Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 9th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mami thinking that the utensil is heavy and thinks even if she steal it, she couldn’t hide it. Raja comes to her and tells that he went to trap a big fish. He says she will be in my trap very soon. Mami says well done and asks him not to leave this house….and says we will get what we could get. Viplav hears them and says he won’t let them get anything. Dhaani wonders about Viplav’s whereabouts. Viplav comes home and says that work is done. Dhaani hugs him. Viplav says I am worried about his mami and mum. He says we have to make any one of them weak, to weaken Raja. Dhaani says I have an idea. Viplav excitedly asks what.

Raja’s mum tells Kanak that Shalu looks like her daughter. Kanak says bahu is also a daughter….Just then Dhaani comes there and says

she wants to tell her about the maha bhoj’s dishes list. Raja’s mum says you have given her a big responsibility and have accepted her. Kanak asks Dhaani to go and says she will talk to her later. She thinks she have to do something to stop Dhaani from making maha bhoj. Viplav talks to Raj Lakshmi and tells her that they have to separate Mami and Raja. Raj Lakshmi is tensed and says I need to spend a day today here. Viplav compliments her beauty and attire. Raj Lakshmi gets happy and says now see my wonder….Just then Raja comes and smiles. Dhaani cooks food in the kitchen. Kanak smirks. She asks Dhaani to come for some important work and takes her from there. Raja greets her. Raj Lakshmi says hello and says you are looking nice in this dress. Raja says my family is waiting for you. He says I will take care of Bhagwati ji as Viplav will be busy today. He asks her to get mehendi applied on her hands and takes her inside. Dhaani refuses to let mehendi applied on her hand. Kanak says people will tell that Kanak tripathi got mehendi on her daughter’s hands and not on bahu’s hand. Dhaani asks how will I cook food then? Kanak says it is your tension…Raja tells Shalu that her hands are looking good with mehendi. Raja asks her to get mehendi applied on her hands and says it will increase your beauty. Shalu gets upset. Raj Lakshmi drops money intentionally. Mami and Raja pick the money. Raj Lakshmi refuses to take the fallen money and asks him to distribute it to the poor. Mami takes the money.

Kanak sees Dhaani working with one hand and asks how you will make food with mehendi. Dhaani says I got mehendi applied on one hand. Kanak asks her to hurry up with the cooking. Mami tells Raj Lakshmi about mehendi color. Raj Lakshmi says she is feeling hot. Raja goes to bring water. Raj Lakshmi sees Mami staring her purse….and goes out. Mami takes the money from her purse. Raj Lakshmi asks how dare you to take money from my bag. Mami says I was keeping it back. Dhaani thinks Raj Lakshmi have done the work and comes out.

Raj Lakshmi tells Raja that she can’t bear this. She tells Viplav that Raja’s mami have stolen money from her purse. She says if you need money, then I would have given it just like it. Why did you steal it? Raja says I will support the truth and not mami, and says truth is that Mami have stolen money of our guest. Viplav acts to be shocked. Raja says it is my decision that you can’t stay here for a minute now. Mami says Raja. Kanak looks on. Raja says I know you people won’t let her go, but it is my responsibility to think about home. He says you have stolen from this house before also….Mami nods. Viplav acts to be shocked. Raja says oh god…It is a matter of shame. He apologizes to Dasharath. Dasharath says mistakes is done by humans, and says she has accepted her mistake…Raja says she has to leave and takes Mami from there. Mami says you haven’t done right.

Raja says if Police would have come, then matter would have been complicated. He says Shalu’s house is mine. Shalu gets happy. Mami leaves. Raja’s mum takes Raja inside the room, and asks what wrong did you do? Why did you throw your mami out? Raja says I didn’t get any happiness by throwing her out and says he is tired of fulfilling their wishes. He says I got married to that fatty, and she ate my brain talking about food. He says I threw her out to save my respect, and says I have made a special place in someone’s heart today but you will not understand. He goes.

