Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th April 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 8th April 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts Raja seeing Dasharath sitting alone and this old man is sitting alone. He sits to talk to him and asks if he is worried about the maha bhog. Just then door bell rings. Raja says I will see. He opens door. A courier guy asks about Viplav. Raja says yes he stays here. Viplav comes and receives the courier. He tells Dasharath that this gift is sent by his friend who studied with him in Delhi, and says she is Maharaja’s daughter. He says he has invited her for maha bhoj. Raja hears carefully. Viplav removes the cover and shows the painting. Dasharath says what a painting, one side is Ravan and other side is Sita, says it is a costly painting. Viplav says that’s what I am thinking. Raja thinks to meet this Maharani for sure. Viplav makes arrangements for the maha yog, and asks

tent man to put 5-10 fans. Raja gives him money and says I am giving you money for not putting the tent. The man agrees and goes. Raja thinks he will surprise everyone on Maha Bhoj day. Raja comes to kitchen and stares Dhaani while she is trying to get a bottle. Shalu comes and asks what he wants?

Raja thinks this fatty came here as well, and talks about food all time. Dhaani understands his intention. Raja says I was searching for you, as I want to show you what sasumom brought for me. Shalu asks him to come. Raja thinks he has to meet Viplav’s friend maharani. Viplav helps Dhaani in the kitchen. Dhaani says I can work. Viplav says I will help you. Suddenly net falls on them covering them. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays…………They have an eye lock. Viplav kisses on her forehead.He lifts her in his arms and dances inside the net while the song continues to play…..He kisses on her chin…..and cheeks….Dhaani kisses on his cheek. Sushma and Kanak comes there. Sushma smiles and goes. Kanak gets angry and asks Viplav, why he is doing cheap things. Viplav tries to make an excuse and kisses on her cheeks, and leave. Dhaani also goes. Kanak thinks they are shameless.

Viplav and his family waits for maharani to come. Viplav gets a call and says she is coming in 5 mins. He says I will be meeting her after many years. Mami says there are no Raja and Rani anymore. Viplav says you said right, and says everyone is not namesake Raja. I will show you real royal.

Mami asks where is your Maharani. Viplav says she is coming. Wait, I will bring her. Raj Lakshmi gets down from the car. Everyone stares her modern look. Viplav introduces her as MHBD. Dasharath asks what is her name? Viplav says Maharani Bhagwati Devi, and says he called her MHBD in college, and she got angry. Raja stares Raj Lakshmi…..Kanak tells her that her face seems to be known by her, and she has seen her somewhere. Viplav says you might have seen her on magazine cover page. He introduces Dhaani to Raj Lakshmi. Raj Lakshmi says she is beautiful. Raj Lakshmi gives necklace to Dhaani. Dhaani says she don’t want. Raj Lakshmi asks her to give gift to servant else. Mami asks her to give it to her. Raja’s mum says she is joking. Dhaani accepts the gift. Raj Lakshmi says she is tired and will go to her hotel.

Dasharath invites MHBD for the maha bhog. She says she will come. Viplav says I will drop you. He makes her sit in car and says good bye. He says you have done good work. Raja stares her. Viplav tells Dhaani that Raj Lakshmi managed to speak in english. Raj Lakshmi calls Viplav and says Raja called her and wanted to meet her at 8 pm. Viplav tells Dhaani that he have to go before 8 pm, as Raja will come there. He asks Dhaani to use grinder to grind the spices. Dhaani says no, as it is not working. Viplav says I don’t have time, else I would have taught you. He hugs her. Dhaani asks him to take care of himself and Raj Lakshmi and says that Ravan might be coming there. Viplav says bye and goes. Raj lakshmi sees Raja coming to hotel and wonders where is Viplav? She rushes to her room.

Raja enquire about the hotel room and goes to meet her. He knocks on the door. Raj Lakshmi opens the door. Raja says can you give me sometime. Raj Lakshmi says yes, I forgot.She wears her necklace. Raja stares her. Raj Lakshmi asks did you come to get charity from me. Raja says no, I just came to meet you. Just then door bell rings. Viplav comes as room service man..and shows his face to Raj Lakshmi. Raj Lakshmi lets him in. Raja tells Raj Lakshmi that she is beautiful and he was staring her when he saw her. He asks about the necklace price. Raj lakshmi says she don’t know. Viplav coughs. Raj Lakshmi says she has brought necklace without seeing its price. She says I will sleep now. Raja says okay. He asks room service man to leave as well. Raj Lakshmi says I will see him. Raja goes. Viplav tells Raja that he is trapped and our plan worked.

