Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav coming to Dhaani’s shop. Dhaani says she said no. Viplav says I didn’t ask anything. Dhaani says this is my work time and asks him to go. She asks why you are standing like a wall. Viplav says you are standing as wall infront of your happiness. He asks her to talk to Dulaari and take her to Anshuman. Dhaani is confused. Viplav says it is our duty to take care of parents. He asks her to come with him to Anshuman’s house to talk to him. Dhaani looks on emotional. They reach Anshuman’s house. Servant says I will call him. Dhaani asks Viplav to come and says he must be busy. Viplav insists to stay and talk to him. Anshuman comes and says sorry for making them wait. He asks servant to bring breakfast and tea. He says I forgot to ask about your family. Viplav

says I have a daughter Vidha….

Anshuman says Vidha. Dhaani looks on emotional. Anshuman says daughters are like their fathers. Dhaani says but I am like my mum. Viplav asks her to relax.

Anshuman tells Dhaani and Viplav that he has a daughter who went to study in US. Just then he gets a call from her. He talks to his daughter and asks her to come soon as 2 years have passed. He says I have planned so much for you. Dhaani and Viplav looks on. Dhaani recalls Dulaari saying that it was painful for a woman to get betrayed. She goes from there. Anshuman ends the call. HE asks Viplav, did I forget anything? Viplav says you have forgotten some big and doesn’t know also. He says may be it is right if I don’t tell anything. Anshuman insists and asks him to say. Viplav asks do you know Dulaari. Anshuman is shocked and asks how do you know her? If she is alive. Viplav says he saw her pic in his wallet.

Dhaani is lost in thinking and recalls talking to Dulaari in her floral shop. Just then Anshuman comes there surprising Dhaani. He calls her beti and asks why did you leave from my house suddenly. Dhaani says nothing. He asks her to give a bouquet for someone special. Dhaani asks is your daughter coming? Anshuman says no and buys bouquet. He gives her money, but she refuses to take. Anshuman asks her to take for her business. Dhaani says it is okay, you called me beti. He goes. Dhaani thinks I have no existence in his life. She gets hurt by the flower thorn. Viplav sucks her finger and tells that he told everything to Anshuman. Dhaani scolds him for interfering in their life, and asks him to stop Anshuman from meeting Dulaari. Viplav says don’t stop them from meeting. Let them talk. Dhaani says no and goes to home. She stops Anshuman from going inside the house. Dulaari comes out and sees Anshuman..He is surprised to see her.

Dulaari is shocked to see him and asks him to leave. He says I didn’t know that you are alive. Dulaari says I waited for you since 25 years and was in pain and trouble. She folds her hands and asks him not to show his face again. Anshuman says Dulaari…Dulaari angrily says Dulaari is dead. Anshuman is heart broken and keeps bouquet there itself. Vidha comes to Dhaani and says Nani is calling you. She asks her to come. Anshuman realizes Dhaani is his daughter and asks Vidha about her name. Vidha says her name and asks who is he? Anshuman blesses her. Viplav takes Vidha with her to have icecream. Anshuman tells Dhaani that he can’t face her, but he was not wrong either. He says I know your mum will not believe me, but….He blesses Dhaani for a married life and apologizes. Dulaari cries in her room.

Anshuman tells Dhaani, that you too feels that I have left you both and went somewhere. He says I want to tell you everything. I didn’t know what your mum told you. Dhaani says I never missed father’s love as my mum have given me good upbringing. Vidha asks Viplav who is he? Viplav says he is an angel and will complete her family. Vidha asks what do you mean? Viplav says I will explain later and asks her to go and play.

Anshuman says I thought she is dead 25 years back and that’s why never tried to search her. He says your mum have faced many troubles, and have brought you up. I couldn’t even think of it. Dhaani says yes, you said right. She says when a man betrays a woman, it really hurts her heart. She asks him not to scratch her wounds. Anshuman goes. Dhaani scolds Viplav for calling Anshuman there. He says my mum is crying inside. Viplav asks Dhaani not to let their past ruin the present. He says Dulaari and Anshuman have taken 25 years to talk, and asks if she wants to see her in pain even now. He says Anshuman is a good man, and if he was wrong then he wouldn’t have come here to clear the misunderstandings. He says they have taken 25 years to clear misunderstandings and says if we don’t clear misunderstandings now, then may be we will also be in the same place. Dhaani says it is two different matters and asks him not to mix up both. Viplav looks on.

