Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th March 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav telling Dulaari that they got married secretly as they don’t want any misunderstanding to separate them. Dulaari says what I will tell to everyone. She worries about Kanak’s reaction and says she will not accept this marriage. Viplav asks her to believe him and says he will never leave Dhaani. Dulaari cries and says if something bad happens with Dhaani again then she will not be able to bear it. Viplav assures her that his mum and family will accept Dhaani as his wife. Dulaari says this marriage is not acceptable and says marriage needs 4 witness too to complete. Viplav says he knows about it and says he will register his marriage in court. Dulaari says okay and asks them not to meet until they legalize their marriage and Viplav accepts Dhaani infront of everyone.

Viplav promises to declare his marriage with Dhaani once Shalu gets married and goes to her inlaws home. Dhaani looks on.

Kanak asks Ram Deen to serve the food to Raja and his family. Raja’s mum tells her that they are fasting today as today is barsi of her son, and tells that they went to ghat to get some peace for him. Kanak asks her to tell what happened to her elder son. Raja’s mum tells that her son was murdered by his own wife, and says we didn’t do why she have done this. She had killed my son and ran away. Viplav tells Dulaari that if she want to inform everyone then she can. Dulaari says I won’t tell anyone and asks him to come to Ashram and inform everyone about their marriage. She cries and folds hands.

Raja’s mum tells that her bahu’s name was Suman. Kanak says didn’t you file complaint against her. Raja’s mum says yes, but that kalmuhi fled. Kanak says I can understand and says same kalmuhi came in our life too. Viplav tells Dhaani that it is good that Dulaari knew about their marriage now, and will agree soon. Dhaani says she is happy and relieved now. Viplav says he have to go as he is helping Raja in the case. Dhaani asks him about the case/incident.

Viplav is about to tell her, but just then she gets Suwarna’s call and the talk gets interrupted. Suwarna tells Dhaani that Tripurari went somewhere and haven’t returned home since yesterday. Dhaani asks her not to worry and says he will come. She disconnects the call. Viplav says he have to go now and attend puja too. Dhaani says it will be a new start of your life. Raja thinks he can’t sit idle and will find Suman anyhow. He says he can’t spare his brother’s killer. Viplav comes and asks Raja, if he found Suman’s pic. Raja says no and says he needs a sketch artiste. Viplav says he knows an artiste who sits outside court. Raja’s mum hears him and asks him to concentrate on Shalu and forget Suman. Raja says he will buy gift for Shalu. His mum asks him not to waste a single penny on Shalu, and tells him that this family (Dasharath) is spending money on Viplav and named everything on his name. Raja looks on.

Dhaani tries talking to Dulaari. Raj Lakshmi tells Dhaani to go and buy vegetables from the market as her head is paining. Dulaari takes out her anger on dirty clothes. Dhaani thinks what to do to make everything fine like before. Raja’s mum and mami come to the market. His mum scolds Mami for stealing the things. Mami says she can’t control on her stealing habit. Raja’s mum asks him to give money. Raja says okay and gives money. Dhaani also comes to market to buy vegetables. Mami sees her bag and gets tantalize seeing her purse. She steals and keeps in her sarees. Raja sees Mami stealing the purse and asks why did she steal it? Mami says I haven’t stolen it, and says I have just lifted fallen purse. Raja says you have stolen it, and tells mum that he will go and return her purse. Raja’s mum scolds Mami. Dhaani sits in the auto and leaves.

Raja takes lift from someone and follows the auto, oblivious to the fact that he is actually following Suman/Dhaani. Dhaani gets down the auto and searches for the purse. Raja thanks the person who gave him lift. Dhaani wonders where did her purse go? Raja calls her and says your purse was fallen…..Dhaani turns and sees Raja. She recalls Raja calling her murderer and pressing her neck to kill her. A fb is shown of the same. Raja says you….Dhaani runs from there. Raja follows her. Dhaani manages to come to Ashram and closes the door. Raja keeps searching fo her on the road. Dhaani sees him through the small window, but seeing him coming towards there, she closes the window and stands tensed. Raja steps towards the Ashram.

