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Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Deepak apologizing to Dhaani and says she gets angry soon. Dhaani says it is okay, and says she is not at fault. She says let me talk to Mrs. Kaushik once. I am a mum and understands mother’s love, let me try once. Deepak says Richa will not agree, and says their marriage is fixed by Bhaiyya in Arya Samaj temple. Dhaani asks who is this bhaiyya who are giving wrong advice and asks where is he? Deepak says may be in the guest room. Dhaani goes to guest room and sees electricity is off out there. Dhaani sees someone standing there and says my name is Dhaani. I want to tell you whatever you are going to do is work. She says you will not get Richa married by eloping her. Richa switches on the lights as she was standing near the window. Richa says so this is what you wanted?

She says Deepak trusts you, but I don’t. You are mum’s agent and asks how much money did you get? I will pay you double, but don’t dare to stop our marriage. She says we are getting married tomorrow at 3 am and warns her not to stop her wedding and stay away from Deepak. She says Bhaiyya got the papers ready. Dhaani thinks who is he?

Viplav comes to Vidha’s house and sees it locked. He asks neighbor about Vidha. He says she went with her Nani. Viplav asks for pen and paper and writes Rakshas uncle. He reminisces innocent Vidha’s face and keeps the bouquet outside the door.

Dhaani tells Parshiya that they shall talk to Mrs. Kaushik. Parshiya asks why do you want to interfere in their matters and asks her to think about her own daughter. Dhaani says how can I let wrong happening here. Parshiya asks her to come. Dhaani asks him to wait for a min. Parshiya says I can wait for you all life. Dhaani asks what? Parshiya says okay, go and talk to Mrs. Kaushik. I give you my blessings. Dhaani says you acts so much and says she will talk to her tomorrow. Dhaani sits on his bike. Parshiya asks Dhaani to sit properly and hold him tightly. Dhaani says she has learnt now. Parshiya asks her to hold him tightly.

Parshiya is driving the bike. Suddenly Viplav’s car comes from the opposite direction and is about to hit Parshiya’s bike, but somehow the latter manages. Parshiya stops his bike and goes to fight with the driver. Viplav is still sitting in car…and feels restless. Dhaani also gets restless….Ishq Ka Rang safed plays………….Viplav thinks it seems he have to get down and check. Just then he imagines Dhaani asking why he is angry always. Viplav asks where is anger? Dhaani says on your nose? Viplav asks where? Dhaani says it flew. Viplav smiles and sees her gone. He gets sad again. Dhaani asks Parshiya why anger is always on his nose and realizes what she had just said. Viplav gets down the car and sees them far away. Driver says he was a mad fellow.

Parshiya brings Dhaani home. Dhaani asks him to come inside and have tea. Parshiya says I want to say something. Dhaani asks what? Parshiya says good night. Dhaani says you do so much drama. Parshiya looks at her and says I will leave. Dhaani sees bouquet kept outside the door and sees the message “From Rakshas”. The bouquet falls from her hands shockingly. Vidha comes and asks why did you keep it down and reads Rakshas. She goes inside and shows the bouquet to Dulaari. Dhaani angrily asks who kept it outside? Dulaari asks Vidha to say. Vidha says it is written na Rakshas…Dhaani asks what is his name? Vidha says V….V…and says he is Rakshas uncle. She goes to show the bouquet to others. Dhaani gets emotional and teary eyes. Dulaari asks her to sit and asks what you are thinking? Dhaani says I tried to forget everything. Dulaari says why you are doubting that Rakshas is him, and says he might be someone else also.

