Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini coming to room and gets jealous about Viplav and Dhaani’s romance. She thinks about bengali baba who sells bhasm to control people. She searches for the pamplet and gets it. She thinks this will help her control Viplav and searches for the other half of the paper. She wonders what to do, and thinks Bua ji might have his number. She then thinks Bua ji might get many pamplets and searches for pamplets, but she couldn’t get it. She throws pillow in anger and it falls near full pamplet. She smirks and calls bengali baba. She says she saw the advertisement and asks if the bhasm will help her to control a person. The man at the other end asks her to give Viplav’s pic. Kamini says okay, and thinks from where to get his pic. She then looks at her phone and gets an idea.

Viplav is sitting on his bed and reading the book. Kamini stares him and thinks to do the work. She comes inside. Viplav asks did you do the home work? Kamini says it is very much. Viplav asks her to do the home work then. Kamini says I came to praise you and you are teasing me. She says I talked to my friend and told about you. She says I will show your pic to her. She asks him for a selfie. Viplav says sure. Sushma sees Kamini clicking selfie with him and goes. Kamini asks Viplav to smile and stares him. Dhaani comes in between when Kamini is about to click the pic. Kamini gets upset. Viplav tells Dhaani, you can’t look good always. Kamini goes. Viplav lifts Dhaani in his arms. Dhaani says I need to go.

Kamini comes to bengali baba ashram. She hears a woman telling that her husband left wine since she made him have his bhasm. Kamini brings printed pic of them. She says Dhaani is the trouble between them. Baba reads something and gives bhasm to her asking her to be with Viplav when he drinks it. Kamini gets happy and says jai ho bengali baba.

Dhaani is drying clothes and tries to learn about festivals. Sushma comes and asks her how did you learn to dry clothes like this. Dhaani says clothes dries fast like this. Sushma tells Dhaani that times has changed, but there is a limit in friendship between a guy and gal. She says I am talking about Viplav. Kamini comes out. Judge Asthana greets Kamini. Kamini asks if you are following me. Asthana says I want to reach jhumka wali girl through you. He asks her to sit in car and talk to him. Kamini asks him to meet at Bahar gali. Asthana says that red light area. Dhaani tells Sushma that Kamini and Viplav are friends. Sushma says I don’t think it is right, when they sit in the lawn to study. Dhaani says your doubt is right, but I know Kamini well. I trust Viplav more than anybody else. Sushma says okay and goes. Dhaani thinks Sushma is doubting on Kamini because of her.

Kamini comes home and takes out bhasm from her pouch. She hides the bhasm and smiles. Later Dhaani brings milk and keeps on the table. She tells Kamini that Viplav is coming. Kamini says I am studying and says Viplav teaches her well. She asks about her studies. Dhaani says I don’t like to hide from Viplav. She says atleast I can tell Dadi. Kamini says Dadi might tell Viplav, and asks her to go to night school and says it will increase your self confidence. She says Viplav will be surprised. Dhaani says I am scared, I never lied to Viplav. Kamini says it is not a lie, as it is said for the betterment. You are facing the troubles for your studies, and he will feel proud of your courage, and asks her to go. She says I will call you once Viplav comes. She asks her to go with back door as nobody will see you. Dhaani says I don’t know the address from there. Kamini asks her to go to bahar gali and tells the address. She says Viplav will be happy knowing this, and thinks she is also doing this for him. Dhaani goes.

Kamini mixes powder in Viplav’s milk. Viplav comes and asks Kamini if she saw Dhaani. Kamini says I am waiting for you. She says Dhaani kept milk for you. Viplav says she takes good care of me. Viplav takes a sip. Kamini stares him.

Dhaani reaches Bahar gali. Viplav keeps the glass and writes something on paper. Kamini gives him glass again. Sushma comes and asks Viplav to come as Kanak is well. She takes Viplav with him. Viplav goes without drinking milk. Kamini thinks Dhaani went and will be caught. Let people know where do Tripathi bahu goes.

