Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th February 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th February 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Dhaani hugging Dulaari. Dulaari asks her to sleep. Just then she gets Viplav’s call. Dhaani tells him that Sita Maayi got ill. Viplav says you might be thinking it has happened because of that dead cat. He says he had a talk with Dadi, and will bring gold cat tomorrow. Dhaani says she will manage it. Viplav asks her not to worry and insists to buy the cat. Dulaari and others check the money which they have, and thinks it is very less amount. Phool Chand comes there and asks them to give gold cat till afternoon as he will bar them from the community. He asks them to get the cat else they have to face his wrath. Chaya Kaki comes and offers water. Phool Chand throws the water and says he don’t drink with widow’s hand. He speaks badly and goes. Everyone is tensed.

Dhaani wonders from where we will get the gold cat. Just then Kanak comes and asks if she has thought anything. Dhaani says Viplav said that he will buy the cat. Kanak says you do paap and my sin should do penance? She ill treates her and speaks badly. She says you have chosen good lover who would solve your problems. Dhaani says I have always thought of your goodness. Kanak holds her hand tightly and also beats on her head. She says if anything happens to her son then she will not spare her. She says Viplav has her money which he spend on her. She says she knew that she would take Viplav’s help and that’s why told jeweller to make gold cat. She calls them beggars. Dhaani refuses to take her help. Kanak angrily goes out. Dhaani cries and feels miserable.

Dulaari tells Badi Amma that she will leave the Ashram. Badi Amma says you can’t leave. Dulaari says she can’t asks Viplav to donate the cat, and says she thought that this city is hers. Dhaani comes and says you said right, they are no one for us, and asks her to forget their love and leave from there like a coward. Dulaari says you didn’t know how the trouble will shape up, and asks what to do then. Dhaani asks her not to worry and says she will try to take out the solution. She asks her to trust her and goes with Raj Lakshmi. Badi Amma hugs Dulaari and comforts her.

Phool Chand is in the temple and waits for widows to come with the cat. He says it is 3 pm now. Other Pandit says they are here. Dhaani and Raj Lakshmi come to the temple and keep the cat covered with a chunari. Phool Chand asks from where did they steal the cat and says he will not accept it for charity. Dhaani says we haven’t stolen it from anywhere. Dasharath arrives. Phool Chand says Dhaani brought gold cat. He uncovers the cat and finds sand cat. He says she is a killer and have ruined our customs. He says she is a sinner and should be punished. Dasharath says I need some time to do the enquiry and then will tell my decision. Phool Chand says we want justice right now. He says she gave poison to that cat and we will also give her cat. He asks Dasharath to leave the Maha Pandit position if he doesn’t agree with him. He says Dhaani shall get punished. Other Pandits agree with Phool Chand.

Viplav comes to temple and shows the cat made of gold. Raj Lakshmi and Dhaani are relieved. Phool Chand asks why did you bring cat when Dhaani did the crime. Viplav says because I am her to be husband. He asks him to accept gold cat and present it in charity, and also leave Dhaani. Dhaani folds her hands and says she is a poor widow and can’t afford gold cat. She says she can’t accept anyone’s charity. She says I can only give sand cat. Phool Chand says you have to leave Banaras till morning. Viplav asks who will make her leave. I will see. He says I don’t believe in all these customs. He asks when God don’t differentiate between the people then who are you to differentiate between people. He asks him to accept sand cat or gold cat and be happy. Phool Chand takes the cat.

Viplav’s finger gets slightly burnt. Dhaani sucks his finger and they have an eye lock. Viplav shows her wedding card and says it is their wedding card. Dhaani smiles. Viplav says I love you the most in the world.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Amal

    Awwww I cant wait to watch this episode tonight ???? oh I hate that Phool Chand and Kanak, she has no shame after knowing who killed her husband and still celebrating him ????

  2. Fatarajo

    Today’s episode was okay but precap awwww I m in love with the precap so cute Vidhaani romance hope Vidhaani get married ASAP

  3. Louella

    Today’s episode was good only bcoz of viplav. And very nice precap. Waiting for tomorrow’s episode. Wah re wah wakil babu. Chupke se shaadi ka card bhi la diya.