Raja’s mum tells Kanak that you have accepted Dhaani and gave her responsibility to make food for maha bhoj. Kanak asks Dhaani to get mehendi applied on her hands. Dhaani says I have to make food. Kanak thinks now I will see how you make food.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. My god frnds todays episode very superb n funny.
    I didn’t like that scene dhaani fel on raja.too worst scene of today’s episode.
    N when vidhaani romantic scene were going on knk entry superb n I saw her face very funny funny.really after that viplav cooled her with kiss to knk was superb.
    Viplav tum bhi na an than dadi,dhaani ko hi kiss karthey aayi ho an knk ko hi.bahut acha lava.
    Yes its one type of convincing parents when they get upset r angry on us.gud tip of the episode.

  2. Sujie

    Hello everyone…thank you Hasanji for the update……
    episode was indeed funny…. Dhaani and Viplav’s romance inside the net and Viplav’s antic of escaping from KT’s question…..
    RL was super today…. Raaja ka toh ab band bajne waala hai……
    Today we got a chance to see Mishal aka Viplav in a different getup,,,,what an idea…
    That Maami was looking cheap when she was eager to take the necklace….

  3. Sujie

    I really wish ki Kanak ka plan flop ho jaaye…that was a cheap tactics to stop Dhaani from finishing work on time….. but I am sure Kanak Raani’s plan will get foiled this time too as her other plans………

  4. Jack

    Raja seems to be easily trapped… No wonder he is a greedy sort of fellow.. and will try everthing to impress MHBD.. I would love to see his response after knowing the truth of MHBD….

    • Nimisha ?

      Hey Jack.

      All raja is interested in is a) she is a woman and b) she is wealthy. He’s so desperate that he’ll take a) or b). Just hope RAj Laxmi doesn’t get hurt when he finds out.

  5. Nimisha ?

    Loved the episode.

    Felt a bit weak in the knees after seeing just how intensely Viplav looked at Dhani in the net scene. ?????????. Was totally lovely. Love his confidence. Dhani seems to spend more time resisting him, which as it was in the kitchen was understanding. Lol!

    It’s interesting how comfortable Viplav is with Dadi, and how she reacts to these scenes with a knowing understanding smile. Kanak, however is all she devil, fearing nostrils and caterpillar eyebrows. Viplav also not comfortable with her. Now wonder he,s always got on so well with Dadi.

    RAja the creep. Bleughhhhhh!!! He moved onto RAj Laxmi at lightening speed. Shame they couldn’t record him in the room. Creep.

    I watched online and didn’t see the raja creepy dream sequence as it wasn’t shown for some reason.

    Viplav in overalls and face mask, looked GORGEOUS!!! Blue is so MIshal’s colour, all shades look great on him. Loved the way he pulled the mask down and mouthed ‘it’s me’ to RL.

    The precap, with KT insisting that Dhani has mehndi and then saying its Dhani’s problem how she’ll complete the meals for the mahabhoj. She,s just evil.

    Good episode. Intrigued to know what’s coming next.

      • Nimisha ?

        I like it in any way he has it whenever I watch ???

        How are you Anne? Hope you,re well. Xxx

      • Nimisha ?

        Awwwww. See. I see. I like your thinking! ???

        I replied to the wet hair comment and then the other one about his shirt being off also appeared. ? I esp like scenes like that.

        Mind you, I,be also liked the new seahorse print (I think) short sleeved shirt. Love MIshals arms and hands and feet and… Well all of him really. ???

      • Anne

        Hi Nimisha, not well this week but recovering OK .laid low by virus. So tired!!
        IKRS cheers me up .
        Mishal cheers me up.Love the current story, the writers are surprising us .Who could predict shalus marriage or Rajlakshmi in a s*xy dress!..
        As a memory, I can remember that green wallpaper in duttas bedroom,I felt I knew that room better than mine. Lol. Was getting the same with viplavs,am missing it now!
        BTW I’ve had a lovely day… the cat and fixing dodgy loo seat .I’m so sophisticated ololol xxx.?