Dhaani is at bahar gali and asks a woman about Bhaskar night school. Asthana sees her. Dhaani is shocked oblivious to the fact that she is in red light area. Later Viplav comes to room and lifts the blanket to see pillows. He is shocked. Kamini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Saraswathi.j

    Dhaani you are a fool Dadi openly clearly advised you the night studying of Kamini with Viplav looks something fishy she told you she has seen much more world than you (she knows well the illegal relationship of DT and Durga Ji,Tripurari is their son) so with foresight she alerted you about the evil mind of Kamini on Viplav ,and you blindly believe her and fall in to her trap ,and left in red light area ,? How can you save yourself from that Asthana judge.

    • Right saraswathi. Dhani herself bejng good thinks everyone to be like her. Vk had initially landed dhani in problem for the non veg food issue n dhani without thinking twice accepted the fault which was never done?But today VK HAS deliberately send dhani to a wrong place which can easily tarnish her image. Doubt if dhani could be able to defend herself tomorrow n blame VK ?

      • Nimisha

        I got that totally wrong. Must pay attention allll the way through. I tend to switch off when VK is non though. ????

      • Saraswathi.j

        I think that judge is not negative he may some knowledge of VK may be an old acquaintance of Dhaani,s father because the serial is coming to end the creative writers may end the story like that,or the judge may drop Dhaani now at that area to her house or the school master may pass in that way ,we heard red light area in Mumbai there are so films on that subject so many NGO,s worked for their benefit but red light area in Banaras!.? Hope may our hero on knowing that she was outside at that time he rushed and save her hope good for Dhaani and Viplav may god bless them.

    • Nimisha

      Was really hoping to see more of Dadi after the flying kiss scene the other day, and we got more of her today. thank you thank you thank you!

    • Nimisha

      Thank god indeed! Phew, just one of the nasties to deal with. She had way too much screen time.

  2. Nimisha

    Hmmmm. Dhani and Viplav are making it too easy by being sooo gullible.

    Do people like the herbal baba really exist? He was very weird.

    VK is just awful and was on screen far too much. There is nothing about her at all. The sooner she goes the better.

    I was so worried that Viplav would drink the milk, but thankfully Dadi saved the day.

    Dhani keeps saying she’s never lied to Viplav but is so easily convinced by VK.

    And saraswathi, you are right, Dadi basically told her and she still believes in VK. I hope after the red light district incident, she starts to put things together, This whole lying about going to school to surprise Viplav is all well and good but it’s still lying and she,s putting herself in danger by doing so.

    I really hope now that Viplav knows that Dhani tells the truth and that MasterJi helps verify it, I really hope the judge turns out to be a good man, he donated to the good cause so let’s hope he is.

    In summary though, way too much screen time for VK, the sooner they get rid of her and the poisonous DB The better.

    • Nimisha

      He sounds like a total creep!

      Such a shame was hoping after all the negative characters that he might be okay, but alas, it doesn’t seem to be going that way. I totally misunderstood and thought judge man was going to meet VK there at night.

    • Saraswathi.j

      The street that Dhaani is passing is nothing but in front of old vidava ashram it looks me funny the same street we have seen so many times in so many episodes .I think that judge is searching some thing about Dhaani or Kamini .

  3. Pamela

    Dhaani is the biggest airhead on the planet…so weak and pathetic….I have zero respect for her…she deserves whatever is coming….LOSER! grow a pair!

  4. Nimisha

    Thanks to the game the other day, eps the favourite dialogue question, I just watched a few of the December episodes, sigh…. Bliss!!! Esp the 14th. With that line that you all remembered. ????

    Mishal was in white again, and his acting was just Wow! ??????

  5. Arshdeep

    When i watched 1st part online and saw something really horryfying in coming up i wasnt having guts to proceed further. Dhani is trapped..!!??

  6. Arshdeep

    Dhani should not be that innocent
    Anyone can see the atmosphere of that place
    Why cant she realise it??

  7. Arshdeep

    Dhani said right to daadi viplav will never do anything to hurt her but why you are doing things to hurt him?? ??

    • Arshdeep

      Sujie di you said absolutely correct
      When we dont go and bash about other serials…why everyone come here and say like that to us??
      We speak bad only when someone instigates us to do that??
      I am really fed up and was quite disappointed yesterday ??