  4. Louella

    Hey fatarajo I m angry on u. U didn’t post the ff till now. Humare suspense writer ko aaj kya ho gaya. Mein aapse. rut gayi hu. Mana sakte ho mana lo

    Don’t take tension I m just joking. But I m very unhappy as I didn’t got my ff from my suspense writer. Plz post it fast

  5. Rajee

    Ya ranaji superb precap….
    Wow wow wow…
    I just hope this disgusting KT won’t come as an unwanted haddi in this delicious kebab…
    Hello guys!!! Hurry up..give r comments & share ur excitement 4 tomorrow..

  6. Rajee

    KT as usual irritating & disgusting today…wait wait KT …once let vidhani marry then dhani will give u tit 4 tat..

  7. Rajee

    Wow…..marriage invitation card!!!!!!!!!
    When is d marriage yaar?????
    I am very excited…
    But a afraid that whenever I get more excited abt upcoming track, something boring happens, but I wish this time that won’t happen again…fingers crossed…

  8. Vins

    Kanak is looking like a devil with her long long hairs in white sari…. Please change her attire… horrible to see her…

  9. mangai

    dunno how far kanak s going to ill treat dhaani after came to know the wedding card.. I wish that chudail should get exposed .. then trp ll sky rockets like last time tripurari exposed in dhaani s marriage track

  10. Guys if anyone has downloaded (not from youtube)10 September episode of ikrs (tyre puncture)-
    Please upload your downloaded video on youtube
    I tried all the site but there is no download link,not even in fb page of mishal fans.

  11. Sujie

    Waiting for tomorrow’s episode because of precap…
    This kanak is so disgusting ……
    loved the part when viplav came and defended Dhaani in front of those jerks and esp. that FOOLchand …..

  12. Saranya

    Guys,i am going to narrate a story and pls note that i am not a saddist but this is just to prove that experience is the best is inspired from toady’s epi.i don’t know whether there will be a suspense at end.pls read story for know that.

  13. Marees

    Hi..saranya you are really very sweet and cute..
    you are always care and concern for each and every member of our family..

  14. sandy

    episode was OK precap is superb … I read on Twitter about maha episode of IKRS many people tweet that colours.TV fix 14February maha episode.. But why colours.TV not give promo of IKRS ..

  15. SARAS

    chotu assistant louella. . agar tum comment naa bhee karo to bhee theeek hain.. tum apni padhayipe dhyan do bas… exams khatam honeke baad jitna marzivaaye comment karo theek hai. . holidays mein tumhee principal ban jao…

    (little assistant louella. . even if you don’t content is fine . Just concentrate on ur exams. . Once exams are over comment how much ever you want. . during holidays you only become principal)

    • Louella

      Thank u very much saras mam. But I m very much tensed about my final exams as I had got less marks only in maths. And this final exams I have to get my bestest marks or my whole summer vacation will go crying and being sad. But to get my best marks I need all ur blessings and prayers. Waiting eagerly for summer vacation

  16. Marees

    Kanak kaki plz don’t behave like this…
    This villain character not suitable for you because you look like a devil,ghost,pei etc….plz come to chennai bcz devil is very demand here..ena inga than so many pei movie blockbuster agiruku…

  17. Saranya

    A mother gives birth to a child and dies.father takes the daughter in his arms and says”from now onwards u are my breath,life and everything.u are my world and will n’t leave u at any cost”
    Father:Meera,come fast,i have to leave to temple.where r you?
    Meera:ohho paapa,i am also coming with u.then why are u screaming!and till now u didn’t got time to set my hairs but have time to screaming!
    (father makes her hair beautiful and grabs her hand rushes to temple)
    F:better u come alone.i am going
    M:no no no wait i am coming.sorry papa i was trying to tie hair by myself but in vain
    F:now u are a grown up girl and u are getting married soon but don’ know to make ur hair
    M:so what? i am always ur kid cutee kid
    M:Paapa,i know u can’ stay without me.i am your world.but i have to say this,paapa u did many mistakes,u hates many people without reason.u are certainly not a good man but i love u bcz u are world’s best paapa,most loving and caring papa.