In the Police station, Tripurari asks Inspector, why did he leave bike driver. Inspector says he didn’t do any mistake, but you did. You was driving jeep without licence. Tripurari asks him to take money and leave them. Inspector gets angry. Kamini requests Inspector to let her make an important call. Inspector agrees and goes. She calls at landline number. Kanak picks the call and asks what happened? Kamini asks her to give call to Dasharath and says they met with an accident. Kamini says we are in the Police station and asks her to tell Dasharath to send someone and free them. She asks her to give call to Dasharath. Kanak acts to call Dasharath and says she will give her message. Inspector comes back. Kamini disconnects the call. Kanak thinks Kamini is paying for her bad deeds and recalls Kamini brushing off her hand when she was about to open the door. She thinks nobody will know that you are in jail.

Parshiya and his friend talk about Dhaani. His friend asks him to practice boxing, and says he got his name written for the championship. Parshiya is happy. Viplav picks Dhaani’s photo frame and says I don’t know why do I wear this watch, as the time stopped after you went. He says I couldn’t give you happiness, but Richa and Deepak’s story will be different. I know you doesn’t like my idea, but what to do. Today is very important day. Dhaani gets Deepak’s call and says today is Richa’s marriage. If her parents don’t agree then…I will die if I get late to Arya temple. Dhaani promises that everything will be fine…..and assures that he will marry Richa.

Deepak tells Dhaani that Richa and bhaiyya have reached arya temple and asks her to do something quickly. Simone hears them and tells Mrs. Kaushik that they want to loot her money by making Deepak marry Richa. Mrs. Kaushik gets angry and asks Dhaani, where is my daughter? How dare you to make my daughter go from here, and threatens to call Police. Dhaani is tensed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Dhani in mother Teresa form! She is too desperate n eager to unite deepak n richa with the consent of mrs kaushik ? when richa is adamant that bhaiya would marry her off n help her in eloping instead of backing out she is determined to confront bhaiya n instead it turns yo be richa itself n humiliating her further??? Parshiya is definitely crazy for dhani n cooly told her that he can wait years gor her. The way he told to catch hold of him tightly any girl would have smelled fishy but dhani is too engrossed in richas wedlock to think anything else ?? it was sweet of viplav to take a bouquet for vidha. Hope dulari had been at home? his expressions were too good while writing rakshas on the bouquet. ?☺ what a coincidence! ! Viplav’s car hitting parshiyas bike driver getting down tiff between driver n parshiya ? viplav n dhani sensing their presence n again a miss ??? today cud see a bit of close moment between new dhani n viplav n it was ok . Viplav’s expressions today too were breathtaking ?????✌☺ bouquet from rakshas has definitely made dhani wondering if its viplav but loving dulari was able to convince that it cud be someone else?? ? VK S ? DESPERATION to contact someone to help them out ☺? surprising what happened to their cell phones. Tp was so aggressive that inspector cud have chargesheeted for misbehaving with him along with rash driving n road rage? BEST WAS KT WHEN SHE CAME TO KNOW ABOUT VKS PROBLEM ??IT WAS A REAL FUN TO SEE HER ACTING FOR LOOKING FOR DT HA HA SHE WAS looking in cushions AS IF DT HAD SHRUNK TO AN ANT SIZE ??? first time i agree to kt that vk should remain behind bars n no one to rescue her. ?? Parshiyas feelings for dhani r there more due to his freinds who constantly remind him to go forward with dhani. So no2 he wud become a boxing champion ??to help dhani ☺ viplavs expressions again were real killer ones when h3 was talking to dhanis photo. Terrific ?? deepak u love richa but dont have guts to face the reality n just depending on dhani. Wish she suceeds. PRECAP IS HORRIBLE AS WITHOUT NO FAULT OF HER DHANI WOULD HAVE TO FACE THE WRATH OF GIANT MRS KAUSHIK FINGERS CROSSED. TOMORROW VIDHANI SHOULD MEET.

    1. Awesome post
      Well analysed everything??

    2. Lovely post Renu.. u analysed every scenes ..??

      1. Hi porkodi thks . Also u had asked me about tamil. I just know kwanjam kwanjam ?☺ i am from north india but love all southern languages. I had picked few bits oc tamil during my official tour for a month to salem ; erode; coimbatore n chennai.?