  6. Nimisha ?

    Thank god raja didn’t twig that a maharani had to answer her own door when he arrived at the hotel, or that there were no bodyguards at the door. Also, that she didn’t have a suite with staff running around for her. Thankfully raja doesn’t have a brain so they got away with that. I hope so anyway.

  7. Loved rajlaxmis accent how cud shedo it?at one point she had started in her own style but viplav signed her gud she wasnt caught.

  8. It was real fun to watch mami when rl told dhani to give the jewellery to her servant she really jumped n showed her true clrs.

  9. My god RL entry adhrus.she was amazing in that outfit.her eng were superb .
    In middle suddenly she forgot her practise of eng.that really funny.and their plan woriking out in think .
    Let’s see how it works r raja finds their truth playing games.
    Very interesting story

  10. saranya

    Accha hua woh stool pe dhani aur viplav tha.agar uss mae hamare balloon aka dadaji aur mami ji hote tho patha nahi kya ho jathi.just imagine guys,what will happend then.they will try to stand on them,but they will lose balance and will fall on floor.munni badnam hui plays.while dadaji losts in mamiji’s face,she will steal his big tripathi locket and will run.but she is not aware that dt’s duplicate moustache is stuck above her lips and dt is also not aware that his moustache,whig and locket is lost.munni re munni re continues.its only a imagination,don’t throw rotten eggs on me.

    • Nimisha ?

      Yes but the best bit was Even Dhani didn’t stay back to listen to KT. It was hilarious how Viplav ran off and left Dhani to fend for herself but I,m glad she didn’t give KT a chance. Lol!!

  11. Today epi is very funny n superb ..I love rajlacmi getup n her talkng was super funny.n d most interesting part is vidhani romance…it was very cute n romantic.dey r just amazing,word nt enough for expressing dem..

  12. Louella

    Varsha I saw the page u asked me to check and I was shocked. I m still in that shock and can’t believe what I just read. I just read two pages and then I stopped as I couldn’t read it anymore. It’s shocking. And I can’t get out of it. I know that it happened 1 year before but then also can’t come out of that shock. I m really in tension as it should not happen in our page.

    • AM

      ya ..I also hope that but here all are good ..but no trust on virus … but chill yaar …. have fun …humlog bure se bure comment ko funny bana sakte hae….so chill

    • saranya

      Jessi,tell them to go to mars with their stupid and manipulated trps.i don’t care whatever the trp is bcz,without even good promotions,our show is going good and i saw one episode of kasam,i burst out laughing,sorry if there is any kasam fans bcz i don’ believe in these type of loves.its really funny and that pairing is also not good,its only my opinion and i don’ meant to hurt anyone.our viewers want these type of unrealistic shows and typical saas-bahu drama. So no wonder for this trp.

  13. I hope dis drama ll continue for 3/4 days.but I luv did track.but precap is nt too gud..I wish viplav could reveal rajas face by dis track

  14. Louella

    Varsha were u a silent reader in shastri sisters page? Bcoz I didn’t saw u commenting there and it’s good bcoz it was so terrible.

    • varsha(philo)

      hi louella first of all i dont watch colors one day i was watching pogo in that i saw promo of IKRS after that only i started to see colors and other hindi serial and i dont know about this website after started watching IKRS i saw this website ,after that kanchana was introduced in raj tv. i google it kanchana i saw it’s hindi title is shastri sisters .now when i see kanchana in raj tv.i will read the updates of shastri sisters to see what is going to happen suddenly 1 day i saw comments it was so cheap that’s how i came to about it

  15. saranya

    Raja,are u giving flowers to Raj lakshmi.oh God,are u fool Raja,use some modern techniques,this is 21st century,don’t forget that and u have to use this Varun kapoor song,but don’t forget to wear our tp’s printed pyjama outfit, here is the song;
    “Arey aa,kahin coffee
    Pilaun tujhe
    Arey aa koyi picture
    Dikhaun tujhe mein
    Tere dhyan kidhar hai
    Yeh tere hero idharhai
    Tere dhyan kidhar hai
    Yeh tere hero idharhai
    Tere dhyan kidhar hai
    Yeh tere hero idharhai”

