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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav rushing to Kanak’s room with Sushma after knowing that she is unwell. Kanak takes a heavy breath. Kamini gives her water. Viplav says I will bring blanket. Kamini says I will bring and asks him to sit. Viplav asks her to be with Kanak and goes to get blanket. Kamini makes Kanak drink water. Sushma looks on tensed. Dhaani reaches Bahar gali and looks at the women strangely and cluelessly. Dhaani asks a woman about Bhaskar night school direction. Woman says she doesn’t know. Dhaani sees Asthana and gets shocked. Kamini calls Dhaani and asks her to reach home soon. She says Kanak’s health deteriorated. Police comes there to catch the woman. Asthana sits in his car. Dhaani requests Asthana to drop her home and says nobody knows she is here. Asthana smiles and agrees.

Viplav looks for the medicine and keeps asking Dhaani, without knowing that she is not in the room. Dhaani gets a call from her school. She says she couldn’t come today. Asthana hears the conversation and stops the car. Dhaani drinks water and spills some water on her saree.

Asthana asks her to drink carefully and touches her to clean it. Asthana says I am happy to help you, and want your help too. Dhaani says I will help you and also my Ashram ladies will help you. Viplav looks for the inhaler and lifts the blanket. He finds nobody there. Dhaani comes there. Viplav asks where did you go and looks suspiciously. Dhaani says I was about to tell you. Kamini says we both have hidden something from you, but will tell you later. Dhaani gives inhaler. Kamini takes it and holds Viplav’s hand asking him to come. Viplav looks on doubtfully….Kanak is relieved after she smells the inhaler. Dhaani comes asking about her health. Dadi Bua asks her to move back, and blames Dhaani for the inauspicious things happening in the house. Kamini looks on.

Sushma says let Kanak take rest. Dadi Bua asks Sushma to be with kanak and asks everyone to come out. Viplav asks Kanak to take care. Viplav looks at Dhaani suspiciously…Dhaani goes. Kamini smirks. She thinks if Dhaani tells everything to Viplav then. She is about to go, but Sushma stops her. Viplav is restless in the hall. Dhaani comes to him. Viplav asks where did you go? Dhaani says I want to tell you truth. Viplav asks where did you go? He says I can’t believe that you kept pillows on bed and went out. Before Dhaani could tell anything, Kamini comes and says she went to meet her Maa. Dhaani is shocked. Kamini says her mum’s health deteriorated suddenly, I knew it. She says you will think why did she lie? She says Dhaani had to lie because of some helplessness. She was afraid of Dadi Bua and that’s why left without informing anyone. Viplav says you must have told me, as I always supported you. Kamini says she wanted to tell you, but I stopped her, and sent her to see her mum. Viplav says you would have called me once. Kamini says she wanted to inform you, but I said I will inform you. Viplav says it seems like she is my wife and not you Dhaani. Kamini says I will become your wife one day. Dhaani stands silently and tensed. Viplav apologizes to her and hugs her. Kamini gets jealous. Viplav apologizes to her again. Dhaani asks him not to apologize.

Dhaani asks Kamini why did you lie again? She says until when we will lie. Kamini asks Dhaani what do you want? You want to ruin everything. She asks her to think about the moment when she could read something looking on the book. Dhaani says Maa ji is unwell. Kamini tries to convince her and asks her to go to night school. She says when game is on, complete it then only you will get success. Dhaani says I am sure that Viplav will support me even if I tell him. Kamini says Viplav will support you even if he knows about your lie. She asks Dhaani to remove guilt from her heart. Dhaani feels bad about Kanak. Kamini says I will take care of Kanak and asks Dhaani to make Dulaari understand about their lie. Dhaani says I will not lie to her. Dhaani is taking care of Kanak. Kanak wakes up and asks her to get out from her room. Dhaani says I will bring breakfast. Kanak asks her to go.

Kamini comes to kitchen and offers to help her. She says you have to lie because of me. Dhaani says you are doing this for my betterment. She asks her to see the paratha. Kamini takes out bhasm and adds in the dough. She thinks to keep the medicine paratha down. She thinks when Viplav eats it, he will be in my control. She smirks.

Viplav and Dhaani are romancing. Kamini gets jealous and picks Asthana’s call. Asthana says I am your judge. Kamini talks to him in Dhaani’s accent, and says she is ready to do anything for him, and asks him to manage her travel.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. @Renu n @Varsha thanks for the spoilers .
    248 episode – hurry! finally our hero viplav stands up for her wife.

  2. I hope MasterJi is shown again, praising Dhani and her sanskari ways! And helps redefine the word for the head cases in AN.

    Kaamini…the husband stealer ….hogaya re tera muh kaala…. no matter what you cannot separate Viplav and Dhaani

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