Raja tells Viplav that Dhaani is his brother’s killer. Viplav is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Rajee

    Omg! Hasanji! U r grt! Thank u 4 the live update as due to power cut I am unable to catch the episode..

  2. aish

    Wow! This is wat av been waiting for, I can’t wait till tomorrow just crazily eager to see viplav’s reaction. Cute dhani don’t worry all is well

  3. Fatarajo

    It is expected that Dulaari will react like this after all she’s a mother whose concerned about her daughter. And was raja the killed or what why he pressed dhaani’s neck? And I wonder how Vipu will react now?

  4. Fatarajo

    Hey maha did u also publish your music sheet ff on wattpad? It seems that I have read it in wattpad before

  5. I don’t think there will mu b/w viplav and dhani…….
    I think it will be them against the rest!!!
    I hope this only happens……otherwise there will be no point of d main theme of this show

  6. Sonu

    Hi my dear friends, how r u all? I am too busy with my work, so I couldn’t comment here. I missed u all…love ikrs…

  7. Sonu

    I think Raja is a good. As Renu told that someone killed his Bro and blamed Dhani. He is ignored from his brother’s killer.

  8. Sonu

    Friends, I think vipu don’t get mu again on Dhani.As every time, this time also he support and stands for Dhani..

  9. Anne Julia

    No Viplav! Go immediately and register the marriage,please don’t wait for Shalu to get married ,it’s not going to happen. !

  10. Sonu

    Hey Vipu r u ready? Aapki office open hotae tho, aapko apni Biwi ki case per vaada karnae kaa job mila, kya baat hai? Phela pyaar, phela office, phelhi apni biwi ki case..Par iss baar uss teipurari ki case ki tarha harna matt. Iss baar tum hi jeet ho aur apni biwi ko jeetkaro…

  11. Sonu

    Friends r u saw or the expression of KT? When Raja’s mum told that her elder son killed by his own wife. At that time KT ko Shambuji ki saath apna ghatiya harkat yaad aayegi..

  12. Sonu

    Waiting for tommorow’s episode. Very curious for Vipu’s expression, reaction, behave etc etc..when Trimukh( Suman yaa Dhani, Vipu and Raja) meet face to face and reveals of Dhani’s expression…

  13. prachi

    At first part dulari nailed the scene by her acting.every characters in ikrs r excellent actors.I just waiting for tomorrow. Wat ll b d viplav reaction after listeng dhanis past.
    N today dhani again proved DAT she is a gud runner.;-)

    • Meghs

      I too want to see vip reaction … I know vip will trust dhani stand for her as always …

  14. Sonu

    But I don’t want to Trishakti again. What can we do? This colors channel always doing some partiality with our ikrs. But tomorrow we have to watch that unnatural, dramatic and non realistic SSK.. Because of our ikrs..

  15. Hi frnds gud evg to was episode very nice na.
    I think last thrishakthi revealed kanaks truth to this thrishakthi will reveal dhaanis past truth before viplav.
    I think viplav will definetly support dhaani only.but at first he hesitates then he accepts of course he knows well about dhaanis character.

  16. Louella

    Hi friends todays episode was nice. Hey guys did u notice that colors is promoting other serials and not our ikrs. After the serial of kasam the retelecast of ikrs in the afternoon is cancelled. Now ikrs will be retelcasted only once. And that is 3:30 in the night. This colors is doing partiality with other serials. Very upset!!!

  17. Fatarajo

    Oh ranaji wattpad is like an app where u can read books mostly English books and also fan fictions are published but mostly its for English shows only

  18. Louella

    Why trishakti again? Don’t want trishakti again. This Patali devi and all that nonsense will not be by me. Actually I will not be able to watch tomorrow’s episode. Nowadays I m just reading the updates. So I m saved from this bhoot bungla serial

  19. N sonu ya I also observed it when rajas mom said that her elder son death happened due to her daughter in law suman that time kanak has some fear in her face suddenly .it seems she was murdered shambu that fear only.