    • Arshdeep

      Sorry to say but it actually hurted me when u say vishkanya made 205 commnts for today
      You are a fan of both shows.. why to compare them??
      You very well know we easily cross 200 or 300..not just once but a number of times.

    • Arshdeep

      Anyways there is obviously not a competition of comments going on here.
      So why are we comparing them??
      The love or fame of a show wont be decided according to these comments for sure
      Am i right narendran??

    • Arshdeep

      I can obviously go on saying
      Love vidhani?
      Unite vidhani❤
      Kick kamini and DB out??
      Just to increase comments
      But sorry i am not interested
      One day if i get onto my nerves i will surely do it??

      No grudges against me.. pleaseeee?

  8. Arshdeep

    Kamini being an outsider knows everything about banaras.. All galis of banaras.
    And dhani dont know anything..??

    • Arshdeep

      Okay sorry i can get dhani was a widow so she might not know much but how come kamini know everything??

    • Saraswathi.j

      It seems that as if Kamini is living in Banaras ,she is well known about the nook and corner of Banaras streets and also have knowledge of red light area ,the way she is talking with the judge is indicating that she is a big manipulator , how the senior judge talk like that with her there is something mystery about the judge.

  9. Arshdeep

    When bengali baba said you have to be in front of the person while he is drinking it.
    For once i thought maybe dhani will come in front 😛
    But that did not happen

  10. shanitics

    Life begins when u think it begin for u… Have a great day ahead…. Love u all… Keep smiling ? thing differently ?
    Be unique ?

  11. lekshmi

    atlast dadi opened her eyes, feelng gud seeing that.. today viplav will come to knw about dhaani’s lie, defenitly it gonna make him feel bad… hope dhani wl use some cmmnsense n realze d true color of kamini. Wake up my girl..this is d right time..

  12. lekshmi

    feels like some high woltage drama is gonna happn in d show.. it may lead to vidha seperation….

    • Nope lakshmi if they wud be seperated then entire theme of the show would loose its charm. I suppose our cvs wanna show that inspite of innumerable hurdles vidhani stood together.

  13. florentina moldovan

    Good morning my beautiful family! i missed you a lot!!!!
    Good morning, Kavitha, saras, br mam, renu,asrshdeep, nimi, yetty, saraswathi, rajee, avijit, sujie, prachi, meghs, maria, josh, sonu, pri, shri, arshi, philo, swara, louella,vaishnavi, pamela, mahira, anisha, anne, ahtasham, nima, saranya, vinny, joyee, swetha, amisha, lekshmi, niks, zee, latha, anjum,
    Good morning, silent readers,
    Good morning to everyone that i forgot to mention!
    Love you all!
    Have a great day!!!

    • Hi flora where were u dear daily i used to post for u but u never replied. Hope all well. MISSED U A LOT?

    • Zee

      Welcome back dear.
      My day was not going great. But your magic words did it. Thank you!
      I am writing a dissertation (thesis) and often get stuck in writing. Coming to this forum gives me a break and i enjoy the pleasant chit chat and good vibes. Just that there are frequent virus attacks these days. But together we shall fight we shall win!

  14. Louella

    Hi everyone!!! I m back after two days. On Saturday in the afternoon my aunt asked me to come with them overnight for a small trip in Vashi. And it happened so suddenly that I couldn’t even tell u all. I had to get ready and then go. I couldn’t even go on commenting that day as I had promised. But now I m back.

  15. Louella

    Maria a belated happy birthday to u!!!
    Hope ur day went superb yesterday. I couldn’t wish u yesterday as I had gone for overnight trip. So sorry!!

  16. lekshmi

    Kamini i so desperae to get viplv…a modern educatd girl is using some bengaly baba for that..omg…. i think she lost all her senses seeing vidha togethr.