  18. Saranya

    -nothing more paapa.i am going to miss u.who will tie my hair?but i have to leave now.bye my dear paapa.(she leaves without hugging and kissing his father.father looks at her with painful heart and teary eyes)
    (father was about to leave to temple. suddenly he recieves a picture message and gets shocked and runs out and reaches a house which is in decoration still now.he moves inside it and sees a body lying in floor waiting to be cremated.he moves towards it.suddenly a voice stops him)

  19. SARAS

    hats off to writer’s sense of humor. . I could not Control laughing when I saw that clay cat. . amazing yaar..

    during that new year jhoola time only they had really shown their humorous talent but today was very good

  20. Saranya

    -He turns back&gets shocked and that was Meera.
    M:yes,i said u to stop there great pandit Phool Chand.why are u here now,to see your daughter in white sarees?oh sorry i forgot that u hate what will i do now?yes,i know i have to go to ashram.right many things i sacrificed for u-my studies,my passion&everything.just to see u happy.what brought u here?that picture message.i sent that u just as u did that earlier to someone else.yes i know u thing i have gone mad?yes i have gone mad so that i clicked my husband’s dead photo&sent to u.this is not fate.this fate is imposed on me bcz of your evils.u snatched my colourful life.u you are the culprit but i love u paapa i can’t hate i am leaving to lead my widow life and will use remaining life to service other poor&helpless humans.
    (she is about to leave but suddenly a voice stops her)

  21. Saranya

    PART 4 continues
    (A voice stops her.that voice was of Viplav.dhani is also with they are married.husband of Meera was an employee of Viplav’s office.they actually came there to wish the couple unaware of death)
    V:no need of wasting your life for your father’s sins.u have enough time before u.i am not saying that take a decision now as this is not the right time,take your own time and make a right decision.dhani will help you but the first thing u have to do is getting educated.don’t worry,we are with u.we shouldn’t allow u to spoil your life even ready to against your father’s decision.
    M:thanks a lot but now i didn’t want education,i want something else.can u give me that?

    • SARAS

      oh god what a suspense.. please tell us what’s next saranya..

      fron eight o’clock my messages are waiting to be posted. . This moderation aka bethal aka watchman aka kanak is so horrible at times

  22. Anne

    Dhaanis cat made me smile,. If I saw one I would buy it. How the cast kept a straight face at the “unveiling” I don’t know… Looking forwards to tomorrows episode, Where’s Tripurari I wonder?

  23. How many of u have the tyre puncture episode no 28 of ikrs downloaded with audio unmuted.
    In YouTube there is audio muted due to copyright infringement which is very annoying ?
    if anyone has the fully uncut episode,with the song in it.(dheere dheere tuned on the radio) downloaded from any other site.
    Please help !!!!!!!!?

  24. I don’t like gold
    The cat which dhaani brought was actually looking like a real ?,
    I appreciate what dhaani said today.
    Two ,three slaps from viplav on that foolchand’s face? ,I wished ?
    Speaking nonsene everytime he opens his mouth.

  25. Hi freinds sorry my wifi was not working since yesterday so could not contact it has now only it has become ok missed u n your sweet comments

  26. Saranya

    PART 5
    V:of course yaar.pls tell me
    M:i want u
    M:yes i want ur husband’s life so that i can make your mother-in-law experience the same pain that i am going through now.
    V:why are u bringing my mother in b/w?
    M:bcz she is the murderer of my husband(everyone gets shock)my husband was so dutiful that he went straight to complete his work after his car’s tyre became puncture he arranged another car by contacting your private arrived and he was on the way to office,suddenly a heavy truck came and hit badly on the car.there burned colours of my life with my husband.
    V:but how did u know all these and why are u accusing my mother for this?
    M:bcz i was there seeing my husband dying.i was also with he was busy in phone call,he stopped the car and i got out waiting him and i saw your mother comes and smiles looking into the car.
    D:u are mistaken Meera.she was in house ystdy.
    V:how do u know that maa was in house ystdy.there is something fishy dhani(viplav goes into a fb)

  27. Saranya

    PART 6
    (a flash back is shown in which viplav asks kanak to sent a car to pick up from temple as he is busy in a client meeting but later he changes mind and goes to pick dhani.he tries to call kanak but its switched off.due to the heavy rain they stay at temple itself and it was on their way to home at morning that they decides to wish the couple)
    (another fb is shown in which Phool chand and kanak plots against dhani and kanak saying”dhani will not see tmrw’s sun rise)
    PC:Oh my God,what have i done.i made my own daughter a can i do dear Meera,forgive me,forgive me for what i have done.pls.pls forgive me.(he gets emotional&confesses everything)
    M:paapa,don’t cry in front of me,i already said that u are world’s best paapa and i can’t bear this tears.if u feel really guilty say sorry to dhani for what u have done to her all these years.(he was about to say sorry suddenly a police jeep comes and stops there)