  20. I like the scene when raja followed dhaani from market to ashram.that was superb. I remembered one song that time.raja this for u.
    Andhamaina pi pi pi pilla
    Nuvvu eka eka eka ellna
    Na na na na valla
    I wanna follow follow follow u
    I wanna follow follow follow u.
    I think dhaani already got best debut for her acting. If she tries in Olympics for running definetly she will win gold medal to India.bravo dhaani bravo face raja direct face to face we r waiting for that.

  21. Avijit(AM)

    hi guys ..very awesome episode it was !!!! … everyone want to see viplav’s reaction ….me too wanted …tomorrow is trishakti ..something big will happen …last time it was vidha marriage ….
    hi Sara …Louella…br mam….joyee…Nima….Anne….prachi…saranya…varsha….butterfly….florentina….narendran….kavitha…kaviya…sujie….rajee….nikzz… sonu…shri…meghs….akshay….jyoti….sabita…renu….tamil …and all
    or name yaad nahi araha 😛 😛 …
    good night yaar 😉 🙂

  22. Louella

    Where r our other friends?? Saras mam,raj, saranya, amulya, swetha, BR mam, AM, kavitha, kavya, vinny, anisha, flora, varsha, sujie, meghs, marees, akshay, zea, sandy, jyoti and many more r missing. We have shared our opinion but now I want ur opinion.

  23. Meghs

    Wow today part dulari knowing vidhani marriage was all good don’t know what will they show tomorrow i can’t want trishakti as i can’t bear ssk…. Pls show seperate part of our show. .

  24. Meghs

    Hi varsha… br mam … joyee…
    saranya.. swara …
    kavi di …prachi
    sonu …sri … hrithu …. renu
    am …sujie… rajee …josh
    shanitics… raj… purple
    nikz… sofeya… louella…aish.. amulya
    Saras …

  25. Meghs

    guys seriously its too much instead of trishakti they can show extra 1hour epi na …
    I can’t bear ssk even a second but for ikrs previously i watched but tommorow too trishakti not again yar ….

  26. Meghs

    N from yesterday am realising the fact they r not showing all our posts …. I mean mine comments r not posted yesterday but y

  27. Louella

    Today I m going to dedicate this song for sad dulaari ( this is the new version of ikrs sung by dulaari)
    Meri buchiya ka naam dhaani hai yaara
    Meri buchiya ka naam dhaani
    Usne shaadi kar li vakil babu se
    Shaadi kar li vakil babu se
    Ab sabji koun layega
    Meri buchiya ka naam dhaani hai yaara
    Meri buchiya ka naam dhaani
    That’s all foe today
    Tomorrow will come with a new version
    Bye friends
    Have a nice and sweet dream

  28. Louella

    This song is for all the school going students
    Hum honge sab mein pass
    Hum honge sab mein pass
    Hum honge sab mein pass
    Ek din…..
    Ho ho ho……
    Sote hai bindass
    Likhte hai bakhwas
    Marks milenge jhakaas ek din

    This song is just for fun but if anyone is hurted by my song then I m sorry

    • SARAS

      princess louella. . you r in full form today. .. too good yaar..

      tum hogi sabmein firstclass
      tum hogi sabmain firstclass
      oho likhte rehana tum bakhwaas
      (sirf yahaan)..
      khaana peena tum bindaas
      kaise na ayega result jhakaas..
      tum na rehana kabhee udaas

  29. Sujie

    hello everyone….waiting for tomorrow s episode… waiting eagerly for vipu to know about dhaanis past…
    i don’t think raaja will be negative till the end…his family might have brainwashed him against Dhaani ….
    and vipu will finally seen in his office..if anyone remembers my ff… wow….
    and he might be handling Dhaanis case in future…
    director sir don’t let any mu come between Vipu and shikayati pudia…. dukaari nailed her part…
    with this problem…let the love between Viplav and Dhaani blossom more….. 🙂

  30. amulya

    There is trishakthi again tomorrow?? Why????….. My exams get over tomorrow so I thought I will watch ikrs, but now I won’t watch it, I will just wait for the update and watch from next day. Its just so irritating when all serials are combined..