  17. Louella

    Ranaji plz don’t leave. We remember u. But as Saranya di said New members don’t know u and old members r busy as I was. I read ur comments today so thought to reply u. Never leave this page. Just go on commenting and then u will get many replies as I get. And plz don’t bring any other serials information here. I know our comments r becoming very less nowadays but if u see Thursday’s or Wednesday’s page u will find 400 comments. Plz don’t bring any other serials information here. It hurts a lot. Sorry if I hurted u.

  18. Louella

    Arshi di if u don’t mind I wanted to ask u a question. The question is that on Friday in the evening were u feeling pain near ur stomach? Sorry if it’s too personal.

    • Arshdeep

      I think so
      actually it keeps on paining some or the other time so i dont remember fully
      nothing personal han
      dont say sorry 🙂

  19. meena

    If the serial is going to end then what was the need to introduce piya and her dadi??? The mystery about the connection between dulaari mayi’ and that house….
    I really miss those December episodes… I must say that I liked this serial before the confession of dhaani… I miss our dear villain tripurari… When he was there vidhani moments were cute… Confusion…. Indecision….. (Sigh)…..

    • Arshdeep

      Yaar one or the other day she has to confess
      and i was really happy with the show with confession because they did not drag at all

      • meena

        Still… … I am missing those episodes you see…

        I hate this kamini.( Can we say kameeni)… Should bring piya and dadi mystery..

      • Arshdeep

        I agree dear but we are not the makers
        And i think they dont even listen to us a bit??

  20. Ranaji(Miss ishveer.???..

    Guys today they will post best 6.30slot leader.. Pls vote and comment.. Bye.. O have already posted 10.00pm slot. Now it is time to 6.30slot!!


  22. Arshdeep

    Anji if you see my comment

    aipmt over..come and give a comment here if you can
    somebody of my age 😛

    anyways when is ur bday??

  23. Mahira

    OMG! PRECAP! ? What will happen with her now! ? Now this is getting so out of my way. ?

    Will bear this also for Mishal only. ?

  24. SARAS

    arshu renu n others having doubt about kamini knowing about banaras..
    They say vip n she were childhood friends so for sure she knows about banaras. ..

    • Mahira

      I guess they were not childhood friends. It’s DB who had been telling everything about Viplav to Kamini from childhood. ?

      • Arshdeep

        So she told about banaras too along with viplav
        And taught her such dirty tricks too??

    • Nimisha

      I didn’t think they’d met before…

      And even if they had would a child know about such places? ???

      • Arshdeep

        India di india..!!!!
        Anything can happen here

        Dont know but after reading yesterday avijit episode again n again nirbhaya is coming to my mind ??

        India a place where teenagers can make anyy bigg mistake but the law doesnt punish them??

      • Nimisha

        That was shocking, very sad.

        Just outbid interest, is it safe for you, are you allowed to go out and about by yourself?

        Sorry if that’s a silly question. Just wondering really.


      • Arshdeep

        Its not really safe here in india for girls to go out especially in haryana i can say
        Still i go out many times all by myself
        My parents gives me freedom but not to a large extent

  25. florentina moldovan

    One of the reasons for my absence was my family,Easter, etc BUT
    ANOTHER REASON was this track…i purely hate this track…
    I hate kamini and i dislike Ishita a lot….i saw pictures from the set and always seems to try to be in front of Eisha….i have the feeling that she race with EISHA, BUT, NOBODY IS OR CAN BE EVER SO SWEET, INNOCENT, BEAUTIFUL AND INTELLIGENT LIKE EISHA….
    i hate kamini and her fake -hair!!!! i badly want to snatch her fake hair!!!!
    Sometimes, i feel that even mishal-eisha s chemistry are affected by this Ishita….this girl is too much…i can t bear her!!! i remember i saw her fb page and she wrote there that she is LEAD OF SHASTRI SISTERS……OMG, SO DISPERATE SHE IS????

    • Nimisha

      I read about her FB page post… Apparently she said the current female lead was thanda and that’s why she had been brought in, as the new lead. She then apparently took that comment off but some people took a screenshot of it.

      I think her acting is appalling,the scene yesterday when she was going through the bin was totally rubbish and looked like they gave up as she couldn’t nail it.

