Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav asking Phool Chand to accept the gold cat and leave Dhaani. He asks Dhaani and Raj Lakshmi to come. They leave. Dasharath snatches gold cat from Phool Chand’s house and says you can’t accept it as it is given by Viplav. He leaves. Viplav is sitting with Dhaani in the Ashram. Badi Amma takes Dulaari with her. Viplav tells Dhaani that he can cut the vegetable and tries to cut it. Dhaani smiles looking at how he is cutting the veggies. Mere Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………………..Suddenly his finger gets cut and starts bleeding. Dhaani sucks his hand and bandages his finger. Viplav looks very much in love with her and looks lovingly at her. He asks her not to worry and says he wants to show her something. Dhaani asks what? Viplav shows their wedding card

and says I trust you a lot. I love you the most in this world and can wait for you all my life, but I want you to fill the date so that I can sleep peacefully. Dhaani agrees and asks him to do the work. Kanak comes and sees them together. She asks Raj Lakshmi to wear gold jhumkas. Raj Lakshmi says she can’t wear it in Ashram. Kanak says we will search a good groom for her. She asks her to look at Dhaani and says she is very much busy as she got a lover now. She says I will help you, even if Dhaani doesn’t help you. Raj Lakshmi falls in her trap and nods.

Kanak comes to Viplav and twists his ears. She asks if he is planning to stay here. Viplav says he is just helping Dhaani. Kanak asks him to go and says until he marries Dhaani, he should not come to Ashram or meet Dhaani. She asks Viplav to leave. Viplav is standing out. Dhaani looks on. Kanak closes the door. Viplav says I won’t stop meeting Dhaani.

Dhaani asks Raj Lakshmi to come to temple. Raj Lakshmi asks her to go and says she will do this work first. Viplav comes and eats it. Raj Lakshmi jokes that it is having insects. Viplav coughs. Raj Lakshmi says she is joking. Viplav asks her to give letter to Dhaani. Raj Lakshmi reads the letter, that Viplav will become jogi if Dhaani doesn’t come there near the banyan tree. Dhaani thinks about Viplav. Raj Lakshmi passes Viplav’s message to Dhaani and asks her to wear saree given by Viplav. Viplav shows the bangles and tells Raj that he brought it for Dhaani. Raj asks have you gone mad? You had brought saree and bangles few days before. Viplav says yes I am mad. He says Dhaani haven’t filled the date on the card and says he will marry Dhaani one day.

Dhaani tells Dulaari that Viplav called her to temple and she will reach soom. Kanak thinks they romance have started in the morning. She thinks to beat her. She asks Dhaani to go and says you are lucky to go out. Look at me, I am inauspicious and nobody loves me, nor talks to me. Dulaari asks her to talk to her. Kanak thinks who wants to talk to you. Dhaani asks her to come with her. Kanak says okay, and then says I don’t want to disturb you both. Dhaani says I don’t have any objection, come with me. She asks Dulaari to come also. Dulaari refuses and asks Dhaani to take Kanak. Kanak says I don’t have any work, so I will come. They leave.

Viplav waits for Dhaani. Dhaani comes. Viplav says it is good that you came. He sees Kanak coming and asks why did she bring her. Kanak says Dhaani was insisted her to come. She asks did you feel bad? Viplav says not. He asks do you want to eat anything. Kanak sits down and says her leg is paining. She asks him to make her drink tea. Dhaani massages her feet. Kanak says even her head is paining and says she will go back to Ashram. Dhaani says I will come. Viplav says Maa will go. Kanak feigns as if her leg got fractured. Viplav says I will drop you both. Dhaani asks Viplav to come inside and have tea. Viplav says he don’t want to drink now. Dhaani asks about bangles. Viplav says he will hang in the car. He leaves. Kanak asks Dhaani to help her as she is unable to walk on the stairs. Dhaani goes to help her. She sees Viplav going and gets sad.

Viplav talks to Dhaani’s photo and says when you will spend time with me. Dhaani says she was helpless today as Kanak needed her. She says she felt bad seeing him hurt. Viplav says you didn’t do it intentionally and may be I am overreacting in your love. What to do, I want to spend all the time with you….Shikayathi pudiya…Ishq Ishq plays………..Dhaani looks at the dancing couple.

Tania comes to Viplav’s house. Viplav is surprised to see her and hugs her. She asks if he got engaged seeing the ring. Viplav says yes, and says he is engaged to Dhaani. Tania’s friend asks if she is the same widow. Viplav looks on.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Really!!!den it ll b a gud episode.