Dhaani asks Dulaari to forgive Anshuman. Dulaari asks why don’t you forgive Viplav and tell him everything. Dhaani says my baba is not wrong like Viplav. Dulaari gets angry as she called him Bau ji and says you are his blood naa. She asks her to go and talk to Viplav.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Nimisha

    Renu, I saw that you’re away, Hope you’re having a fab time, Inhavent been on here much myself recently but am missing you lovely!

    Take care and hope to ‘see’ you back on here soon. Are you thinking of registering? There’s a message facility on here that we could use then.

    Anyway, take care. Xxx

    1. Hi nimmy dear had come at 6 in evg n then was busy in unpacking; dinner n ……………….
      Just now am free from all chores . Missed u n infact everyone out here . Seems some unseen force attracts towards this page n all dear freinds ? have tried to register 1000 no of times but i dont know always comes invalid user id n invalid mail though i use the same mail n user id as in comments. ??

  2. Latha

    Renu really missing you soooooo much

    1. Latha dear i was really overwhelmed to see all yr wishes. Missed u too a lot.

  3. Arshi di.. All the bst.. ?

    ?? missed the epi… After the reading the epi.. I was crying ? tat I missed the epi.. Was having a function soo missed the epi…

  4. Renu di ? happy that u had a good trip..

    1. Hi shweta yes trip was short n sweet but too hectic.☺

  5. Tomorrow onwards I am having my exams.. So pls pray ? for my exams…

    1. All the best and wish me luck too…

      1. All the best maria for yr exams.☺

    2. Best of luck swetha .. InshaAllah u will succeed?

    3. All the best dear for yr exams. Study hard n concentrate as quality time of studying is important n not quantity. As far as i know u are amongst the cream n u recently got an award too. Take care. ☺

    4. Nimisha

      Good luck in your exams Swetha! Xxx

  6. Arshdeep

    ANNE DIDI Just for you?????

    “MAKING OF STAR” on India TV
    Dutta Bhau se Viplav tak ki Kahani (Story From dutta bhau to Viplav)
    Reporter-On demand..adhuri nhi puri kahani.. Dhani ke Viplav ki yaani Mishal raheja ki(not incomplete but complete story of Dhani’s Viplav i.e. Mishal Raheja)

    Scenes of Ikrs shown..court scene…Eisha saying this is for you(showing a red rose)..and telling that your nose is like pakoda and mine is sharp..? laughing
    (Desi boys played in background)
    Mishal Raheja shown driving a bike. And many other scenes like the launch scene of Ikrs.. scenes from LTL..
    Reporter in bg- he seems to be serious onscreen. But is a mastizada(funloving person) Mishal shown laughing with DT?
    Sanjeeda telling i never thought he will be a mastikhor(mischievious person)
    Reporter-he is a shining star of acting but has done B.Ba from America. He wants to be a politician too. Mishal shown telling i want to be a politician.

    LTL scene shown.. reporter telling he is dutta bhau of ltl and also viplav of dhani.. Ikrs scene shown where dhani tries to wake him up by her hairs.

    Reporter(always speaking in bg only)-Today in making of stars you are going to see mishal raheja full story..