Viplav thinks where is Dhaani? Dhaani comes. Viplav shows her flower jewellery and asks her to come. He makes her wear flower jewellery…..Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……………Viplav kisses on her forehead….Dhaani smiles and looks at him. Viplav asks her to get ready for the plan and says our plan will come to its logical end today. Nobody can stop our plan from succeeding.

Viplav asks Dhaani to take care of Raj Lakshmi and says he will reach there with Shalu. Raj Lakshmi says I wish I could have get a life partner like you. He holds her hand and takes her to room. Viplav takes Shalu there. Raja hugs Raj Lakshmi. Shalu knocks on the door. Raja gets tensed and panics hearing her voice.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Maria

    Today’s episode was good especially Viplav decorating dhaani. And of course the precap is quite interesting. Eagerly waiting for the next episode

  2. AM

    awesome episode it was …I like chori mam …I am just seeing viplav’s expression when raja is scolding mami … sidha sada bhola viplav humlogo ka 😛 😛 …

    guys one more thing …. that raja’s dream scene with Dhani where is upon raja …that scene was deleted by our CV’S …happy happy 🙂 😉 🙂

  3. Ranaji

    this show last week trp is 1.4 tooo less..Vishkanya is 2.6……I think it is supernatural so many watch it..guys i heard news ikrs on sat and sun only??is it true and it lossed 6.30 slot??is it true becoz i don’t know i have saw in last epi of ikrs comment so that only asking

  4. Wow vidhanis plan of exposing mami worked!! Now raja has to be exposed hope that raja doesn’t cook any story to save his dkin in front of shalu.

  5. Where have all setvants of tripathi mansion gone ? Also dhani is making food for 1000 people in kitchen on normal gas stove. Atleast big vessels were shown ? logically halwai or caterer is called who cooks in a open place on single cylinder burners with his assistants but here DT HAS BECOME MISER BUT VIPLAV WHY CANT U THINK OF IT HOW CAN URDHANI COOK IN ROUTINE KITCHEN BUT ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN IN REEL???

    • Nimisha ?

      Renu, I wondered that too ???

      Also, she looks so confused in the kitchen, like she keeps losing things. Maybe is the big stove that’s perplexing her. ???

  6. AM

    awesome episode it was ….I was just watching viplav’s expressing when raja scolding Mami ….

    one more the dream scene of raja with Dhani is deleted ..happy happy … 🙂

    • Yes avi I too saw that olv that dhaani fel on raja but I think they the edition.its too gud .I don’t want to see dhaani with any others they did gud thing.may they too don’t want this that’s y they edited after that shoot also.any happy in skipping that stupid scene.

  7. Anne

    Thankyou H.Hasan.
    Very funny episode I hope the plan works out.
    !lovely to see viplav giving Dhaani jewellery , hmmm wonder if any significance in type .
    Was it a set of shell jewellery? Xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      I thought he said it was flowers.

      My posts keep getting stuck in moderation for ages. It’s not a problem but is anyone else having the same issue? Thanks.

    • Saraswathi.j

      No they are not she’ll but flower buds in iss pyaar ka kya naAm doon Sanaya irani as a bride dressed in white saree with these flower jewellery she looked very beautiful and reminds the Shakuntala of Meghasandesam by Kalidasa.

  8. Nimisha ?

    Thanks as ever H Hasan fr the super update!

    Just watched the episode and it was brilliant!

    Love Raj Laxmi.

    Obv love Vilav and Dhani.

    hate KT trying to sabotage Dhani like that. Dhani looks so confused in the kitchen, bless her. But is trying her best despite her witch mil trying to make her fail.

    I can’t quite continue my excitement! Is chor Mami actually out of the show now??.. Please let it be true. 1 awful person down, Raja and his evil mum to go.

    Precap looks super good but a bit creepy for raj Laxmi. Raja is such a. Creep, really wish he gets caught out and leaves soon.


  9. Yetty

    Imagine how mami ends her reign in tripathi house.
    So far vidhaani plans are working, I really hope shalu get to see the action.
    Oh rajlashmi is so sweet , she’s so into the her character

  10. Mirsada

    Thanks Hasan ji, Slowly but surely everything is revealed, Vidha action is successful, however, is Vipi lawyer, Raylakschmi in his element.