    3. Hayee Renu di what a long post .. but wonderful analysis 🙂

    4. Renuuuuuuuuuuu, wow! Perfecto analysis!

      Nothing left for me to say except I loved it! I just said down there somewhere that I use the word love a lot,,, it’s the MIshal effect.

      I thought KT was fab. The way she relaxed into her chair whilst sounding concerned on the phone made me laugh out loud. The then she looked for dadaji’s under the cushions. Lol. ????????

      I have recently started, well in the last couple of years doing this thing where I laugh and clap so with othermpeepsmlike my sisters it’s…

      ??????????????…?? <—-hi five

      Me by myself, reading or watching something funny


      Now question… Is that an Indian thing? I mean do I do it because I am Indian or does everyone do that???

      So… Not much to say today.

      ???????????????. ?

      1. Nimmy at last. Seems u r busy today?

    5. Wow Renu ,what a fabulous post,can’t add any thing sensible, I agree that the coincidence is funny but we should be used to them by now! I just want them to meet and love each other as before…with Vidha..??????

  2. Eisha sing in ek tha raja ek thi Rani?? I have seen the news and video on internet.. Eisha in new look and talking about her character.. Is that true guys?? Bcoz I never watched that show..

    1. Yep its true

      1. Ha ha Arshi ???

      2. sorry wrong reply

  3. Guys all ashram ladies died in blast so how dhani and dulari got saved .. this question is revolving around my mind from many days..
    We really miss bari amma raj Iakshmi and other ashram ladies alot?

    1. They have super powers??

    2. Maha this is even boggling me too. Waiting for the flash back showing their escape.

    3. Maha di.. Iss question ke answer keliye vidha ka meet ho na jhahiye and also director ko yaad hona chahiye?

  4. Hey everyone .. Ansa here:-) I m also a fan of ikrs so plz accept me as your friend… Maha aapi m here.. I know after reading my comment u wil be shocked and will ask me 1000 questions at home 😀 np u can ask 😛

    1. Yeah i am surprised after reading ur comment 😛 .. ansa churail 😛 !! keep commenting 😀

    2. Hey ansa
      Welcome to our ikrs family??
      Keep commenting

    3. Welcome to our family.? ansa.

    4. Hellooooooooo Ansa! Welcome! Xxx

    5. Happy welcome ?

  5. Nimisha Didii i am soo happy ??
    I also watch jaana na dil se door??..what a lovely show❤……till now?

    Atharv and vividha and their chemistry is just superb??
    Atharv is really very smart and his smile is veryyy cute??

    Loved the 31st may episode ❤ and pushkar scenes too??
    And when ikrs was going downhill..JNDSD gave me good relief?
    I comment there few times. Will look forward and love to meet you there too??

    Love you???

    1. And my most annoying memory of school time was my muma and didi continuosly scolding me to set up my bag..time night only..before sleeping
      But i was so ziddii?…i always used to do it in morning??

      1. Ditto for my sons????

      2. Arshu, lol! My daughter is the same..ziddi! I made her a timetable at start of the year and it had a what to get ready the night before. And…. She ignores it. And…. Guess who runs around in the morning getting things ready,… Yep… Me!! Lol

        Maybe I should read my own timetable huh?!? ??????

    2. SUCH A good show.

      Or should that be Such a GOOD show.

      Anyway it’s good and I love it,

      I say I love it a lot but I do.m need to buy me a thesaurus, ?????

  6. What will be viplav’s reaction when he know about dhani and about vidha is his daughter.. I can’t even imagine… He without knowing truth loves vidha so much..

    1. Hope we get the bestest mishal’s expressions
      But i am doubtful if the story turns and viplav thinks vidha is dhani and parshiya’s daughter??

      1. yea..there is also a possibility.. bcz viplav have seen vidha with parshiya so many times.

    2. Arshu it is MIshal, no hope needed. I think we’ll see him being the finest actor there is or has ever been. God his face is just going to be awesome!