  2. Boy:dadi, pls give me your paint bucket(kanak looks here&there)
    K:which dadi r u searching for?
    B:omg,i was calling u dadi ji
    K:how dare u calling me dadi!don’t u know who i am?
    B:whoever u are old lady,can u give me a bucket of mind?
    K:mad boy,are u challenging me!and what u mean by this paint?
    B:paint that used in ur face to hide ur age.i want that to shine in front of my pretty gf Shalu,grand daughter of mahant dt.
    B:ya,and u know her mother is a drama queen just like u.full time roaming with broom hairs& nerolac excel on u know what i calls her?idiot queen of banaras.hahaha…by the way who are u and why i am telling all these to u?
    K:leave that and tell me what else u know about her?
    B:dadi,pls look at u,u are an old lady.its time for chanting ram nam sitting in a corner but u r interested in hearing gossips,full sleeve chudail
    K:hey boy are u challenging kanak tripathi!
    B:omg saasu ma bhag bhag maady beta bhag bhag maddy beta
    chudail aayi chudail aayi bhaag bhaag maddy beta bhaag bhaag

    1. Saranya… too funny yarr….. love you for this….. 😀 😀

    2. saranya hilarious. . u r too much dear

    3. Oh God Saranya! Lol….

    4. Lol saranya you never fail to make is laugh

    5. amazing yarr….. kya talent hein tume

    6. Too funny …dear:-)

  3. hi purple VERY GLAD TO SEE U AGAIN … TAKE CARE ….

  4. @purple. . you don’t how happy n relieved I m to see ur message…
    please take care of yourself get well soon. . please remember “nothing in life can be more important than the life itself.”…
    you r a budding dr you are here to save lives n make their life better you have so much responsibility on your shoulders.. you can’t desert all those people who are dreaming you becoming dr and help people. .
    god bless you

  5. Dhani was really beautiful in that saree but now too she doesn’t know how to get ready for meeting her lover ear rings,no bangles,no bindis,no kajal.what yaar dhani?you are really weak in these things.

    1. Ok ok u wore bangles but what about ear rings?its just a stud.better u consult Raj Lakshmi.she can help u but without make up too u are wonderful.such a natural beauty.

    2. Saranya dear! Even if dhani wud have adorned herself with all these accessories what was the use? Dhani’s deewani KT madam was following her like anything.viplav cud not even saw Dhani properly…besharam kanak..

  6. absolutely no hard feelings for dear rithwika. . please apologize from all of us incase she is hurt.. we all love you n she is also our family now as she is your family.

  7. My DOB-13/12/1995
    And my birthday is over and everyone here wished i have to wait until next winter season to celebrate.i luv getting older.

    1. you are then my di… saru di….

  8. Welcome back purple di ?





    1. Br mam I also used to watch that show a lot Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar and loved Ronit Roy(Neil) and Pallavi Kulkarni(Ragini)’s acting. My aunt was a big fan of that show, but later they also dragged this show then I stopped watching it, my aunt watched it till the last episode.


  11. Hi my dear ikrs family a very gud mrg frnds.
    Guys today I saw the promo of both ikrs and thapki r merged show on 12 Friday episode for one hour.
    So spoiler was correct.

  12. BR mam u are back in action.i am really really happy.but where is our Shri,Sonu,Varsha and Raj.pls make some comments guys.

  13. Guys I saw another promo that thapki n ssk r now seven days show on Sundays also.y can’t ikrs .colors this is unbearable n not fair.
    Colors we want ikrs on Sunday also.
    Frnds if ur in tweeter u pls suggest colors channel to give ikrs show on Sunday also.
    Pls do this fast.

  14. AM and Florinta thanks for your Spoiler.

  15. Now iam watching retelecast of ikrs.
    I like that scene viplav cuts his hand dhaani sucks his hand then again viplav another fingure to cut that scene of naughty viplav .I like it very much.

  16. Jaisa hamari viplav ne kaha dhaani tum na ublehuva aaloo khake moti hogai ho.dekho pehle wali episode me tumtho pathli thi ab sachme tum moti hogayi.lekhin Sundar bhi lagrahi ho.
    Dhaani tum hamari rajkumariji ho na.tho rajkumar ko thoda samhal bhi lo dekho voo kithna nirasj hogayi.theri yeh ache bahu vali harkathon se.
    Jara hamari viplav ke sathbhi samay bithkaro.Hume bhi achalagega.sunliya shikayath ki pudiya.