  11. Anne

    I DO hope Mami is gone for good,super irritating so must be excellent actress. They make her look awful (I’m sure she’s not like that in real life) .
    Yetty you’re right ,Rajlakshmi is a sweet heart..Another good actress. Xxx

  12. Nimisha ?

    Anne and other uk peeps. On 16th April at 830pm, Rishtey are showing Shaadi Vaadi and all That which stars Mishal Raheja. I posted it on yesterday’s thread as thought it was on this evening (which is what my to guide says) but it’s just been advertised on Rishtey as on next week.

    Anne, you might have to brace yourself as there is an on the lips kiss with our favourite man and it looks every bit as good as you might have imagined. ???


    • Anne

      Thanks Nimisha, I’ve got shaadi vaadi down loaded on this tablet.
      Found it on YouTube and bookmarked it. Nice to see it on TV though !!!
      Yes I’m having same probs with moderation ,posts are Way out of sync.with replies etc .
      Watched epi on line and again in 5mins .
      Just watched last epi of “Treasures of the Indus” on BBC 4.Wonderful documentary ,,,eye opening!
      Not too keen on viplvs jewellery…….. Hate to say it. Lol

      • Nimisha ?

        Hey Anne. Glad it’s not just me with the moderation stuckness thing. I think we all on IKRS must keep them very busy eh?

        I also watch Shaad Vaadi and all that on YouTube so looking forward to it on to too. I’ll record it so can watch it over and over and over and maybe over again ???

        I haven’t watched that documentary but will check it out as it sounds like my sort of thing,

        I think the flower decorations can look lovely in the hair but I’d always be worried about things buzzing around me thinking I was a plant. Viplav adorning Dhaani was a lovely scene, but yeah, I think I’d have to agree as not my cup of tea.


      • Anne

        After bragging about shaadi vaadi I went and checked it.
        Its blacked out, icant watch it again !!!!.
        BUT went on YouTube and found ” The making of Shaadi. Vaadi ” anyway its in mostly English so I could understand most.
        Guess what, towards the end they say needed to film somewhere so mishal said why not film in my house .
        So there they are… In his house
        .Need to watch next week now!!!!!!!!

      • Nimisha

        Ooh I,LTL def watch the making of programme too. Thanks Anne. Sorry about your copy. Hope you can get it downloaded again. I have seen it on YouTube but super excited to see it on tv. And how lovely that he let them film in his home. Xxx

    • Yetty

      @ Nimisha
      Will definitely watch it ,had already checked it out on YouTube.
      @ Anne
      I think Viplav is just showing affection towards his wife with the flower jewelry, it’s not the best gift but he understands how simple his wife is.

  13. Kathy

    Tnx hasan ji for the updation …. Hope raja will expose soon… Cannot bear him for long…? I felt today in future rajlakshmi might turn upto negative … Think so..

  14. Guys, pls donot panic. In Hindi clearly said iskq ka rang safed kals ravivar se shanivar dekhiya sirf 6.30 baje. It clearly means all 7 days IKRS will be telecast. Pls guys don’t get panic. If you think it is only Sat & sun I think it is totally wrong. Pls enjoy IKRS all 7 days and enjoy both vidhani romance everyday.

  15. Hi frnds I saw some promo.that raja tries to kill viplav at maha bhoj day.he was fully planned but still finally the truth the vidhaani wins.but eager to see how vidhaani lose their hope n again got their strength.
    Tmr suspense wala Sunday don’t know wat happens. Let’s wait n watch.
    Sry for late com.but I was busy.luv u guys.
    Gud nite take care sweet dreams.

  16. Sujie

    Hello everyone….
    Good morning…… Could not comment yesterday because of the darling aftershock of the earthquake at my place………
    yesterday’e episode was superb…. Viplav aka Mishal nailed the act with his expression…. his innocent wala expression….awww…..that was cute…. I hope RL gets saved from that cheapo…. finally Raaja ka band bajne wala hai in a full fledged way….. waiting for the further episodes…..
    That moment when Viplav made Dhaani wear those cute flower ornaments…. 🙂 Love the way in which their love is shown 🙂

      • Sujie

        I am ok Prachi…was little worried yesterday because Mom and Dad were panicking and I had to manage them…. much jolt was felt because the epicenter was near ……
        so don’t worry …i am fine….