  16. varsha(philo)

    i am very very very sorry arshdeep di i am 1 year younger than u this is the truth which i want to tell u all i have said this to swara di,saranya di,florentina mam,br mam and kavitha mam but i dont know how to say this to u so only i didnt comment these days finally i said the truth to u all i have tried to say this many times but i cant my name is philo i very sorry arshdeep for calling u bhaiya sorry [;-(
    i am asking forgiveness from u for the third time i dont know whether u will forgive me r not i just started to comment here for timepass as varsha but i got many friends and i tried to say my name as philo but AM bhaiya asked me what is philo so i said that as my nick name will u forgive me guys yes or no

    • AM

      areh don’t tensed sis ….. no need to say forgive me….. and u said this true two months ago also we know already ..just relax and comment freely sis 🙂 🙂

    • SARAS

      very bad varsha you r saying like this -:)) you will get punishment for lieing for sure only then we will forgive you. .

      first: you will be called as varsha only at least by me. I m used to that name only for you. .
      second you have to comment everyday ‘:))

      come on dear its all fine. . Even if your name is not filo also I m fine. .
      take care n have a nice day

  17. sweety

    today episode was completely awsome. raglak scenes heart touchingly and superb
    swasan rockzzz
    raglak rockzzzzz
    waiting for tomorrow epi

    • Maria

      Yes me too sweety just loved today’s episode, Vidhaani rocks and I bet no one can beat them. Keep commenting dear we love to see your comments

    • saranya

      Sweety ji,lagti hai aapko bhoolne ki bimari ho gayi hai otherwise aap tho hamesha ikrs ke bare mae hi sochti rahti hai.that’s why instead of Swaragini u came to Ishq ka Rang Safed.haina?its ok.bade bade logom mae aisi choti choti baathem hothi rahthi hai.aayintha yeh baat yaad Rakhna.samjhe ya samjhayein.

    • AM

      sweety ji ..galat page pe agayi ….swaragini wale lath marke nikal diya kya apko Jo ehapar bol rahi ho 😛 😛

    • Sujie

      Hi Sweetyji…lagta hai aapko drishti dosh hogaya hai…aankhe thik karwalo……… vitamin khaya kar roz …taakat aaegi… aur ye bhi dekh paaogi ki konse page pe comment kar rahi ho……

  18. Guys, pls not raja will make evil plan to killed viplav. It is so sad to know. He doesn’t successful in his plan. Thank should become his dhall.

    • Nimisha ?

      Oh NOOOOOOOO. It doesn’t surprise me that raja would stoop that low, but it is sad to read.

      Does that mean Viplav and Dhani are successful at removing creep no. 1 from the tripathi house and this is his revenge?

      Poor Viplav. Poor Dhani. Hope she doesn’t get hurt also.

  19. sweety

    hallow my dear IKRS psychos how are you all
    had your medicines??
    hi louella what hapened to your old psyhos back mission
    is it reached to success or not?? if not very good because old psychos very dangerous and strong. so be carefully while handling them

    • saranya

      Hai doctor Sweety ji,thanks for ur concern and of course we had our medicine at sharp 6.30 pm and we are very punctual in that.Are u afraid of us doctor ji?very shame very shame,u are a Psychatrist na?then u should deal with even the most dangerous psycho,remember that,ok.well,hope u will come tmrw also for examining ur dear ikrsians.we will wait for u.bye Psychatrist Swaragini.

    • AM

      thanks for caring us …. you are cho sweet as your name 😛 …. how much u think about us ….that mission is taken by me .. I gave the name also … and we are taking medicines everyday at 6:30 pm as saran di said …. happy now 😛 😛

    • Sujie

      doctor sweety …thank you for visiting here…..but i wonder the doctor how will you treat us when you are yourself ill….. hume psycho kehte kehte khud psycho ho gayi kya…… limit ma raha karo apni…..
      don’t dare to call our family Psycho…… not everyone is expert in becoming super psycho like you

  20. Fatarajo

    Nice episode 🙂 Vidhaani scenes awesome te best part of today’s episode was Vidhaani’s dance in the mosquito net very funny and romantic the funniest part was when Kanak is like they are besharam 😛 Hahahahaha couldn’t control my laughter that time and Raja is such an idiot. Love Rajlaxmi’s look

  21. AM

    today’s episode is awesome ..totally good …nice look of RL …cheap raja ..ladki dekhi nahi ki bhagna suru …. 😛

  22. saranya

    Just like Airtel can give 4g only in mountains,villages and hills,this kanak can always come when our vidhani is romancing.i think we have to call our five star boys,Ramesh and Suresh to teach our kanak a good lesson.otherwise we should call our idea team to gift kanak my idea app,apne aap,it will help kanak to do her job herself.