    1. Frnds sorry if any mistakes r seen in my Hindi conversation.

  17. Ssk on Sunday!!! Bhgwan bachaooooooo

  18. Ab patali devi Sunday m v ayega.hahaha. why colors doing so much stupid things

  19. Good Morning Everybody. I would like to ask people not to reply to trolls on this site. They only do it for reaction and attention so don’t give them satisfaction. Leaving them howling in the wilderness alone is the best way.I’m saying this with respect and affection to IKRS fans xxx:)

    1. These viruses also helps to increase the no.of comments also 😛 XD

    2. Ya Anne! I agree with u but smtymes its fun to give a reply…lol…imagine he wud have posted a -ve comment & just guess how many times he will b coming here to check the replies???

  20. I’m happy for u purple, wishing u quick recovery.

  21. ashram mein uble aaloo aur gud chaneke alava muter aur bengan bhee banane laga? vo kaise?

    1. Kanak maharani Jo hain ashram main…

  22. Viplav baba…pehle decide karlo..what r u expecting from dhani? Whether she should take care of her to b mother in law or not? On Dhani’s b’day when ur mother was spreading her bed outside u blamed dhani 4 not taking care of her mother in law..& in yesterday’s episode when Dhani was trying to accompany KT to ashram that time also u got upset on dhani…why this double standard??? U urself unable to manage ur mother then poor she will handle her???
    Dhani wud b singing -” agey kuan picche mere khai,
    Tu hi bata jaoon main kahan…”( trans-there is well in my front & big hole @ my back,where shall I go?)
    Janta jawab chahti hai…viplav babu…we need answer right now…

  23. Kanak said Jo bhi paisa hai woh mera paisa hai…I wonder what work she is doing?? Does she get paid 4 planning murders???

  24. Kal kanak ne kaha usse koyi kaam nahi hai.par haina usse kam-dhoosarom ko pareshan karna,apni bete ke pyaar ka ghilaf jaana,bili ko marna,tp ke saath luka chupi ghelna,chup chup se samosa ghana aur makeup karna.

  25. Hi frnds .mein sochtihun due to Valentine week viblap/dhani ka romantic scene bohut jyada rahega but kanak kuch na kuch gadbad karegi.

  26. buddu dhani. . koyi mangetar se milnekeliye koyo saasko sath lekar jaata hain bhala??

    (silly dhani .. Will somebody go with mother in law to meet fiancee?

  27. Saras ab viplav damad ban ne wali haina.tho damad keliye kuch khas khana phakane keliye ashram vali ne baengan ko pakha rahi hai.
    N Saras u said that ur daughters n mine bithdates r same.y not of course all VIPs birth dates comes in that month ( in June) only.sorry just kidding dear.

  28. after dropping kt back to ashram. . n after helping her climb steps. .vidhani were just staring each other. .
    if I was in dhani’s place. ….

    I would run n sit in the car n ask viplav to take me on long drive. . ha ha ha. .

    While I was watching that scene I was feeling like telling dhani. .. jaa dhani jaa ke car mein beit jaa…

    dono bilkul budhu hai… vo viplav khudko master kehta hai. . par bachon jaisi harakat karta hain. ..

    1. Yes Saras ! Both r really us tension…viplav apne aap ko bada experienced bol raha tha..kahan gaya his experience..lagta hai hame hi sikhana padega…

  29. Translation of saras’s comments (
    In ashram apart from boiled potatoes; jaggery /gud;chichpeas/channa; now peas n brinjal is also being cooked? How come?

    1. Thanks renu for the translation. . sometimes in hurry to post comments I miss out translating. ..

  30. Hi saranya so my guess of u into literature is correct carry on u would be an inpecable writer one day

  31. Hi purple happy to see ur comment sorry now only i saw ur comment .thank god ur safe now but don’t do this again.
    And rahul pls take care of her. now ur luv only united u both.god bless u.
    Bagvan aap Dono ki jodi ko yisehi salamat rakhe.aur kisi ki najar na lagey.(black spot).

  32. Hi fatarejo i have an intuition that u watch nobita /doreman; shin chan ;ninja hatory actually i just love them if yes then in which language do u watch hindi; English or tamil

    1. Haha why is it so? I used to watch all I used to watch them in Chinese and then I watched the Indian version loved it . I only used to go to my neighbour’s house to watch shin chan in Chinese as he had the Chinese channel in singapore 😛

  33. Haiiin! No update till now…

  34. Loved to see cute dhaani getting jealous ? of those three girls.
    I wonder what dhaani would have done to viplav if she saw him lifting and hugging taniya. ?

  35. Loved to see cute dhaani getting jealous of those girl ?
    I wonder what dhaani would have done to viplav if she saw him hugging and lifting taniya ?

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