      • Sujie

        Intensity was 4.8 dear… normally it is not considered of high magnitude but the jolt yesterday was strong

    • AM

      hi …is everything alright now there? but earthquake is normal in Nepal … so u should habituated by it 😛 😛 😛

      • Sujie

        Hi Avi….
        i am okay bhai…. habituated to ho gayi hoon…. experienced much in this one year full of aftershocks 🙂
        har time hilaata rehta yeh earthquake

  17. AM

    hi guys ..good morning …can anyone tell me how I can write a ff or analysis … in which website I can submit it …can anyone tell me

  18. Jack

    Oh yes!!! Glad to hear that IKRS is on air for all 7 days .. PRECAP seems to be interesting… and finally I think that RAJA is exposed..

  19. Yesterday’s episode was gud.I m happy DAT viplavs planning is successful now.rajalaxmi is doing very gud job in her character.hope to see more rajalaxmi s scene in future. Precap is interesting. But nt sure whether raja ll b exposed or nt dis tym.

    • r

      Dr Sweety…aap bhi kamaal karti hai….. comment bhi karti hai….you wait for the update as well….and you care for your psycho patients as well 😀 …. Nothing much has happened to me….but I was little tensed yesterday because of the aftershock of earthquake in my place

  20. shanitics

    Yup…the most awaited Vidhaani dance is 2day…..
    Let this day be like a dance with all types of steps….(arrogant step, humours step,…….)wishing u all a happy weekend…..
    Think differently ?
    Be unique ?
    Keep smiling ?

  21. shanitics

    Tons of thanks to Hasan ji…..for the update….
    Was not able to c IKRS due 2 dance ? ….. Both duo and single went amazing…..Just like yesterday’s Vidhaani scenes…..everyone decorated me there congratulations ? faces….
    I am sure yesterday’s episode was as usual nice…
    Waiting for today’s epi eagerly…

  22. shanitics

    Nepal main earthquake kaisa hai….

    And Bhaia Nepal nahi Japan main sabse zyada earthquake ka probability hai…..

    • r

      After that massive earthquake of April 25, 2015….. many aftershocks occurred and latest one is yesterday’s …..i know….. A Nepali year is about to finish but aftershocks are still on the way….
      I have experienced a lot in this one year…… 🙁

    • r

      swetha i watched the episode later….when everything was back to normal and we came back to our home from open space

  23. Fatarajo

    As usual Vidhaani rocked today’s episode 🙂 i can’t believe that IKRS will air in weekends (if it’s true ) :O but if it’s weekends and can earn trp like Naagin toh thik hain 😛

  24. florentina moldovan

    good morning, sweety! i think you are a little bored due to less comments!!! don t worry, darling, IKRS family is here and we will entertain you again!!!! ha-ha-ha!!!

    • r

      Maria I am fine ….. had to leave home for few minutes yesterday because of the aftershock in Nepal

  25. shanitics

    Bhilu…AAP FF LIKNE WALE HAI….HEY RABBA…kyun?????
    Thoda sochne ke bath likna……
    Aapp or ff…..?

    Srry if I hurt u Bhaia….

    • AM

      hehehe ..don’t tensed ..I can’t write ff .. itna bada story nahi bana sakta 😛 ..bohot FF writers hae ..just for information I asked ..dekhte hae kya hota hae 😛 😛 😛

  26. shanitics

    I think our serial should not get into the topest position….Bt on the 15+ position with respect to all the other serials…
    Because if we get a high TRP…then they will lag the show or simply do some stupid things like some sorts of stupid story…especially keen on misunderstanding track…being aired on colours I am sure if thy get trp they will make some odd stories….most probably leap…just look all the other serial with a high trp…thy will be adding some odd stories..

