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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kamini coming to room and gets jealous about Viplav and Dhaani’s romance. She thinks about bengali baba who sells bhasm to control people. She searches for the pamplet and gets it. She thinks this will help her control Viplav and searches for the other half of the paper. She wonders what to do, and thinks Bua ji might have his number. She then thinks Bua ji might get many pamplets and searches for pamplets, but she couldn’t get it. She throws pillow in anger and it falls near full pamplet. She smirks and calls bengali baba. She says she saw the advertisement and asks if the bhasm will help her to control a person. The man at the other end asks her to give Viplav’s pic. Kamini says okay, and thinks from where to get his pic. She then looks at her phone and gets an idea.

Viplav is sitting on his bed and reading the book. Kamini stares him and thinks to do the work. She comes inside. Viplav asks did you do the home work? Kamini says it is very much. Viplav asks her to do the home work then. Kamini says I came to praise you and you are teasing me. She says I talked to my friend and told about you. She says I will show your pic to her. She asks him for a selfie. Viplav says sure. Sushma sees Kamini clicking selfie with him and goes. Kamini asks Viplav to smile and stares him. Dhaani comes in between when Kamini is about to click the pic. Kamini gets upset. Viplav tells Dhaani, you can’t look good always. Kamini goes. Viplav lifts Dhaani in his arms. Dhaani says I need to go.

Kamini comes to bengali baba ashram. She hears a woman telling that her husband left wine since she made him have his bhasm. Kamini brings printed pic of them. She says Dhaani is the trouble between them. Baba reads something and gives bhasm to her asking her to be with Viplav when he drinks it. Kamini gets happy and says jai ho bengali baba.

Dhaani is drying clothes and tries to learn about festivals. Sushma comes and asks her how did you learn to dry clothes like this. Dhaani says clothes dries fast like this. Sushma tells Dhaani that times has changed, but there is a limit in friendship between a guy and gal. She says I am talking about Viplav. Kamini comes out. Judge Asthana greets Kamini. Kamini asks if you are following me. Asthana says I want to reach jhumka wali girl through you. He asks her to sit in car and talk to him. Kamini asks him to meet at Bahar gali. Asthana says that red light area. Dhaani tells Sushma that Kamini and Viplav are friends. Sushma says I don’t think it is right, when they sit in the lawn to study. Dhaani says your doubt is right, but I know Kamini well. I trust Viplav more than anybody else. Sushma says okay and goes. Dhaani thinks Sushma is doubting on Kamini because of her.

Kamini comes home and takes out bhasm from her pouch. She hides the bhasm and smiles. Later Dhaani brings milk and keeps on the table. She tells Kamini that Viplav is coming. Kamini says I am studying and says Viplav teaches her well. She asks about her studies. Dhaani says I don’t like to hide from Viplav. She says atleast I can tell Dadi. Kamini says Dadi might tell Viplav, and asks her to go to night school and says it will increase your self confidence. She says Viplav will be surprised. Dhaani says I am scared, I never lied to Viplav. Kamini says it is not a lie, as it is said for the betterment. You are facing the troubles for your studies, and he will feel proud of your courage, and asks her to go. She says I will call you once Viplav comes. She asks her to go with back door as nobody will see you. Dhaani says I don’t know the address from there. Kamini asks her to go to bahar gali and tells the address. She says Viplav will be happy knowing this, and thinks she is also doing this for him. Dhaani goes.

Kamini mixes powder in Viplav’s milk. Viplav comes and asks Kamini if she saw Dhaani. Kamini says I am waiting for you. She says Dhaani kept milk for you. Viplav says she takes good care of me. Viplav takes a sip. Kamini stares him.

Dhaani reaches Bahar gali. Viplav keeps the glass and writes something on paper. Kamini gives him glass again. Sushma comes and asks Viplav to come as Kanak is well. She takes Viplav with him. Viplav goes without drinking milk. Kamini thinks Dhaani went and will be caught. Let people know where do Tripathi bahu goes.

Dhaani is at bahar gali and asks a woman about Bhaskar night school. Asthana sees her. Dhaani is shocked oblivious to the fact that she is in red light area. Later Viplav comes to room and lifts the blanket to see pillows. He is shocked. Kamini is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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