    His story started on 18th august 1982 in mumbai. Today he looks calm but his childhood diary is filled with naughtiness memories. Mishal telling that he used to fight..that time this was only there. To steal others tiffin.. Mishal’s childhood photo shown.??
    Reporter- sometimes his complaints reached to house too. Mishal telling my parents were called the most in school.? (Song playing bacha samjh ke humko nak dikhana re… )
    Repoter- from childhood he was close to his parents. Whenever he used to ask something..his parents had to agree.
    Mishal telling when i was 5 years old we went somehwere and there were fancy dresses. I asked for police commissioner dress. Then For 3-4 days my father went abroad. I went to receive him on airport. My father was shocked to his small boy of 5 in comissioners’ uniform.
    Scene from previous show shown where he is in police dress.
    Reporter-From small age he wanted to become an actor but studies were necessary too. So he was sent for studies of businees administration to america.
    Mishal speaks that the dream was from childhood only but had to study too. So i studied for 4 years and then worked for 6-8 months. Then realised.. noooo.. i haVe to follow my dreams. Mumbai city shown.
    Reporter- He returned to mumbai. His Papa was dumbstruck but he did not stand in way of his dreams. Now life was a battle for him. Coz entry in acting world was not easy. He gave 200 auditions that time. And struggled for 1 year and then finally got some light in darkness.
    Mishal- I was rejected from one audition and then there only i was informed that audition of Mtv show was done. You are late but can still try. I reached there.
    Reporter-this audition was for mtv show “pyaar vyar nd all that”.
    Mishal- The audition took place for 3 hours. I went back at night at about 12 or 1. Then they again called me. The directors and team liked it but Mtv channel rejected it. Then again auditions were done. 3-4 mock shoots.. And then after 15 days i was told that i am confirmed.

    1. Wow arshu what an effort deae. I too missed it as was travelling but reading yr program update r good enough n equivalent to watching. ☺??☺

  7. Arshdeep

    Scene from Pyar vyar and all that shown.
    Reporter- In 2005 his journey of acting started. He shooted for “Kush” character for 60 days in Goa and saw first telecast in a TV store.
    Mishal- No one could reach to watch the show. So all stopped in middle of the road and went to a shop and requested to play MTV. The conplete cast saw the first telecast in a TV store.

    Reporter- In 2005 he became “Aakash” in “love story”. Show became popular and he got a lover boy title. His lover boy image changed when he became “Dutta Bhau” of “Laagi Tujhse Lagan”
    Scene from LTL shown
    Dutta bhau saying to Nakusha- Teri surat dekh kar nafrat hoti hai naku..
    Pyaar kia apni marzi se..
    Lekin ab tu saans legi meri marzi se..
    Teri saans rukegi to meri marzi se..
    Reporter- This role made him reach to every house.
    Mishal- I was very lucky to get such a role.. Worth in a life time.

    Mahi vij- Mishal is a fantabulous actor. He focusses on every shot. I had a great time with him. When he left the show i had tears in my eyes. I was like why are you leaving me alone?

    Reporter- In 2010, Mishal hosted a show..”Mano ya na mano season-2″.
    Scene of mishal as inspector shown.
    In 2014, he worked in “Encounter” and “Maharakshak Aryan”.

    Scenes from the show shown.
    Reporter- Mishal started a company “Party hard drivers”. His company gives delivery of Faithful and trustworthy drivers.
    Mishal- That time if i would have got a strong character, I would have done it..but i wasnt getting. So i focussed on my factory. And in between shooted for film but it did not release.

    Ishq ka rang safed plays.. Reporter- From last year he is adouring Dhani’s dreams as Viplav. Scene where Dhani tries to wake him up pre leap shown.

    Eisha speaking I am really blessed that i worked with him. Mishal if you are watching it so this is for you(showing a red rose). You are special. You are so good. You have troubled me a lot in IKRS but its okay. We have enjoyed a lot. I pinched you a lot. Sorry for that. You are really a nice monster. I used to call him monster. You are really very good human being..a bit weird but nice.

    Scene shown post leap where he sits next to Dhani in hospital.

    Reporter- He looks so serious on screen but is not in reality..

    To be continued didi…..
    (Will tell you the rest by night almost)

    1. Anne

      I have no words to thankyou .Thankyou for your hard work ,sending hug and kiss.?