    So I think we should remain our trp in the middle so tat our serial remains the best….with the best romance…with the best Vidhaani …
    With the best naughty act of Vidhaani..
    Simple and quite interesting track…

    Soo sorry if I hurt you…..
    I just said my opinion tats all..

    Wat u think abt wat I said…

  27. florentina moldovan

    good morning , beautiful family!!!!

  28. florentina moldovan


  29. florentina moldovan

    i Don t know if you noticed, friends, but since IKRS is telecasting sunday, naagin trp is less every day….i always thought that naagin trp is due to less shows on air sunday….i watched at the begining naagin but i got bored soon, i also watched thapki but i can t handle soo dragging scenes, i also watched balika vadhu but last weeks was too dragging and too much sadness and injustice…i only watch IKRS!!!!! I GET JOY, I GET HOPE, I LAUGH A LOT, I GET EMOTIONAL, I CRY BUT IN THE END I GET A GOOD MOOD, THAT IT IS WHY I PURELY LOVE IKRS!!!!! AND NEVER GET BORED!!!!!

    • Kathy

      Hi florentina … I too think in few week ikrs will b in top in the chart ? Fingers cross … It’s indeed a nice show with good concept …luv it…

    • SARAS

      hi florentina. . you said it. .
      I watch ikrs for the same reason.. though you feel bad its momentary n again lovely scenes awaits n you get so happy. .
      I stopped watching balikavadhu for tge sane reason I can’t stand lit of tragedy.. its true they depict truth but I cannot see it. . n I don’t want to. .
      ikrs is best suited for me

    • Mirsada

      Hallo Flo, in addition IKRS show all forget, I’m more of a series looking at but l Vidha won totally, now I look at the Rusian site with Russian subtitled IPKKND, Rusian speak too, and the idea that I neglected the series, for me there is only Vidha.

    • Anne

      I feel the same Florentina, its so good to look forwards to a show..
      I watch balika vadu but I don’t know how many twist they can do anymore ,like s corkscrew. Xx

  30. Anne

    Good morning /afternoon to all lovely lkrs fans and sweety.
    Sujie the tremor must have been frightening hope there is no more
    Last big quake was terrible. We saw on tv awful things.
    Looking. forward to tonights episode. Xxx

  31. Anne

    Nimisha, a thought, i read Ikrs is popular in uk, so perhaps thats why shaadi.. is being shown. So hopefully it has subtitles. Quite a few have.

      • Anne

        Watched a little of Love Story that mishal was in a few years ago
        When he was v young he was astonishingly beautiful.. Michelangelo would have loved him…..

  32. Gudaftenoon guys.I saw an update on fb page of die hard fan of mishal raheja. According to it today Salu ll catch raja romancing rajlaxmi.viplav ll b succeeded in his plan to reveal raja s true face

  33. SARAS

    good afternoon friends. .
    sujie Good to hear you are all fine..

    saranya how r u dear? How everything five v with all of u.. is kollam very close to you?
    The incident is really horrible. . hope all your family n friends were all safe. .

  34. Fatarajo

    Good afternoon everyone, sorry didn’t comment much these days as I was quite busy, I reached singapore yesterday only an was too tired today I m free and again tomorrow I will start becoming busy

  35. Meghs(megha)

    Good afternoon everyone now a days i am quite busy so not commenting ..
    How r u all… br mam sri sonu hegidira..

    Cutie louella sry for late reply my internals exam over but annual exam on may so i was not able to come here….

  36. Nimisha

    Hello everyone. Just checking in.

    SUjie, sending you and your family a massive hug. Take care lovely girl! Hope there wasn’t too much damage and things are back to normal. Where a outs are you again?

    SHanatics! Well done on your amazing performances at your show. Did anyone record you? Would you put it on YouTube so we can all see it? Well done again. Xxx

    Anne, that’s good that IKRS is popular here in the UK. Hoe do you know that?

    FLorentina, thanks for the mention. Hope you’re well.

    Hope everyone is well. I’m doing so much better and feel more human again. Yayyy!

    Happy happy IKRS and CGPA Sunday everyone. Can’t wait to see Mishal and Eisha,s dance. Also looking forward to the others. Looks like a performance packed show.

