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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Tania asking Viplav, why he is getting angry. He tells Dhaani is showing ego and says he would not have come for her if knew about her. Tania tells you came for all the widows, and says you are very good man. She tells Dhaani got angry as her bag was torn. I know you well. Raj comes and tells Viplav’s bell rang since he saw Dhaani. Viplav reminisces her and a flashback is shown. He asks Raj to stop talking nonsense. Dulaari recalls Dhaani’s sangeet and marriage function. A flashback is shown, Dulaari makes Dhaani wear colorrful bangles and makes her sit. Dhaani dances on the song Banno Rani Badi Sayani, Dulaari also dances in the function. Just then aarti plate falls down, flashback ends. Dulaari sees Dhaani taking the bucket and in white saree. Pandit ji

comes to Dasharath and requests him to open the temple and cries. Dasharath asks him to do the repentance for his mistake and place God’s idol at some place. Pandit ji agrees and goes.

Badi Amma tells Dhaani, why you get angry on Viplav. Raj Lakshmi says he is our Rakshak and not Rakshas. She says he is very bad and will not fight our case. Raj Lakshmi gets angry and tells Dulaari didn’t say anything when Dhaani kept her marriage bangles in the bag. She says she needs answers for her questions from Dulaari. Sita Maayi asks her to stop badmouthing about Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi says you will not hear anything against her as she brings bananas and milk for you. Viplav asks Tania, where she wants to go? Tania tells she will stay in his house and meet his family especially Dadi. Viplav asks her to stay in the hotel. Dhaani looks at her bangles. Raj Lakshmi sings the song and tells Dhaani that her Rakshas is very handsome. She asks did you like him? Raj Lakshmi tells he came like a hero just like Salman Khan and says she is bowled over by him. Dhaani gets upset. Raj Lakshmi asks her to think about his doings, and tells you called him Rakshas inexchange of his good deeds. Dhaani leaves being upset.

Viplav brings Tania home and calls Dadi. Kanak comes out and sees Tania from head to toe. Viplav gets tensed. Tania asks why they are saying me like this? Dadi, Shambu and Shalini comes. Viplav introduces them. Dasharath comes. Viplav asks her to touch Dada ji’s feet. Tania says I was excited to meet you. Dasharath asks the servant to take her stuff in the room. Kanak gets angry at Viplav and asks you brought a girl home when you went to Delhi, what you will do when you will go to USA. Viplav tells her that her Dad sent her to fight the case when he left the case. Dasharath says it is okay and asks him to go. Tania comes to Viplav’s room. Viplav tells this is Banaras and not Delhi. He says we will leave lovely dovey talks for America. Tania says you are very darpok. She says I have a gift for you and gives tie. Viplav gets happy. Tania makes him wear it. Just then he sees Kanak standing and tells Maa. Tania thinks he is lying and turns shockingly. Viplav asks her to go and asks Kanak not to worry else she will grow old. Kanak says she is still young. Viplav leaves the house and tells he will come late.

Dhaani comes to the temple and is spotted by the Pandit ji. He curses her and says I will not leave you today. He along with other men run after Dhaani. Dhaani hides and sits in the parked car. Viplav talks to Raj and asks when he will come. He gets angry and asks him to disconnect the call. He starts driving the car and sees Dhaani in the front mirror. He asks what you are doing in my car? How did you come inside? Dhaani looks at him.

Dhaani tells she wants to go Ashram. Viplav tells they can go when the tyre is repaired. Dhaani says she don’t want to take anyone favor. Viplav asks her not to take his favor, and holds her hand asking her to come. Dhaani takes her hand and looks at him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. For the first time Kanak has done something right.
    Hope Tanaya won’t make any stupidity to get Viplab.
    Whatever, today’s Vidhanni scenes were amazing…

  2. Wow….it’s really nice to see Dhaani face when flashback seen shown…hmmm but Tania doin to much wit Viplav…..hope kanak watch them and waiting to see Viplav & Dhaani spent more time together ……ishq ishq ♡;)

  3. Nice ??????episode

  4. Dhaani….superb…..Viplav…great…..ViHaani….love it…..

  5. Aww..!! Love ViDha scenes!! 🙂

  6. Nice pair Viplav & Dhani..i like dis serial

  7. Dhani looking soooooo cute and her smile super and finally i saw her in colour dress i like her……
    ohhh my hero u are also looking very handsome especialy that red and black tshirt luv it <3

  8. I like your ishq…ishq…line @Yogi

  9. Whether viplav and tania love each other???

  10. I like this serial. Viplav and Danni scenes were superb. ::-)

  11. Today episode was so so good and dhaani scene is super

  12. Tats my code words Brity…tq for ur comments. Kept on watching…ishq ishq ♡;)

    1. Welcome…

  13. Wow…dhani nd viplav is superb!!!

  14. Love u dhani…….?

  15. really superb……:-)
    iam waiting for more viplav and dhani scenes…;-):-P

  16. ishk ka rang safed….wow lvlly..viplav nd daani..

  17. Soooo nice sow my favrat sow

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