  31. Serial ko repeat kar do yaar bakwas kasam krishndasi le liye aisa mat kar hamara ikrs us se bi btr hai per iska timing ki waja se trp kam aa rahe hai samje

  32. vaishnavi

    poor dhaani ek toh kt pahle se hi usk hate krti hai n when she comes to know that dhaani is suman toh aur bhi jyada hate karegi dhaani ka
    well i said only one thing that god pls give strength to vipu n dhaani to face this problem

  33. Frnds I have a spoiler for u I saw the video that raja came to know that dhaani was viplavs pirl frnd n he realises that suman changed her name as dhaani n was now traping viplav also I don’t want suman be happy.n suddenly he saw dhaani calling viplavs mobile then he blocked that dhaanis she can’t contact viplav again.and his mind voice says u mudered my brother n came here hidingly ur going to marry viplav hapily I don’t to see u happy again.ur my brothers murderer.

  34. desa

    i guess it all gonna be a big mess again due to
    raja n fmly ….n lot of digging will happen in the dhani past due to which….it will all get emotional and cranky
    wht i feel is Viplav should this time trust immediately even after knowing the entire story and he should think n reply frm a llawyer point of view. then story would be diffrent from other serial
    if both d lead pair have mis understanding again
    then its typically …..gissa pita …predictable story
    and DT n KT will hv one more ball in their cout to not accept a criminal
    secondly dulari burnt all the piks
    thirdly when viplav slept i/o hearing dhanis past this track s also old ..n many serial its been used
    it should have been that he kw it frm begning …but still thy face their problm together

  35. Frnds wat to do yaar hamari ikrs ke liye thapki,pathali aur chahey tho bhoot aur naagin ko bhi sehna padega.kya karey.ab tho retelecast bhi nahin.mujhey tho bahut gussa aaraha hai kya karuon.
    Producer sir aap colors ko thoda sa corrupt karlegiye thab na woh log hamari show ko retelecast karlega.
    Sorry I know corruption was wrong but aisey logon se aisa hi behave karna.

  36. Omg just saw kasam’s promo on star news kya baat hai colors channel per to subah se sham tak kasam aur uske promo dikhate hai ab doosre channels per bhi ek hamsra ikrs hai jo na retelecast hota hai na koi promo why so much of partiality rupali guhaji pl kuch karo

  37. Louella ranisaiba aaj aap ko kya hogaya aaj aapne koldiya humaey bahut ache laga.aisa hi comment karthey rahna.
    Aur hamari Hindi kaise hai bathana madamji pls.

  38. BR

    12 mid night . SO HELLO EVERY BODY



  39. BR


  40. BR




  41. BR



  42. SARAS

    raj seems to be a good guy but he has miss understanding about dhani..
    lets see how the story unfolds..
    any way vidhani are married so nothing can be done now vip has to take dhani’s side n save her..

    good morning friends

  43. Louella

    Kavitha aapki hindi ekdum first class hai. Mera toh pata nahi lekin aap hindi exam mein poore 100 marks se pass ho gayi

  44. Louella

    Saranya, zea, marees, flora, akshay, sandy, swara, kaviya, raj where r u? Why no comments till now?

  45. Louella

    Saras mam u r right. I m in full mood today. I m really very happy as my birthday is coming near and also today I will not be able to watch trishakti. Last time I had watched but this time I m going to my friend’s house so no chance at all of watching trishakti.