      1. Hi annie dear ?

    2. Ade1111

      Awwwww Thanks Arshi Darling
      Good luck again

      1. Hi ola dear.? hope all well

    3. Harika

      arshi all the best for u exam……

    4. Harika

      thank u sooooooo muchhhhhh arshiiiii
      link plzzzzzzzzz

    5. Thanks Arshi.. I enjoyed alot though it wasn’t for me? just kidding but can we find this interview on die hard fan page ?

      1. U are very hard worker re .. love u?

  8. Arshdeep

    Thank you sooo much everyone for your best wishes ????
    I will try my best and will leave the rest to upparwala??

    Hope to meet you all soon??

    1. Nimisha

      GOOD GIRL!!! love you Arshu! Xxx

      Thanks for the translation.

      Can someone link to the interview if its online please?


  9. from tomorrow my exams will start so please pray for me…

    1. Ade1111

      Good Luck Maria

      1. Thanks 🙂

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      good Luck Maria! I’m sure you’ll do well!

      1. Angel20

        Thank you di☺

    3. Harika

      good luck maria

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        Thank you Harika☺

  10. arshi dear. . u r such a darling Thanks a lot for the detaled lovely update..

    it was better than watching it myself. .
    Thanks a million dear. ..

    All the best for ur exams.. God bless you. .

  11. Ofcourse Maria..I will pray for you..good luck for your exams

    1. Thanks molu 🙂

  12. Arshii are u going to write neet exam

    1. Yes nidha arshu would take NEET EXAM ?.

  13. Areeb

    Everyone who is having Exams .. Arshi , Swetha , Maria.. GOOD LUCK & BEST WISHES. ?

    1. Thank you appi 🙂

    2. Hi areeb.☺

  14. Maria ..kyaa tum star plus show dahleez pe comment karthi dhi

    1. No, i commented only once in the last episode update

  15. Harika

    ‪IKRS‬ coming again from beginning in colors ‪#‎Rishtey_channel‬ changed to

    1. Wow great harika. Infact even kavi had told the same a few days backbut wasn’t sure of the telecast time.

      1. Harika

        hi renu mam…
        hope u enjoed ur trip

  16. Best of luck Arshi and Maria for ur exams.. inshaAllah u guys will succeed?victory will be urs?.. study hard and after that party hard???

    1. Thank you 🙂 and inshallah you will also do good in your exams…

      1. Maria dear .. not exams it’s regular test which I will give to my tutor for covering syllabus.. my exams will be on december?

  17. Ok maria …i was a big fan of dahleez

  18. Hello friends ? My best wishes ??????to all my friends who r going to have their exams. May God give u the best of best which u all deserve for ur efforts. Study hard & have faith in Him. All the best once again ???????

    1. Hi anya ?

  19. Mishal is eisha’s beautiful monster?

  20. Hi Renu, a sweeet good morning to u and all the members of the family.??

    1. Nimisha

      Morning Anya!

      morning everyone!

  21. Hi good morning freinds. Wish u all a MARVELLOUS MONDAY ?☺

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      morning Renu! happy Monday to you too!

      Are you back from your travels?

      Where did you go? Was it a holiday?

      Hope you’re relaxed after your break. Btw, ask the admin folks on here why you’re registration isn’t working using the contact us option at the top. It worked first time for me. You fill in the details, it sends you an email with a link that you click and you’re set up.

      1. Hi nimmy had gone to dharamshala a hill station in himachal pradesh. Had stayed at . mcleoddganj . Its famous for dalai lama temple; bhagsunath temple an ancient shiva temple; waterfall n great tibetian shopping paradise. Next day went to devi shrines CHINTPUTNI DEVI ; JWALAJI; KANGRA DEVI N CHAMUNDA DEVI
        . Yes for registration failure would contact the admin today. All well just exhausted as it was continous travelling for 3 days n worst part was that both to n fro flights were delayed for 2 hrs on friday n Sunday n its worst waiting after getting security check n u feel u r caged?☺

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    1. Read it mahi ( sorry i like it more than maha as maha is big in hindi ) episode was as usual superb n also had read the mahaepisode on 7th as had missed earlier.?

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    have a lovely day and week ahead too

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