  28. Saranya

    (kanak gets down from jeep and everyone looks surprized.a fb is shown that Dasharth calls police and gives evidences against her.when police caught her she told about phool chand’s involvement)
    Policeman:u are under arrest pandit for murdering an innocent man.(phool chand asks for a minute and says sorry todhani&viplav&requests them to take care of Meera.he goes.kanak cries and asks dhani to forgive her evil deeds.viplav walks away but dhani promises her that she will let kanak free.police takes her)
    SCENE ENDS:Meera is seen looking at her husband’s body,her hairs not tied.viplav&dhani looks helplessly to jeep kanak says”i’ll be back,to teach that dhani widow a lesson.samje ya samjao”

  29. aish

    Saranya u are too much, I love u and ur stories. Short, precise and interesting. Guess vidhani will get married on 14 Feb Maha episode

  30. SARAS

    wow saranya maza aagaya… suspense thriller. .
    tumhari story mein bhee bawal… kanak maarnr gayi kisko dhani ko.. par mara koun? meera ka pati…

    I mv happy at least b in your story viplav is doing some business m earning bread lol

  31. Hey all, I know wwas suppose to publish my ff on sat, but I was super busy, then I postponed it to mom, but I was having network issues due to which I couldn’t submit my article, I would try again today, hopefully u all can get to read it by today evening or tonight. Sorry for the inconvience.

  32. There is no download link on that site ,Prachi and sandy.
    but ThankS for helping ✌ .
    Most of the site have the video but it is from YouTube.
    I am losing my mind now ?

  33. Hi frnds a very gud mrg to u all. Sorry guys yesterday I missed our show because of didn’t comment .now waiting for retelecast.but I saw updates precap was very interesting.
    Hope may be SPL episode on valentines day may be the wedding day of our vidhaani.let’s wait n watch.

  34. SARAS

    I feel disgusted with this muting of video. . When they can use the song episodes t can’t it remain while playing in youtube? strange

  35. Hi saranya gud mrg dear.ur story was simple but very interesting.saranya I ready said u to prepare ff u have that talent.y can’t u prepare .try once it works out.

  36. Rajee

    Good morning to all!
    Saras,Anne when dhani & RL rushed into the temple that time itself I have started laughing & feeling embarrassed 4 mind was crashing thinking abt the unveiling….then when fool chand unveiled the cat….ROFL…it was too funny…I cud not control my laugh…
    The cat was ha ha ha…completely hilarious.

    • Rajee

      Ya obviously the cat was awesome .lol.but why r u sleeping? Got tired in ur search 4 the unmuted version of ikrs episodes????

  37. Rajee

    Guys!!!! We always worry abt the budget of the show.hence suddenly one thing clicked on my I am doing an investigation on this matter.long back I watched a video of mishal’s b’day celebration on the sets of ikrs.whether anybody of u hv gone through this video?
    Towards the end of the video mishal calls the producer of the show.his name was peter. Now I realize that…if I am not wrong, that person was peter mukherjea, who is the husband of indrani mukherjea( infamous for Sheena bohra murder case)…I think this may b a major reason for the production issues…what do u think guys? Can this b a reason?

    • Fatarajo

      I have not much idea about it but I feel people should judge a show based on its story and entertainment not budget, and sometimes high budget shows also fail for boring storyline, IKRS was going good I think because of dragging most stopped watching it but it’s so unfair shows like KKB are dragging so much but people still watch it(only thing I like about that show is the funny one liners Abhi/pragya say sometimes)
      And anyone know when is Mishal’s birthday? I know Eisha is 24 Dec maybe

    • SARAS

      I have seen that video rajee.. but I don’t think it was peter mukharjee.. peter mukharjee is(was) too big a man bit just one production house but he owned channel for sure he wouldn’t be on sets shooting. .

  38. Rajee

    Theses muted version of the episodes uploaded in you tube is very annoying & spoils the mood but still I am OK with it.becoz something is better than nothing.