    • Avijit(AM)

      how lucky you are Louella ..!! 😛 are saved from patali devi and bhooth tonight 😛 😛

      • Louella

        AM it’s my luck that I m not watching trishakti tonight. Thanks to my friends and also my little cousin sister Angel who saved me from this patali devi bcoz everyday she forces me to play with her in the garden and thats why I can’t even watch ikrs

  46. Louella

    Moderation is like colors channel only. In fact they r brothers. Both of them r troubling us. Plz moderation leave us and go to the other page but don’t dare to come here.

  47. Louella

    Anyone commenting here? I think I m the only one commenting here. Or is it that everyone r in bethaal’s custody?

  48. vinny

    Good morning Friends.

    Guys I feel like Viplav will be get anger on Dhanni .Because Dhanni name itself is not Dhanni . I think he will get at-least angry on these point.But again i feel like he should not get angry because Dhanni tried many times to tell her past but he didn’t show any interest.

    What do you think?

  49. Louella

    Vinny u had asked how my holidays r going but my holidays r from 7 April. Actually my exams r not started. It is starting on 22nd March. That’s why now I m not commenting much, preparing for my exams

  50. shanitics

    Gud mrng guys…..
    Yesterday’s episode Dhaani’s acting was awesome….
    Especially when Dhaani was afraid and running and when her breathing was rising when she was hiding behind the door…my breathing too was increasing….
    Nooo mre comments it seems from my side today because tomorrow my exams are going to start…….
    PIs pray ? 4 Me…

  51. SARAS

    louella even I am not watching trishakti today as my daughter’s friends is coming home. ..
    you enjoy ur tone with friends. ..
    When is ur exam getting over?

  52. aish

    Good morning, br mam, florentina, saranya, rajee, prachi, louella, Am, varsha, swara, sujjie, kaviya, meghs, philo,Josh, saras, kavitha,fatarajo and all IKRS family. I love you all. Do av a splendid and joyful day

  53. Guys some thing was fishing in this story. Bcs if viplav didn’t listen to dhaanis words that night when dhaani came to tell truth to viplav then viplav don’t know dhaanis past.n if raja came to know about dhaani in yesterday’s episode y he tell this to viplav.he want to take revenge right but he can reveal their past in front of viplav.but raja was hiding it from viplav n blocks dhaanis no in viplavs phone.and says I don’t want u(suman) to be happy.
    Totally I was confused.don’t wat happens in days episode. Ian eagerly waiting for the show. But in between I have to tolerate those shows which r unbearable.
    K guys catch u in today’s episode. Bye.

  54. Yetty

    Today’s episode is revealing the suspence bit by bit, even if Viplav did not know Dhaani’s past, Dulaari has summarized it for him. I really hope Viplav will not change towards dhaani because of pressure from family and Raja, this is a test for Viplav, let his real love fight begins, let see how far he can fight the world for Dhaani. I love ikrs. See you guys later. Good morning to you all.

  55. Swara

    Hi…frnds …how r u all……
    Saras I miss u so much. ….

    I think their is misunderstanding between raj nd dhanni…

    Nd on the previous episode. ..dhanni is not looking at the sleeping viplav…what happened dhanni. .on ur day dream ur not even blinking ur eyes at viplav…but in real u don’t give any glance to him…..

    • Avijit(AM)

      that is why because if she stare at viplav’s eye …then she will forget everything …don’t even in condition of talking …so she did look at him 😛 😛

  56. Avijit(AM)

    guys new olv of ikrs …see it in Facebook page of die hard fans mishal raheja …
    there viplav come to Dhani in ashram ….Dhani was afraid of her past ….then viplav console her ….he unblocked dhani’s number from his mobile which raja blocked …..then viplav said Dhani not to scare and give her a kiss on her forehead and go out of dhani’s room ….

    nice olv bd …bd ke sath jab shoot hota hae tab patha chalta hae because when mishal was there eisha is comfortable as dhani and expression was correct of her and viplav ka every time touching Dhani ….
    that is the perfect chemistry of both of them off screen and onscreen too

    • SARAS

      You r our real spoiler man. .. we need such good spoilers avijith.. thanks a lot. .
      i m wondering for how long vip keeps kissing her forehead? -:((