    • sweety

      comedy princess????
      hey are you think that you can do comedy well????? bullshit!!!! you can do nothing
      you can do only nonsense…… so you are just psycho princess okay
      who gave you to this title?????…… i think i have to see one more psycho!!!
      don’t worry i am here ready to see all your relative psychos…

  23. hi everyone hope am a fan of..IKRs,SSk.THPk.swaragini..and others. dat was a nice plan..4rm vipdhani..i hope de get to no about Raja and his family soon..sori i have not been commenting..i will 4rm now on if u guys will let me..thanx

  24. SARAS

    good evening dear friends. .

    hey comedy princess welcome back..
    you seem to be back with a bang. ..

    I really wonder what kind of pant that raja wears. ..

    anyways friends nothing new in today’s episode. . These things are done v everywhere but only difference is I iike rajlaxmi -:))

  25. BR

    good evening to all

    hi saranya super song ..RAJA……..tomorrow u r going to become a fool . RL ACTING IS SUPER ENTRY ALSO NICE…….. vip getup as room cleaner is good……..


    • Nimisha ?

      GOod Evening BR Mam. Hope you’re having a fun filled celebration filled day with lots of delicious treats! Xxx

  26. BR

    THIS SONG IS DEDICATED TO RAJA…….for the up coming epi ..
    i goto temple ……….6 days i cannot comment … this is up coming


  27. Tentman, for some money u r ruining your companys image by not installing tents beware u would be caught then DT WONT SPARE U.

    • Nimisha ?

      He didn’t look that impressed when raja gave him the money, so I hope he comes a builds the tents like Viplav asked anyway.

  28. Kathy

    Wow …. Vipu is soooo romantic yar… Just luv him… Nowadays dhani bi thoda naughty hogayi viplav ke saath … Good to see them together

  29. Anne

    Rajlakshmi is so pretty, and a very good actress I hope she keeps a good part in lkrs and doesn’t disappear for weeks on end.
    Haven’t seen Dulari for a while or the ashram ladies .
    They bring a different feel to IKRS, viplav is light hearted when he’s in the ashram.
    And yes ! I’m even missing Tripurari !!?? xxx

  30. keerthi

    Hi Everyone.. I used to be a silent reader of this page… Now a days I am becoming crazy about IKRS… Hope I will get good friends…. 🙂

  31. Anne

    I wish Dhaani would look a bit more enthusiastic when viplav is romancing her.
    Sometimes she looks as if he’s a nuisance to her .
    ?? xxx

    • Nimisha ?

      Her facial expressions are a bi difficult to read sometimes. In those situations, she mostly just looks like she’s irritated by a pesky fly rather than being romanced by her gorgeous hubby. A bit like this… ?

  32. Yetty

    Good episode, I like the way the writer is using rag Lakshmi .
    The vidhaani romance scene was sweet, it lingers on in my brain.
    Raja is a covetous fellow, never satisfied with any thing.

  33. tanx maria dear ur de only one dat welcomed me..tanx 4 dat, i just like de group..but i understand only english..becoz am 4rm..NGERIA..and i dnt miss any of de programs..and am learning ur lauguage little by little.

