Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th January 2016 Written Episode Update


Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kanak telling Shambu that she went to the Radha krishna temple and saw people troubling Suwarna. She tells she met Durga and told her about her wish to go to Mathura. She says Durga agreed to go herself. Shambu doubts on her and asks why did you go to meet her when you sent her to teetra yatra. Kanak acts and cries proving her point. Viplav asks him to leave it. Kanak smirks once they leave. Suwarna comes to meet Tripurari and tells him about the neighbors who troubled her because of a stranger. Tripurari assures that he is with her. Constable asks her to go. Once she goes, Tripurari laughs and says lets wait one more night and then everything will happen according to his will. He laughs loudly.

Badi Amma tells that she is thinking to call Suwarna to Ashram, and

says Durga and Tripurari are not at home. Dhaani says she talked to Viplav and he told that Suwarna is his responsibility now. Dulaari says this Ashram is her mayka and hopes Viplav and his family forgive Tripurari for Suwarna’s sake. Badi Amma disagrees with Dulaari and reminds her of Tripurari’s crime. Dhaani says she talked to Viplav, but he refused. Later Viplav calls Dhaani and says you picked the call very late, and says what would have happen if he gets a heart attack if she picks the call late. Dhaani says she picked late as everyone was around. Viplav says he talked to Dasharath and he will bring Suwarna tomorrow. Dhaani is still worried for Suwarna. Viplav assures her that Suwarna will be safe and asks her to hold on her emotions, saying she should not talk about bailing out Tripurari from Police custody. He disconnects the call. Dhaani wonders why did he cut the call suddenly.

Dhaani gets Suwarna’s call. She asks her to come fast and says the people will kill her. The people gets crazy and asks her to open the door. They were holding fire wood/mashaal and knocks on the door. Dhaani says she will come and asks her not to open door. Dhaani tries calling Viplav, but at the same time he is calling her and the call couldn’t be connected. Kanak comes and asks Viplav why he is so eager to talk to Dhaani when he is getting married to her in somedays. Suwarna panics. Raj Lakshmi says nothing will happen to us. Viplav thanks Kanak for accepting Dhaani and says once she comes here after marriage, you will love her. Kanak disconnects Dhaani’s calls silently. Dhaani calls Ashram ladies and tells them about Suwarna. Kanak asks Viplav to sleep and not talk to Dhaani again in night. The crazy people tries to burn the house. Dulaari and Badi Amma try to stop them. Dhaani comes to the police station and asks Inspector to come with her as her friend is in trouble and the crowd will burn her. The Inspector asks her to sit. Badi Amma and Dulaari fight with the crowd. Tripurari asks Inspector to listen to her. While Dhaani is leaving, Tripurari asks her to take back the police complaint and says he wants to be with Suwarna. Dhaani says she can’t do anything, and have to go, there is nothing in her hands.

Dhaani picks the mashaal and asks the people, if they have seen with their eyes. The man says that they have seen that man coming out of house. They badmouth about Dhaani as well and blames her for trapping Dasharath’s grand son. A fb is shown, the same man who tried to trap Suwarna recalls Kanak and his conversation. Kanak asked him to do some work. Police comes and controls the crowd. Dhaani asks Suwarna to come to Ashram with them. Kanak comes to Viplav’s room and sees him sleeping. She sees Dasharath standing and says she thought Viplav went to bring Suwarna. Dasharath says he told me the same thing. He says Tripurari is playing game as I have blamed him for Dhaani and Tripurari’s marriage. Kanak folds her hand and says you are saying right. She says I have done many mistake, couldn’t apologize to you, and says I have understood that my place is in your feet. She thinks it is Kanak Tripathi’s trick and says Viplav-Dhaani will be separated and the distance between Tripurari and Dasharath will widen.

Viplav comes to Suwarna’s house and asks her to come. Tripurari comes out of house shocking Viplav. Suwarna tells him that Dhaani take back the complaint. Later Tripurari informs Dasharath that Dhaani got him freed from jail which shocks Dasharath.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  7. In todays precap for monday sushmaji will ask viplav to break this marraige,and raj laxmi asks dhaani to break the relationship….thnx to kanak they both have a misunderstanding……..and may be they r in the edge of their relationship….they should not break up the show trp’s will cum down if they break up…. director saab plz bring them together…our Ikrsfans
    will love it

  8. Viplav is going to feel very bad when he gets to know dhaani freed tripurari from the jail

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