Ishq Ka Rang Safed analysis


Hey there everyone! ?

This is Mahira, I would like to share some words with you guys, about the show.. which we all love immensely! Right no? ❤

I’m fully enjoying the current track. ? Besides the creepy part, they are also showing us the leads strong relationship, their strong bond, their love talks and all the cute things we have always been eager to watch. ?

Talking about the villains.. To me, ‘Raja and Family’ seems clown in the circus kinda creatures.. nothing more than that. ? All because of Mishal aka Viplav. ? As long as, he is standing with Dhaani.. no fear at all! Phir chahy kitny hi Rajaa Maharajaa aa jaen. ?

Lead’s chemistry is just so worth watching. ? Loved the way.. Director is projecting Viplav’s romantic and naughty avatar in the different situations side by side his Protective Husband Role. Loving it to bits! ❤ Same manner, would also appreciate the way they have taken out Dhaani’s character.. to stay by side of his husband instead of that pathetic typical women’s role of being Goddess of Kindness.. and forgiving Raja as he became the son in law of the house. ?

And what to say about the Hero! Mishal tow Jaan hen! He is such a fine actor MashaAllah! Just can’t get my eyes off him while watching. ?? And that deadly smile, Gosh! ? Eisha is also doing really good. They both compliment each other very well, and that we can see on the screen.

And being a fan of IKRS.. Obviously, very disappointed with the channel for not giving repeat telecasts of the show. ?

In the end, I would say a big thanks to you guys, who are writing such a pleasant and beautiful fan fictions! You guys are doing such a Good job! keep writing! I’m following every fan fiction of IKRS. ?

HAHA! after reading fan fictions, I’m also thinking of to write one by myself. ? And as soon as I’ll get the main idea of the story, I will also join you guys. ? Till then watch IKRS daily! Keep smiling peeps! Bless ya! AllahHafiz! / Babye! / Sayonara!

Credit to: Mahira

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  1. Nice analysis dear. And i hope you come up with a new ff soon. Waiting for it

    1. Thank you so much @maria! ❤
      And ya, I’ll soon come up with a short Fan Fiction.. InshaAllah. ☺

  2. rockimg wala analysis….. good one …. and waiting for your ff

    1. Haha! Thanks dear. ?
      Yep, I’ll come soon with a short Fan Fiction. And ya, @sujie your fan fiction is supper cute.. keep writing! xx

  3. Amazing analysis……….

    1. Thanks @ahanaa! ?

  4. perfect one…….and submit ur ff soon

    1. Thanks @sweety. ?
      Yeah, soon. ?

  5. Mahira superb analysis. And soon come up with a new ff. And plz join our ikrs family and comment

    1. Thanks @Louella. ❤
      I will try to come up with a good story soon. ? sure, I will try commenting more n more! ?

  6. varsha(philo)

    mahira its amazing u r absolutely right about the show”[;-)—–|;-)

    1. Thanks @varsha ?

  7. mahira nice one
    i totally agree with u in the matter of channel not giving any rt and promos
    and thanks for supporting ffs and loving it. not only my but others are also doing a very good job. they inspired me to write ff. so i hope that ours will definitely inspire u also to write.
    i wish all the best to u

    1. Thanks @laxmi ?
      You are right, and yes I will be writing a Fan Fiction very soon.

  8. Agree with mahira.
    Nd yes y dese ppl don’t show repeat of such a nice serial. Instead dey always show kasam repeat shows….stupid serial(kasam).

    1. Yep.. shws like SSK & Sawargni keeps on repeating whole day. Fed up! ?

  9. You are 101% correct! I also think that Dhaani should be made a strong willed woman, instead of a meek one. Mishal is doing a GREAT GREAT JOB! I love him as Viplav. VIDHAANI compliment each other very well too. And talking of repeat telecasts, then there is only 1 repeat, AT 3:30am, when it’s impossible for anyone to watch. I also think that IKRS should get more repeat telecasts. COLORS has made it a daily show. It airs all 7 days a week. And yet no repeat. I have started this small tag called #WeWantIKRSRepeat on Twitter. I have been joined by another couple of ppl. I request all of you to join as well. My Twitter id is @Anisha_Tellybug

    1. anisha chatterjee i has joined you in the tag…..

    2. Thanks @anisha. ?
      We too want RT of IKRS! ✌

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