      Poor Viplav though… How will he process that Dhani kept such a big truth from him

      And poor Dhani, how will she cope knowing that what she saw (which I haven’t seen yet) between Viplav and kam turned into them marrying each other,

      I feel more sorry for Violav as he thought she was dead. Dhani is more wrong in this case, but Violav also hurt her with his words that he made a mistake marrying her and that slap ? And not trusting her…

      Gonna be goooood, but tense and nerve wracking and lovely and happy and sad and OMG! I’ll stop as heart is beating too fast!

      1. Nimmy longing for the truth revealations n ending of mus

    3. Breathe taking expression Viplav will give.. He will forgt parshiya and all?

  7. Seems like I m commenting a lot today!

    1. Hehe not sleeping today dear??

    2. Good for you Louella ???

    1. Seriously she is too sweet n said she is missing viplav n everyone ??

  8. oh god aur kitna time lenge cv vidhaani ko aamne samne lane ke liye jaldi lao na yaar ab nhi raha jata
    n luv to watch vk in trouble
    n i watched eisha 1st day of etretr shooting n she was looking very beautiful in that red outfit n us ikrs me abhi eisha hoti to salwar kameez me bahut hi young dikhti momma ka role use suit nhi hota
    so she takes a good dicision

    1. Where have you watched the video?? Can u give me the link please vaishnavi??

    2. Hi vaishnavi where u had been for many days.☺

  9. Y only dhaani gets into trouble evrywer… Hmmm as expected vidhaani dint meet…. Vidha scenes are adorable….. Sanju doing grt job continue LOVE U…..
    Viplav’s expressions are awesome…
    Oh poor parshiya got feelings for dhaani….. Cnt help it….

    1. Yes devga parshiya would surely create Mu between vidhani.

    2. Devgaaaaaaa, hello. So happy to see you still commenting here,



    1. Ofcourse M it should happen soon.

  12. Guys just now I saw video n interview of eisha in Bhopal. That was nice pls everyone watch it I’ll give that she said quit karne ka decision mera hi tha.

    1. Ya kavi arshdeep has given the link today .on this page.☺

  13. Guys dhaani(eisha)real life home Bhopal at YouTube .com check this video in die hard fan if eisha or mishal u will get it.that video was nice.
    U know guys in that interview they ask her did u miss viplav she said ya not only viplav poori cast n team ko miss kar rahi hun.
    They ask did watch ur show ikrs how was new dhaani.she said yes I watch when I was free at 6pm but now iam busy with frnds n family members.n new dhaani was gud going I made 100% n she was found 100 % life to the character.very nice but missing u as dhaani.

    1. Sound like a positive interview. Hopefully it will help everyone understand that she left and has now bagged herself a role maybe more suited to a young actress. Good to see her doing something different. Really wish her well! Xxx

  14. Saraswathi, hello
    I yesterday’s thread you said about MIshal saying we should all learn from Eisha to not worry about what others think, or something,

    Thanks for clarifying that… I thought that he said she should learn to not worry so much about other people’s opinions. I had it totally opposite. My Hindi isn’t all that but even I am surprised by got it so back to front. Lol!

  15. Hi Maha I am from India, Mumbai.. I am 16 and given 10std from 15th June my college starts and I will be going to 11th STD..

  16. Thx nimisha i wil keep commenting dr…. Ya as u said strday tht sanju was luking so awesome in white saree…

    Oh renu is it parshiya wil make.. Omg

  17. Thanksss misha di… Renu di…. Saras mam… For wishing good luck ?…

  18. Arshi di.. Even I’m ziddi.. Will only take time table on at mrng ….?
    And everyone starts to scold.. Telling y r u taking this time table in a hurry…. Y can’t u take it ore night ? whn u were smpy sitting…. And the bst part in taking time table is that I am starting the mission of searching the boos?

  19. Will share with u my first day experience ?

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