okay, as your wish.
Dashranth: Sushma Ji, why are you looking like this help bahu out.
Just then Durga and Suwarna comes
Durga: May I also help with the arrangements along with Suwarna?
Sushma: Sure, this is also your own house.
Dhaani looks at Shalini being sad,
Dhaani: Shalu didi, why aren’t you saying anything, after all its your engagement.
Shalu: What to say Bhabi,
Shalini goes from there.
Sushma: I think she is feeling shy.
Dhaani: (in her mind) Looks like Shalu didi is not happy with this alliance. I think I should ask her what’s the matter?

Here, Dhaani, Durga, Suwarna, and Sushma are doing arrangements. Rajlaxmi also joins them.
Just then Tripuraru comes to Suwarna, and Suwarna ignores him. Tripurari gets sad.
Dhaani sees this and talks to Suwarna.
Dhaani: Suwarna don’t you think you should give Tripurari another chance?
Suwarna: I have already given him a chance once, and what he did he deceived me again. You never know he may deceive me again.

Dhaani: That time he didn’t deserve a second chance, but this time he deserves a second chance, I can clearly say that he is really repenting.
Suwarna: No matter what you say, but I can never forgive him. Ma is calling me, I have to go to her,
Suwarna goes and Dhaani gets thinking and as she looks behind it is Tripurari.
Tripurari: There is no use of asking her, she will never forgive me.
Dhaani: Tripurari, you can at least try
Tripurari: In a way she is right, after what I have done I do not deserve anyone’s forgiveness.
Dhaani: If you both truely love each other, I am sure Suwarna will forgive you, but you should at least try.

Tripurari gets thinking.
Sushma: Dhaani!
Dhaani: Yes?
Sushma: Beta, can do me a favour?
Dhaani: Sure, tell me.
Sushma: Can you bring this glass of milk to Shalu’s room.
Dhaani: Sure,
Dhaani takes the glass of milk from Sushma and goes to Shalini’s room to serve her the glass of milk.

Here Shalini is talking to someone unknown.
Shalu: I am not happy with this marriage, you know I can’t love anyone else besides you.
Shalini hugs the gug and it turns out to be none other than Ram.
Ram: Listen Shalu, I also love you too but give me some time to think, and I am sure that we both will be together if God wants that to happened,
Shalu: But how?
Just then Dhaani comes in the room, and is shocked to see Shalini and Ram hugging each other, the tray falls from her hand.
Shalu: Bhabi?
Dhaani: Shalu didi, what is this going on?
Ram: It is not her fault, I was the one who came here to meet her.
Shalu: Ram let me speak today.
Dhaani is surprised.

Shalu: Bhabi, actually I and Ram love each other.
Dhaani is shocked.
Dhaani: Why didn’t you tell anyone? Ram Ji is a good guy, I don’t think anyone would reject him. What made you thought so?
Shalu: You don’t know what happened before Bhabi.
Dhaani: I dont understand.
Shalu: Bhabi, the thing is that initially me and Ram were supposed to get married but later Dadaji rejected the proposal and I don’t know why.
Dhaani: I am sure there must be some reason, Ram ji maybe you may have some idea.
Ram gets scared, Dhaani starts doubting on him.
Shalu: I don’t about all these, but fact is I will marry Ram and no one else, please Bhabi only you can do something
Dhaani: Shalu didi, you call me Bhabi right? Now your this Bhabi will promise you that I will make sure you and Ram Ji get married.
Shalu and Ram smiles,

Dhaani: Ram Ji, I think you should go from here now, before anyone finds out.
Ram leaves, and Dhaani comes out of the room,

Dhaani: (in her mind) I dont know what is going on, it seemed that Ram Ji must be hiding something but what? Should I ask dadaji? No, no he is happy now, who should I ask?
Just then Dhaani sees Viplav
Dhaani: Viplav? Yes, that will be right.
Dhaani goes to Viplav,
Dhaani: Viplav, I have got something to say to you. Its really important.
Viplav: What is it?
Dhaani: Actually the thing is….
Just then someone knocks on the door,
Sushma: Looks like Shalu’s to be in-laws are here. Someone come and welcome them.
Viplav: The groom side is here. Let’s go.
Dhaani: But Vip…
Viplav: Cmon let’s go.
Viplav holds Dhaani’s hand

Dhaani: (in her mind) I must tell
about this as soon as possible.
Viplav: Are you okay?
Dhaani smiles at Viplav, Viplav also smiles
Sushma opens the door everyone smiles and Dhaani is shocked,
Raja’s family especially Raja’s brother is shocked.
Dhaani: You?
Viplav looks at Dhaani surprised.
The episode ends.

Precap: Viplav asks Dhaani that how you know them? Dhaani says let it be that was smy past. Viplav says what do you mean? Dhaani says that I know Raja’s family. On the other hand, Ram and Shalini gets married and Viplav and entire family is shocked and Dhaani says your truth will be exposes now. Dashranth is shocked.

I am not sure of the date I will publish the next episode, and if I publish after many days either I will publish two episodes together or a maha episode.
Only 3 episodes left, pleaseeeeeee do comment
What do you think about this ff after 10 episodes?

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