      When Mishal and Dhani and many of the others are on screen, I forget I’m watching a show and get totally drawn in. With her I find myself just switching off a bit and thinking about cleaning the lol or some other job I hate. Lol!!!

    • Arshdeep

      Ohooo calm down calm down !!!☺☺

      I felt actually bad when i saw her in one of the interviews with mishal when she recently joined ikrs..
      That place only belongs to eisha?

  26. florentina moldovan


  27. Louella

    Arshi di truly it was paining for u at that time? I asked because that time I was feeling pain in my heart as if something was happening to the other but I was feeling pain. I really think we have a strong connection. When u r in pain even without knowing I feel pain. That’s why I asked u.

    • Arshdeep

      Awwww???? how sweet of you yr
      I said that to shwetha too maybe we were sisters in pichle janam??

      Just this came into my it somewhere
      “Our mothers could not have handled us as sisters maybe thats why god made us friends”????

  28. Nimisha

    Hello everyone.

    Hope you’re all well and feeling ticketty boo!

    Up there somewhere you were talking about VKnk owing all tap out the dodgy area in Benares.

    I suspect that is her background. She was a lady of the night, and a shrewd devious nasty evil vixen! and then somehow bumped into DB and worked her Wiley ways on her.

    Still don’t understand why DB knowing what VK did in the restaurant with the non veg momos, still wants that ‘ek number ki woh’ (to quote Sujie) as a life partner for her beloved potha. The mind boggles. It is a game for her too. She is more blinded by the fact that her wishes weren’t honoured by DT. They are a dangerous pair of witches.

    Hope VK’s cover is blown today and that Viplav and Dhani are not separated!

  29. florentina moldovan


  30. Louella

    Oh I changed my logo. I love this logo. My favourite colours r pink and purple and I got that color logos.

  31. Nimisha

    By the way, I watched the episodes from the 11th, 12th and 14th December. just totally and utterly lovely! The ones where Viplav tells him self he has fallen in love with Dhani. Then his attempt at confessing with the silly but funny I, I, I scene and then the one where he says the line about tum up partake se…. Iine.

    I stayed up fare to Late but watched that scene a few times.

    I like the way the show has moved forward and the character development but compared to the VK track and the previous awasthi one, those were a million times better. The writing, direction, acting, just all of it was perfect!

    I kinda fell in love with Viplav all over again! ???

    • Nimisha

      Tum upparwale se… Line

      It prob wouldn’t have been that good if he had said tum Partake??!! ???

      Arrgghhh time my typos, ?? take that!

    • Sujie

      Nimisha….. Those are some of the episodes I love to the core…….. And there are various others…..

      • Nimisha

        I want someone with a better memory than me to tell me all their favourites and I will watch them over and over,

        Honestly watching a good show, film, concert, or my kids In their school shows, is like a tonic. I can get totally lost and laugh and cry (my daughter now just says ‘oh, mummmmm ?’ And generally totally caught up in it and forget for however long, who I am, what I need to do, what I’m going to make for dinner etc etc and it is just the best way to desires, unwind etc.

        Those old episodes had that effect on me. Allll the time. ??
        Now though I often feel quite stabby! ?

      • Arshdeep

        I have actually a plan for all of us if the serial ends
        But hopefully the serial is not ending right wont tell it
        Dont curse me for thinking about ending before it ends??

      • Nimisha

        I’m past worrying about it ending, I am trying despite VK and DB, to enjoy it while it’s still running. It’s tough at the moment but i’m doing it for Mishal and the rest of the cast minus the mean ones. Mostly for Mishal though if I,m honest, Mishal, daaaahhhhhhhhllling Mishal, if you’re reading this ???????


        Hopefully, in the nicest possible way Arshu, we won’t hear of your idea, for a long while yet. ?

      • Arshdeep

        Mishal mishal and mishal..??
        Is there a single comment you make without his name???

  32. Louella

    Nimisha di I have started a new ff. The title is Revenge or love. I think u have read my first ff. Now plz read the second one. I hope u will like it. Others also plz read it. I m getting very less comments.

    • Nimisha

      Going to read it a bit later once all my jobs are out of the way. Will sit down with a nice cup of tea and will enjoy your work! Xxx

  33. Nimisha

    Renu, you were right about my status. ???