    • Maria

      No dear I welcomed you on the behalf of our whole Ikrs family. Don’t feel bad dear. Everyone here is your friend dear

    • AM

      hi faith best …sorry for the late welcome 😛 new members are coming everyday can’t welcome all individually …. everyone is welcome here very warmly …. 😀 … if u want to learn Hindi then Louella and Sara’s mam is here ..they will teach u 🙂

  34. shanitics

    Sweety aaj patha chala hw our title matches the serial…
    Superb Vidhaani scenes
    Just love the way vip put the excuse and ran out…Dhaani ka bhi aacha laga….
    RL super eng accent..vo Rajasthan Ki maharani hena koyi Britan Ki nahi na.
    Thn y eng?
    Choori mami was quite interesting
    And RL ne ye toh sahi kaha Ki Vo apne jewellery servants ko dethi hai…vo sab probably 110-120rs hi cost ho jayega…koyi market se bought koya hoga

  35. shanitics

    I have to leave because hath Mein full mahendi hai…
    Today onwards village temple Mein festival shuru…yipeer
    Today I will be busy…because I have 2 study dance and make my pair too study…2 dances r there…today night..
    Isiliye I will be little busy…will try to comment…
    Pls pray 4 my dance ?

    • Maria

      We are feeling too good as always. But I guess you are not feeling good. I think nowdays you cant resist without commenting here. You are not a fan of IKRS but you are surely fan of all of us. Thank you for increasing our fan following 🙂

    • AM

      we all are awesome na friends ??? thanks to u .. our medicine is only at 6:30 pm …perfect medicine for us … agree with me guys ???? 😛

      • Sujie

        You’re absolutely correctAM…. Our IKRS works as medicine for us……. Hamare liye it’s haajmola…honitus…strepsils…benadryl…. Polybin…..aristozym….. Crocin……etc etc hai…..
        .and Thank you Sweety for commenting on this page….. You’re so bhuklad….jitna bhi insult karo…pet nahi bharta ….aajati phirse ……anyways IKRS rocks……
        And Sweety Pagli…..bye

    • saranya

      Thank u very much for calling me Psycho Princess,i love to be a Psycho purposefully then only ineffecient doctors like u will get some patients.woh kya haina,i am really interested in social work and abt that nonsense thing,yes i am talking nonsense,bcz i am ur patient na,when doctor herself is a mad and stupid fellow,how can u expect ur patients to be normal and to talk sense.ok.thanks doctor.bye.keep visiting again.

  36. AM

    oh I see sweety ji …. you are an awesome psycho doctor ….but pehle khudka to elaz karlo 😛 ..phir humlog sab line mae hae 😛

  37. Josh

    Yesterday episode was awlome . For me it made for day b4 yesterday. Crew is too gud yaar. I m fan of d way dy r progressing

  38. saranya

    Welcome all newcomers to our family,faith best,keerthi and every newcomers,a very welcome.
    @shwetha,all the very well.

  39. shanitics

    Lols…whatever gud decision u take I am with u….

    Thanks Bhaiya…..
    Today night is dance and not even studied yet…?

    Sweety yesterday’s medicine was superb…feeling romantic…and yesterday u asked na…tat whether our title matches the plot…c yesterday’s episode u will knw hw our title matches our plot….

    • saranya

      Oh thank u for that valuable information.i was really sad that i couldn’t celebrated ur birthday as it was on April i am happy bcz today i got a valuable information that April fool is celebrating twice a month,on April 1st and April 12th.advance happy birthday Sweety,no no Psychatrist ji.

  40. Rajee

    Now only watched the 1st part of the episode online. The net scene was superb and the next sequence was hilarious when dadi & kanak caught them in that condition. I literally burst into laughter. It was too good.

      • saranya

        Aap tho hamare new doctor haina,that’s why u don’t know full family members.don’t worry aapki Psycho Princess yaham haina, mein aapko sab kuch samja dengi.Rajee is a member of this family,(i mean now ur mental hospital)from beginning itself.she is busy now a days bcz she is an efficienet bank employee,not an inefficient Psychatrist like u.ok.

    • AM

      hi rajee mam …happy to see u back …. mam sweety ji is our family doctor 😛 ..appreciate her work 😛

  41. Whole day u r commenting on dis page.have u any work or nt.u r totally mad abt shows.these shows r for entertain us nt to fight with others.may b it swaragini or ikrs we r just audience n we praise those who acts well.we r lovers of talent. May b choices r different. Den why u make ur mouth dirty by abusuing anyone.

