Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th September 2015 Written Episode Update

Ishq Ka Rang Safed 7th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Viplav getting angry and feels the widows are selfish not to acknowledge his help and thinking him bad. Dhaani asks Badi Amma to sleep. Dadi comes and asks Viplav, what happened? Viplav tells her that he met widow last night and tells everything. He tells he will never go to the Ashram lane nor will he meet that widow. Someone tells Dasharath that the Party was great and praises the arrangements. Dasharath tells him that he is proud of Viplav and gives the credit to Kanak for Viplav’s good upbringing. He tells he is happy as Viplav won his first case. Badi amma tells that they couldn’t meet DM Saheb and worries. Nani cries and thinks shelter will be taken off from their head. Dulaari consoles her. Some of the Ashram ladies request (through a message board)

to the people on the road to save their Ashram. Tania reaches Banaras and sees the Ashram ladies message plea on board to save the Ashram. She asks the auto driver to stop the auto. A passerby offers money to Dhaani and she refuses. Tania steps down and tells that she will help them. Tania calls Viplav and tells him that the case has been turned down.

Viplav tells her that he has won the case and got stay order, but the women were unthankful. Tania tells him that she is in Banaras and standing with the widows. She tells Ashram has been locked and when they approached him, he didn’t hear them. She says even they couldn’t meet DM and are on road now requesting people to help them. Viplav is shocked. Tania asks him to come immediately and tells she is going to Police station with the widows.

Tania tells you should have called me. Dhaani says I didn’t have the number. Raj Lakshmi blames Viplav and says he is fraud. Dhaani tells her that someone took their papers and now the lawyer told that he didn’t have their papers. She tells that Viplav is not trustable. Tania gets angry and says he can’t do that, I know him well. Nani apologizes to her. Tani says she got angry and apologizes. She says we shall go to Police station. Raj Lakshmi says I will come with you. Dhaani thanks her and calls Madam ji. Tania asks her to call her name. Viplav reaches the Ashram and thinks he will be seeing Dhaani’s face again because of Tania. He reaches somewhere and gets message of Tania asking him to reach Police station. Tania asks the Inspector to help them. The Inspector tells that the police team is busy and he will come when they get free. Viplav gets shocked seeing the ladies on road. Raj says these widows are sitting on road. Viplav asks him to come.

Dhaani comes there with others and eyes him angrily. Suwarna asks why did you come today? Viplav says I didn’t see in dream so came to see. Dhaani says you said that you will not support us. Viplav says I remember my words. If this work is done by Lala then he has disobey court rules. Dhaani asks if he thinks of them as fools. She asks him to leave. Viplav says what do you think of me, I even left the case. Dulaari says she is right. Did you come here to see, how we are staying here. Badi Amma tells that they have left even last hope to get the Ashram, and folds her hands asking him to leave. Dulaari asks him to leave also. Raj asks Viplav to come. Dhaani comes towards Viplav. Viplav looks at her surprisingly. She bends down. Viplav asks why you are touching my feet? It is not needed. Dhaani picks up the holy mala. Dulaari asks him not to have fake hope. Ishq Ka Rang Safed plays……….

Viplav brings food for the Ashram ladies and gives it to Dhaani saying it is not Utara nor chadawa. He says he brought it with her money. Dhaani blames him for locking the Ashram and says I will never forgive you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice show till now..

  2. Good going..hope viplav helps dhaani

  3. Loving the love/hate relationship btwn VipAani : )

  4. Really like this show It was going slow. now it will get interesting that he is back.

  5. Oops…I Am late…Now the Triangle love story will start.
    Viplab loves Dhanni,Tanaya loves Viplab,Dhanni doesn’t love Viplab.
    Very interesting…

  6. Going good

  7. Nice…looking for a better understanding between Viplav and Dhaani…..but not with Tania….fast move pls…ishq ishq.;)♡

  8. Why didn’t they show the promo scene from Friday?

  9. Guys…. I am seriously waiting to see how Viplav will fall head over heels in love for Dhaani. VipAni are just amazing!!

  10. I like this swo & thanks for updates the episode ……..?

  11. I just want viplav to realise his feelings for dhani

  12. I m ltl cnfuzd abt d show tmng of dis srl if anyone knows than tell me plz

  13. Timing is 630 pm but still not updated.. Please update quickly todays episode

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