    Been up a couple of hours and I’m still ????

    Need a few more cups of ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

    Then I,ll be ?????


  34. Nimisha

    florentiiiiiiiiiiina! Lovely to have you back.

    Hope you’ve been well.

    Sending you some big hugs!

  35. Sujie

    Hello everyone…..
    I am feeling if I have become Eidka Chaand …… Will be back ……. Sending all of you much love and hugs…… 🙂

  36. Arshdeep

    Yesterday while i watched dhani drying clothes i remembered the terrace hanging scene??

    • Sujie

      Really Arshu??? that was kind of funny scene for me….. ViDhaani hanging around 🙂

      • Arshdeep

        I was actually that time getting angry on dhani
        As she was again n again cursing viplav?

        But still a sweet scene?

    • Nimisha

      I did t get why Dadi was sooo surprised that she was drying clothes like that… You know… Outside…in the sun… Ermmm how else would she dry them Dadi? ???

      • Arshdeep

        Hahaha?? maybe she was spreading them nicely so they get dry up fast

        That was actually done only to let dadi explain well what she wants to

      • Nimisha

        I suspect Dadi’s arms ar lost inside that very fabric full sari she wears and that she’s probably never done a days work in her life, I love her but those sari,s are so billowing and big sometimes that she could be knitting under them and you would never know, ???

      • Arshdeep

        I dont know what fabric we call that..are they silk sarees or what..not remembering
        If renu di can help

  37. Ranaji

    Hey renu my name is Narendran and i am studying +2..ok..i like ranaji role in ek tha raja ek thi rani

  38. florentina moldovan


  39. Louella

    Renu getting jealous ha. Even i m getting and also angry on Nimisha di. But how come Swetha di give her number? Plz tell me also the magic.

  40. Louella

    Where is our doctor sahiba and sumanwa? Sumanwa u went for honeymoon with Raja in jail. But plz close the door. Oh sorry there is np door there na. So u r going publicly and no privacy. Arey thoda toh privacy rakho.

  41. Louella

    AM, Saranya, Aish, Arshi, Anisha, Prachi, Jyoti, Anisha, Doctor sahiba, Akshay, Raj, Rajee, Meghs di, Ahana di, BR mam, Shri, Rahul bhaiya, Purple di, Sabita and all others who r not commenting plz comment. Missing u all

  42. Louella

    Today I m playing with my logos. Just going on changing my logos. I m having fun with this. Now lets see which logo I got in this logo.

  43. Nimmy yesterday being sunday had gone to market came back late at approx 9 later settled down after dinner n all kitchen wind off at 11.
    My sons birthday is though on 12th may but today was last working day prior to summer vacations i. I was supposed to pack all the return gifts to be distributed among çlassmates . ??it took me more than a hour. During packing had seen recorded IKRS N TPK . Later at retiring to bed just read mahiras ff. I thought by now atleast 80 -90 comments wud have been posted so thought of posting i morning. But i cud not wait n thought to see the no of comments n was shocked to see only 1 comment of saraswathi. I really felt bad as daily comments start pouring in moment the new episode is updated. Then i wrote a few . Wanted to add more but was too sleepy. Wow have bored a lot ENOU….GH??

    • Nimisha

      I was the same Renu. I wasn’t as busy as you but was really surprised to see only 1 comment.

      How old will your son be? I should be able to work it out because you say 12th. Is that 15?

      I think the current track is making me, and maybe others, a bit less excited to comment, there has definitely been a drop in the number of comments. I think Arshu, Swetha and Louella and their game ideas are brilliant. I will carry on supporting the show for Mishal but also asked I have got so used to being here and chatting with you all. I worry sometimes mum long posts might put people off, so apologies if they do.

      And no, Renu, you haven’t bored me at all. Love reading what you write. I think you express things so well that I am always keen to read more of your thoughts!


      • Nimisha

        I’ve just read that back. LOL! At me being less excited to comment, if this is me not very excited, I am very sorry in advance for Alll my even longer posts when I AM excited.