  42. Tell me one thing wat u getting by abusing others in this page.any gud results??members of sis family never goes to any page for abusing other shows.bcoz we respect others choice. Give respect n take respect also.reply me after reading dis comment

  43. Louella

    Hi friends. I was a little busy couldn’t comment. Sweety I wish u a happy birthday in advance.
    May God give u some brains on that day at least
    May God bless u and also ur family

  44. Louella

    Saranya u r back with ur funny and lovely comments. We missed u. And ur comments made me laugh and forget all my tension about these viruses. Now I believe that if hundred viruses also come na then nothing will happen to our sweet ikrs family

    • saranya

      Itna bhi tarif math karo yaar.i am on air.hahahaha.anyways thank u so much for ur compliments,little Princess.i didn’t went anywhere,i was here,and will be in our family always.

  45. Louella don’t worry abt viruses.dey r just entrtaing k comment ki full fayeda uthao.dey r just adding masala in dis page.

    • saranya

      Prachi,u are saying truth,they are adding masala in our page,but that masala is a little bitter more than spicy.i am enjoying it fully but there is a limit for that as u said.i am waiting for something big to happend from those spicy bitter masala viruses.let’s see what they are doing next.

  46. Nimisha ?

    Good morning all!

    Have an awesome Saturday!

    Shanatics. GOOD LUCK With your dance tonight. I’m sure you’ll be amazing! And enjoy your village festivities too! Xxx

  47. Nimisha ?

    Hey Anne. Sorry to hear you’re still not over this virus. Pesky things and having to just ride them out is hard work.

    Wobbly loo seats are the devils work so well done for fixing yours. You sound very handy!

    I also love DSP,s room. That mad wallpaper once wardrobe was quite reassuring in a weird way. I feel the same about the show and do feel immensely cheered up seeing our Mishal do his thing so so well.

    Take it easy and hope you’re feeling less tired day by day. I am still feeling wiped out but it turns out that we have all had a Streptoccoccal infection, Americans call it strep throat so the kids and I are all on antibiotics which will kick the bacteria into touch, a real shame as our Easter break from school has been a bit miserable, but good that they didn’t miss any school.

    Anyway, look after yourself. Xxx

  48. Nimisha ?

    I’m a bit worried about Aish! Hope you’re okay and doing okay, thinking of you lovely! Xxx

  49. Hi frnds a very gud afternoon to all my luvly ikrs family.
    Hi saranya happy to see ur funny com.
    Swetha all the best for ur performance. I hope u do well dear.
    And sweety sry to say this but I can’t .see u write some thing wrong n we say something wrong its not fair ya.for me if some one says anything hard means I’ll be hutted for few days to a single ur tolerating yaar.
    I know we all saying something wrong but I thought its bad for pls don’t do like this yaar.if u want to con give ur positive com,if not leave it y all this things.
    Its request from me to u.if not ur wish u go ur way.

  50. sweety

    psycho princess i need complete names list with there details
    i am going to check all of your pre- reports one by one
    i can’t control this much psychos at a time. also i need as-psychiatrist
    is there any as- zycatrist???????

    • dear sweety a big hello i dont know yr age but probably u r a teen so sweety beta pl note that all of us r here on this platform due to a REEL show, but just because of it don’t be harsh n cruel in your words n thoughts in REAL life. Pl be considerate n dont use any wrong words for anyone even for uas godess sarasvati sits on tongue or jivha for all in anytime of the day hod forbid if u r saying wrong foranyone at time of sarsaswatiji then it would become true. My sincere request to think on it n APPOLOGISE if i have hurt u.

    • saranya

      Ms.Masala Virus,then u will be sick bcz there are countless members here, and above all its very tough to compete with we people,till now we didn’t said any harsh words that’s our nobility but don’t take it as an excuse ok.don’t forget to come today evening also.bye.


      areh ..sweetyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ….psychiatrist ji ..I am saying just use your power of your doctor degree and cure yourself first … we all are here …. 😛 😛 😛

  51. Nimisha ?

    Hey everyone. For those of us in the UK, tonight on Rishtey they are showing Shaadi Vaadi and all That. A TV movie starring our very own Mishal Raheja. It’s on at 20.30 so same time as IKRS. Can’t wait. Xxx

  52. sweety

    please upload today (9/04) update faaaaaast my patients also waiting..
    dear h. hasan mam come on quick

  53. Sujie

    No confusion….. IKRS will be aired 7 days a week….. don’t worry guys….its not only sat and sunday.. Renu mam …you had some confusion i guess

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.