  39. florentina moldovan

    I wish a great day to all my IKRS family! Saras, Rajee, Saranya, Anne, Sujie, Sonu, Akshay,Renu, Marees, AM,kavitha,Kavya,Prachi,Louella, Swara,…..ALL OF YOU! I SEND YOU ALL MY LOVE! Saras ans Saranya, please continue with the hindi and english version! It helps me a lot!

  40. Saranya

    Sujie,Aish,Prachi and Kavitha.thanks a lot.

  41. Haii varsha ….

    ystrday episode is mind blowing ….. i loved it so much …..
    what a couple yar…..


    I saw so many movies ….. but not serials …..
    These is my first serial ….

    This type of chemistry i Con see before ….

    Ishveer chemistry is mindblowing …… nobody can beat them ….. ?

    i want shadika in real life couple ….. but they engaged with other persons….., ?

    i want …..
    shakti breakup with neha….,

    And shakti married with Radhika ….,

    I waiting for these news ….,

    • Wa vyshu itna Pyaar for MATSH whenever u meet Shakti/radhika always tell them meri aashiqui Tumse hi 😛 and please don’t say like yaar just be happy shadhika are good friends in real life , some leads don’t even talk to each other, t , don’t say like this yaar shadhika in reel life is good just pray that they get the same show next time

  42. Haii varsha ….

    ystrday episode is mind blowing ….. i loved it so much …..
    what a couple yar…..


    I saw so many movies ….. but not serials …..
    These is my first serial ….

    This type of chemistry i dont see before ….

    Ishveer chemistry is mindblowing …… nobody can beat them ….. ?

    i want shadika in real life couple ….. but they engaged with other persons….., ?

    i want …..
    shakti breakup with neha….,

    And shakti married with Radhika ….,

    I waiting for these news ….,

    • Rajee

      Don’t b sad vyshu…its their life. We can’t dictate their life…only one thing that we can do is we can try to find happiness in their happiness…& enjoy their onscreen charm…Hv a grt day!

  43. Saranya

    Guys i just intendened to show the universal truth that man learns only from experience.but some people don’t learn from experience also.they need more time to change but one day or other they will definitely change at the moment they realizes that love is the only medicine for hate.i don’ know whether my intention worked out or not but i am very much thankful to u for tolerating my stupid

    • SARAS

      saranya you r right. ..
      Most of the times hate is originated due to ego I feel ..

      Your story was really good. . no wonder u r a mallu. ..
      I bigg fan of malayalam movies.. I love their way of story telling n the original ideas very natural locations etc

      • Saranya

        Oh i am really glad that u like malayalam movies.yes u are a days many experimental and realistic movies are coming in mollywood.we are really proud of that.i also love to watch tamil,telungu,and hindi movies.anyways language is not a barrier for an excellent art.

  44. Fatarajo

    I was watching IKRS and I m scared of real cats not the toy cats, the sand sculpture of the cat was very nice and cute, and star of the day was foolchand I found him quite funny today 😛 and yes phoolchand reminded me of something one day I was in class in Bangladesh and the girls were chatting and one girl scold someone.
    Girl 1: You are a fool
    Girl 2: kon SA phool? (Bengali: Kisher phool)gendaphool? 😛
    If someone ever calls u a fool never forget to ask what phool(flower)(if phool means flower in your language ) 😛

  45. Hai rajee I didn’t think so and all because if there is budjet problem do u know new year date scene how awesome it was and u observed its arrangements r mind blowing.I don’t think our team would have budjet r any other news.they must show the ikrs story as
    1. To show how rituals affect people and how they should pass through.
    2. To show if heroine affects with problems how our hero solves it because he loves her.
    3. Don’t worry picture abhi baki hai.dhaani FB,viplav elder brother,dulhaari story,and knks torture after their marriage.
    This is my opinion.

  46. Rajee

    Hello joyee! Mishal’s b’day 18th august…i luv the fact that it is my b’day month too & as per my memory urs b’day month too but not sure…am I correct?

  47. Subashini

    @saranya di, nice story di…. At first I couldn’t understand that the story was on poolchand… But really nice di..

  48. SARAS

    on ydays episode. . I found ballon’s face very funny… he was totally confused lost in situation .. openly he couldn’t go against dhani add it will hurt his viplav he can’t support her as he neither wants to support him nor he can leave his maha pandith post..
    I was laughing looking at him. .

    in totality Temple scene was hilarious. .