  44. Paul

    It’s really strange, the serial started as a widow re-marriage issue, and now it has nothing left in it. They are showing Kamini being interested in a married man, which is extremely unwanted. On top of that how can Indian channels show a Jugde in such poor light? Do the serial makers have no respect for the judiciary in their country?
    I feel embarrassed watching it being of Inidan heritage and seeing the culture being shown in such bad light. ..if a widow watched this seria, of course she will be discouraged from re-marrying ever.

  45. Paul

    It’s really strange, the serial started as a widow re-marriage issue, and now it has nothing left in it. They are showing Kamini being interested in a married man, which is extremely unwanted. On top of that how can Indian channels show a Jugde in such poor light? Do the serial makers have no respect for the judiciary in their country?
    I feel embarrassed watching it being of Inidan heritage and seeing the culture being shown in such bad light. ..if a widow watched this serial, of course she will be discouraged from re-marrying ever.

    • Nimisha

      Paul, it was soooo strange you posted it twice ??

      You’re right though, it has list its way a bit, But I have faith, and usually lots of glasses of win help, that the show will stay true to its course, this is just a little diversion.

      The dark clouds that are VK and DB will have to clear at some point.

      • Nimisha

        Oh wow! Do they get on well?

        I am one of 3 and there is a ten year age gap between me and no.3 and we get on really well. Infact I’m lucky that we all get on.

        The 19 year old is at Uni I think you said. My daughter is 8 so almost the same age as your youngest, ?

  46. Arshdeep

    Aaj ka episode dekhne ki himmat ni ho rhi??
    Viplav dhani se gusa ho fir bhi chalega
    But dhani kisi musibat me na fass jaye.. uske sath kuch bura na ho..!! ??

  47. Saraswathi.j

    During the talk between Dadi and Dhaani Dadiji advised her the intimacy between Viplav and Kamini during their tutorials at night time is not looking good it may lead to chaos so be careful every relationship has a maryada should not break that line ,Kamini attitude towards Viplav is fishy be careful,then Dhaani as if she had long association with Kamini ,I know very well about Kamini she is studying , very good girl ..told to Dadiji again Dadiji advised her be careful, why Dhaani is so foolish previously she does not have a good trac of her life now because of Viplav she is secured and happy ,she did not even inform him about her night going , going outside a married women at that hour of night is not at all safe and acceptable in families ,that to in that red light area (where professional pr*stitutes present) ,during idol theft time also she has full confidence about Tulasi ,it is Viplav who saved her in that incident also ,so what we are going to see today but this girl did not learn lessons from her past.

    • Arshdeep

      And the first day she came to AN dhani did not like her at all coz viplav hugged her unknowingly but now she has no problem at all

  48. Arshdeep

    Just a thought came to my mind

    Did kamini plan the entire goons incident to win dhani’s trust??????

    After that dhani started regarding her as a good frnd and all…

  49. SARAS

    @paul. .
    you said it. .. God knows y they go off track so badly. .. Hope the serial comes back on track soon…

  50. SARAS

    I think kamini is from such bg you can make out by looking at her dressing. . That cheap kamarband n bajoo band..n her makeup. .

    its strange all tripati parivar agrees for any proposal without meeting the family. same happened with raja n now with kamini…
    uska parivar kahaan hai??

  51. Saraswathi.j

    Ayodya nivas people all are except Dadiji,Shambuji,Viplav are indiscipline people they do not fallow any tradition just superficial they only think their selfish benefits,what happened to Viplav,s friends ?they also quit,that Tripurari is in Chakravartin Ashok as Radha Gupta.

  52. Paul

    @Saras thanks very much, your comments are worthy. Let’s hope the serial promotes what it started out to do, ie erase stigma around widow remarriage and caste system. Hopefully the serial will stop projecting Hindu culture in such bad light and stop showing things such as Bengali baba, Good night friends.

  53. Sujie

    Hello everyone …..
    Repeating time and again…… I HAVE FAITH IN ViDhaani’s RELATION……MAKERS WILL NOT DO FURTHER STUPIDITY….. Dhaani will be rescued for sure……

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.