    Much love to you all. Xxxxx ???????

    • shanitics

      Yes misha didi it was recorded on mobile ? but it won’t be put on social networking sites….
      It was just a program conducted by temple dignitaries as a part of fun during the festival….

      And I danced 4 gun gunre of Agnipath
      And played duo for panghat pe of student of the year….?

    • Anne

      Nimisha Hi, I can remember reading that IKRS was most popular show on colors in UK , got about 1/2 million viewers. I can’t remember where I read it , but think someone on here said so.
      Perhaps that’s why its on at8.30 with lots of repeats…..who knows..
      The ratings are a mystery to me.? xxx

    • Sujie

      I am safe Nimisha…… fortunately not much damage was there….you must have heard ….. earthquake in Nepal during april was much deadliest…but yesterday only an aftershock occured….i was tensed because it occurred after so many days …..
      don’t worry Nimisha dear….. me and my family…we are okay

  37. aish

    @shanatics, are u on IKRS Facebook page pls wats ur name plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssss I need it as I need to tell u something.
    @yetty I once or twice asked u this, once again plllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllsssssssssssssss are u on fb or on IKRS fb group, pls I need it also as I have to tell u something.

  38. shanitics

    Aish…How r u…..hope u are healthy now…
    My name on FB is swetha swetha….
    DP is eisha…and cover photo is shahid Kapoor…..

  39. shanitics

    Saras mam….
    No worries …..If I am correct she is from state capital,Trivandrum,and it is far from Kollam….
    So Anya chechi will be fine…

  40. Nimisha

    Hello aish. Good to see you here. Hope you’re doing ok and are keeping well. Been a bit worried about you. Look after yourself lovely. Xxx

  41. aish

    @anne and nimisha mam, thanks very much for your concern buh I’m better now. May God also remember u and blessed u both.
    @nimisha, how is ur health also.
    I love u both

    • Nimisha

      Thanks for replying Aish. soooo pleased to hear you’re much better.

      I’m also good thanks. First day in ages I feel more human again and normal which is great.

      Look after yourself lovely girl. Love you lots too! ???

  42. Nimisha

    Just watched today’s episode. GO Viplav and Dhani and Raj Laxmi.

    KT Is just so so mean to Dhani. I loved when the ladies she called beggars praised Dhani,s efforts. She’s a prize idiot,

    Don’t know how RL managed to not be sick with the advances of Creep no. 1.

    Precap looks interesting. Not sure where Viplav got the video evidence but who cares if it means raja and his evil mum get kicked out.

    Also hope Raj laxmi is okay. She must have had to jump out of quite a high window as they were in an upstairs room.

    Can’t believe we won’t have to put up with creep no 1 and him mum for too much longer. Or at least I hope not. ????????


  43. Nimisha

    Sujie, so pleased you’re all okay. I hadn’t realised you were in Nepal. Thank goodness this event wasn’t too bad, although it sounds like quite a high magnitude to me.

    Take care and hope that’s the last of the aftershocks.


    • Sujie

      Nimisha… don’t. worry dear…. it was an afterdhock after many days….that’s why it was panicking….. I’ve experienced the massive one….so dont worry…i am safe

  44. Dr.sweeeety

    upload today update please
    and wheres my other patients
    @ SUJIE…. so you r safe..God is Greaaaaat

    • Yetty

      Hello Anne, how you doing?
      There’s no subtitle today in color for both ikrs and golden petal award, just used my six sense.
      Take care dear.
      It’s good night from me

      • Nimisha

        Yetty and Anne, hellooooo.

        I’ve noticed that sometimes subtitles appear and at other times not on the 8.30 show. If you can, try and watch one of the repeats as they sometimes have subtitles when the main airing didn’t. If that makes sense.

        I’m watching the CGPA, mostly just waiting for the performances, esp Mishal and eisha’s. No idea when they’ll be on though. Soon I hope. Xxx

  45. Mirsada

    Vidha, performance, full of Emotion, romantic atmosphere, music too good, could watch for hours, l think they got the biggets applause.

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