  57. Louella

    Swara welcome back dear.
    U just now mentioned that u missed saras mam very much. Means u didn’t miss me ha?
    Hey don’t take it seriously I m just joking. And how is ur amma? Is she fine? Take care of her and also of yourself

    • Swara

      Little princesses. ..I took it seriously. ..what will do…..hahha….chill my cutie. …I had read ur comments. …..nd amma is okay now…

      Nd what about ur exams…all the best. ..
      nd tc…our little mam…

  58. Louella

    Saranya where r u? Plz comment. From yesterday np comments. I m missing u and ur funny jokes

  59. Josh

    Hi guys I was confused to comment bt I feel that raja is goinf to harm dhani so he blocked her no in vip’s phone

  60. Louella

    Hey friends moderation is gone away from here. I think my comments worked. Friends comment as much as u want before this moderation comes back

  61. Sonu

    Hi Kavi, thank u for your spoiler, but it was scary…now i am relief because of AM’s OLV. Thank u AM.

  62. Avijit(AM)

    hey guys …trp is out …..ikrs is stable at 1.4 …I know it is not a good news but all serials have a major drop in trp …one day ago suman has commented that swaragini is better than ikrs …then the result is swaragini has a 0.8 drop …from 3 to 2.2 ….so stay good then also good happens to you

    • Totally AM ikrs rocks!!!….
      Happy with d stable rating specially during important cricket matches going on….
      Now just waiting for rise in trp!!!!

  63. Rajee

    All the best to all the students 4 their exam & to all ikrs fans for today’s ‘triSHOCKti’ episode!!! I am busy so won’t b able to watch. I am escaped from the shock but u guys ENJOY!!!!

  64. Shri

    Tq for ur olv Am


  65. SARAS

    @swara thanks a lot for missing me dear. ..feel so nice to be back with you guys.. what an amazing bonding we have right???
    convey my regards to your mom. .
    take care..

    princess louella! !! feeling j???? We all miss each other here when ever someone doesn’t turn up.. you will be missed the most as you r our little princess (hum sabki laadli ho)… ok?

  66. SARAS

    kavitha don’t try to analyze anything. .or do any thinking. . just enjoy each episode as it comes. .
    as our writer keeps forgetting his own story its better we also keep forgetting -:)))

  67. Fatarajo

    I agree with Nikzz we should be happy with IKRS stable trp as there was cricket match and even I myself I watched cricket match over serials ;P and other shows trp decreased moreover, I realized only early time slot and late prime time shows are least affected

  68. For instance trp of shows like Swaragini, siya ke ram dropped very badly as the time these shows are shown it’s like the most nail biting moment of cricket match so some also start watching the cricket match from those moments
    And late prime time shows like krishndasi, Yeh Vaada Raha have an increase as that time there is no match and people start watching serials instead

  69. shanitics


    ? Sorry to ask:- who is this saras?????
    Which is his native place?????

    And AM thanksss for ur spoiler…

    In the promo of trishakthi at last 2 r telling that sachayi Ki jeet hogi…
    And 1 is telling trishakthi Ki jeet hogi….

    DHAANI;-PARVATHY(because Vip called her Parvathy in past episode)
    THAPKI;-MAHALAKSHMI(Lakshmi is said to be the goddess of money,,in the past Bihhaan got money through Thapki’s effect)
    SIMAR:-SARASWATHI(only one name remaining in the trishakthi is this?….
    So this name belongs to Simar)


    • SARAS

      hi shanticks.. I m saras my name is saraswathi. . but since there was already another saraswathi here i made my name sara but later sara khan joined our family so b on public demand I changed my name to saras.

      I m native of karnataka india..

  70. aish

    @shanitics, I’m from Nigeria, finished school(higher institution). An housewife and an homeschooler

  71. nikha

    hey guys you know i love ikrs coz my bf looks similar to viplove……….not exactly same but almost same and same eyes………………

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