  49. SARAS

    @rajee checked wiki it is pintoo guha.. The producer of filmfarm production. . Thank God not pintu mukharjee. .

    • Rajee

      But saras I have a doubt…today I will confirm.. I feel like I have seen some name..James mukherjea or smthing in producer name…now may b peter mukherjea is not handling the program..I clearly remember mishal’s voice in his b’day video calling peter sir & asking him abt his gift…whatever …but our only wish is ikrs trp should b sky high in near future…fingers crossed…

      • SARAS

        His name is peter I also remember that he calling peter sour surprise gift bmw debge etc… but it is peter guha n rupali guha.. they r the owners of filmfarm (producer of ikrs. . uttaran etc)..

  50. Fatarajo

    Yes Rajee my birthday is on August also , what is the date of your birthday Rajee, mine is 22nd sorry I don’t have good memory 😛 and 18 august is one of my cousins birthday that day also wow, I know that among Telly actors shlok/Armaan and Gopi Bahu’s birthday also 22nd August but I don’t like any of them 😛

  51. Only for Those who judge a show based on budget, I have a question why does the actor Mishal Raheja like to work in low-budget shows kanjoos Mishal 😛
    (Just for fun, I also care about budget but neither I m a spendthrift nor I am a kanjoos)

    • SARAS

      We are not judging the show based on budget dear.. we are trying to analyze y don’t they promote the show. .

  52. Guys,if anyone has,10 September episode (@udio unmuted) of ikrs downloaded ,
    Please reply.
    ?????? ??????????
    This is how I am feeling from yesterday as I searched almost each and every website for the video,I didn’t get that?

  53. Rajee

    Guys! Plz all of u mention ur birth dates so that we can wish & celebrate everyone’s b’day of ikrs family.

  54. prachi

    Mishal is also an entrepreneur. He has own. Businesses. If der is lack of money den he ll finance it.he hehe.just kidding

  55. After a lot of research work ?,searching almost all the possible sites possible for downloading ikrs 10 September episodes(audio unmuted ?),finally I got it?? .it became more difficult for me as I use windows phone which has no flash player and other option as in android.

    • Rajee

      OK OK Saras…
      Hey its grt to hear that ur b’day month is also August & Raji’s too…what a coincidence… I feel very happy when I find ppl born in August…

  56. Hi frnds don’t think this was a low budjet show and bla.bla.bla.pls this show is about widow remarriage story.the story runs around widow only.
    Guys did u observe dasara mela
    And new year date scene so much settings and that could have more expenses only.
    Y u people think this must be low budjet show.sorry yaar I don’t think so.
    When the scene must be in such places of expensiveness then our team would not to be don’t worry guys .
    When story will twist na then u will get interest on the show automatically.
    So pls wait n watch ikrs.
    now marriage card is ready vidhaani will invite all of us so be ready to watch our luvly couples marriage.I was eager to watch it.

    • SARAS

      hey kavitha I m neither bored nor complaing about low budget. .. I m just wondering about the reason behind no promotion that’s all. ..

      I hope vidhani’s wedding is not on the same day as my niece’s wedding -((:

    • Rajee

      OK OK kavitha dear…no more budget discussion… It sounds like Parliament.. BTW India’s budget is coming soon…so let us leave this subject for the Parliament to discuss…
      We must concentrate on today’s episode…thik hai! With love…

  57. Saras, i found that videos on die hard fans of mishal videos which is a facebook page .they daily upload the video of ikrs on that page.
    AM give me this link ?

  58. Saras,I tried to upload video on YouTube ,but it was rejected by YouTube and error was displayed that the size of the file is took big

  59. florentina moldovan

    Episode – 159
    Viplav is irked to see Kanak accompanying Dhaani when she comes to meet him.
    Episode – 160
    Dhaani wants to meet Viplav but Kanak deliberately keeps a pooja for ‘Mata ki chowki’
    Episode – 161
    Viplav’s friends spike Dhaani’s drink and she gets high after drinking it.
    Episode – 162
    Thapki makes Dhaani cleanse off the guilt of being drunk. Kanak creates a ruckus when Dhaani reaches the ashram after spending the whole night out.
    Episode – 163
    Kanak plots to burn down the ashram an

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